White Robed Chief Chapter 522

Chapter 522 Snatching

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Upon hearing someone calling out for her, Mu Qing quickly snapped her head back to look. Her gorgeous face formed an expression of surprise. “Master Zhu?”

Zhu Tianhua nodded passionately. “It’s me!”

The two were staring intently at each other, their gazes fixed on the other.

Mu Qing’s beautiful face was glowing, she had never expected him to show up.

The beloved man in front of her who excelled in martial arts was her hope for the entire time. Mu Qing had always believed that Zhu Tianhua would take her away and leave this place together. She would live a normal life with him, supporting him while as she raised their own child.

“Master Zhu, was it you who redeemed me?” she asked in surprise.

Zhu Tianhua was startled. An awkward expression flashed across his face as he shook his head. “It was not me.”

“Ah? Then why are you here, Master Zhu?” Mu Qing’s face expression changed as well as she asked in confusion.

“I am here to check on you,” said Zhu Tianhua.

Mu Qing let out a disappointed smile, she gently nodded. It was not him, but King An.

Zhu Tianhua felt as if a knife had been twisted into his heart.

He could not disappoint Mu Qing anymore, he had to save her from her pain!

Zhu Tianhua loathed himself for being useless, he had nothing but exceptional martial arts skills. Yet, he could only watch as the woman he loved fell into the depths of misery, powerless to do anything.

He had joined the Imperial Residence of King Cheng just to save Mu Qing.

But as soon as he found a sliver of hope, Mu Qing was immediately redeemed. No matter how rich Zhu Tianhua was, it was impossible for him to be richer than Chu Li. No matter how high his position was, it would not be above Chu Li’s too. Even his martial arts was below Chu Li’s!

At the thought of that, Zhu Tianhua clenched his teeth, a strong urge rushing to his heart.

Mu Qing helplessly smiled, she tried to convince him, “It is someone you know, Master Zhu, better than someone you’ve never heard of.”

Zhu Tianhua helpless smiled, he sighed. “Miss Mu, let’s go together!”

Mu Qing was startled.

Zhu Tianhua looked around, there were no Protectors around, he lowered his voice, “Let me get you out of this place!”

“But this is the Imperial Residence!” replied Mu Qing hastily.

It was almost impossible to leave a powerful family as soon as you joined it. To her, the Imperial Residence was enigmatic and unpredictable, it was strict and overbearing. Mu Qing never thought of being able to escape from the Imperial Residence.

Zhu Tianhua said, “So what if it’s the Imperial Residence, I can get us out of here!”

“King An definitely won’t let us go! Master Zhu will be hunted, you will have to roam the lands from then on!” Mu Qing lightly nodded her head.

Zhu Tianhua said in a deep voice, “As long as I can be with you, it doesn’t matter even if it means that I’m forever a fugitive! … Let’s look for somewhere deep in the mountains or forests and live together in a place with nobody else!”

“I can’t do that, there are many women that are better than me out there. For a hero like you, Master Zhu, there are many other women who admire you.” Mu Qing shook her head as she rejected his advances.

“No matter how many women there are, I only care about you! Miss Mu, could it be that you’re afraid?” Zhu Tianhua said in a deep voice, as he stared at her.

Mu Qing lightly nodded. “I am scared, Master Zhu, I can’t go with you.”

She was not a pampered maiden who lived under a rock, Mu Qing knew how powerful a Prince could be. Although Master Zhu was a Grandmaster with exceptional martial arts skills, there were quite a few Grandmasters who were as good as him in the Imperial Residence.

If Zhu Tianhua ever incited King An’s rage, those Grandmasters would track him down and kill him. He would not be able to win no matter how good his martial arts was.

If Zhu Tianhua died because of Mu Qing, what would be the point to her living?

Rather than having him face those consequences, Mu Qing would rather not do anything stupid and let herself bear the pain, she had to let him go and not drag him down anymore.

Zhu Tianhua was a remarkable Grandmaster, as long as he did not worry about her, he could live well.

Zhu Tianhua furrowed his brows. “Don’t tell me that you want to live an upper-class life of the people from the Imperial Residence?”

Mu Qing pursed her lips tight as she shook her head. “Chu Li, the Head Chief of the Imperial Residence of King An, he’s a remarkable person.”

