White Robed Chief Chapter 524

Chapter 524 Relieving Anger

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As soon as Ma Kun walked out of the courtyard, Ning Zhongyuan immediately called out, “Big Brother, you are really silly!”

Dong Qifei shook his head, “You are indeed silly!”

Ning Boyuan did not really find it a problem. “It’s just a small favor. We will return in less than two days, since we have nothing to do anyways. We literally have done nothing for the past ten days, the Centurion won’t mind.”

“He won’t mind?” Dong Qifei subtly laughed.

Ning Boyuan saw as he laughed strangely, he made a closed fist salute. “Brother Dong, you have been with Centurion Chu for quite some time, we hope that you’ll point out what’s important.”

“Sigh…” Dong Qifei shook his head as he sighed, perfectly satisfied.

The position of the Ning Brothers in the Secret Guardians Hall was quite high. Their tracking technique was top-notch, the residence needed them. However, Dong Qifei himself was just a lackey, for them to be this polite to him, he felt delighted. Therefore, he tried his best to explain, “The relationship between Centurion Chu and this Ma Kun isn’t well.”

The Ning Brothers were not stupid, they knew something was up the moment they heard Dong Qifei say that.

They recalled what happened in the main hall.

The way Ma Kun spoke to Centurion Chu was aggressive, however, Centurion Chu replied with calmness. He did not really seem to care about what he said. He did not quarrel with him, letting him continue on with his words.

“Are they enemies?” Ning Zhongyuan quickly asked.

Dong Qifei said, “More or less, but Centurion Chu is a generous person. He doesn’t want to bring himself down to the level of the one with the surname Ma. Ma Kun keeps taking advantage of the fact that he is a veteran with a high position. He keeps on causing trouble for Centurion Chu, but now that Centurion Chu is a Centurion, how can he let him do whatever he wants without consequences?”

“Why so? Centurion Ma would not seek to cause trouble for Centurion Chu’s without a reason, right?” Ning Zhongyuan furrowed his brows.

“Centurion Ma’s nephew died in the Imperial Residence of King An, ar the hands of Princess Xiao.” Dong Qifei smiled at the brothers with squinted eyes.

The Ning Brothers had a sudden realization.

They could guess the rest of the story.

Ma Kun was definitely unsatisfied and wanted revenge, but the Secret Guardians Hall did not allow internal strife. Therefore, he could only complain and cause trouble for Centurion Chu in any way possible, making him his rival. Ma Kun wanted to make him mad to the point that Chu Li would decide to hit him.

As soon as he raised his hand, Ma Kun would have a reason to make a move too. At that point, even if he killed Centurion Chu, he would not have committed any offense.

Although this strategy was not brilliant, it was very effective.

“Think about it, if you agreed to it, what would our Centurion do? That’s why, it’s still best to ask for Centurion Chu’s advice on this matter.” Dong Qifei shook his head as he spoke.

“Right, you’re right, I oversimplified it.” Ning Boyuan quickly nodded.

Ning Boyuan was frightened, if he actually went to help, he would be in big trouble!

Centurion Chu was not an average person. He was intelligent and capable, his abilities were outstanding.

Under the grasp of Centurion Chu, if they ever tried to do anything bad, their lives would not be easy. They might need to constantly travel outside, or perhaps the credit will never go to them. There were many methods in which to punish them.

“Sigh, it’s all thanks to you, Brother Dong.” Ning Boyuan nodded with lingering fear.

Dong Qifei smiled. “It’s nothing special, we are from the same place, of course we should take care of each other.”

“Should we ask the Imperial Residence about this, then?” Ning Boyuan politely asked for advice.

Dong Qifei shook his head. “There is no need to do so, just act as if you didn’t know.”

“Oh–? I understand now! I’ll act as if I don’t know anything about it!” Ning Boyuan furrowed his brows and thought about it. He pointed his finger into the air.

Ning Zhongyuan grinned. “Big Brother finally understands, you scared me!”

Although they had gone through life and death situations with Ma Kun, they were helpless for this incident. They had to lower their heads under the leave of others, they could not just put themselves into trouble just to help him.

Besides, it was not like they were the only ones that could handle the case. There was no need for them to sacrifice themselves for others.

