White Robed Chief Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Debt Collection

Zhuo Feiyang was very furious. Chu Li was deft at gaining ladies' favors, so much that even a highly prestigious woman like Chief Shu liked him, and sister Zhao Ying too... As he thought of it, he scoffed, then he gulped down two cups of wine.

Bai Zhijie was silent.

It was a complicated matter. Chu Li getting close to Chief Shu was a nuisance. If his Master Zhuo Feiyang were to hurt Chu Li, Chief Shu would not let him off lightly.

As the Chief of the Island of Jade, she only needed to give a command, and Master Zhuo Feiyang would be banished from the Yi Public House.

Zhuo Feiyang lowered his head and feasted on the food. Bai Zhijie tasted two spoons of the food and started eating vigorously too. Every dish looked delicate, the serving size was not too large too, and the taste was sumptuous.

The two men transformed their worries into appetite, and soon they finished the whole table of dishes. After that, they drank some wine while they were still burping from all the food they just had. They looked around them casually, and noticed that all the tables around them were filled with people. The pretty ladies shuttled past them every now and then, hands holding wine jars, teapots or plates. They were busy serving their customers.

They were all dressed in pearl white, looking plain and elegant. Each of them had a faint fragrance on them, which smelt very soothing and calming. The scene in front of them were such a beauty to behold.

"Sigh..." Bai Zhijie let out a sigh.

This kind of pub would never worry about the lack of customers, especially menfolk.

Zhuo Feiyang slapped on his table, and yelled, "Waitress!"

Two beautiful ladies emerged in front of him, and smiled gently, "Our two guests, have you finished eating? Would you like some fruits as dessert?"

Zhuo Feiyang nodded, "That would do too!... But, we didn't bring any money."

The two ladies were taken aback by that. It was the first time they had encountered this.

They looked at each other eye to eye, then one of them spoke, "My two Lords, stop teasing me."

Zhuo Feiyang replied coldly, "I'm not joking, we really don't have any money!"

"Then... we can accept this sword as well." One of the ladies pointed at the long sword on his belt.

Zhuo Feiyang smiled smugly, "This is my guardian sword, wherever I go, it will follow. If I ever lose it, so will my life!"

"What do you reckon then, my Lord?" The lady smiled, "It couldn't be that you really plan on leaving without paying right?"

"Yes, this is a meal that I will eat for free, one way or another!" Zhuo Feiyang laughed coldly, "How do you girls plan to deal with me?"

One of the ladies left the table.

Zhuo Feiyang looked at the lady with his arms crossed, and continued smirking, "Don't tell me you have a bouncer in this place?"

The lady who remained shook her head and smiled, "You've misunderstood us, my Lord. We will report this to our cashier, and the cashier will decide how to deal with this. We are just waitresses, we can't have the final say."

Zhuo Feiyang looked at her deep in the eye. When facing such confrontation, she could still manage a warm smile, where did Chu Li find these girls, they were indeed impressive!

After a short while, Zhao Ying appeared in front of Zhuo Feiyang. She creased her eyebrows and looked at him, "Senior Zhuo?"

Upon seeing Zhao Ying, Zhuo Feiyang blushed and then turned gloomy. It looked like Zhao Ying and Chu Li were working together again. This sister Zhao, she really did not know how to look after herself. Of all the people in the world, why did she have to choose to mix with Chu Li!

When he thought of it, he felt remorseful and hateful at the same time. He scoffed at her, "Sister Zhao, you're the cashier here?"

Zhao Ying nodded, "I think so."

"Isn't this Chu Li's pub?"

"I help him manage it."

"Who is he to you? Why would you do him such a favor?!" Zhuo Feiyang sneered, "Don't tell me you two are together now?"

"That's nonsense!" Zhao Ying said, "Senior Zhuo, quit causing trouble, quickly pay for the food and leave!"

Zhuo Feiyang replied, "I don't have money!"

"You? No money?!" Zhao Ying laughed, "What a joke!"

"I'm telling you, I really have none, guess you'll have to deal with it!" Zhuo Feiyang straightened a face, and forced his way out, he spoke coldly, "This place belongs to Chu Li, don't involve yourself in this, if you want the money, ask him to get it from me personally!"

"Senior Zhuo, you're the one at fault here, and you're telling us what you're doing is right?" Zhao Ying lashed out at him, "A hundred taels, quick!"

"A hundred taels, that expensive?" Bai Zhijie interfered, and then realized he should not and shut his mouth.

Zhuo Feiyang sneered, "This Chu Li is really sly, isn't this daylight robbery? Such dishes could only half-fill my stomach, and it costed a hundred taels?"

