White Robed Chief Chapter 518

Chapter 518 Action

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The first day, they went to Qing Yun Town and spent the whole day playing there.

The second day, they went to Chong Ming Town, and also played the whole day in the town.

The third day, they played the whole day in Fairy’s Capital, sightseeing the various sceneries.

The fourth day, they went to the prairie for horse riding.

The fifth day, they climbed a large snow mountain without using their Light-body Techniques. They climbed up one step at a time and finally reached the summit in two days.

The seventh day, they went boating on the large sea.

The eighth day, they sat in front of a huge waterfall and drank tea as they chatted.

The ninth day, they sat at the peak of a mountain, watching the clouds form and dissipate in great loose waves.

The tenth day, they sat in a ravine, casually and idly relaxed.

In the evening, they returned to the Titanium Temple. Kong Fa was already standing outside the temple, waiting.

Xiao Shi patted Xu An’s shoulder. “Little Monk, cultivate well and come out soon!”

Xu An bowed with pressed palms and walked towards his Master. His footsteps were heavy.

Kong Fa bowed with pressed palms towards the two and brought Xu An into the Titanium Temple without uttering a word before he slowly closed the temple gates behind him.

Xiao Shi’s shiny, bright eyes were wet.

Chu Li smiled. “Don’t worry, it will not take long.”

“These few days have been really interesting, who knows when the next time will be.” sighed Xiao Shi.

Chu Li said, “It might be a year or two, or three years or five.”

“Can’t you say it will be shorter? It might even be only a few months!” scoffed Xiao Shi.

Chu Li laughed and nodded. “That is possible too.”

The two instantly returned to the Imperial Residence of King An.


In the early hours of the morning, Leng Qiu and Leng Qing were dressed in black garbs, valiant and heroic in bearing as they eagerly arrived at Chu Li’s courtyard.

Chu Li was currently cultivating in the courtyard. Upon seeing them, he smiled. “Today is the Hunting Ceremony, shouldn’t you be conserving your energy. Why are you two up so early?”

“We can’t sleep anymore. We will feel uncomfortable if we do not practice early,” the two replied.

They started to practice with their swords.

After a while of practicing, Leng Qiu started to get distracted. “Head Chief, do you think we can really defeat Leng Tao?”

“Yes.” Chu Li started cultivating his palm technique.

Leng Qiu said, “I feel like we have not cultivated enough.”

“It is indeed not enough, but it is enough to take care of Leng Tao!” Chu Li moved slowly — his palms in a fluid motion.

“That’s good.” Leng Qiu breathed out a sigh of relief.

Leng Qing said, “Even if we cannot get him this time, we can do it the next time.”

“Hmph, I cannot wait until then! I want to beat him completely. I want to stab him once!” Leng Qiu bit her red lips and scoffed.

Chu Li grinned. “The preparations for the drugs are finished. Even if he dies, he can be saved.”

“Good!” Leng Qiu said excitedly.

Leng Qing shook her head and smiled.

They continued practicing absentmindedly for a while before they ran back to eat breakfast.

After eating breakfast, they all rode out of the Imperial Residence on horses. They weaved through bustling streets and very quickly, they had arrived in the city of Fairy’s Capital. Then, they headed towards the Imperial Enclosure.

Although the Hunting Ceremony this time was the same as the previous one, there were twice as many elite troops. Their eyes were sharp and stern, and they were all people who had killed and seen bloodshed. Even if their martial arts were not up to par with the Emperor, they were not too inferior to him.

Chu Li followed beside Xiao Shi. Leng Qiu and Leng Qing rode onwards on their horses.

Now that she had swordsmanship, and was no longer afraid of Leng Tao, Leng Qiu suddenly felt that the Hunting Ceremony was incredibly interesting. It was like a whole new world had opened around her; the world in her eyes suddenly became much more vivid and interesting. Everything became more captivating and enthralling, and even looking at it for a hundred times would not make her bored of it.

The thundering sound of horses galloping suddenly resounded, and several riders had reached Chu Li and Xiao Shi’s side before surpassing them.

When they saw Leng Qiu and Leng Qing, the five riders suddenly stopped.

“Oh, if it isn’t Younger Sister Leng Qiu!” a lazy voice sounded. Leng Tao sat on the horse and smiled cheerily at them.

