White Robed Chief Chapter 527

Chapter 527 Surrounded

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Leng Tao was standing in front of the three Grandmasters, glaring at Zhu Tianhua. He shook his head and sighed. “Elder Zhu, where are you going?”

Zhu Tianhua made a closed fist salute. “Imperial Crown Prince, I will have to leave immediately.”

“Where to?” scoffed Leng Tao. “Don’t tell me that you’re going to the Imperial Residence of King An?”

Zhu Tianhua shook his head. “I am not that despicable. Although it’s nice there, it is not for me. I would like to look for a hidden spot with verdant hills and crystalline water to live a simple life with my wife.”

“That’s a great plan you have there!” said Leng Tao coldly. “You come and go as you please, what do you think the Imperial Residence is?”

“Imperial Crown Prince, I thought we talked about this before?” Zhu Tianhua frowned. “I get to come and go freely. I can depart anytime when I feel like it, how can you take back what you have granted?”

“I never said anything of the sort!” Leng Tao waved his hand. “You can’t just leave!”

Zhu Tianhua lightly said, “You are eyeing my wife covetously. I have to leave or else I would fail as a man!”

“Blasphemy!” Leng Tao yelled immediately with a guilty conscience. “Since when was I eyeing Miss Mu Qing! I only grew a mild liking to her because of her looks, I don’t have any intentions to violate her. Don’t you dare gauge the heart of a gentleman with your own mean presumptions!”

Mu Qing was leaning on Zhu Tianhua’s broad back, feeling safe as if she was being warmly embraced. She felt secure even though they were in a dangerous situation.

Zhu Tianhua shook his head. “I came to Fairy’s Capital just to save her, and now that she is saved, it is time for me to take off!”

“You come and go as you wish but what about the confidential secrets of the Imperial Residence?” scoffed Leng Tao. “It would be smart of you to return and continue being an obedient Protector. Let’s pretend that nothing happened, or your life ends today!”

Zhu Tianhua frowned in dismay. “Imperial Crown Prince, why do we have to resort to this?”

Leng Tao squinted his eyes and sneered. “Who told you to claim ignorance of the current situation? In fact, I feel like you are being compelled by Chu Li. You’ve acknowledged connections with people from a higher social class!”

Zhu Tianhua shook his head. “How dare you give me a bad name and hang me for it, Imperial Crown Prince? It is obvious that the Imperial Residence of King Cheng is better than the Imperial Residence of King An, so why would I abandon the Imperial Residence of King Cheng for another? What you said is utter nonsense!”

“Let me ask you one last time, on the account of our master and servant relationship,” Leng Tao stood akimbo and asked in a deep voice, “are you returning, or not?”

Zhu Tianhua lightly said, “There is no return for an arrow that has left the bow, I’ve already decided on my departure. I hope that you, the Imperial Crown Prince, will allow me!”

Leng Tao shook his head, showing an angry expression. “I knew it, you were bribed by Chu Li! Chu Li rescued Miss Mu Qing for you, and you are thankful, so you’re trying to pay him back! If that’s the case, we shall meet in death. Men, kill him!”

“Yes!” The three Grandmasters pounced onto Zhu Tianhua.

Zhu Tianhua scoffed in anger. His majestic body suddenly grew in size, he rushed immediately towards them.

“Bam bam bam bam!” Zhu Tianhua was hit once out of the four strikes and immediately dashed out of it.

He was as fast as lightning, the three of them could not outdo him.

Leng Tao shouted loudly, “Elder Chen, don’t let him go!”

“No need to worry, Imperial Crown Prince, he can’t flee.” Chen Kong suddenly appeared near Zhu Tianhua, he shook his head and sighed. “Young people are fickle minded. Why would you risk getting killed when you could’ve just stayed in the Imperial Residence and enjoyed high positions and great wealth?”

“I do not desire such a life, Elder Chen, don’t force me!” Zhu Tianhua clenched his teeth.

He used all his strength to control the rushing inner energy within him so that his body would not be filled to its breaking point.

Chen Kong shook his head and sighed. “Fine, everyone has different aspirations, let me send both of you to heaven!”

He turned into smoke as soon as he finished talking and instantaneously reappeared in front of Zhu Tianhua. He then pressed his palm on him.

