White Robed Chief Chapter 519

Chapter 519 Defeat

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“Heh heh, Younger Sister Leng Qiu, stop running!” chuckled Leng Tao, his sword fluttering as if making a plum blossom bloom, extremely beautiful, floating ceaselessly towards Leng Qiu, ready to devour her at any moment.

Leng Qiu retreated step by step. Her beautiful face was pulled taut and her bright eyes concentrated intently on his sword.

Leng Tao mocked her while striking, being sarcastic and speaking as ironically as possible.

“Younger Sister Leng Qiu, I have already used ten or so moves, where is your one move? You can beat me in one move, but why are you not attacking, did your sword rust in its scabbard?” laughed Leng Tao.

Leng Tao pressed forward step by step, and Leng Qiu continued to retreat backward step by step.

Leng Qing also retreated a few steps back helplessly.

She tightly furrowed her brows. She never thought that Leng Tao’s swordsmanship would be this good.

Since he had such amazing martial arts, why did he not fight back at all against the Head Chief and allowed himself to get beaten, could it be that he deliberately let the Head Chief defeat him to show that the Head Chief was arrogant and domineering?

Thinking about this, she looked towards Chu Li.

Chu Li was currently staring at the large youth, smiled while closed fist saluting. “And what hero might this Brother be?”

“I am Zhu Tianhua, are you Head Chief Chu Li?” the large youth closed fist saluted and replied deeply.

Chu Li nodded. “I am, indeed. What sect or faction are you from, Brother Zhu?”

“I hail from the mountains and fields, I have no sects nor factions!” the large youth answered.

Chu Li grinned. “I see, to be able to achieve your level without belonging to any sects or factions, Brother Zhu must be a genius!”

“I would not dare, how can I dare to call myself a genius in front of the Head Chief!” Zhu Tianhua answered lightly.

The other three riders did not utter a word, but were tense and on guard, ready to attack any moment.

They had a deep understanding of Chu Li’s methods, he would fight if he felt like fighting and had a total lack of inhibition. As Protectors, if the Young Master were to be beaten again, they would inevitably be punished when they went back, and lose a large amount of silver.

“It’s been twenty moves!” Leng Tao’s gleeful voice resounded.

Chu Li turned to look and shook his head.

Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu rode on horses, staring intently at the fight unfolding.

Xue Ningyu’s hands tightly wrung around a silk cloth, which had been gripped until it was stretched and was about to be ripped apart.

Song Liuying frowned. “The situation does not look good, why is Qiu Er not attacking?”

Xue Ningyu hurriedly said, “She does not dare to attack, she has no guarantee, and has only one chance to strike!”

“Sigh… how gripping!” Song Liuying shook her head helplessly.

Xiao Shi smiled. “No hurry, Young Qiu is currently searching for a gap in his swordsmanship, she will be able to find it!”

“Really?” Xue Ningyu hurriedly turned to look at her.

Xiao Shi continued, “Look at how calm Chu Li is, he had predicted this long ago. For Leng Tao to flaunt himself like that, he is asking for humiliation!”

“Head Chief predicted this long ago? He knew from the past that Leng Tao was concealing his martial arts?” Xue Ningyu hurriedly asked.

“Of course,” replied Xiao Shi.

Xue Ningyu sighed in relief.

Song Liuying also breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. “I forgot about the Head Chief’s capabilities. He plans cautiously with every possibility taken into account, it should not be able to be concealed from him.”

“Younger Sister Leng Qiu, it has been thirty moves, if you do not attack soon, I will not play with you anymore!”

“Watch this!” Leng Qiu cried out.

“Ching!” A light whistling sword sounded, the glint of the sword like electricity.

Leng Tao suddenly grasped his chest and fell down.

Zhu Tianhua’s expression changed drastically before Leng Qiu used her move, and was about to hurriedly fly over to save him, but was blocked by a palm energy. The palm energy prevented him from rising, and he missed the chance to save Leng Tao.

He angrily glared at Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled and said, “There is no rush, he will not die.”

Leng Qiu took out a silk cloth, lightly wiped off the blood on the sword, and threw the silk cloth at Leng Tao. “Hmph, that was the one move, how was it!”