The next morning, Ma Kun returned once more and raised his voice, “Big Ning, Little Ning, shall we go?”

Ning Boyuan and Ning Zhongyuan came out from their room and made a closed fist salute. “We are truly sorry Centurion Ma, we have duties to attend to. You should talk about this with Centurion Chu.”

“Talk to him? Do we really need to inform him of such a trivial matter, he is an important person with other matters to attend to!” Ma Kun’s face darkened, but he immediately turned it into a smile.

“We really can’t decide anything,” replied Ning Boyuan helplessly.

Ma Kun’s face expression was slowly darkening, he scoffed. “What now, are you not even going to help me with this small favor?”

“What small favor?” Chu Li’s voice could be heard.

He was wearing a white robe, he slowly walked into the courtyard.

Ning Boyuan and Ning Zhongyuan quickly made a closed fist salute, as if they saw their savior.

They silently thanked Dong Qifei, he had secretly gone to the Imperial Residence and told Centurion Chu about what had happened.

Ma Kun furrowed his brows as he looked at Chu Li.

Chu Li made a closed fist salute and lightly smiled. “It’s a privileged event for Elder Ma to visit, is there anything important?”

Ma Kun clenched his teeth. He really did not want to talk to Chu Li, but had no choice. He could only force himself as he scoffed. “There’s this killer on my side that is on the run, I need the Ning Brothers to hunt him down.”

Chu Li asked, “Why do you need the Ning Brothers for something so trivial>”

“If I could get him myself, why would I need the Ning Brothers? Although the Ning Brothers are working under you, they are still from the Secret Guardians Hall!” Ma Kun said in anger.

Chu Li smiled. “You can look for the Commander, then. I will definitely obey if the Commander says anything. But as for you, Senior Ma… they have something else to do, they don’t have time for the trivial matters of others.”

“Chu Li, you’re doing this on purpose to exact revenge on me, right? Are you really that petty?” Ma Kun’s face expression was sour, he glared daggers at him.

Chu Li shook his head and sighed. “Elder Ma, what you said is not right. I am generous if I help you, but I’m petty if I don’t? Does everyone have to work around your wants?”

“The one with the surname Chu, don’t forget that you will also have times that you will need me! Don’t burn down the bridge in case you need to use it one day!” Ma Kun tried to threaten him.

Chu Li chuckled. “Understood, thank you for your reminder, Elder Ma. I shall return these words back to you too, you should leave now, take care!”

Chu Li turned his backto him and walked into the main hall as he said that.

“The one with the surname Chu, I will report this to the Commander!” sneered Ma Kun.

Chu Li did not respond to him.

This resentment of his would be released one day, but before that, Chu Li had to hold it back and avoid being tricked by him. For Chu Li to control the Secret Guardians Hall, he could not lose sight of the big picture over some trivial matters. What happened today was a gift that was dropped right onto his lap, it would be such a waste if he let it slide.

Even if he knew about it, the Commander could not do anything about it. Two could play at that game.

The Ning Brothers followed him as he entered the house.

“Both of you are doing quite well!” Chu Li sized them up, pleased.

The two of them were also secretly sizing him up.

They were extremely curious of this new important person to the Secret Guardians Hall who had an excellent reputation, especially towards his tracking technique.

But it was a secretly transmitted skill. It was not going to be easy for him to talk about it. But perhaps if they got along nicely and waited for them to grow closer through the days, maybe Chu Li would say something special about it then.

They were crazy over tracking skills, it was how they got their achievements.

“The Full Cloud Camp was destroyed. Both of you, go and take a look at what happened. I think that there’s something odd about this case, the two of you are to look into it in detail.” Chu Li took a dossier from the table and gave it to Ning Boyuan.

“Understood.” Both of them understood that Chu Li was trying to get them away on purpose, so that Ma Kun had no chance.

Chu Li shook his head. “This is not just for the grudge between anyone. This case is important, the both of you need to focus and observe carefully, don’t dive headfirst into trouble!”

“Got it,” said both of them with serious expressions.

Chu Li waved his hand. “Go now!”

“Understood.” Both of them made a closed fist salute and left the main hall.

They were also slightly confused, they were not sure what Chu Li’s intention was. Was it really an important case, or was Chu Li just seizing the opportunity to enrage Ma Kun, or perhaps it was both.