White Robed Chief Chapter 521

Chapter 521 Beauty

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The Hunting Ceremony did not have any more hiccups and ended peacefully. This time, there were no Holy Church of Light members causing trouble, and the participating groups fought fiercely.

Leng Qiu sat on her horse with her chest puffed out, brilliant and in high spirits.

Leng Qing shook her head, feeling that this younger sister of hers was a little too excited.

However, she understood her. Leng Qiu had been oppressed for more than a decade, now that she had finally got her revenge, she could start anew. From now onwards, she would be able to be brave without worrying, she no longer had to feel constant fear when leaving the Residence. If it were her, Leng Qing would be excited too.

Seeing Leng Qiu like this, Chu Li also secretly laughed to himself, but he felt like he should give her some hardships to pour cold water on her, lest her power gets to her head and Leng Qiu started to think that she’s invincible.

Liu Xing came over and said in a low voice, “Head Chief.”

Chu Li asked, “How much did you spend?”

“I didn’t spend anything, I found the two Secret Guardians Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen. When we went to the Verdant Cloud Brothel, the Madam happily handed over the woman and her contract,” Liu Xing lowered his voice.

“Are you that good at talking?” Chu Li raised his eyebrows.

As the top brothel in the Fairy’s Capital, the background of the Verdant Cloud Brothel had to be very deep. Even though Chu Li had the position and publicity of the Head Chief, it might not have mattered to them. As such, they had to borrow the help of the Secret Guardians Hall.

Liu Xing said, “It is rumored that the person supporting them from the background is Prince Bao, which is why no one dares to do anything reckless. The Madam has someone powerful backing her and said she was only agreeing because of the Head Chief.”

“A favor worth twenty thousand taels, I cannot afford that. Go back and send her the money,” ordered Chu Li.

“Yes.” nodded Liu Xing.

Chu Li considered it for a moment.

Chu Li did not bother about the Verdant Cloud Brothel before because he felt that the backing for it was too tough and that it was not something he could touch. However, he had become part of the Secret Guardians Hall and was able to look to gather intelligence. The price for infiltrating the Verdant Cloud Brothel was too high, if the Verdant Cloud Brothel was that easy to infiltrate, it would have ceased to exist long ago.

Chu Li never thought that it was opened by Prince Bao, that certainly was interesting.

King An did not seem to be that kind of person. This kind of money was not good to earn, it would sully his reputation. However, when he thought about it again, Chu Li understood. Sullying his reputation was exactly what Prince Bao wanted.

“How is that Lady Mu Qing?”

“She is very beautiful,” praised Liu Xing with a sigh.

Chu Li frowned.

Liu Xing came to his senses and realized that he had misunderstood his question, and said somewhat embarrassedly, “She is fine, there is nothing inappropriate.”

“You should be careful. Encountering someone who is aggressive, it will be easy to blunder if you get any bad advice, let them pay closer attention,” said Chu Li.

“Yes.” Liu Xing hurriedly nodded.

Chu Li waved his hand, and Liu Xing lightly withdrew. He urged his horse onwards and went forwards.

Xiao Shi saw Leng Tao and his entourage slowly leave and chuckled. “Can you do it?”

Chu Li smiled. “The human heart is difficult to predict, let’s just watch and see.”

“I think that person is quite loyal and faithful, he will not just toss aside the Imperial Residence of King Cheng.”

“Then we’ll have to see if King Cheng is worth his devotion or not, he cannot ward off a woman’s charm. For men, the thing that they cannot bear the most is beauty, such is nature.” Chu Li shook his head.

“You can bear it just fine though!” Xiao Shi gave him a side glance.

Chu Li laughed and shook his head.

Xiao Shi added, “I see you’ve been a little unhappy today. Is it because you did not manage to meet a certain person and that has gotten your spirits so disheartened?”

“What are you trying to say, my Lady?”

“Don’t think that I can’t tell, you want to see Lu Yurong, right?” Xiao Shi chuckled.

Chu Li did feel as such but shook his head calmly instead. “You can sure think of funny things, my Lady. Let’s go, we should hurry back.”

Although Chu Li did not have feelings for Lu Yurong, her beauty was easy on the eyes, and it was inevitable that he would feel disheartened if he could not see her.

Xiao Shi scoffed and rolled her eyes in disdain at him.


Chu Li did not go to see Mu Qing.

She stayed in a small courtyard with two maids attending to her.

Mu Qing’s figure was slender and delicate like a willow branch. Although her appearance was slightly inferior to Xiao Shi, she was still a rare beauty. Her facial features were exquisite, delicate and defined.

