White Robed Chief Chapter 526

Chapter 526 Departure

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“Were there no Protectors that stopped you?” asked Leng Tao.

“There were four of them.”

“What about Chu Li?”

“Chu Li did not make a move.”

“Oh–?” Leng Tao dragged his voice as he shook his head and smiled, “I really don’t have a clue to what he’s thinking. It was a hundred thousand taels of silver. He actually didn’t have any intentions of stopping you, letting you take Mu Qing and leave?

“Yes.” Zhu Tianhua slowly nodded.

In hindsight, he did not really understand why Chu Li did not make a move to stop him.

In that situation, if Chu Li decided to make a move, he would not be able to take Mu Qing away. Even he himself could possibly fail to escape.

There were lots of martial arts masters in the Imperial Residence of Prince An, the two young men who fought him were both quite good, he was only slightly better than them.

“Hehe, I really don’t know what he’s up to!” Leng Tao shook his head. He held onto his teacup as he furrowed his brows and pondered. He casted a glance at Zhu Tianhua, his gaze was somewhat peculiar.

Zhu Tianhua was in daze from being looked at like that, he quickly asked, “Imperial Crown Prince, are you suspecting that I joined his side?”

“Of course not!” Leng Tao quickly waved his hand, “Even if I’m dumb, I’d definitely know that Chu Li is trying to drive a wedge between us, that he’s purposely trying to make me suspicious and skeptical of everything!”

Zhu Tianhua let out a smile, “Thank you for trusting me, Imperial Crown Prince!”

Leng Tao waved his hand, “I personally invited you into my residence, who would I believe in if not you? Alright, I’ve had my fill of tea, I shall not interfere with your time alone with her, do enjoy yourself.”

“I shall see you off, Imperial Crown Prince,” said Zhu Tianhua.

Before Leng Tao left, he cast a deep look inside, he seemed somewhat unwilling.

But unfortunately, the curtain on the door was not moving. The beauty inside had no intention to see him off, it really made him feel melancholic and reluctant to leave. He wanted to dash in and have a look at her.

Zhu Tianhua was growing unhappy, he quickly closed the door after waiting for him to leave.

Mu Qing gently walked out in a light purple gown, her pretty and moving face was as white as snow.

“Brother Zhu, it seems that we can’t stay this way anymore,” Mu Qing let out a small sigh and shook her head, “it is said that beauty is the root of all problems, I’ve caused you trouble again.”

“Leave?” Zhu Tianhua was startled, he quickly said, “It’s nice to stay in the Imperial Residence, it is safe here. Chu Li can’t just barge in here no matter how great he is, he can’t take you away.”

“Chu Li is not who I am worried of,” Mu Qing sighed as she shook her head, “I am worried about the Imperial Crown Prince.”

“The Imperial Crown Prince heavily relies on me, what is there is be worry about?”, Zhu Tianhua forcefully smiled.

Mu Qing sighed, “I’ve seen way too many gazes like his. He harbors ill intention, he wants to get his hands on me as soon as possible. If I don’t leave now, I might drag you down… Sigh, it’s all my fault, I should’ve covered my face!”

She sighed as she shook her beautiful head.

“Really?” Zhu Tianhua furrowed his brows, “The Imperial Crown Prince is someone who’s seen the aspect of society. But because of a girl…?”

He suddenly stopped talking when he thought of what Leng Tao previously said.

He then thought of the expression on Leng Tao’s face.

Mu Qing was such a beauty, how could he not drool over her?

Mu Qing held onto his arms and sat down beside the stone table. She poured another cup of tea and gently said, “I am worried that he is starting to suspect you.”

“Suspicious of what?” scoffed Zhu Tianhua, “It’s not like I have any secret ties with Chu Li, what is there for him to be suspicious of!”

“He is worried that you’ve pledged yourself Chu Li,” Mu Qing gently shook her head, “He thinks that you came back with different intentions. Even if he was only a little doubtful, he would also force himself to deepen that suspicion just because of me.”

She was thankful to Chu Li. Were it not for him, it was impossible for her to leave the Verdant Cloud Brothel.

Leng Tao’s gaze made her feel disgusted. It felt as if he was stripping her with his gaze, although she was still a virgin, she knew what that meant.

