White Robed Chief Chapter 532

Chapter 532 Choices

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“This is interesting,” Chu Li shook his head and said, “a student from the Temple of Tempest can move back into the normal world.”

“There are many students from the temple that left and went back to live in the open world,” Zhou Lingfeng said calmly, “but only a few people knew about it.”

Chu Li moved his eyebrows and started thinking.

He realized that it is something horrible for the students to be able to return to the world and yet so little people knew about it.

These students were the eyes and ears of the temple, and they were located everywhere, and even more secretive compared to the Secret Guardians!

Zhou Lingfeng said, “You also trained the Asura Power Technique!”

Chu Li replied, “Only the Shura Palm.”

Zhou Lingfeng said, “I can sense your power, you definitely know how to use the Asura Power Technique!”

“You are wrong,” Chu Li replied.

He saw how Lingfeng manipulated his own Asura Power Technique in him and unconsciously made changes when he was using Shura Palm. Chu Li was using the pathway of energy activation similar to Asura Power Technique, but the whole thing wasn’t Asura Power Technique. He only learned the basic but he didn’t train its core techniques.

But even so, his Shura Palm’s power had greatly increased.

After the previous battle with Lingfeng, he managed to increase his own Shura Palm’s strength.

Zhou Lingfeng said, “Asura Power Technique has a secret that I never tell anyone else.”

Chu Li replied, “What secret?”

“Asura Power Technique can only improve through killing,” Lingfeng said, “every time I kill a person, Asura Power Technique will improve slightly. The more I kill, the more it improves. Once I kill near ten thousand people, I will be able to reach level seven of the Asura Power Technique. When the time comes, no one can stop me!”

Chu Li raised his eyebrows, “You really never feel sorry for the innocents.”

“They are just passersby in the world. They came in a hurry and they will leave in a hurry. There is nothing to feel sorry for,” Zhou Lingfeng shook his head, “the world is just an illusion, and everything happens in a cycle. It is my pleasure to send them into the cycle and allow them to leave this world.”

Chu Li just sighed helplessly.

This man was really a maniac. He was a calm person, yet he had a unique way of thinking that made him a lunatic. He never felt like he was the villain, but more like a God that was kind enough to help the world.

“I have no choice but to kill you,” Chu Li shook his head.

Heavenly Demonic Orb moved to his heart and an unlimited amount of energy started to circulate his body via his blood. All his senses were elevated to another level and his strength and speed had improved. His Shura Palm’s power also increased by a fold.

“Bang bang bang bang…” He landed ten attacks on the chest of Lingfeng in a moment.

Zhou Lingfeng was like a punching bag being pressured by Chu Li from the peak to the base of the mountain. Zhou Lingfeng was sent flying in midair and never had the chance to land on the ground.

“Ah…” Zhou Lingfeng suddenly roared.

He suddenly grew taller but thinner, and his face changed from a calm and wise man to a merciless face. Anyone who saw him will felt weak and had chills down their spine.

Chu Li never paid attention to it and kept attacking him.

“Bang bang bang bang!” Zhou Lingfeng disregarded his attack and landed his own attack on Chu Li as he planned to take him down with him.

Chu Li felt that Lingfeng’s muscle had turned elastic and durable. His attacks were getting stronger and his inner energy was overflowing. He was filled with Yang energy and Chu Li couldn’t express the pain he felt from his attack.

He never gave a damn and just continued to attack.

They went blow to blow from the bottom of the mountain back to the peak.

Chu Li had unlimited inner energy and strength.

Zhou Lingfeng was powerful with his Asura Power Technique, but he had his limit when it comes to inner energy, unlike Chu Li. After battling for an hour, Chu Li felt he was almost at his limit.

Once the Heavenly Demonic Orb entered his heart it will lose it ability to absorb attacks. It can only maintain Chu Li’s strength.

Zhou Lingfeng started to get weak and his face turned pale.

“Bang!” He fell to the ground. Asura Power Technique had also disappeared and he returned to his normal self.

Chu Li immediately blocked his acupuncture points on his body.

He took a deep breath and release the orb from his heart. His body was like an overinflated ball waiting to explode. But as the orb appeared, it immediately absorbed all the attacks that Chu Li took.

Chu Li face was pale and smiled.

The fight was rewarding as he nearly reached the fifth level of his Heavenly Demonic Power!

He looked at Zhou Lingfeng and felt sorry for him. His killing desire made him a dangerous man to kept alive or he will remain as a trouble. If he was to fight him for another round, he could reach the fifth level immediately!

He was contemplating between reaching the next level or keep things safe and kill off Lingfeng immediately.

After a moment he decided to end his life, just in case if something happened and he didn’t die then he will be in big trouble.

Chu Li suddenly imagined a huge Asura in his mind.

If he can only be killed by Asura Power Technique then he will use his Asura Power Technique to kill him. He never trained it but it didn’t mean he had no knowledge of how to use it.

“Amitabha…” The voice appeared again from far away and before the word finished, the people had appeared in front of him.

Fa Yuan and the three monks flew towards him.

They were surprised when they saw Zhou Lingfeng lying on the ground.

They knew how strong he was and they had battled him twice, and they could never imagine Chu Li was able to defeat him. Chu Li was really hiding his true power!

“Amitabha!” Fa Yuan praised Chu Li, “Mister Chu, you really are strong!”

Chu Li raised his eyebrows and asked, “Fa Yuan, are you here to take my reward?”

“Mister Chu, why don’t you give him to us, and let us hold him in the temple?” Fa Yuan replied.

Chu Li said, “Fa Yuan, you know how good my light body technique is. You cannot outrun me!”

Fa Yuan asked, “What do you propose, Mister Chu?”

Chu Li shook his head, “He killed some of my Secret Guardians, so I will need to arrest him!”

“We will try to stop you then,” Fa Yuan said.

Chu Li calmly replied, “Then we shall see who is stronger.”

“Mister Chu, I believe you are tired now, right?” Fa Yuan smiled, “How fast and far can you run then? …We can keep track of Mister Zhou constantly so you will not be able to run too far away from us.”

Chu Li said, “I will kill him first.”

“No one can do that without the Asura Power Technique,” Fa Yuan shook his head, “his body can rot away, but it wouldn’t be long before another one is born.”

“That is impossible!” Chu Li replied.

He trusted what Fa Yuan said.

This world was different from where he came from. There were so many weird things happening here that reshaped his views on the world.

Fa Yuan said, “Mister Chu, I will need to bring him with me regardless.”

Chu Li replied calmly, “Me too!”

“If so, then I am sorry for offending you!” Fa Yuan pointed his finger at Chu Li.

He wanted to snatch Lingfeng away when Chu Li was still weak from the battle.

Chu Li took a breath and jumped to Lingfeng and picked him up, at the same time avoided the Spear Finger Strike attack.

Fa Yuan turned his finger and his Spear Finger chased after Chu Li.

Chu Li moved like a shadow and passed through the three monks. He had reached a distance right when the three planned to attack.

Chu Li’s light body technique was too strong. Fa Yuan and the rest could only see how Chu Li ran away from them.

They couldn’t do anything other than tried to chase after him. They could only saw how Chu Li was getting further and further until he disappeared from their sight.