Leng Tao cradled his abdomen without moving. His face was pale white and large droplets of sweat beaded on his forehead. He glared at her in disbelief. “You… you…”

“What about me! Leng Tao, you know what pain feels like now? Don’t worry, I stabbed your stomach instead of your heart, and spared your mongrel life… From now on, you have to call me Grand-aunt and be thankful that I spared your life!” Leng Qiu returned her sword to its scabbard and raised her head in pride, puffing out her chest.

“Leng Qiu, I will… I will definitely get revenge for this!” Leng Tao glared angrily at her and grit out.

Chu Li fluttered over to Leng Qiu and smiled. “Congratulations on your revenge, Lady Qiu!”

Leng Qiu’s smiling face was like a flower. “It really is satisfying!”

Zhu Tianhua went over to Leng Tao, looked over his wound, and coldly glared at Chu Li. “Head Chief Chu, if His Highness asks, I will tell him everything exactly as it happened, I hope Head Chief will be able to bear His Highness’s anger!”

Chu Li grinned. “It is only a flesh wound, there is no need to make a fuss about it. The previous time Leng Tao beat Lady Leng Qiu, it was something like this as well. If His Highness has something to say, then let him find me, farewell!”

He chuckled when he finished speaking. “Crown Prince Tao, do you need some vulnerary? Consort Xue’s Golden Wound Ointment is unparalleled, while a normal vulnerary needs fifteen days to fully heal a wound, the Golden Wound Ointment can do so in six to seven days. You will have to endure much less pain, do you want some?”

Xue Ningyu urged her horse forward and grinned. “Since it was Qiu Er who wounded him, we should give him some Golden Wound Ointment, Qiu Er!”

Leng Qiu scoffed. “What Golden Wound Ointment, giving someone like him that would be a waste, I’m not giving him any!”

Xue Ningyu said in displeasure, “Don’t be so petty!”

Leng Qiu walked up to Leng Tao and looked down at him. “Do you want it?”

Leng Tao grit his teeth and scoffed. “Forget about it!”

Chu Li smiled cheerfully and said, “Since Crown Prince Tao has no interest, then forget it, we should go now!”

“Alright, let’s go!” Leng Qiu mounted her horse, lithe and firmly, the clean and fluid motion pleasing to the eyes.

She sat on the horse and looked down at Leng Tao. “Don’t forget, call me Great-aunt!”

She laughed daintily after speaking and urged her horse onwards, shaking the reigns with a sharp ‘hyah’, and galloped away.

Leng Qing also chuckled and followed after her.

Chu Li approached and sighed. “Crown Prince Tao, take care!”

Leng Tao grit his teeth while glaring at him, his chubby face trembling uncontrollably. He said hatefully, “Just know, I’ll remember this!”

Chu Li laughed and turned around. “Alright, let’s go.”

Xue Ningyu felt refreshed and surprisingly carefree. She laughed. “The Hunting Ceremony this time should be quite interesting!”

They urged their horses and left.

Leng Tao glared at Chu Li’s back and asked lowly, “Can you kill him?”

Zhu Tianhua shook his head.

Leng Tao said, “You cannot kill him?”

Zhu Tianhua sighed. “His cultivation is unfathomable, there are no guarantees!”

“At least try! This is the best time, if you get rid of him, I will give you anything you want!” scoffed Leng Tao.

“…Alright! I only want Lady Mu Qing.” Zhu Tianhua slowly nodded his head.

“No problem! As long as you kill him, Mu Qing will be yours!” said Leng Tao.

Zhu Tianhua slowly nodded his head, his hair moving without the wind.

Leng Tao let out a satisfied smile.

Chu Li turned back to look.

His Omniscient Mirror had always been staring at Leng Tao, and he could feel Leng Tao’s intent to kill him as well his expectation towards Zhu Tianhua in his heart.

This Zhu Tianhua was a disciple of a secluded faction. He was not self-taught, but he maintained a low profile and stayed below the radar, and passed on their faction in a low profile manner.

Logically speaking, Zhu Tianhua should not have come to the Fairy’s Capital. Unfortunately, he was besieged by love, and pinned his hopes on the Imperial Residence of King Cheng after coming to the Fairy’s Capital.