White Robed Chief Chapter 529

Chapter 529 Reappearance

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“That is a rare case then. No wonder you tried every way possible.” Xiao Shi slowly moved her head as she was looking at Zhu Tianhua.

Zhu Tianhua just stood there unmoving.

He was impressed by the tricks that Chu Li had planned and used on him. He was living up to his reputation as the famous Head Chief Chu from Fairy’s Capital. His ability was impeccable.

All his actions were within Chu Li’s calculations. What was scarier was that he knew everything he did was according to his plan, yet he could not hinder the progression of the plan. His only choice was to do as Chu Li planned and nothing else.

He seemed like a little child in comparison to Chu Li.

Chu Li said, “Let him work with Liu Xing and the rest in protecting the princesses. If there are any assassins, he can help to stall them.”

“Alright then.” Xiao Shi nodded. “Just arrange it as you like.”

Chu Li turned towards Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu and asked, “How about both of you princesses?”

“We are fine with your arrangement.” both of them nodded.

Chu Li turned to look at Zhu Tianhua and said, “Starting tomorrow, you will share the duty with Liu Xing and the others in protecting the princesses!”

“Yes, sir,” Zhu Tianhua replied.

Chu Li followed by saying, “Don’t underestimate the task of protecting the princesses. This is the most dangerous job in the whole residence. The princesses have important roles and there will be many people plotting to kill them. Stay alert and if anything happens, don’t expect to live to see the next day!”

“Yes, sir.” Zhu Tianhua nodded slowly.

His face was serious but deep inside he was delighted because he was tasked to protect someone with such beauty. Being able to stand next to her and admire her beauty was the best thing he could ask for.

As for the level of danger that came with the task, he was not afraid as he would not be the only protector working on it.

“Head Chief, someone sent an invitation,” Chief Zhu said from outside.

“Bring it over.” Chu Li requested.

Yang Xu walked out softly and returned with the invitation card and passed it to Chu Li.

Chu Li opened the invitation, looked at the content and smiled.

“Who sent that?” Xiao Shi asked.

“Han Fei.” Chu Li smiled. “He finally arrived in Fairy’s Capital. I have to go meet him, so I won’t be back tonight.”

“Go ahead.” Xiao Shi waved her hands at him. “Why not ask him to stay in the Imperial Residence?”

“I don’t think so,” Chu Li answered, “he feels restricted staying here.”

“Then let him be,” Xiao Shi said, “by the way, are you two heading to Verdant Cloud Brothel?”

Chu Li just smiled.

Xiao Shi scolded, “Perverts, none of you are decent men!”

Chu Li glanced at Zhu Tianhua.

As Zhu Tianhua walked out from the courtyard, Liu Xing guided him to a small house and spoke softly. “This Tianshu Courtyard has four houses surrounding it, and this is one of them. We will stay here most of the time and observe the other side.”

“Why don’t we stay directly in the house of the princesses?”

“The princesses don’t fancy having men near them, they think we are a disturbance. Most of the time it will be fine, but we need to pay more attention at night,” Liu Xing said, “we are just a wall away, so we would be able to hear things it if anything happens.”

Zhu Tianhua felt slightly disappointed because of his inability to look at Xiao Shi constantly.

Chu Li walked alone through a street and arrived in front of a residence.

The house looked average and no different from other common houses in Fairy’s Capital that was occupied by an average income family.

Two red lanterns hanged by the front door and were brightly lit as it was near dusk.

Two teenage Protectors stood by the door and had swords attached to their waists. The looks on their face meant that they were highly skilled.

Both of them stared at Chu Li.

Chu Li lifted his head and knocked on the door.

An elderly man with white hair opened the side door and asked, “Why did you come, mister?”

Chu Li passed him the invitation card.

The elder looked at it and answered politely, “Come in, mister.”

He opened the door and invited Chu Li in. “Please follow me. The Bi Lan Courtyard is on the east side.”

