White Robed Chief Chapter 533

Chapter 533 Elimination

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Chu Li traveled while holding Zhou Lingfeng.

He felt so hungry and his inner organs were in pain.

He hoped he could just swallow the sky.

He looked at Zhou Lingfeng who had fainted. His face was pale as a piece of paper, and his face had signs of tiredness. He never looked like someone who just killed hundreds of people a moment ago.

He shook his head and sighed. Never judge a book by its cover.

A huge Asura appeared in his mind as he activated the Asura Heart Technique. His inner energy started to change, as the heat started generating among the cold like a mixture of ice and fire.

He was surprised by it. He never imagined the inner energy of Asura was so unique. However, what Prince An trained was different compared to this.

That inner energy channeled to his Shura Palm and he lightly taps Zhou Lingfeng.

Zhou Lingfeng started twisted vigorously as if he was trying to wake up and escape, but his acupuncture points had already been blocked so he couldn’t avoid Chu Li’s Shura Palm.

His palm landed on Lingfeng’s chest.

“Bang!” Lingfeng opened his eyes.

Chu Li disregarded that and landed another palm on him.

“Bang!” Blood came out of Zhou Lingfeng’s mouth and he tried to get up.

Chu Li held back his hunger and gather all the inner energy from Asura Power Technique on his palm and hit him hard.

“Ah…” Zhou Lingfeng suddenly yelled.

His body started to grow longer and thinner, and once again his face turned evil.

His yell sounded like he was crying, and the sound was scary. Chu Li suddenly felt dizzy and almost fell.

He immediately reactivated Asura Heart Technique and generated more inner energy onto his palm and hit him again.

He stopped yelling and slowly fell back, but his body remained long and thin with a scary face.

Chu Li took a deep breath. He was so weak he almost fell to the ground. He was hungry more than tired.

Unlimited spiritual energy couldn’t stop the hunger, as if the hunger is consuming him.

Chu Li tried his best to hold it back, and with a blink of an eye, appeared near to Ning Zongyuan and the rest.

They were delighted to see him, “Centurion!”

Chu Li waved at them, “Bring him back to the Commander!”

“Yes, sir!” Four of them saw that Zhou Lingfeng and got even more excited, “Centurion, are you coming with us?”

Chu Li shook his head, “If the Temple of Tempest found you and you can’t defeat them, give him the man and try to go easy on them.”

“Yes, sir,” four of them nodded.

Chu Li continued, “I will try and distract them. Hurry up and leave!”

Four of them agreed and immediately ran off with Zhou Lingfeng.

Chu Li disappeared and then reappeared at the Spirit Cranes Peak.

Two younger cranes came to him as he fell weakly.

The cranes were shocked and stopped, and they played with him with their beaks.

Chu Li pointed at a tree not far apart. There were some fruits on the tree. He then pointed back at his mouth.

The young crane understood him and flew to pluck a fruit before returning to him and passed him the fruit.

Chu Li ate it immediately. He was so hungry he could swallow the seed as well.

The fruit smelled good and tasted delicious, and the fruit had a meat-like texture. The smell was so nice it made him smell like the fruit, including his organs.

Suddenly his stomach started to feel some heat, and the heat was circulating around his body. He felt like he was in a drunken state and he felt comfortable and fairy-like.

His hunger had been removed at an instant and he regained his strength. His body was full of energy again like he just slept for a day.

He looked at the tree with amazement as he never imagined this small fruit had such usefulness.

He never really took notice of them, as he felt those spiritual fruits that the spirit crane ate were the special ones. The fruits from this tree were no less interesting compared to those spirit fruits, just one was lighter in taste than the other.

He guessed that the cranes might not like the taste of the fruit from this tree, thus causing them to not touch the fruits and only pick fruits from somewhere further.

He tapped on the shoulders of the two young cranes and played with them for a while. Chu Li ate another fruit and the smell filled his inner organs. He felt energetic and disappeared, reappearing somewhere behind Ning Boyuan and the rest.

They were running with everything they had as they were afraid someone was tracking them from behind.

The Temple of Tempest had a scary reputation and they would rather reach the capital before the Temple of Tempest found them, so that they wouldn’t need to fight them.

Chu Li smiled and disappeared.

The hall of the Secret Guardian Residence.

Ma Kun was yelling with displeasure, “Commander, can you be more rational, do the Ning brothers belong to Chu Li even if you gave them to him? Doesn’t he need to consider the other people in our group before using them to his liking?”

Fu Mengshan looked at his scriptures and said, “Elder Ma, the Ning brothers will definitely help us if we change them to someone else. Who asked you to offend Chu Li. I cannot control this issue. You reap what you sow!”

Ma Kun replied, “Commander, I don’t agree with what you said. The personal issue shouldn’t be mixed with work, how can you disregard my work because of our personal issues!”

“Enough!” Fu Mengshan waved his hands, “Don’t try to fool me with your words, didn’t you also bring your personal matters to work? If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have offended Chu Li. From what I see, all you need to do is apologize to him. He is not some hard-headed person, he will forgive you.”

“Impossible!” Ma Kun got angry and yelled, “I already give him enough chances by not killing him. I would rather die than apologize to him!”

“Alright, alright,” Fu Mengshan looked up, “I am busy right now so do whatever you need to do!”

“Commander, if you allow this to happen and let him have the Ning brothers, whoever needs to ask for the brothers’ help will need to go through him, it will be bad for our reputation!” Ma Kun said.

“They are his subordinates, so he can choose how to use them. Go and discuss with him about this. By the way, you know about the massacre of Full Cloud Camp?”

“The massacre at Full Cloud Camp?” Ma Kun said, “Of course I do. It is just a small camp. So what if everyone there were killed. I have a bigger issue on my hands. I lost a group of constables and threw the face of the Imperial Court. We need to catch the killer!”

“I think they are done by the same person,” Fu Mengshan raised his eyebrows and sighed as he looked at the scripture on his hand, “I think is one man… Have you send someone to investigate?”

“Yes, I sent two men,” Ma Kun replied, “but I have yet to receive any news. I think they couldn’t find anything.”

“This man is a problem,” Fu Mengshan sighed, “How good is their martial art skills, are they agile enough?”

“They are quite good at running away,” Ma Kun laughed, “so they can save themselves even if they can’t fight.”

Fu Mengshan nodded in relieve, “Don’t be careless. He killed the whole camp without sparing any young or elderly. This kind of person is the most dangerous. Send more people over and make sure they protect themselves first!”

“Yes,” Ma Kun nodded, “I wouldn’t need to worry if I send the Ning brothers over. Their light body technique is good enough to escape anything.”

“Don’t talk too much to me,” Fu Mengshan waved his hand, “I will not change my mind and Chu Li is not someone you want to trifle with. Try to be honest and don’t antagonize him. I am telling you for your own good!”

Ma Kun just gave him a fist salute helplessly.

Zhe Liang came to the main hall and passed to him a scroll.

Fu Mengshan opened the scripture and raised his eyebrows.

Ma Kun was ready to leave when Fu Mengshan said, “Elder Ma, we have some information.”

Ma Kun looked at him in confusion.

Fu Mengshan said, “This man is getting ridiculous, he just killed another patrol!”