White Robed Chief Chapter 517

Chapter 517 Disaster

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Xu An widened his eyes and cried out, “Almsgiver Xiao!”

Xiao Shi’s eyes were as deep and mysterious as the sea. Looking forward, her gaze was like water. She gestured at him with her hand lightly. “Little Monk, come here!”

Xu An obediently ran over to her, not caring the least bit about Kong Fa.

Kong Fa shook his head.

Chu Li stood by Xiao Shi’s side, and bowed with pressed palms from far away.

Kong Fa also bowed in return.

Xiao Shi ignored Kong Fa and reached out to pat Xu An on the shoulder. She smiled. “Little Monk, why did you not come and see me if you entered the Residence. Are you hiding from me?”

Xu An smiled giddily and looked at her, shaking his head forcefully.

“That’s good. If you were hiding from me, I would have gotten mad and insisted on going to your Titanium Temple to cause a fuss! Oh, you’ve gotten taller. You haven’t put on any muscle, but your complexion is much better.” laughed Xiao Shi.

Xu An scratched his head sheepishly.

Ever since Xu An finished building his foundation, it was as if he had to eat the portion of what he had missed out on for the past ten or so years. His appetite was surprisingly large and good. One meal of his was equal to three or four times of a normal person’s, and yet his body did not grow any fatter.

“Good, good, that’s the way. So, you have been enlightened; you can cultivate the Divine Power now?” Xiao Shi smiled, and patted his forehead.

Xu An said softly, “I started cultivating the Heavenly Auricle Power.”

“Heavenly Auricle Power, not bad, cultivate well, and exit the temple soon.” chuckled Xiao Shi.

“Yes,” muttered Xu An, nodding.

Xiao Shi said, “You will not be able to come out once you go into isolated cultivation. Have you received the items I gave you last time?”

“Yes.” Xu An nodded lightly.

Xiao Shi pursed her lips into a smile. “Are you really King An’s son?”

Xu An nodded his head lightly again.

Xiao Shi said, “Looks like I have really become your mother. I am King An’s Princess Consort now!”

Xu An’s face turned red.

Xiao Shi chuckled. “Come, try calling me ‘Mother’.”

Xu An hurriedly shook his head.

Chu Li could not bear to look at them anymore from where he stood, by the side. He grinned. “Have mercy on him. Little Revered sir Xu An, now that you know your ancestors, how do you feel?”

Xu An faced Chu Li calmly and leisurely, and shook his head. “I do not feel anything particularly.”

Chu Li turned to look at Kong Fa. “King An is really interesting. Back then, he used the Vitality Sealing Finger on the Lady, and she became his Princess Consort. He also used the Vitality Sealing Finger on Xu An, and he also became his son. King An must surely be full of emotion at the mysterious works of the world!”

Kong Fa’s face darkened.

He knew how wicked and poisonous the Vitality Sealing Finger was. If Xu An’s fortune had not been so deep, and if he had met him first before getting saved by Chu Li, then he might have died a long time ago.

This father, King An was truly the most hateful and despicable of them all.

“Since Great Master Kong Fa knew it was him, why did you still need to identify him?” Chu Li asked in confusion.

Kong Fa breathed out a sigh and shook his head.

Xiao Shi’s eyes glanced over, and she scoffed daintily. “What is it that is so hard for Great Master to say? Please try to tell us.”

Kong Fa looked at her helplessly.

He knew that Xiao Shi knew it was him who took Xu An and left immediately without letting him met her. He also knew that was the reason to why she was angry.

“What exactly is the matter? To allow such a father like him, it really is infuriating!” asked Xiao Shi.

Kong Fa sighed. “This is the Heaven’s will, it cannot be divulged to others.”

“Then forget about it. The Heaven’s will cannot be lightly divulged, or there will be endless troubles.” grinned Chu Li.

“However, since we managed to meet up, that is also due to fate. In that case, I shall divulge slightly about Heaven’s will,” continued Kong Fa.

“Please speak, Elder Monk!” Xiao Shi urged impatiently.

Kong Fa said, “King An might not have much longer to live.”

“Oh-?” Chu Li startled.

Xiao Shi’s eyes suddenly flashed in a beautiful state of astonishment. “He is really going to die?”

