White Robed Chief Chapter 523

Chapter 523 Assistance Required

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Zhu Tianhua thought that Liu Xing was troublesome to deal with. His skills did not match his own, but he just could not seem to beat him. Liu Xing was too quick. The more rushed he was, the more helpless Zhu Tianhua felt while fighting him.

When he suddenly heard that someone was behind him, he quickly turned his head and saw Xiang Feixue standing in front of Mu Qing. His heart immediately sank.

Liu Xing lightly smiled. “Zhu Tianhua, with your abilities, it’s actually a joke that you could think of beating the Head Chief. Even we can’t stand a single hit from the Head Chief!”

“Hmph, then let me show you what I got!” Zhu Tianhua sneered and his body immediately expanded, he dashed towards Liu Xing like a flash of lightning. His palm hit Liu Xing.

Liu Xing met the strike with his right palm and flew backward with a loud “Bam”.

Xiang Feixue grinned. “How powerful!”

Liu Xing called out in the air, “He used some secret skill, be careful!”

Xiang Feixue’s Light-body Technique was also top-notch, he strode behind Zhu Tianhua in a single step and stretched out his hand to strike his back.

Zhu Tianhua’s huge body was extremely agile, he twisted his body and struck another palm at Xiang Feixue.

“Bam!” Xiang Feixue flew into the air too.

Liu Xing somersaulted in the air and dived down swiftly.

“Bam!” Zhu Tianhua struck him into the air with another palm.

Xiang Feixue also somersaulted in the air and did an upside down dive. He flew into the air as he was hit by Zhu Tianhua again.

Liu Xing and Xiang Feixue looked as if they were two golden eagles spiraling and diving down.

After Zhu Tianhua activated his secret skill, his power multiplied. Both their Light-body Techniques were amazing and they used their Light-body Techniques to lessen half of the force, but they still felt their blood and vital breath furiously surging. They were growing pale and could not stand any more strikes.

“Xiang Feixue, it seems that we will have to try our best too!” said Liu Xing.

Liu Xing really did not want to use his secret skill, he needed to rest for at least two days after every use. It was painful and best to be avoided if possible.

But now, it seemed like Liu Xing had no choice but to use it. Zhu Tianhua’s cultivation was extremely refined after he used his secret skill, he was levels above the two of them. His few palm strikes were already too much for them, if he landed a few more hits on them, they were going to be thoroughly injured.

“Hey, are the two of you just going to watch the show?” Liu Xing raised his voice and called out.

Laughter could be heard. “Both of you can’t even take down Zhu Tianhua, it’s too embarrassing, we don’t want to show ourselves!”

Liu Xing helplessly scoffed. “You guys are just forcing us to use our secret skill, how mean!”

His body size suddenly increased exponentially, Liu Xing activated his secret skill.

“Bam bam bam bam…” A string of dull noises could be heard as Liu Xing and Xiang Feixue relentlessly attacked Zhu Tianhua, each at one side.

It was easy enough for Zhu Tianhua to face one of them, but facing the attacks of the two of them who shared a sense of synergy, he found it difficult to handle, slowly backing off step by step.

Mu Qing was tense as she watched the fight going on, their robes flapping noisily.

“Elder Zhu, I think it is best for you to go down!” Liu Xing called out and struck his palm onto Zhu Tianhua.

Zhu Tianhua took the hit. His face was now red as if he was drunk, but he forcefully pressed onto the wound and sped up his body movement technique. He grabbed Mu Qing and ran like a wisp of smoke.

“Thump thump thump…” Liu Xing and Xiang Feixue’s Light-body Technique were top-notch too, they blocked his way and made a few more moves again.

“Puff!” Zhu Tianhua spat out a spurt of blood, his body size shrunk a little.

“Master Zhu!” Mu Qing could not help but scream.

“Forget about it, let them go,” Chu Li’s voice could be heard.

“Understood, Head Chief!” Xiang Feixue and Liu Xing backed off.

Zhu Tianhua turned his head around and looked at Chu Li, who was standing quite close to them, he had no clue as to when he had appeared. Zhu Tianhua clenched his teeth as he hugged Mu Qing and dashed away quickly after he turned.

Chu Li smiled as he watched his huge silhouette disappear.

Huo Yuhao and Ying Wuqiu came out too. The four of them stood behind Chu Li and watched as Zhu Tianhua slowly disappeared.

“Head Chief, are you really going to let him go? He is indeed a capable one, he is even stronger than us!” said Liu Xing.