Leng Qiu and Leng Qing looked behind them, but since their line of sight was blocked by Leng Tao and the other riders, they were unable to see Chu Li. Their hearts could not help but feel slightly scared.

Leng Tao had a hunch, so he turned around to look at the nearby Chu Li. His lips twitched and he turned back to face Leng Qiu. “Younger Sister Leng Qiu, how about it? Do you want to spar? Back then, Chu Li boasted boldly in the Imperial Residence that you would be able to beat me in just a month. Haha!”

Leng Qiu bit her red lips and glared hatefully at him. “Beating you will be a piece of cake!”

“Haha! You can sure brag as well, but you can’t defeat me!” Leng Tao laughed loudly, the rolls of fat on his body shook with his laughter.

“Come, let’s have a match! The one who wouldn’t dare to is a dog!” Leng Qiu jumped down from her horse and scoffed.

“Alright, if you lose, you have to slap yourself ten times!” Leng Tao also had that intention. Stopping her would be akin to humiliating Chu Li. He no longer had any interest in just beating her, he could not be bothered with her anymore.

“Alright! If you lose, you have to kneel and call me Grand-Aunt!” Leng Qiu said viciously.

“Although our bet isn’t very fair, I like it. Let’s go! If a little face like yours is slapped ten times, I wonder how swollen will it get? It must be very pretty!” Leng Tao slapped his palm and chuckled.

Leng Qiu pursed her lips together. “If you call me Grand-Aunt, I will not respond to you. I am not as shameless as to want a disgraceful Grand-nephew as you!”

“Although you are just a silly girl, you sure have a mouth on you. Looks like just beating you would not be enough! I heard you were only trained one move in swordsmanship. Come and show me that one move, haha!” Leng Tao scoffed and drew his sword.

“Against someone like you, one move from my sword will be enough!” Leng Qiu replied in disdain.

Leng Qing interrupted their trash talking and called out impatiently, “Stop nagging. Hurry up and fight already!”

Leng Qiu did not say anything more.

Leng Tao glanced over at Leng Qing and grinned. “Elder Sister Qing, you are a great beauty. It’s just that you always have that face on you, as though everyone in the world owes you money. That is not good at all. You should change that!”

“You should change the way you talk! Hurry up. If you don’t want to fight then forget it. Otherwise, hurry and fight!” Leng Qing remarked unpleasantly.

Leng Tao scoffed, “Come!”

He waved his fat hand and chuckled. “I’ll give you a free hit!”

“I don’t need it, you go first! I wouldn’t want you using that as an excuse when you lose!” Leng Qiu raised her sword and smiled coldly.

“You silly little girl, you don’t know how to admit defeat at all. Watch this!” Leng Tao chuckled and struck forward with his sword.

Although he laughed as he spoke, he was serious when he attacked. Leng Tao was confident, but he did not want to make any unnecessary mistakes.

That Chu bastard was also slightly nefarious. If the news that Leng Qiu’s swordsmanship was extraordinary really spread, then his reputation would go to the dogs!

Several strikes were stabbed towards Leng Qiu, demonstrating Leng Tao’s amazing prowess.

Leng Qiu frowned.

She never thought that this bastard Leng Tao would actually have such amazing swordsmanship. He had deceived everyone in the past and deliberately portrayed himself as weak!

Leng Qing also furrowed her brows.

They used to spar frequently with the Protectors. Chu Li had also used various swordsmanship techniques to feed their sword moves and train their eyesight. With one look they could tell there was something wrong with Leng Tao. He was actually a Master who had hidden his abilities deeply.

Leng Qing looked towards the distance, not far away from where Chu Li was slowly approaching. It was as if he did not see what was occurring here.

They were not far off at all. Chu Li was obviously very relaxed.

Leng Qing hurriedly shouted, “Head Chief!”

Chu Li raised his eyebrows and shook his head while smiling.

His gaze fell onto one of the four riders.

The four riders were all youths with even faces. There was one youth with a large frame who was particularly eye-catching. The way he sat on the horse was as if he could crush the horse beneath him. His eyes were like electricity, and even his sweeping gaze seemed like it was the flash of a sword before his eyes.

This person was also a Grandmaster with profound cultivation. No wonder Leng Tao dared to be rude in front of him, it was because he had recruited yet another top-notch Master!