White Robed Chief Chapter 520

Chapter 520 Blackmail

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Leng Qiu was all smiles as she rode on. “Head Chief, how was my swordsmanship?”

Chu Li smiled back at her. “You’re not very good at grasping chances. Logically, with your swordsmanship, ten blows would have been enough to knock him down!”

“I had to be careful, I only had one chance after all!” laughed Leng Qiu.

Her mood was extremely good, she wanted nothing more than to just fly.

Leng Qing added, “I think that Young Qiu is already very good. If it were me, I’m afraid that I might still not dare to attack even after a hundred blows!”

“It would not have come to that, Leng Tao’s jeers and taunts caused her to perform her best.” chuckled Chu Li.

Leng Qiu grinned. “Yes, the angrier I got, the clearer my head became, I was able to see his opening!”

They continued to discuss the fight as they rode onwards.

Chu Li called Liu Xing over and gave him a few orders in a low tone. Liu Xing slowly nodded his head and steered his horse.

Leng Qiu was so excited she could not stop talking. Xue Ningyu was also all smiles.

The Hunting Ceremony this time was also hosted by Prince Bao.

He arrived at the tall building and spotted Chu Li among the crowd. He smiled and nodded his head before lowering his face and stepping into the tall building. Prince Bao held a speech about how there was nothing else but the benevolence and moral integrity of the Emperor, about their ancestors’ painstaking efforts, and that they had to cherish opportunities such as these and work hard to achieve military exploits.

After an hour, Prince Bao announced the start of the Hunting Ceremony.

This time there was no Leng Feng. Lu Yurong and Consort Lu also did not come, causing Chu Li to feel slightly disappointed.

Leng Qiu and Leng Qing were very popular, and they had been pulled aside by a few girls to talk. They asked her to teach them swordsmanship too and also asked about what had happened earlier.

News that Leng Qiu defeated Leng Tao in just one move had already traveled across the entire Imperial Enclosure, everyone knew about it now.

Chu Li appraised the cavalry around the Enclosure.

Leng Tao had actually toughened up for once, and even though he suffered an injury, he insisted on joining the battle and refused to flee.

Before long, Chu Li’s expression suddenly changed.

He saw Leng Tao suffer a heavy injury. He was sent flying by a horse and was stepped on by a horse twice exactly where the original wound on his stomach was. As such, Leng Tao let out a miserable scream and fell to the ground while struggling and screaming.

Chu Li frowned. The rider who stepped on him did not do it on purpose. It was indeed an accident, Leng Tao could only be said to be unlucky.

Prince Bao shouted from the building, “Protectors of Leng Tao, hurry over!”

Zhu Tianhua responded deeply. As if he became smoke, he traveled a mile in an instant and arrived in front of Leng Tao. He supported him up and walked back slowly.

Leng Qiu separated from her sisters and went up to Chu Li. “Head Chief, what happened to Leng Tao?”

“He got an injury on his injury. He was unlucky.” laughed Chu Li.

Leng Qiu hurriedly asked, “He won’t die, will he?”

If the stab wound she gave Leng Tao actually caused him to die, then her sin would be too heavy.

Chu Li replied, “He won’t die. Don’t worry.”

Zhu Tianhua quickly brought Leng Tao over.

Chu Li went forward and threw a jade bottle at Leng Tao. “There are Spirit Blessing Pills inside, eat it.”

Leng Tao was clad in armor. His face was as pale as a sheet, and he glared hatefully at Chu Li. “Thank you so much!”

If he had not been stabbed by Leng Qiu earlier, Leng Tao would not have suffered this injury now.

Chu Li continued, “If you don’t want to die, then eat the Spirit Blessing Pill. Or else, you will not be able to endure the pain until you return to the Residence. I am not trying to scare you!”

Leng Tao’s expression changed slightly.

Chu Li added, “Your organs are ruptured and bleeding uncontrollably. It seems like this Protector of yours is not very proficient when it comes to injuries.”

Leng Tao scoffed. “There’s no need for you to worry.”

“Alright, then I’ll take back the Spirit Blessing Pill. One pill can save one life, it is very valuable!” Chu Li extended his hand.

Zhu Tianhua hurriedly said, “Many thanks, Head Chief.”

He immediately shook out the Spirit Blessing Pill and shoved it into Leng Tao’s mouth.

Leng Tao only felt something clean flow into his body. It circulated inside his body in an instant, and the pain and dizziness he felt originally disappeared immediately. The feeling of coldness dissipated and left a comfortable warmth behind. As expected from the Spirit Blessing Pill!