Xiang Feixue twitched his mouth.

Although Zhu Tianhua’s martial arts was better than theirs, his Light-body Technique was not as good. He did not have the advantage when facing them.

Chu Li smiled. “Slowly, but surely. He is an arrogant one, it will take some time to sharpen him.”

In the Secret Guardians Hall.

Dong Qifei placed down a dossier and stretched his body. He let out a breath and stood up to leave the table. “Elder Yang, let’s go out and take a walk.”

Yang Zongwen was reading a dossier with his head lowered, he waved his hand. “You can go on ahead, I need to finish this.”

“What is there to read? Reading dossiers from day till night, you are going to go rusty soon!” Dong Qifei said.

“Go tell that to the Centurion.” Yang Zongwen did not even bother to raise his head.

Dong Qifei sneered. “What is the Centurion trying to do, he hasn’t been here for a few days!”

“He said something about taking a long break, the Commander agreed to it too. Let’s not worry over mundane matters. Concentrate on the dossiers instead, so that we aren’t limited to just glaring when the Centurion asks anything… things are different from the past now!” said Yang Zongwen.

“Sigh… that’s true too.” Dong Qifei glanced at the opposite room.

At that moment, two fat men walked out from the kitchen opposite to the room. One was fatter than the other. They slowly walked to the courtyard and sat beside the stone table. They made themselves a pot of tea and poured a cup for each other. They then drank the tea while idly chatting.

“Look at those two brothers! How free they are, they don’t have to read any dossiers!” Dong Qifei scoffed in disdain.

“Their business is even more dangerous. They seem idle now, but if anything happens, they will rush in, risking their lives!” said Yang Zongwen.

“It has been so many days, but they haven’t even done anything!”

“That’s because the Centurion didn’t assign any tasks to them.”

Someone pushed the door and entered the courtyard as they were talking.

Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen took a look, it was the Centurion, Ma Kun.

Both of them quickly went over to welcome him.

“Oh, Centurion Ma, my apologies for not giving a proper welcome!” Dong Qifei hastily made a closed fist salute.

Ma Kun glanced at the two of them and waved his hand. “No need to be this courteous, I am here to look for Big Ning and Little Ning.”

The two of them had already stood up from the stone table. They made a closed fist salute. “Is there anything you want from us, Centurion Ma?”

The three of them had gone through life and death situations together, if it were not for them working with each other when they met the three from the Holy Church of Light, none of them would have been able to escape.

“Boyuan, I have a case here, a killer murdered one of the constables from town and got away! He is extremely brazen, we must kill him!” Ma Kun shook his head.

“Which town is he from?” asked Ning Boyuan.

“The Billowed River Town. It is five hundred miles away from the Fairy’s Capital, it will take a day to reach there,” replied Ma Kun.

“Alright… His martial arts must not be bad for him to be able to kill the Constable.” Ning Boyuan smiled.

“Of course, his Light-body Technique is also good, which was why no one could chase him down. He does not respect the rules and laws, it is not enough to calm our fury without killing him!” Ma Kun pounded his hand on the stone table and said with hatred.

“Alright, we will try and catch up to him!” grinned Ning Boyuan.

“Hold on, Big Brother, don’t be in such a hurry… Centurion Ma, does Centurion Chu know about this?” Ning Zhongyuan quickly waved his hand.

“Him–? How is it possible for me to meet such a busy person like him.” Ma Kun sneered.

Ning Zhongyuan felt helpless. “That makes things troublesome, Centurion Ma. You too know that we are subordinates to Centurion Chu, he is the one that gives the orders. Without orders from Centurion Chu, we don’t dare to leave the town.”

“Then consider it as a small favor for me. After all that we’ve been through, it isn’t worth telling him such a trivial matter,” said Ma Kun.

Ning Boyuan quickly nodded. “He’s right, he’s right, it’s just a small favor.”

Ning Zhongyuan said, “I still think it’s better for us to inform Centurion Chu about it. If Centurion Chu has something for us to do when we have already left, we will get ourselves into trouble.”

“That’s true too.” Ning Boyuan nodded.

They were now working under Centurion Chu, if they abruptly helped someone else and did not inform him about it, it would not be right.

“Allow me to inform Centurion Chu, we shall leave tomorrow,” said Ning Boyuan.

Ma Kun smiled. “Alright, how delightful!”

He stood up and walked out from the courtyard with his hands crossed behind his back.