White Robed Chief Chapter 525

Chapter 525 Perversion

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Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen walked into the main hall from the room.

They avoided Ma Kun just now, in case he flew into a rage out of humiliation and took it out on himself.

Ma Kun could not do anything to Centurion Chu, but he could lay his hands on the two of them. If he really wanted to cause trouble for them, it would be hard to escape.

Chu Li glanced at the two of them, “Is there anything else?”

“Centurion, we just received news that the victims of the Full Cloud Camp were killed by a fierce inner energy. There was also a powerful finger force that directly destroyed their throats, and even broke their arms.” said Yang Zongwen.

Chu Li furrowed his brows, “A powerful finger force… There are many examples of that.”

“Yes, but this person’s skill is profound, to be able to kill everyone in the blockaded village in one go. That isn’t something an average person can do.” said Yang Zongwen

Chu Li said, “Are you sure there’s only one person?”

“It was already concluded.” Yang Zongwen nodded, “The case was supposed to be investigated by the Imperial Court, but they didn’t have any clues, and couldn’t solve the case. They could only allow us to follow up on it. It’s already been ten days, I’m afraid it’ll be hard to find any clues.”

“Did the killer leave anything behind?” said Chu Li.

Yang Zongwen shook his head, “His methods were clean, he didn’t leave anything behind. We can only depend on the Ning Brothers now, with their outstanding tracking techniques, they might be able to find a lead.”

Chu Li slowly nodded. He look at Dong Qifei, “You need to be careful, don’t think of going out all the time!”

“Centurion, I’m not made for this.” said Dong Qifei helplessly.

He wanted to be like Yang Zongwen. When the Centurion asked a question, words would naturally come out from his mouth, all of it clear and logical.

But he would faint the moment he laid eyes on a dossier. His head would feel heavy, unable to lift his spirit. Even pinching his thighs with all his strength to wake himself up did not help, he would quickly return to his previous state.

Chu Li sighed, “It’ll be hard to make something out of this!”

“Hehe, as long as the Centurion is here, we can do it no matter what.” Dong Qifei smiled.

Chu Li could not help but smile, pointing his fingers at him.

The way he flattered was too direct, there were no standards to it.

Yang Zongwen smiled with squinted eyes.

He knew the nature of Dong Qifei, he was truly more suited to be on the move outside. He could not stay cooped up inside, he had been heavily stifled as of late.

Chu Li said, “If Ma Kun is ever unreasonably provocative again, you guys are to immediately leave and ignore him!”

He wanted to prevent the possibility that if Ma Kun was unsuccessful, he would take his anger out on the two of them, or even intentionally mocking the two of them in an attempt to enrage them.”

“Yes.” The two of them hastily nodded.

They lamented to themselves. The fight between two superiors caused suffering for the juniors, their peaceful days had come to an end.

Chu Li said, “You should leave in awhile. Trail behind the Ning Brothers, and save them in crucial moments.”

“Do we not let them know?” asked Yang Zongwen hastily.

Chu Li nodded, “You shouldn’t let them know, especially not anyone else too… Observe their ways of investigation, and learn from them! If you ever reveal yourselves, they would never show their true capabilities.”

The Ning Brothers treasured the tracking technique of their own family, they would definitely not teach it to outsiders. Even when the House of Secret Guardians wanted to buy the secret with a large sum of money, they did not agree to it.

The House of Secret Guardians did not force them too, they were kind to their people.

“Yes.” The two hastily nodded.

Chu Li waved his hand, the two of them left the room.

Leng Tao finished his breakfast and entered Zhu Tianhua’s courtyard. When he saw the sensuous and moving Mu Qing, his small eyes brightened up.

Zhu Tianhua saw his expression, and was silently displeased, even though he didn’t show it. He let out a small cough, “Imperial Crown Prince, please take a sip.”

Mu Qing placed down a cup of tea, and gracefully withdrew.

Leng Tao saw her off with his fixed gaze, not moving a muscle.

