White Robed Chief Chapter 531

Chapter 531 Secret Information

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Chu Li said as he was fighting, “I thought you guys banned this technique? How come this man has trained it and his training was to such high level?”

“This Mister Zhou has a history with the temple, but he is not a student from the temple,” Fa Yuan said.

Chu Li was confused, “He is not your student?”

“No, he isn’t,” Fa Yuan replied calmly, “a monk will never lie about anything.”

“Then how did he managed to get his hands on this technique?” Chu Li asked, “From my understanding, only you guys and the safe in the Forbidden Palace has the book about this technique, am I right?”

“Yes,” Fa Yuan nodded.

Chu Li replied, “Fa Yuan, just get to the point. How did he get it, was it because someone from the temple leaked the info to the outsider?”

Fa Yuan shook his head.

Chu Li stared at him and said, “If you continue to hide things from me, don’t blame me for not helping you in the future!”

“Mister Chu, you actually know the truth,” Fa Yuan replied.

Chu Li raised his eyebrows, “Is it from the Heart of Asura?”

He got his Shura Palm from the heart, so it would be possible for the others to obtain the Asura Power Technique in the same way.

“That is correct,” Fa Yuan sighed and said, “the Heart of Asura has the ability to pass down any Asura techniques. If the time is right then it will be passed onto anyone, and sometimes the power they obtained can be of a much higher level, just like the case for Mister Zhou here.”

“This is suicidal!” Chu Li sighed and replied, “Without a strong foundation in the teaching of Buddha, it will be the same as committing suicide if one was to train the Asura Power Technique. They will enter a killing frenzy. This is the problem caused by you guys from the temple!”

“Amitabha…” Fa Yuan replied.

He couldn’t disagree with Chu Li’s statement. The number of innocent people who was sacrificed because of Asura Power Technique was innumerable.

However, they have yet to identify any possible ways to contain the desire that was originated from the Asura Power Technique. They couldn’t make this technique into a technique that can help to protect the temple.

Chu Li asked, “What do you guys plan to do with him?”

“His technique has gotten to a reasonably high level. We want to kill him but we can’t, so we want to imprison him in the temple to prevent him from continuing his killing,” Fa Yuan replied.

“He can’t be killed?” Chu Li asked.

Fa Yuan answered, “Yes.”

Chu Li got serious, “How is that possible, there is no such thing in the world as immortality. I want to see if he can survive if I cut his head off!”

“Mister Chu, if you cut his head off, he will die,” Fa Yuan shook his head, “but the Heart of Asura will be reborn elsewhere.”

“How is it going to reborn at some other places?” Chu Li was confused.

The man continued to attack Chu Li and his attacks were increasingly powerful.

Fa Yuan said, “This involves the top-secret information of the four major sects. Please don’t blame me for not telling you.”

“You are really problematic,” Chu Li shook his head, “what is there to hide!”

“To avoid sending this world into chaos, we shall not speak of it,” Fa Yuan smiled as he spoke.

“Alright then, how can I kill him?” Chu Li asked, “There must be some way.”

Fa Yuan replied, “Only those with the Asura Power Technique can kill him.”

Chu Li said, “Your temple must have someone who has mastered the technique right?”

He will never believe that the temple completely banned the technique. As he got to know more about the temple he realized that those high monks, although had a deep understanding in the teaching of Buddha, were no different to a crazy scientist.

They would do anything to understand more about martial arts.

Fa Yuan remained silent.

Chu Li continued, “Get that person here and finish him. What for you guys want to catch him back… Oh., I understand now, you guys are planning to change his heart?”

Fa Yuan replied, “Mister Chu, why are you forcing a monk like me?”

Chu Li shook his head, “By the way, that heart were released from your temple?”

“… Yes,” Fa Yuan slowly nodded.

Dong Qifei yelled from far apart, “Centurion, that guy killed two of our men.”

Chu Li face changed immediately.

Fa Yuan also sensed it.

The situation became tense between the two of them.

Fa Yuan had interacted with Chu Li on multiple occasions and he knew that Chu Li was someone who will protect those under him.

Chu Li will not let this man leave with his life after he heard that.

‘”Fa Yuan, you hear that right?” Chu Li shook his head, “I am not being unreasonable, but the situation now has forced me to. I am taking this person with me!”

“Mister Chu, can you defeat him?” Fa Yuan asked, “I am afraid you can’t do this alone.”

“That might not be the case,” Chu Li said, “so long you guys don’t try and interrupt, I can.”

“Amitabha…” Fa Yuan said, “He is a wanted person by the temple and we cannot let him continue to kill the innocent. I am sorry I cannot accept your request.”

“Then fine, goodbye!” Chu Lie turned and left.

His movement was quick, he lifted like a cloud but in a blink of an eye, he was at a distance apart, almost disappearing from his sight.

The man intended to kill him and chased after him. He also had good light body techniques. In a moment, both of them had disappeared from the sight of Fa Yuan and the others.

Fa Yuan smiled.

He felt excited among his calmness to be able to fight Chu Li again.

Every time they fought he will learn something new and felt that both he and Chu Li was getting stronger after every battle.

“Seniors, let us move,” Fa Yuan said.

The three other monks acted like statues and said nothing. They just closed their palm and flew away with Fa Yuan.

Chu Li moved like a cloud as the man was chasing after him.

Chu Li was planning to use his trusted old method, which is to drain the man and make the fight easier later.

Both of them picked up their speed and moved like shadows through forests, mountains, and rivers. They ran from dusk till dawn.

The man never intended to let him go alive and stayed on his trail.

He never showed signs of tiredness after chasing over the night.

Chu Li stopped on a mountain peak. The area here had a lively aura, and suitable for him to recover his inner energy.

“Your name is Zhou?” Chu Li and the man fought hard on a pine tree branch as if they were fighting on the ground. They were both using Shura Palm. Chu Li just talked as he fought like he was casually talking to a friend.

The man replied, “Zhou Lingfeng.”

“You are so calm and clear-minded, why can’t you hold your killing desire back?”

“Why should I?” Zhou Lingfeng replied calmly, “Death or living is all natural. Those that died was because God gave me the ability to help him take away their lives. Life or death is by fate while wealth and honor are given by God!”

“Hehe…” Chu Li laughed, “Looks like you really are from the temple!”

These words were typically spoken by those from the temple who ruled by force.

Zhou Lingfeng replied, “My father is a student from the temple.”

“Oh…” Chu Li was surprised, “has he returned to a normal life?”

“Yes,” Zhou Lingfeng replied.