White Robed Chief Chapter 516

Chapter 516 Meet

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Xu An raised his head and looked curiously at the two moving veils of blood mists. It was like they had a life of their own and were currently struggling. It was a sense of weirdness in which he could not put in words.

Xu Ning bowed with pressed palms.

Prince An stared at the blood mist with slight anticipation.

Kong Fa looked at it thoughtfully.

This Blood Tracing Secret Skill was indeed a special technique. Its subtleties had used the power inside the blood itself, and it was shapeless and formless. The person who created this skill was indeed a pedantic person as it inspired praise and awe.

The two groups of blood mist suddenly converged, changing into two light smoke and drilled into Xu An’s palms.

However, Xu An did not evade. He only curiously watched as they drilled into his palms. They pierced into his skin without leaving any marks, as if it had never been there before.

The two people let out a long breath, slowly collected themselves, and closed fist saluted with smiles, “Congratulations, Your Highness! Congratulations, Your Highness!”

Prince An chuckled and beamed with pleasure. He gave a closed fist salute, “Thank you for your work, the two Resident Ministers, and Ninth Uncle. With this, it seems like Xu An really is my flesh and blood.”

“Yes, Xu An is your son. From today onwards he will be registered in the House of Deva Manual,” Leng Wuji stroked his beard and laughed, “What a blessing, this child’s blood is pure. In the future, he will surely be an important pillar, you must foster him well!”

It seemed that the Blood Tracing Secret Skill was able to tell the refinement level of one’s blood. For Xu An to be able to obtain the essence of the Leng clan bloodline, he truly was a talented person.

“Ninth Uncle, I will not be the one fostering him,” Prince An let out a bitter smile and shook his head, “He is currently a disciple of the Temple of Titanium Once. Once he starts cultivating the Divine Power, he will only be allowed to leave the temple after he finishes cultivating.”

“Oh?” Leng Wuji exclaimed and appraised Xu An. He shook his head and sighed with praise, “That is very fortunate. Who knows how happy the Emperor would be if he knew about this. To have a Buddhist as a grandson, this would be an omen of great prosperity for my Leng clan!”

“Ninth Uncle is exaggerating,” laughed Prince An.

Leng Wuji waved his hand, “You must not be careless anymore. The Leng clan has never had a Buddhist before. Once a Buddhist is produced, the bloodline would not be interrupted. This is truly a blessing from the heavens and I will first report this to the Emperor.”

“Ninth Uncle, Xu An will have to return to the temple tomorrow. Let’s wait until they leave before telling him, lest someone is mouthy,” Prince An hurriedly said.

He was afraid that someone would assassinate Xu An on his way back to the temple. Although it was unlikely for such a thing to happen, he still had to prepare just in case. If something really were to happen, then he would be completely finished!

“Hm, that is true. However, you don’t have to worry,” Leng Wuji waved his hand and smiled, “The Emperor knows what he is doing. If all else fails, he can be escorted by the Imperial House High Officials.”

“Amitabha Buddha…” Kong Fa chanted and slowly shook his head, “I am here, I will be able to protect my own apprentice. There is no need to trouble the Emperor.”

“Haha, Revered sir Kong Fa, we are a family now,” Prince An hurriedly said, “Xu An’s identity is very sensitive…”

“Please rest assured, Your Highness. Xu An will lead a safe and peaceful life. There will be no life or death calamities that will befall him,” Kong Fa slowly said.

Prince An saw his firm expression and knew that he would not be able to force him. So, he could only smile and say, “In that case, we will listen to you, Revered sir.”

Leng Wuji smiled, “Alright, I should go now too. You should rest assure this time and do your job well!”

He said while patting Prince An on the shoulder.

Now that he had Xu An as a son, Prince An had gained a huge advantage. His position in the Imperial clan would be different as well.

Even if he was unable to sire children in the future, having this one would be enough. He had led the road on the fight for the throne by a large step. Having an heir was no longer his weakness, but instead, it was now his strong point.

With the same abilities and talent, the Emperor would consider Prince An first. If a Buddhist could become the Emperor, how amazing would that be? The Leng clan’s state power would increase!

Prince An saw them off.

When he came back, the corners of his mouth kept raising. He had used up his all his Willpower to control his expression. Lest he gave off a frivolous air, but no matter how he tried, he could not suppress it. He would either descend down to the abyss or rise up to the clouds; nothing could explain fate any more than this!

“Revered sir Kong Fa, I shall leave Xu An in your hands!” He said while bowing with pressed palms, “Whatever the Revered sir needs, such as Spirit Medicine, feel free to tell me. I will definitely do my best.”