Chu Li nodded.

Who would have thought that the best brothel in Fairy’s Capital was not a high-rise building, but an average-looking house?

They walked past the door and entered the living room, then walked around the room and towards the back where it was filled with different rooms.

Every room was individually built, and no one could see what was happening inside. Some of the room doors were closed and the only sound that could be heard were from musical instruments.

Chu Li followed him to a room and the elder knocked on the door.

A pretty servant invited Chu Li in after opening the door.

“Do you want to change first, mister?” the servant asked.

Chu Li shook his head. “Don’t need to. Is my friend here?”

“Yes. Mr. Han has been waiting for you for a while,” the servant replied.

Chu Li said, “Then let us go in.”

The servant led him into the room. They walked past an outer courtyard and a moon-shaped door before finally arriving at the inner room.

Han Fei exited the room. He was handsome as always. “Brother Chu, you are late.”

Chu Li lifted his head and observed the sky. “I don’t think it is late yet.”

“Come, let us talk inside,” he said and laughed.

Next to him was a soft-mannered girl. She looked weak and helpless like she needed someone to care for her.

She smiled and bowed politely to Chu Li. “Welcome, Head Chief Chu.”

Chu Li waved his hands and said, “No need to be so formal, let us sit inside.”

Four of them entered the main hall. The table was filled with a few dishes, some silver cups, and a bottle of wine.

“We were waiting for you.” Han Fei smiled at him.

He sat down with Chu Li.

Chu Li replied, “Brother Han arrived so much later. You are ten days late.”

“I was enjoying the trip, so what is the point of hurrying?” Han Fei shook his head and laughed. “They enjoyed the scenery and I couldn’t stop them.”

Chu Li laughed. “How is Miss Jiang?”

Han Fei heard what he said and glared at him. “Are you planning to make me unhappy?”

Chu Li laughed and downed a cup of wine as a way of apologizing to him.

“Today I invited you to come to talk about something important,” Han Fei said with a smile.

Chu Li prepared and listened.

Han Fei continued, “You know the issue about the massacre of the Full Cloud Camp?”

Chu Li nodded. “I sent some people to investigate. They were killed by someone with very strong finger strength and we couldn’t come to a conclusion!”

Bi Lan helped them refill their cups with wine.

She sat next to Han Fei and said nothing.

Han Fei said, “I received some information.”

Chu Li was surprised by him and placed his cup down. “You know something about the killing?”

“Yes.” Han Fei smiled. “Do you want to know?”

“Stop teasing and hurry up.” Chu Li leaned forward.

Han Fei picked up his cup and drank his wine, and asked, “What do you think about Miss Bi Lan?”

“She is a fine lady,” Chu Li answered without hesitation.

Han Fei replied, “Then get her out of here.”

Chu Li was shocked as he turned to look at Bi Lan.

Bi Lan looked down while her face and neck were turning red.

“What are you looking at?” Han Fei laughed. “Can you do that, Brother Chu?”

Chu Li smiled awkwardly. “This place belongs to Prince Bao.”

“You are so famous in Fairy’s Capital, and you always have your say in everything. Are you saying you can’t get this done?” Han Fei laughed.

Chu Li sighed. “You should have asked this earlier. I just got one of the ladies out from here. Prince Bao had just returned a favor for me. Alright then, I will figure it out!”

“Good, you showed your willingness!” Han Fei laughed. “Then I shall tell you what I know.”

Chu Li leaned forward.

Han Fei said, “The one who killed them was someone from the Tempest Temple.”

Chu Li raised his brows in disbelief.

Han Fei responded, “You don’t believe me?”

Chu Li shook his head. “The temple teaches strong martial art skills, but in return, there is always a possibility of producing troublesome students. It is not surprising if that happened.”

“I also heard that this guy successfully trained the Asura Power Technique,” Han Fei said.

Chu Li face changed a little.

Han Fei looked at him and laughed.