Kong Fa sighed and said, “In less than a year, there will be a calamity of life and death in which King An might not be able to overcome… That is why I brought Xu An there. It can be considered as doing the utmost responsibility of a son. If they were not even able to meet, it might leave him with regrets.”

“Hah, the Heavens are finally stopping him! Good, good, it’s good that he will die!” Xiao Shi was all smiles, her laughter captivating.

She turned to look at Xu An. “Little Monk, will you fault me for being vicious?”

Xu An shook his head.

Chu Li said, “This is a huge matter! The death of King An will surely cause the Emperor to grow furious. He will definitely want to catch the culprit.”

Chu Li would not be able to kill King An in such a short amount of time.

He had initially planned on using the Holy Church of Light to kill King An, but the right chance had never presented itself.

In this world, only the Tempest Temple and the Holy Church of Light would dare to kill King An. All the other sects were afraid of the Emperor’s might. Whoever killed King An would be inviting the wrath of thunder and have their families and sects exterminated. No one would dare to risk that situation.

Furthermore, in his current stage, King An was no longer eye-catching and was not taken seriously by the various powers. It would not be worth killing him and gaining the ire of the Emperor.

The Tempest Temple had not been used by him yet but had instead become part of his troops. Thank goodness Chu Li had the Omniscient Mirror and gained the Golden Lohan’s Power, or else he would definitely be depressed until he spat blood.

Currently, only the Holy Church of Light had the guts to do such a thing. However, they had not reached the stage of killing King An yet. They needed guidance to help push them step by step and direct their fiery anger onto King An, and let those madmen who are not afraid of death kill him definitely.

What Chu Li had to do was try his best to pick himself up so his shadow could not be seen. The incident had to be as natural as possible, not something man-made that could be blamed on himself. Reaching this step indeed was not easy. In order to do so, he needed the time, geographical, and social conditions to be favorable.

Kong Fa slowly said, “Indeed, the death of King An is also a disaster for Almsgiver Chu. You must not be careless.”

Chu Li laughed. “It looks like I should go into hiding.”

Kong Fa bowed with pressed palms. “That is all I have to say, I cannot say anything more.”

“Elder Monk, you have said enough. Thank you very much!” Xiao Shi bowed with pressed palms.

She looked at Chu Li with concern. If King An died, it would spell disaster for Chu Li too. Would the Emperor want to kill Chu Li?

Kong Fa smiled and shook his head.

Xiao Shi looked at Xu An. “Little Monk, do you want to stay at my place for a few days?”

Kong Fa hurriedly said, “Xu An’s heart has not been clear, it would be better for him to return to the Temple as fast as possible!”

“What is the rush! Look at Chu Li, he cultivated the Divine Power so easily, but is his heart clear?” Xiao Shi sneered.

Kong Fa shut his mouth helplessly.

Chu Li’s existence was a great provocation to the various monks of the Titanium Temple.

They had toiled away for several decades before they were able to cultivate two Divine Powers, but Chu Li had managed to accomplish the same in just a few days. Because of that, their decades of hard work and labor were so insignificant and pitiful compared to him.

Chu Li smiled. “Mine was only due to coincidence, it is not necessarily so. We should listen to Revered sir Kong Fa.”

“Then we’ll accompany you back to the temple. We’ll bring you to all sorts of places to play, and when you’ve played enough then you can go into isolated cultivation!” chuckled Xiao Shi.

Kong Fa let out a bitter smile.

Chu Li added, “There is a reason for this, it would be beneficial to his cultivation… Revered sir, let Xu An appreciate the robust and magnificent mountains and rivers, the boundless Heavens and Earth. It will be useful for his cultivation.”

Kong Fa sighed. “What Xu An needs is a quiet heart.”

Chu Li smiled cheerfully and said, “I have also cultivated the Divine Power before, so I understand. The concept of the heart is the most important. I will help Xu An.”

“… Sigh, very well. I shall return to the Temple first, while Xu An accompanies you to sightsee. Do not take too long,” Kong Fa said helplessly.

“Ten days will be enough. On the evening of the tenth day, I will send Xu An back to the Titanium Temple.” laughed Chu Li.

“Alright, I shall be waiting respectfully then. Do not play your heart too wild.” Kong Fa nodded his head and turned towards Xu An.

“Yes, Master,” Xu An replied excitedly.