White Robed Chief Chapter 515

Chapter 515 Blood Tracing

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Xu An and Kong Fa followed Xu Ning, slowly arriving outside the cultivation courtyard.

Kong Fa’s tall and burly body was slow like a mountain, and the ground seemed to shake along with every step he took.

Xu Ning turned to look at Xu An.

Xu An bowed with pressed palms, silently.

Xu Ning showed a smile and knocked lightly on the gate of the cultivation courtyard, saying slowly, “Your Highness, I have returned.”

“Please enter, Revered sir!” Prince An’s voice resounded.

The gates were pushed open very quickly. Prince An stood at the entrance, his expression full of joy.

However, he was startled after seeing Xu An and Kong Fa. His handsome face became suspicious and he looked towards Xu Ning.

Xu Ning bowed with pressed palms, “Your Highness, let’s speak inside.”

“Yes, yes, please enter, my three Revered sirs!” Prince An hurriedly opened the gate and gestured inside.

Xu An and Kong Fa bowed with pressed palms before they slowly stepped into the cultivation courtyard.

Xu Ning was the last one, so he closed the courtyard gates. After that, he bowed and said, “This is Junior Brother Xu An, and this is Master’s Junior Kong Fa, Junior Brother Xu An’s Master.”

“Greetings, Your Highness,” Kong Fa large body bowed with pressed palms. Like a resounding thunder, he slowly said, “Thank you for your hospitality, Your Highness.”

“Not at all, not at all. You are too courteous, Revered sir Kong Fa!” Prince An hurriedly bowed and smiled, “For the Revered sirs to be here, it is my fortune to have you here. Please, sit.”

“Thank you, Your Highness,” Kong Fa sat by a stone table that was as stable and calm as a mountain.

Xu An silently stood at his side.

Prince An also sat down and looked towards Xu An.

Xu An silently looked at him too, neither feeling sad nor happy.

From Xu Ning’s mouth, he already knew that he might be Prince An’s son. However, he did not feel even a shred of happiness upon seeing his father. He was only a pure stranger. His heart did not waver and it was calm like water.

Prince An was very satisfied with his calmness. Only this kind of temperament was one of his own and only then would he have the bearings of a Crown Prince.

“Zheng Lide!” he called loudly.

Zheng Lide’s voice sounded from outside, “Here, your orders, Your Highness.”

“Go to the House of Deva, tell them that I want to distinguish my bloodline,” Prince An said lowly.

“Yes, Your Highness,” Zheng Lide replied respectfully and went quickly.

Prince An looked towards Xu Ning, “Revered sir, the Imperial Family’s bloodline must be approved by the House of Deva. The House of Deva has a strict set of secret skills. As long as the House of Deva approves, no one will be able to deny it.”

“Yes,” Xu Ning nodded and said, “Your Highness’s complexion does not look too good. Did something happen?”

Prince An’s expression darkened as he scoffed, “The Mountain of Amethyst!”

“Did the Mountain of Amethyst provoke Your Highness again?” exclaimed Xu Ning.

He knew about Prince An’s resentment towards the Mountain of Amethyst. The reason his martial arts was crippled and his kidneys were badly injured were all thanks to the disciples of the Mountain of Amethyst. If he had the power, he would definitely exterminate the Mountain of Amethyst without showing them any mercy at all.

Prince An scoffed heavily and told them what happened yesterday.

Xu Ning frowned, “Did the Head Chief resolve them?”

“All the Princesses are back safely,” said Prince An, “I did not care about the rest. Let Chu Li take care of that himself!”

Xu Ning slowly nodded his head, “The Mountain of Amethyst is extremely big, it would be better if Your Highness does not provoke them.”

“Hmph!” Prince An scoffed coldly and slammed the table, “One day, I will definitely turn them into dust and ashes!”

His behavior was impulsive and enraged, but he was calm inside. He secretly appraised Xu An.

Seeing that Xu An’s expression was as calm as water and not affected by his momentum at all, he could not help but nod his head inwardly, becoming more satisfied.

This anger of his, although it occurred naturally, it was also intentional.

He had been in a high position for a long while. His imposing manner was essential, and it would definitely influence other people. For Xu An to be able to maintain his calmness, his temperament was indeed not bad. He was a good successor and he wasn’t too old. Even if he hasn’t built a foundation yet, it was not too late for him to start now. All he had to do was just make more Spirit Medicine.