No wonder Zhu Tianhua was trying so hard, she was truly a seductive fox. Looking at her pitiable face, and her slender waist. Ah, if she was squirming on the bed, how ecstatic would that be!

At the thought of that, he was about to drool saliva from the corners of his mouth.

Zhu Tianhua looked at him with furrowed brows.

“Imperial Crown Prince, please have a drink!” scoffed Zhu Tianhua.

Zhu Tianhua’s disappointment in Leng Tao grew stronger. If he didn’t need to use Prince Cheng’s influence to redeem Mu Qing, he definitely would not have stepped into the Imperial Residence.

“Oh, oh.” muttered Leng Tao as he snapped back into focus. He laughed, “Elder Zhu, you’re so lucky!”

“It’s alright.” Zhu Tianhua let out a small smile.

Leng Tao exclaimed, “I’ve never met a beauty like such!”

“There are many beauties in the Fairy’s Capital.” said Zhu Tianhua.

This is what touched he felt the most.

The town he was from had a few that were good looking, but they were few in number. He found out how vast the world was upon his arrival at the Fairy’s Capital. There were so many beauties, and all of them seemed to have gathered at the Fairy’s Capital.

In the Verdant Cloud Brothel, every single one of them were beauties. Even if some were below Mu Qing, they were not far behind.

“Hehe, the best of the beauties have already been taken away.” said Leng Tao, rather indignantly, “It’s not my turn yet!”

“How is that possible,” Zhu Tianhua shook his head, “you are an Imperial Crown Prince.”

“Say, the greatest beauty of the Great Ji Dynasty for example. She’s married to Uncle An, but they’re more than twenty years apart!” said Leng Tao in anger.

Princess Siao exclaimed in agreement, “Princess Siao is indeed gorgeous.”

Even though he thought Mu Qing was beautiful, being unable to stop himself from falling for her, he could not deny that Princess Siao was more beautiful than Mu Qing. However, Mu Qing had a unique trait to her that attracted him.

Princess Xue was unattainable, just lingering one’s gaze at her for a moment longer made one feel insignificant.

“If not for Princess Siao beautiful looks, would Chu Li be so dedicated in protecting her?” Leng Tao snorted. “I bet Chu Li is someone who lusts for beauty.

“Isn’t it said that he never once entered the Verdant Cloud Brothel?” said Zhu Tianhua.

Mu Qing said that she never met any outsiders after entering the Imperial Residence. She never met Chu Li, but he still felt a knot in his stomach. This was because Mu Qing respected Chu Li very much, it made him feel very uncomfortable.

Leng Tao scoffed, “With a beauty like Princess Siao beside him, would he have eyes for other women?”

“Zhu Tianhua let out a breath of air, he slowly nodded. “That’s true.”

“I think, the lines between him and Princess Siao must be blurred!” said Leng Tao.

Zhu Tianhua’s eyebrows twitched.

Leng Tai said, “If he doesn’t like Princess Siao, I’ll pluck my brains out and use it as a ball.”

“How would he not like her.” sighed Zhu Tianhua, shaking his head.

Spending day and night with an absolute beauty like her, if you were a guy, it was impossible not to be moved.

At the thought of being able to spend day and night with a beauty like Princess Siao, he felt a twinge of jealousy. If he pledged himself to Chu Li, would he be able to see Princess Siao day and night as well?

He really liked Mu Qing, but to be able to see a beauty like Princess Xue, it was a good thing too. It was better than spending the entire day looking at the fat and lustful Leng Tao!

“You say that you snatched Miss Mu Qing and escaped from the Imperial Residence of Prince An?” Leng Tao let out a small cough as he said in a serious tone.

Zhu Tianhua nodded.

“It seems that you martial arts skill is truly amazing!” Leng Tao smiled, “But you were lucky, Chu Li wasn’t there.”

“He was.” said Zhu Tianhua.

Leng Tao was startled, his smile faded. “Chu Li was there, but you still managed to escape. You’re bluffing, right?”

Zhu Tianhua said in a serious tone, “I escaped right under his nose!”