“Hmph, Chu Li, I’ve seen him before!” replied Zhu Tianhua helplessly.

For a woman that he liked to say that about some other man truly hurt his ears.

“He is really amazing, we can’t escape from his grasp.” Mu Qing let out a small sigh.

Mu Qing had heard too many stories of Chu Li from the Verdant Cloud Brothel. In her eyes, Chu Li did not look any different from Zhu Tianhua, but he was a lot more vicious than Zhu Tianhua, slaughtering Grandmasters as if they were livestock.

For a devilish man like him, if Zhu Tianhua ever were to cross him, he would never be able to escape from Chu Li’s grasp, and eventually, succumb to him.

“That might not be the case! No matter how powerful Chu Li is, he’s just another person, he can’t be that incredible. The rumors are probably exaggerated, pay no heed to them! Let’s go!” Zhu Tianhua said resentfully.

“Master Zhu, just forget about me. I have already been redeemed, I belong to someone else now. We aren’t fated to be together. In the next life, I will definitely repay your kindness.” Mu Qing shook her head again.

Zhu Tianhua furrowed his brows as he said, “Miss Mu, I can get away. Listen to me, let’s go now!”

“Master Zhu!” Mu Qing wanted to continue, but Zhu Tianhua lifted her up and said in a low voice, “Speak no more, let’s get out of here! We’ll find a spot deep in the mountains, where nobody can find us!”

After saying that, Zhu Tianhua started to move lightly. He moved alongside the wall, darting over it. He looked around after landing on the ground, making sure nobody was there.

As he passed by an arc, the color of his face changed.

Liu Xing was standing behind the arc with his arms behind his back. He was standing like a delicate tree against the wind, silently staring at them.

Liu Xing made a closed fist salute and subtly smiled. “What are you trying to do here, Master Zhu? Miss Mu Qing belongs to the Head Chief now, is Master Zhu trying to snatch the Head Chief’s woman away?”

“Nonsense, since when did Miss Mu become Chu Li’s woman!?”

“Hehe, if it were not for the Head Chief’s credit and favor from Prince Bao, how would anyone be able to redeem Miss Mu Qing? For someone like you, Master Zhu, no matter how strong your martial arts are and how rich you are, you aren’t even worth bringing up to Prince Bao. Do you really think that you can redeem Miss Mu Qing?” Liu Xing chuckled.

“I intend to take Miss Mu and leave!” yelled Zhu Tianhua.

Liu Xing smiled. “Shouldn’t we at least report to the Head Chief?”

“What report?” scoffed Zhu Tianhua.

Liu Xing smiled with squinted eyes as he said, “What do you think, Master Zhu? A hundred thousand taels of silver and a favor owed to Prince Bao, I’m afraid that Master Zhu won’t be able to pay for it!”

“I don’t care about that, I intend to bring Miss Mu away now!” scoffed Zhu Tianhua.

“If that’s the case, we will have to upset you, it’ll cost you your life to try and snatch the Head Chief’s woman away!” Liu Xing shook his head.

“Try all you want! Chu Li isn’t that amazing either!” Zhu Tianhua was unconvinced.

He was not convinced of Chu Li from the bottom of his heart, which was why he did not want to be his subordinate. Zhu Tianhua would rather snatch Mu Qing and run away. As long as he reached the Imperial Residence of King Cheng, Chu Li would not be able to do anything to him, even with his capabilities!

As soon as Zhu Tianhua finished talking, he placed Mu Qing down and dashed out.

He had a huge body, his dash was as if a fierce beast was rushing down a hill, his aura was terrifying.

Liu Xing sighed. “How can you not understand your current circumstances!”

The two of them got into a fight.

Zhu Tianhua was tall and strong, both of his palms were like thin fans, tough and sharp. He was unstoppable, but with Liu Xing’s swift body movement technique, no matter how strong Zhu Tianhua’s palm energy was, he could not reach Liu Xing.

Both of them made over a hundred moves in a short while, Mu Qing’s light purple gown was fluttering from the wind caused by the palms, her body involuntarily backed away.

“Sigh… you guys are overdoing it. The two of you aren’t even concerned about hurting Miss Mu!” Xiang Feixue swiftly glided from the top of the wall and stood in front of Mu Qing.