Chu Li smiled cheerfully and said, “Crown Prince Tao, you want this Brother Zhu to kill me, right?”

Leng Tao’s expression changed slightly and he sneered. “How did you know?”

Chu Li said, “You owe me your life now.”

Leng Tao grit his teeth. “What do you want?”

“Give this Brother Zhu to me.” laughed Chu Li.

“You can keep on dreaming!” snapped Leng Tao.

Chu Li said, “Your life cannot be exchanged for Brother Zhu?”

“Change your conditions! Besides, even without using the Spirit Blessing Pill, I would not have died.” scoffed Leng Tao.

“You should know very well how serious your injury was. Didn’t you feel cold earlier? That was your life passing away, and it was an omen of death. You will understand when you go back.” Chu Li shook his head.

“I cannot give Protector Zhu to you. You can give up on that!” responded Leng Tao.

“You have Chen Kong anyway, the addition of one Protector is not much. Alright, I only have this one request. If you don’t want to give him to me, then forget it!” said Chu Li.

“Chu Li, what do you mean?” asked Leng Tao.

Chu Li said, “I want to ask His Highness Cheng. I imagine in His Highness’s Cheng’s eyes, a Crown Prince like you will be more valuable than a Protector?”

“Why do you want Protector Zhu so much?” frowned Leng Tao.

Chu Li said, “Because I like sentimental people like him. As for that Lady Mu Qing, I will redeem her as well!”

“Ten thousand taels of silver! Do you have that much?” Leng Tao laughed coldly.

“I don’t have ten thousand taels of silver. However, Brother Zhu, you should understand that even if you had ten thousand taels, without enough backing, you will have no way of redeeming someone from the Verdant Cloud Brothel!” Chu Li shook his head.

Zhu Tianhua took a deep breath and slowly nodded his head.

If it were any other brothel, he would have used his status as a Grandmaster and snatched her away already.

Unfortunately, the Verdant Cloud Brothel was the best brothel in the Fairy’s Capital and had four Grandmaster Protectors. Zhu Tianhua could not guarantee that he could snatch her away, and more importantly, it was said that there was a potent poison in Mu Qing’s body. Without the antidote, taking her away would do no good, and would kill her instead.

Chu Li said, “Even if it is Crown Prince Tao, he might not be useful!”

Leng Tao sneered. “Nonsense!”

Chu Li said, “I am part of the Secret Guardians Hall now. Shouldn’t I be more useful than Crown Prince Tao?”

At that moment, Liu Xing galloped over on his horse.

He dismounted his horse and fluttered over to Chu Li, and handed out a thin sheet of paper with both hands.

Chu Li nodded in satisfaction and handed it over to Zhu Tianhua. “Brother Zhu, this is for you.”

Zhu Tianhua shook his head.

Chu Li said, “This is Lady Mu Qing’s contract, you really don’t want it?”

Zhu Tianhua’s expression immediately changed, and he hurriedly reached out to grab it.

“Chu Li, you really want to corner me! You are too ruthless!” Leng Tao grit his teeth and glared viciously at him.

Chu Li said, “Don’t forget, you owe me your life!”

Chu Li saved Leng Tao because he did not have a choice, but since he had already saved him, naturally he would want to gain something out of it and relentlessly squeeze him dry.

Leng Tao had expensed a large amount of effort in order to rope in Zhu Tianhua. His cultivation was profound and he was a master, if Leng Tao could spur him on by his side, then there would be nothing better.

Leng Tao scoffed. “This is blackmail, you are too despicable!”

“I like to do this anyway, the choice lies in your hands now! Brother Zhu, I will be waiting for you in the Imperial Residence. Lady Mu Qing will be in the Imperial Residence!” Chu Li chuckled.

After he finished speaking, Chu Li turned around to return to Xiao Shi’s side.

Xiao Shi glanced at Leng Tao. “That kind of person should just be left for dead.”

“His death will not be regretted, but if he does, then it will be troublesome for us,” said Chu Li.

King Cheng only had this one son. If Leng Tao were to die, he would surely go mad. Chu Li was not afraid of him, but he was afraid that King Cheng would harm Leng Qiu and Leng Qing, and he might not be able to protect them. After the past few days, Chu Li had grown fond of Leng Qiu and Leng Qing, he could not bear for them to die.

Xiao Shi asked, “You can bring Zhu Tianhua over?”

“It won’t be easy, he is skilled, King Cheng will not let go of him.” laughed Chu Li.

“But you still want him regardless.”

“That contract can force him over,” said Chu Li.

Xiao Shi rolled her eyes at him. “You really are cunning!”