"The prices of each dish were written clearly in the menu, if you think it's expensive, don't order it!" Zhao Ying had clearly lost her patience. She continued, "I know you guys intentionally ordered the more expensive ones, a typical table would normally cost only fifty taels. That's it, you guys leave!"

"I don't have money!" Zhuo Feiyang scoffed.

Zhao Ying waved her hand in the air and said, "Stop being a nuisance here, I will tell Senior Chu about this!"

"... Master?" Bai Zhijie said hesitantly.

He was a bit taken aback by that. Initially he wanted to wreak havoc in the pub, and force Chu Li to show himself. So long as Chu Li continued rejecting his challenge, he will come here once a day to cause trouble. Zhuo Feiyang wanted to stretch Chu Li's patience to the limits!

Zhuo Feiyang creased his brows and stared at Zhao Ying.

Zhao Ying caressed her pretty face and asked, "What's wrong?"

Zhuo Feiyang smiled coldly and said, "Sister Zhao Ying, you've changed!"

Zhao Ying angrily replied, "Senior Zhuo, that is what I should say to you!"

When Zhuo Feiyang had finished his secret cultivation regime, the first thing he did was to find her and beat her, to seek revenge on his previous loss to her. A guy who held grudges and had a narrow heart, it made Zhao Ying look down on him.

"When did I change?" Zhuo Feiyang replied at the accusation.

Zhao Ying waved him away, "Alright that's enough, this is a pub, you guys have finished eating, so please leave. I am busy here, and don't have the time to fool around with you both."

In actual, the pub belonged to the girls of the Raging Tiger ravine. Chu Li had already made it clear earlier that every profit that the pub made would go to the girls, but Zhuo Feiyang came here today and ate a meal without paying, how unacceptable!

Zhuo Feiyang was agitated by Zhao Ying' attitude, "Fine then, tell that Chu Li, if he wants the money, come and find me!"

"I know I know!" Zhao Ying waved him away impatiently.

Zhuo Feiyang got up slowly, then exited the Leisure Cloud Pub with Bai Zhijie.

He turned back and threw one last look at the pub. He could vaguely hear sounds of laughter coming from inside the pub. He scoffed, and had a goal set deep in his mind, that he would come back again tomorrow. He wanted to see how long Chu Li can bear with him, if he still would not fight him, he would continue coming back here!

Bai Zhijie said to him in a low voice, "Master, I did not know that Senior Zhao was there too."

"Don't talk about her!" Zhuo Feiyang snapped.

Bai Zhijie hurriedly shut his own mouth. He could not help but feel that the two of them were soundly defeated earlier. Senior Zhao Ying was Master Zhuo Feiyang's only weakness. If she was not there to stop him, the pub would have already been thrown into a big mess.

Early in the morning, when the sunlight was still gentle, there was an unusual commotion in front of the Great Hall of Martial Arts.

Two hundred plus Protectors were training there. Some were wielding swords, others throwing blades. A portion of sunlight were reflected off the weapons as they danced in the air, the silver flashes of light looked dazzling. Some were practicing on batons, some with guns, and some others with odd weapons. Those who practiced with their fists and palms were abundant too. All of them were occupied with their training of choice, and occasionally you could hear their sharp exhales of "He!" or "Ha!"

Zhuo Feiyang was practicing with his sword at one corner, his sword gave off flashes of light as white as snow. It was as if the mystical light and spiritual energy had wrapped his body completely, shielding him from whatever ominous force from the outside.

Bai Zhijie was practicing with his sword too right beside Zhuo Feiyang. His movements with the sword were swift, but incomparable to those of Zhuo Feiyang's. In fact, his skills were inferior by a huge margin.

Ever since he was brought under Zhuo Feiyang's wing, his swordsmanship improved by a lot. But all in all, he was only beginning to stimulate and open the powers hidden beneath his inner veins, hence his speed and strength were a lot weaker than his Master's. The flash emitted by his sword were also less evident.

However, Bai Zhijie was more than satisfied by his current abilities. He would never compare himself with his Master. But when he did compare himself to those of his level, he had already won them by a considerable margin.

A small boat floated by a small distance away. A girl dressed in pure white got down from the boat gracefully, and walked towards the training grounds.

Her skin was as fair as snow, her eyes bright and energetic. It was as if she was scrutinizing everyone from a high ground, her temperament majestic.

She slowly reached in front of Zhuo Feiyang, and quietly stood beside him.

Zhuo Feiyang saw the beautiful girl, and was suddenly boosted by additional motivation, his sword lights shining brighter.