Chu Li secretly sighed, it was no wonder Zhu Tianhua was dead set and was willing to break the rules for her.

He used the Omniscient Mirror to peer into her character.

If someone like Zhu Tianhua were to be together with her, he would go soft and definitely listen to whatever she says. If this Mu Qing’s character was not good, Chu Li would have had to send her far away, lest he house a snake in his own bosom.

Thankfully, Mu Qing was a good woman.

From what Chu Li saw, her temperament was mostly of indifference. She did not hold stock in materialism and preferred books about poetry. Mu Qing did not like martial arts, and she did not enjoy conflict either.

In the early hours of the morning, Chu Li was cultivating in the courtyard. Leng Qiu and Leng Qing were both there. They liked being there and felt that it was more pleasant and fresh there compared to in other Courtyards.

Chu Li also did not stop them.

Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu were worried that their daughters would develop feelings for Chu Li. However, after observing that scene, they realized that they were thinking too much. The two girls had no such feelings, and neither did Chu Li. What they had was pure friendship.

Chief Zhu’s voice trailed from the outside, “Head Chief, there is a young man called Zhu Tianhua outside who wishes to see you.”

“Bring him to the Lady,” said Chu Li.

“Yes,” Chief Chu responded respectfully and gradually went away.

Leng Qiu and Leng Qing put down their swords. They were dressed in bright clothes, heroic and valiant. Ever since Leng Qiu’s victory against Leng Tao, they grew even more interested in swordplay and did not let up on their harsh training.

“Zhu Tianhua? Isn’t he that strong Protector of Leng Tao?” asked Leng Qiu.

Zhu Tianhua was tall and burly and was especially eye-catching.

Chu Li nodded.

“What did he come here for? Is he really going to seek asylum with Head Chief? … Or is he here to assassinate Head Chief?” frowned Leng Qing.

“I don’t know about that.” smiled Chu Li.

He already saw Zhu Tianhua.

Leng Qing asked, “His martial arts is strong?”

“His cultivation level is not bad, he is slightly better than Liu Xing and the others.” nodded Chu Li.

“That is quite rare. The power of our Residence has increased slightly yet again,” exclaimed Leng Qing.

Chu Li shook his head and laughed. “It is not determined yet that he will be joining us.”

“Liu Xing!” Chu Li called out loudly.

Liu Xing fluttered into the courtyard and closed fist saluted. “Head Chief.”

“You four go guard Mu Qing in secret, don’t let anyone take her,” said Chu Li.

“That cannot be? Has Zhu Tianhua come?” Liu Xing was startled.

“The two are about to meet, we need to prevent him from snatching her and escaping.” smiled Chu Li.

“Yes.” nodded Liu Xing.

He brought along Xiang Feixue and arrived in the courtyard where the brothel was and lay in wait.


With Chief Zhu as his guide, Zhu Tianhua arrived outside a small courtyard.

Chief Zhu smiled and said, “Inside here is where Lady Mu Qing is staying. Go in a have a look, Young Master Zhu, Lady Mu Qing is not in a very good mood.”

“Thank you, Chief Zhu.” Zhu Tianhua closed fist saluted with his huge hands.

Chief Zhu continued, “I only followed Head Chief’s orders, I shall not disturb you two anymore then.”

He closed fist saluted while smiling and turned to leave.

Zhu Tianhua appraised his surroundings.

This courtyard had only a single gate, which was the moon gate. A few shoots of bamboo spread out from the wall, emitting a beautiful and secluded atmosphere. As expected of the Imperial Residence, it was exquisite and elegant.

There were no Protectors in the surroundings, it seemed like they were very assured of him.

Zhu Tianhua suppressed his excitement and slowly pushed open the gates. As he stepped into the courtyard, he saw the slender figure of the person he pined for in the middle of the courtyard.

“Lady Mu!” he softly called out.

A slim and delicate woman was standing in front of the bamboo shoots. Her facial features were vivid and touching.

Her eyes were like water, quietly admiring the strength of each bamboo shoot. The vibrant green vitality was like it was trying its hardest to soothe her solemn mood.

Mu Qing was a weak woman who did not even have her life in her hands. She was like a plaything, to be gazed upon. She was sold to the Verdant Cloud Brothel, and now she was once again redeemed.

Until now, she had not seen the person who would be her future owner, and she did not know what kind of future was awaiting her.

Thinking about this, Mu Qing grew unhappy and felt disheartened.