White Robed Chief Chapter 528

Chapter 528 Joining The Residence

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“Shut up!” Chen Kong angrily glared at him. “All thanks to you, a great Martial arts master was forced to leave!”

“That’s uncalled for, Elder Chen!” Leng Tao refused to accept it and said, “He already forged secret connections with Chu Li previously, or else, why would Chu Li appear at the right time?”

Chen Kong scoffed, “Chu Li already planned to take him away way before this, you are the one who gave him that window of opportunity. Seriously…”

He shook his head and stopped talking. He really did not know what he should say.

Such an ignorant person, if Leng Tao was not the only son of his Royal Highness, Chen Kong would have tossed him aside earlier and let him fend for himself! He had no time to waste with him!

In the blink of an eye, Chu Li arrived at the courtyard where Mu Qing was staying at while dragging Zhu Tianhua.

Zhu Tianhua immediately furrowed his brows and looked at Chu Li as soon as he saw the courtyard.

Chu Li released them and sat in front of the stone table. He grinned and said, “This is the consequence for meeting and being loyal to someone with bad intentions.”

“Hmph, what is your intention for bringing us here?” scoffed Zhu Tianhua.

Chu Li broke into laughter. “Are you not going to thank me for saving you first?”

“This is all because of you!” scoffed Zhu Tianhua.

Now he finally understood that he had stepped right into Chu Li’s trap.

Regardless of whether he had knowledge of Chu Li’s plan, his only move was to fall into it, despite feeling restrained. It was as if he was a puppet, everything was happening according to his plan.

Chu Li said, “It seems like you have intentions to leave?”

“Yes, I want to live an ordinary life. I want to look for somewhere quiet with beautiful scenery to live out the rest of my days,” said Zhu Tianhua, “I don’t want to kill anymore.”

He looked at Mu Qing as he said that.

He knows Mu Qing did not like killing. She wanted a life without anxiety where she could read and cook with ease. A quiet and peaceful life without any worries.

Chu Li laughed and shook his head, “It is too naive for you to think that kind of life could materialize. Even if we don’t talk about wasting your skills that you’ve spent your entire existence learning, you understand how powerless it is being alone, despite the fact that you are a Grandmaster.”

“I can protect my wife.”

“That is not the point,” Chu Li shook his head, “what if something similar happens again? What if another man with position and power falls for Miss Mu Qing and decides to confront you with a few Grandmasters, what are you going to do then?”

Zhu Tianhua instantly clammed up.

He understood how helpless the situation was and hated the feeling.

As a man, and a Grandmaster nonetheless, he could not protect his own woman. He felt utterly embarrassed and not worthy of living.

Chu Li pointed at himself, “Look at me. My martial art skills should be strong enough, right? My Light-body Technique is even better, I can move freely, and nobody can make me stay, but why do I have to hurry about Fairy’s Capital for the Imperial Residence, is it for more power?”

Zhu Tianhua frowned and looked him.

He definitely thought of that. Chu Li could definitely live a peaceful life, why did he have to put in all his effort in plotting against other people?

Chu Li said, “That’s because I know the power of one person is not reliable enough. You are still weak unless you reach the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary, even if you are the best Grandmaster. You can only protect people you care about when you have power, companions, and great strength.”

Zhu Tianhua sighed.

Chu Li’s opinion made sense to him.

In the past, he would have doubted his judgment. However, now that he had Mu Qing with him along with what he had just been through, he could not help but to agree with Chu Li.

“If you want to live somewhere hidden with beautiful scenery, you will have to risk the chance of the day when someone decides to break into your place and humiliate you!” Chu Li continued to say, “If you stay in the Imperial Residence as a Protector, then you would not be alone! No matter what danger or enemies lurking, there will always people around to defend you!”

“I do not trust you people. You change your attitude as quick as flipping the pages of a book!” said Zhu Tianhua.