Bai Zhijie on the other hand started to lose focus. He would steal a glance at her from time to time, all the while curious as to who the mysterious character is. It was the first time that he had seen such a pretty girl. He would never forget her beauty, surely, she must be someone from the higher ranks.

His Master was a genius in martial arts, hence it was no wonder if he could attract girls like her. But for the first time a girl was brave enough to get close to him like that. The mystical aura that she had, and the stunning beauty of her face threw Bai Zhijie into a state of restlessness. But he held on seeing that his Master was very focused with his training, he dared not interrupt him.

After a long while, Zhuo Feiyang seemed to be satisfied of his progress for the day and withdrew his sword. He gave a bright smile to the girl and said, "Sister, what brings you here?"

The girl calmly asked, "Are you Lord Zhuo Feiyang?"

"Yes, that's me!" Zhuo Feiyang held his fists together to greet her.

"Then good." The girl replied, "My name is Xue Linge Xue. Today, I'm here in the name of my Master to collect the debt that you have owed him, my Lord. It would be a hundred taels, thanks!"

"Hold on!" Zhuo Feiyang's smile froze, and hurriedly followed up, "Who is your Master?"

"My Master is none other than the great Chu Li." Xue Linge answered as she bowed slightly.

"Chu Li?!" Zhuo Feiyang's face turned gloomy, he coldly said, "You are a servant for Chu Li?"

"That's correct." Xue Linge nodded, "Yesterday the two of you had eaten at Leisure Cloud Pub but did not pay the bill. My Master sent me here to collect the money, you pay what you owe, that's simple logic isn't it?"

Xue Linge's temperament could attract people's attention like a metal to a magnet. Everyone at the training grounds were secretly admiring at her. Initially, they all envied Zhuo Feiyang's fortune with girls, his talents, and his good looks. Which girl would not fall for him?

But they did not see it coming. The girl did not come to worship Zhuo Feiyang, but was here to collect his debt. All of them could not help but laughed at him deep in their hearts, it felt so good, and they could not resist the urge to sing praises of the girl and celebrate there and then.

Bai Zhijie quickly recovered himself and interfered, "This lady, can you don't simply accuse us? Since when did we owe you money?"

Xue Linge gave him a cold stare, "What's the matter? Trying to deny it again?"

"That's enough!" Zhuo Feiyang cut off Bai Zhijie, and calmly replied, "Alright, I give it to Chu Li, he wins this round. Bai Zhijie, give her the money!"

Bai Zhijie stared blankly at Zhuo Feiyang, his looks visibly disturbed.

Zhuo Feiyang scoffed at Bai Zhijie, "What's the matter? You're disobeying me now?"

In a low voice, Bai Zhijie hurriedly replied, "Master, I did not bring any money."

"Fool!" Zhuo Feiyang glared at him, and said, "Then hurry up, go back and take it!"

"Yes, Master!" Bai Zhijie quickly agreed, then turned away and left.

The entire atmosphere at the training grounds fell silent. Everyone else had heard their conversation, and all of them bore looks that were gloating at him.

Zhuo Feiyang's handsome face turned so gloomy that it looked like ice, he stared at Xue Linge in a hostile manner.

Xue Linge avoided his stare and looked away.

Zhuo Feiyang sneered, "Since when did you become Chu Li's servant girl?"

Xue Linge did not give an answer, she acted as if she did not listen it.

"Hmph, the exact same mold as that Chu Li!" Zhuo Feiyang glared at her, "What a waste of that beauty of yours!"

Xue Linge was still silent.

This infuriated Zhuo Feiyang even more, he felt like he became a laughing stock, he could feel all the mocking and gloating around him, almost consuming him. Now that everyone had known what happened, he believed that by the end of the day, the news would have spread across the whole Yi Public House.

Chu Li, you and your cruel tricks, I won't let you off lightly!

He screamed deep inside his heart, and stared coldly at Xue Linge Xue.

Xue Linge stood quietly at a side, just like a jade statue, but she had attracted everyone's attention towards her.

The others were curious, who was this Chu Li that she spoke of. He had such a servant girl, he must be of good fortune! They were all envious.

Bai Zhijie scurried back to the place, panting. In his hands he had two bank notes, each worth a thousand taels.

Zhuo Feiyang took it from him, and picked one out, throwing it on the ground, "Take it, it's for Chu Li!"

Once he had done that, he turned around and walked away.

Xue Linge did not mutter a single word as she slowly bent down to pick it up. Her facial expressions did not change, and she left the place with the bank note.

The crowd shook their heads and sighed. This Zhuo Feiyang may be a genius in martial arts, but his attitude was terrible. How could he treat a beautiful girl like that?