White Robed Chief Chapter 530

Chapter 530 To The Rescue

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Chu Li raised his eyebrows. “Asura Power Technique?”

“Yes,” Han Fei exclaimed, “the Asura Power Technique!”

Chu Li said, “I thought the temple had already prohibited people from learning it?”

“From my understanding, the temple did ban teaching the technique, but there are always loopholes that can be found.” Han Fei shook his head and sighed. “Who would have wanted to learn the technique though? Mastering it is no different than asking to die!”

Chu Li remained silent.

Han Fei said, “If you have someone trying to investigate him, you better alert them to stay cautious. Killing is as easy as drinking water for those who trained the technique.”

Chu Li slowly nodded.

Bi Lan softly refilled their cups. She never made a sound which made her seem as if she was invisible.

Han Fei queried, “How are things regarding the Secret Guardians?”

Chu Li smiled. “Outsiders always feel that we are secretive, but in reality, we are no different compared to the Imperial Residence. However, they did use some secret tactics. I can’t drink with you anymore, I need to go and take a look!”

“What’s the hurry,” Han Fei said, “we will finish in a moment.”

Chu Li shook his head. “My underlings are trying to find him. They would encounter huge problems if they actually located him. I need to find them immediately!”

Han Fei said, “Please remember what I asked about Bi Lan, I am waiting for you!”

Chu Li nodded in agreement. “Yes, I will settle it for you as soon as possible.”

“Then that is all. Go on, I won’t see you out then.” Han Fei waved his hand.

Chu Li gave Bi Lan a fist salute before turning and leaving.

Bi Lan covered her mouth and smiled. “I didn’t know that you have such a good relationship with the Head Chief.”

Han Fei laughed. “Our relationship is something to die for. He has a good heart. Don’t worry, if he agreed then he will keep his promise. Wait for him to get you out of here. Are you following me to the Jiang Chuan Alliance, or do you want to stay here?”

“I want to stay here,” Bi Lan replied softly, “I am not used to going places far from here.”

“That will be good too. I will be staying in the capital for 6 months every year. You can be with me when I am around.” Han Fei smiled. “When I am gone, I can ask Chu Li to take care of you too.”

“Thank you, Mister Han,” Bi Lan replied.

Han Fei laughed as he hugged her and smelled her scent.

Chu Li appeared in a pine tree forest.

He came immediately and used his All-Seeing Divine Power and managed to locate the others.

He activated his Omniscient Mirror and saw the Ning brothers along with Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen.

They were trying to run away with haste. Right behind them was a middle-aged man in a yellow gown who looked calm and clear.

The Ning brothers possessed better Light-body Techniques.

They were both overweight, one smaller than the other, and yet their techniques made them similar to a bouncing ball. They were fast and agile. If they weren’t carrying someone on their back, they would have escaped from the man.

They were carrying Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen respectively and looked uneasy as the man moved closer and closer to them.

“Brother Ning put me down!” Dong Qifei yelled, “You guys go ahead, and let the Centurion take my revenge for me!”

“We will never let you guys go!” Ning Boyuan said.

He was petite and plump and was carrying Dong Qifei as they moved along the trees. Their weight in total added up to nearly 400 kilograms, yet the tree branches only shook a little and never bent. It was all thanks to his great techniques.

The large and portly Ning Zongyuan said, “We will never forgive ourselves if we put you guys down. Stop talking and start cultivating your energy, we will turn and kill him later!”

“We can’t kill him.” Yang Zongwen sighed. “Where did this strong killer come from?”

They witnessed the killing of more than ten martial art masters by the hands of that man. They remembered what the Centurion said and retreated immediately, but the man still caught up to them.

The man murdered everyone, then turned his attention towards them. It was clear he never intended to let anyone leave his sight alive.

The way he killed the others was so cruel it sent shivers down their spines. He was enjoying every single kill he made and was savoring them slowly. Although he looked calm and wise, an evil aura surrounded him possessing an unmeasurable amount of cruelty.

“I don’t know,” Ning Boyuan yelled, “he definitely came from one of the famous sects seeing the way he destroyed the others!”

“We are all dead so why don’t you guys leave us and run,” Dong Qifei said, “you guys will only pay with your life if you stayed with us, it will not be worth it! Hurry up and find the Centurion and ask him to avenge us!”

“No way!” Boyuan shook his head.

Chu Li suddenly appeared in front of the man and gave him a taste of his Shura Palm.

The man gave him a smile and softly landed a hit on Chu Li.

“Bang!” Chu Li felt as if pure energy entered his body. His Heavenly Demonic Orb immediately appeared and swallowed the energy.

Chu Li was surprised. He never anticipated how pure his inner energy was, and that his attack was the same level as his Heaven’s Thunder Palm.

He never learned the Asura Power Technique, but he thought the technique was a Ying technique as it had a cold affinity. Why was the attack by the man so strong and full of Yang energy?

He hypothesized that the man was proficient in a stronger variety of the technique which caused Yang energy to be produced from the Ying energy, and turned his attack to full of Yang energy.

“Who are you?” Chu Li asked.

The man smiled and replied, “You don’t know who I am, yet you want to fight with me?”

Chu Li stared at him and observed. He didn’t show signs of insanity, looked calm and knew what he was doing. It was hard to imagine that he was the one that murdered the entire residence, not sparing the younger ones or even a dog.

“You are from the Tempest Temple?” Chu Li continue asking.

The man nodded. “You know me?”

Chu Li inquired, “Is this the Asura Power Technique?”

“Great!” The man sighed and shook his head. “You know too much, so you have to die. Prepare to face your end.”

Chu Li said, “Asura Power Technique comes with the hunger for killing. Can’t you contain the desire?”

“Yes,” the man replied, “you have good knowledge about this technique.”

Chu Li raised his eyebrows. “I thought the temple had banned people from learning this technique. How did you manage to learn it anyway?”

“Hehe.” The man shook his head. “This is my secret. Alright, time to die!”

He came flying with his palm as he finished talking.

Chu Li waved his hand at the others. “You guys head back immediately!”

Ning Boyuan and the rest looked at each other as they saw what had happened. They nodded as they believed in Chu Li’s ability.

“Bang bang bang bang.” Chu Li and the man exchanged their attacks as their palms met each other.

Chu Li’s Shura Palm had inconsistent speed like lightning. The man was also using Shura Palm, but his attack was stronger than Chu Li and had better technique. It was obvious the man had trained for a long period of time.

“Who are you?” The man asked as they were fighting, “How did you learn to use Shura Palm?”

Chu Li answered, “I am Chu Li.”

“It’s you!” The man said, “No wonder!”

“Amitabha.” a sound appeared from somewhere far apart. The people moved closer as they spoke. Fa Yuan and three grey shirt monks appeared.

Chu Li looked at him and said, “It is you again, Fa Yuan!”

Fa Yuan also wanted to say this. He closed his palm and gave him a salute. “Chu Li, we meet again.”

Chu Li said, “You guys from the temple are always causing trouble. The last time was the issue of eating human brains, and now this man who knows the Asura Power Technique!”

Fa Yuan gave another salute. “Thank you, Chu Li.”

“Thank me for what?” Chu Li asked.

The man never paid attention to the people who appeared and continued fighting Chu Li. He wanted to kill Chu Li as if he had obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Chu Li was enjoying it, as his Heavenly Demonic Power was closer to its fifth level with the energy the Demonic Orb absorbed from the man’s Shura Palm.