“Has Xu An cultivated martial arts?” he looked at Kong Fa.

Kong Fa slowly said, “Just started cultivating Divine Power.”

“Oh?” Prince An looked towards Xu Ning.

Xu Ning said, “Junior Brother Xu An has just finished his building his foundation, and can cultivate.”

“I see,” Prince An slowly nodded his head.

That was even better. Finishing the building of his foundation would save a lot of effort. With his calm temperament, the self-cultivation of his inner energy would go extremely smoothly and quickly.

Kong Fa bowed with pressed palms, “Your Highness, I want to make something clear,”

“Please speak, Revered sir Kong Fa,” Prince An said hurriedly.

Kong Fa slowly said, “Xu An is already an official disciple of our temple. Once he starts with the cultivation, he has to follow the rules of the temple. He will not be allowed to leave the temple until he obtains the Divine Power. However, since it has to do with his life experience this time, I have decided to make an exception. However, we cannot stay for long. We must return to the Temple of Titanium after one day and continue with the isolated cultivation.”

“He cannot remain in the Imperial Residence?” frowned Prince An.

“Please forgive me, Your Highness,” Kong Fa said slowly but firmly, “The temple rules dictate as such, no one can disobey them!”

Prince An looked at Xu An, then at Xu Ning.

Xu Ning said, “Your Highness need not worry. Junior Brother Xu An is a knowledgeable person, cultivating Divine Power would not be a hard obstacle. After he succeeds in a few years, he will be able to return to the Residence. Moreover, the temple is safer and more secure than the Residence, and it will be more conducive for cultivation.”

Prince An nodded his head in consideration.

He understood what Xu Ning was implying outside his words. When it came to safety, naturally the Temple of Titanium was superior. Until now, he had never heard of anyone who was able to infiltrate the Temple of Titanium.

If Xu An really was his son, then he was his only flesh and blood. However, he was worried that someone would go mad and risk himself to kill his son. Then he might not be able to fully protect Xu An. Though if he were to hid in the Temple of Titanium then there was nothing to worry about!

Thinking about that, he let out a smile and nodded, “That will be good too!”

“Your Highness, the Resident Chief of the House of Deva has arrived !” Chief Zhu reported from outside.

“Resident Chief?” Prince An was startled and quickly rose up, “Open the big gates, I will receive them personally!”

The House of Deva was in charge of the Imperial Ancestral Temple and matters of the royal family. They were the most frightening existence to the descendants of the royal family. They were strict and fierce, without a shred of compassion or humanity.

“Yes,” Chief Chu responded and hurriedly went.

Prince An turned to look at Xu An and muttered, “Revered sir, please invite Revered sirs Kong Fa and Xu An to the living room, I shall be there immediately!”

Kong Fa bowed with pressed palms.

Xu Ning brought Kong Fa and Xu An out of the cultivation courtyard and into the main hall.

Very quickly, Prince An had brought three people into the main hall.

The first one was an elderly with white hair and a youthful complexion, while the other two were middle-aged men with upright expressions, along with severe and dignified auras.

Kong Fa and Xu Ning only lightly glanced at them, not making any moves.

Xu An slightly bowed with pressed palms.

Prince An pointed to Xu An with a smile, “Ninth Uncle, this is Xu An.”

The elderly with white hair and a youthful complexion was the Resident Chief of the House of Deva, Leng Wuji.

He stroked his white beard and smiled, “Oh, he does look a little like you. Alright, then let’s use the Blood Tracing Secret Skill and see if he is the real thing or not.”

“I’ll leave it to you, Ninth Uncle!” smiled Prince An.

Leng Wuji glanced over to the two middle-aged men, “Use the skill.”

“Yes, Resident Chief,” the two of them closed fist saluted.

They each poured out the tea in a teacup and left it empty, “Your Highness, please bite your index finger and drop five droplets of your blood.”

Prince An knew about the Blood Tracing Secret Skill. He bit his index finger and dripped five droplets of blood into both of the teacups.

The two carefully placed the teacups on the table and sat in some chairs. Their hands formed into hand signs, and they started muttering deeply.

After a few breaths, they pointed towards the teacups in front of them.

The teacups quivered lightly, slightly starting to tremble.

The shaking of the teacups grew more intense. Slowly, a mass of blood mist trailed out from inside the cup.

The blood mist was beating like a flame. It rose up slowly, higher and higher until it was the height of a person before it started to sway, until finally, it stopped on top of Xu An’s head.