Normally, Zhu Tianhua would not be able to react quickly to Chen Kong’s moves since he was too fast, but now that Zhu Tianhua was using his secret skill, his movements were somewhat faster than usual. His large hands turned into thin fans and took the palm strike.

“Bam!” A dull sound could be heard. Chen Kong took a step back and delivered another palm strike as he rushed to him.

“Bam bam bam bam!” Both of them had laid over ten moves at each other, it was hard to tell who would emerge victoriously. Zhu Tianhua was rather anxious because if the fighting persisted, he would certainly fail to escape.

At the thought of that, he encircled his hands in front of his chest. A puff of surging inner energy concentrated in front of him. As he separated his hands, it was as if metal hammers replaced it and swung them directly to Chen Kong.

“Bam!” Chen Kong flew backward on impact.

He widened his eyes in shock. He never expected Zhu Tianhua to possess an ancient martial arts technique. He felt as if he was pounded by a metal hammer and could not help but to retreat.

At that point, the four Grandmasters darted towards him from afar.

Zhu Tianhua felt helpless as he looked at the gathering Grandmasters, he lowered his voice, “My wife, I am afraid that we can’t escape at this point!”

Mu Qing was leaning on his back, she asked in a low voice, “Will you be able to leave if you abandon me?”

“It’s not going to work,” said Zhu Tianhua, “they have too many martial art masters.”

“Let’s be the loving couple that shares the same fate and be each other’s significant other in the next life!” Mu Qing said in a low voice, “I am very satisfied, being able to die in your arms, Brother Zhu.”

“It’s all my fault!” said Zhu Tianhua, feeling hatred for himself.

He must have been blind to trust Leng Tao. He regretted not accepting Chu Li’s offer to recruit him. He should have done it, even if it was just for Mu Qing!

Alternatively, he should not have returned when he got Mu Qing out, and just left Fairy’s Capital. The world was so big, he could have hidden deep in the mountains or within old forests with Mu Qing, where Leng Tao and the others would have difficulty locating him.

Mu Qing gently said, “Don’t blame yourself, Brother. It is all my fault, if I wasn’t here, you would still be free and living with ease.”

“Without you, I feel lifeless.” sighed Zhu Tianhua.

The two of them were talking in a low voice, the Grandmasters had already surrounded them.

They were eyeing them enviously and felt a pang of pity for Mu Qing.

“Don’t hurt that lady!” Leng Tao quickly said.

Chen Kong furrowed his brows and looked towards Leng Tao. “Imperial Crown Prince, please step aside and not obstruct us!”

“Elder Chen don’t hurt the lady. I like her!” said Leng Tao.

Chen Kong was growing more impatient with him. He felt that Leng Tao was to be blamed for Zhu Tianhua’s decision to get out of the Imperial Residence. How could he stay when Leng Tao was interested in his woman!?

Unfortunately, things had already reached this stage. He could not step back anymore, hence the only thing he could do was to kill Zhu Tianhua for committing an offense. If he let him go, it would mean that the Imperial Residence would be at risk.

Chen Kong pulled Leng Tao away in one grasp and said in a deep voice, “Kill them both. Do it!”

The four of them immediately pounced onto Zhu Tianhua. Their palms and fists were swift and fierce, they combined them and formed into a power as strong as a flood that could break a dam. He was not going to be able to withstand it no matter how good his skills were, he could foresee himself being mortally injured.

Suddenly, his body was yanked, and his vision swayed. He appeared on a rooftop that was about twenty steps away, standing next to Chu Li in a fluttering white robe.

Chu Li made a closed fist salute and smiled. “Elder Chen, sorry for offending you. I want this person, and I will visit to thank you some other day. I shall leave now!”

He pulled Zhu Tianhua and swiftly disappeared with a streak of glowing light in the night sky.

“Ahh, Chu Li!” Leng Tao angrily screamed.

Chen Kong’s face darkened and coldly stared at him.

Leng Tao called out, “Elder Chen, are you really going to let Chu Li continue to be this arrogant and unbridled, doing whatever he wants?”

“What do you want?” sneered Chen Kong. “Chase after him, break into the Imperial Residence of King An, and kill Zhu Tianhua?”

“Exactly that!” Leng Tao nodded as hard as he could.