Zhu Tianhua furrowed his brows and remained silent.

Mu Qing sighed, “Brother Zhu, you need to be more careful!”

“I’ll be fine,” Zhu Tianhua shook his head, “I’m only worried about you… If the Imperial Crown Prince is suspecting me, we shall leave the Imperial Residence and start anew at a quiet place!”

“That’s would be the best.” Mu Qing gently nodded.

She looked at Zhu Tianhua’s expression that showed that he could not care less, she sighed to herself.

She wondered if everything was within the expectations of Head Chief Chu?

In the evening, the sun was setting. Leng Tao arrived at Zhu Tianhua’s courtyard again.

Zhu Tianhua was cultivating his martial arts, he quickly welcomed him to a seat as soon as he saw him walking in. He personally prepared some tea.

“Where is Miss Mu Qing?” asked Leng Tao disappointedly.

“She is not feeling well, and is currently resting in the house.” Zhu Tianhua clumsily prepared some tea and served it to him.

Leng Tao waved his hand, “I am not thirsty, you said that she isn’t feeling well? Is she alright?”

“Maybe she’s just unfamiliar to the new surroundings and is a little uncomfortable,” Zhu Tianhua smiled, “it is nothing much, she just needs to take a rest.”

“That won’t do, if she is not feeling well, she needs a doctor,” Leng Tao quickly waved his hand. “Let me go get a physician to take a look at her!”

“Imperial Crown Prince, there really is no need,” Zhu Tianhua stopped him as he said, “if she is not feeling better tomorrow, we can look for a physician then.”

“That works too,” Leng Tao nodded and stood up, “let me take a look at her.”

Zhu Tianhua stopped him again, “Imperial Crown Prince, there really is no need to.”

Leng Tao tried to move his imposing body, “Don’t stop me. Miss Mu Qing is ill, how can I turn a blind eye to that!”

Zhu Tianhua barred his path with his body as he furrowed his brows, “Imperial Crown Prince, I thank you on behalf of my wife, but she is not suited to meet any visitors now!”

He emphasized each syllable when he said the word visitor.

“But I’m not an outsider,” Leng Tao did not see any problems.

Zhu Tianhua said, “Imperial Crown Prince, you are indeed an outsider, I do not need you to care about my wife!”

Leng Tao squinted his eyes and looked at him.

Zhu Tianhua stared at him, unwilling to be outdone.

It seemed as if there were flames flickering in their eyes.

“Alright, alright, I never expected you to be this petty, Elder Zhu!” scoffed Leng Tao.

Zhu Tianhua said, “I am indeed petty. I do hope that you, the Imperial Crown Prince, won’t bother my wife as much.”

Leng Tao angrily said, “I come with good intentions, but you are treating me this way. How disappointing, I am leaving!”

He turned and left as he finished his words.

Zhu Tianhua watched him as he left, he furrowed his brows and sat next to the stone table.

Mu Qing picked the curtain aside and gently walked out of the house. She serenely sighed and sat next to him as she gently said, “I am such an unlucky person.”

“Nonsense!” Zhu Tianhua said in a deep voice, “We really shouldn’t stay here for long, let’s leave tonight!”

“Leave…” Mu Qing furrowed his brows, “I am just afraid that Leng Tao won’t let us off!”

“He is a smart one,” scoffed Zhu Tianhua, “he should understand that is it not a wise move to kill a Grandmaster!”

“…Alright.” Mu Qing lightly nodded.

Zhu Tianhua had already decided, and he actually felt relieved and relaxed. He held onto Mu Qing’s fair and delicate hand, “Don’t worry, I will take good care of you and let you live a peaceful and stable life!”

“Mm.” Mu Qing lightly nodded and gave a moving smile, “I only hope to live a normal life. I do not want any high positions or great wealth, let’s look for a countryside and stay there.”

Zhu Tianhua put up a smile.

Thinking of all the wonderful days there were going to have, he could not help but feel energized. He could not wait to leave and hoped for the moon to rise quickly.

The night came. After their dinner, Zhu Tianhua carried Mu Qing and left unarmored, not even a bundle with them.

As soon as they left the courtyard, three Grandmasters appeared from across the road.