“There is no need for that, Your Highness,” Kong Fa shook his head and said, “The temple is not lacking in those. Since our business is finished here, we should bid farewell as well!”

“Was it not tomorrow?” Prince An startled, “Xu An has not been introduced to the people in the Residence.”

“There is no rush for that now,” said Kong Fa, “When Xu An leaves the temple, it will not be too late to introduce him then. Since he has already started cultivating, he should not get too involved in worldly matters which might cause disturbances to his heart.”

“…Alright. In that case, I shall not keep you here,” Prince An slowly said, “I shall have to trouble Revered sir Kong Fa to worry about you.”

He too had earnestly wanted Xu An to hurry back to the temple as being protected inside the Temple of Titanium was the safest option. Staying in the Residence was indeed dangerous. If the news were to be leaked somehow, who knows what would happen.

“That is only natural,” Kong Fa bowed with pressed palms.

Xu An also bowed with pressed palms.

Kong Fa grasped Xu An’s sleeves, and the two fluttered away, like two yellow clouds slowly moving away. They flitted over the courtyard wall and disappeared out of sight.

“Sigh…” Prince An breathed out a sigh of relief, suddenly feeling slightly worn out.

He could finally put down the heart that he had been holding up. In the dark mist of bewilderment, it really was a sudden glimpse of hope. He thought that he had reached an impasse, but he was unexpectedly rescued, and that things would turn out even better than before.

He had been lamenting the past few days about how unfair his fate was and how harsh it was on him, but the next moment, it reversed itself. It was as if heaven and earth had suddenly changed. The wonders and mysteries of fate truly were unfathomable.

It seemed like the Heavens still cared about him. The various hardships in the past were all to hone him, they were to let him grow stronger. Now that he had Xu An, he was in an unbeatable position. No matter how he got tossed around, on behalf of Xu An, the Emperor would not punish him too severely as well!

Xu Ning bowed and smiled, “Congratulations, Your Highness.”

“Haha, you’ve worked hard, Revered sir!” Prince An laughed loudly. Since Xu Ning had his Eye of Insight, he did not have to conceal anything in front of him. In fact, there was nothing to conceal anyway. He laughed loudly and said, “The Heavens are really helping me!”

“Your Highness can rouse yourself to act now,” Xu Ning smiled, “Cultivate well, and recover your cultivation soon.”

“Indeed!” Prince An laughed loudly, “The day of the revelation of my great plan is not far off!”


Xu An fluttered out of Fairy’s Capital along with Kong Fa.

“Master!” Xu An suddenly called.

He had always presented himself calmly as if nothing in the world had anything to do with him. He had not said a word to Prince An either and did not call him Father.

For this Father, he did not feel a shred of affection for him; only a slight resistance and loathing, like there was a sense of strange hatred.

Kong Fa landed beside the road and looked at Xu An, “What is it?”

“I wish to see Almsgiver Siao,” said Xu An.

He knew that when he left the temple, the person he wanted to see the most was not his baffling father, but Siao Shi.

“She is now Prince An’s Princess Consort, you will have the chance to meet her in the future. We can talk after we go back to the temple to cultivate,” said Kong Fa.

Xu An said, “I want to see her now.”

“Sigh…” Kong Fa shook his head, “Your heart should not be wavering. When you finish cultivating the Divine Power, you will be able to meet her. Let’s go!”

He did not wait for Xu An to respond before he picked him up and fluttered away.

Xu An glanced back at Fairy’s Capital helplessly.

As Fairy’s Capital grew further and further away from him, he became forlorn and dispirited.

Kong Fa’s body movement technique was extremely quick, Xu An could only feel that everything before him was flying by. In the blink of an eye, they were already far away from Fairy’s Capital. The further away he got from Almsgiver Siao, the worse he felt, and the stronger his longing grew.

As time passed, Xu An was engrossed in his feeling, and unknowingly, a hundred miles had already passed.

When it was afternoon, Kong Fa stopped and prepared to find a place to take a break.

Xu An did not repeat the calmness he exhibited in the Imperial Residence. He hung his head with an expression full of unhappiness.

Kong Fa knew he was sulking and pretended not to notice. He took large strides towards a forest and followed along the narrow path for a few steps. A gazebo appeared in front of his eyes, it was a post-house for passersby to rest.

“Little monk!” A gentle and beautiful voice suddenly sounded.

Xu An shivered immediately and hurriedly widened his eyes to the front.

A man and a woman stood inside the gazebo.

The man was dressed in a white robe, and the woman was clad in a light blue gown.

Her figure was graceful and her face was exquisite. As if she was absorbing the light around her. It caused other eyes to only be able to look at her and not care about anything else. That person was none other than Siao Shi.