Chu Li smiled. “Are you really the one who is saying this? Did you not change your attitude towards me too? I helped you rescue your wife, but how are you thanking me? I just saved you, but you think I owe you. It seems that it is difficult to be a good person.”

Zhu Tianhua felt embarrassed after hearing what he said.

Clearly, he did not make the right move at the time. Zhu Tianhua did not even thank him, he just ran away after snatching Mu Qing.

“Let me discuss with my wife,” Zhu Tianhua said in a deep voice.

Mu Qing while leaning on his back, said in a low voice, “I will leave it all to you.”

Zhu Tianhua glanced at Chu Li and scoffed, “Fine, from today onwards, I am your Protector. Though to make it clear, I am only your Protector, not the Imperial Residence. I really can’t trust these people!”

Chu Li said, “I would like to make it clear too, I am very strict with rules. If you break any, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

“Since my life was saved by yours, so be it!” said Zhu Tianhua in agreement.

Chu Li being satisfied with his answer, nodded in return. “That’s good, you should stay here. The small courtyard belongs to the both of you now, take care of your body and start tomorrow!”

Zhu Tianhua made a closed fist salute.

Chu Li nodded towards Mu Qing and turned to leave the courtyard.

Mu Qing jumped off from his back and walked around the courtyard, feeling a sense of familiarity.

She touched a green bamboo and sighed serenely while saying lightly, “It really feels like a dream.”

Zhu Tianhua gently said, “My wife, will you blame me for this decision?”

Mu Qing shook her head and smiled. “This is quite good too.”

Zhu Tianhua sighed. “I still can’t provide you a peaceful life, I’m really…”

“This is already peaceful enough,” Mu Qing quickly interrupted him and softly said, “it is not dangerous to be the Protector of an Imperial Residence. The Imperial Residence is also quite serene. As long as I get to stay with you, anywhere is fine.”

Zhu Tianhua beamed with delight.

He was most afraid of Mu Qing being unsatisfied, so he breathed a sigh of relief after hearing her reply.

“I am not sure what my duties are,” said Zhu Tianhua.

Mu Qing smiled. “Perhaps it’ll be just like a Protector, following him around.”

Zhu Tianhua slowly nodded.

The following morning as he was cultivating his martial arts, Mu Qing was beside him holding onto a towel and making tea, ready to hand him the towel and tea at any time.

He was quite energetic with his cultivation and felt that this was the actual way of living. Liu Xing’s voice could be heard from outside of the courtyard. “Brother Zhu, the Head Chief is calling for you!”

“I will be on my way,” said Zhu Tianhua.

Liu Xing said, “The Head Chief is calling for you, you need to make your move now. Let’s go.”

“I need a change of clothes.”.

“Hurry up, then.”

As Zhu Tianhua was still talking, Mu Qing had already brought him his clothes.

Zhu Tianhua quickly changed and pushed on the door to leave, Liu Xing was waiting outside the courtyard.

Liu Xing sized him up and said, “Let’s go now.”

Zhu Tianhua nodded and followed him to the Tianshu Courtyard.

“My Princess, Head Chief, Zhu Tianhua is here.” Liu Xing raised his voice.

“Come in,” said Chu Li.

As soon as Zhu Tianhua stepped into the Tianshu Courtyard, there were several glances in his direction.

Zhu Tianhua felt his face is turning red. He could not bear it and felt like lowering his head, but then he reminded himself that he was a Grandmaster and there was nothing he should be afraid of.

He lifted his head and glanced back at them. He saw Princess Xiao sitting at right in front of him with two pretty ladies, sitting on each side of Princess Xiao. Then, he saw the maid silently eyeing him, while Chu Li was standing next to Princess Xiao.

“Greetings, Princess Xiao, Head Chief,” He made a closed fist salute and said in a deep voice.

Xiao Shi assessed him and smiled. “Is this the Protector that you used a few tricks to bring back?”

Chu Li smiled. “His martial art skills are as great as Commander Zheng’s.”