White Robed Chief Chapter 534

Chapter 534 Resurrection

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Ma Kun frowned and asked, “When was he killed?”

“Yesterday.” Fu Mengshan shook his head and sighed, “Other than an Imperial Inspector, there was also a group of knightly and chivalrous martial art masters who were all exterminated by him, My goodness, he’s indeed very powerful, we have to send masters there.”

Ma Kun’s face changed slightly as he said, “What about our men?”

“They’re fine for the time being.” Fu Mengshan continued, “Hopefully the two men that you sent didn’t manage to find him, or else, unless they’re nimble enough…”

He shook his head heavily and shook away that thought.

Ma Kun quickly said, “At this time, let us hurry and send the Ning brothers!”

Fu Mengshan shook his head and said, “Chu Li is not in the House of Secret Guardians.”

“Go look for him in the Imperial Residence then.” Ma Kun added, “Or just look for the Ning brothers directly! … Those two crafty men, once they heard that I’m seeking for help, they’ll hide away, they’ll only listen when you tell them to, Commander!”

Fu Mengshan casted a sidelong glance at him, “You should shut up, you’re stirring up trouble!”

“Commander, how am I stirring up trouble, I definitely wasn’t lying!” Ma Kun said with dissatisfaction, “If you don’t send the orders, nobody should even consider ordering the Ning brothers around!”

Fu Mengshan said, “Zhe Liang, go take a look at what the Ning brothers are up to.”

“Yes.” Zhe Liang replied, then he looked at Ma Kun and shook his head secretly.

(This man Ma Kun, he’s really an expert at making mischief, but he happens to be so experienced and has such seniority, even the Commander can’t do anything with him unless he commits a felony.) Thought Zhe Liang.

After a brief moment, Zhe Liang returned to the main hall and reported, “Commander, there’s no one in Centurion Chu Li’s courtyard, they’ve all gone out.”

“Where have all of them gone to?” Fu Mengshan asked.

Zhe Liang replied, “They’re probably investigating the case at Full Cloud Camp.”

“Oh, that’s such a coincidence.” Fu Mengshan looked at Ma Kun and said with a smile, “You’re investigating the same person, it’s settled then. You don’t have to rush too, we’ll see how Chu Li and the rest are doing in the investigation.”

“Hmph, I’d really like to see if he’s loafing on the job!” Ma Kun scoffed unwillingly.

He felt that Chu Li was merely investigated the case on Full Cloud Camp half-heartedly, he only did it to shut him up and that he would not be able to get help from the Ning brothers!

Fu Mengshan waved his hand impatiently, “You should stop thinking about your selfish calculations all day long, Chu Li is a talented man and the House of Secret Guardians should use him. You should straighten your mind and stop being at loggerheads with him, save yourself from not being able to find a way out of embarrassment!”

“Commander, you’re too biased towards him!”

“I’ve got no choice, I’ll protect whoever has the capabilities!” Fu Mengshan waved his hands to make him leave quickly.

Ma Kun scoffed reluctantly, then he left the main hall furiously.

Zhe Liang left together with him.

“Sigh…, let us take a break!” Ning Zhongyuan took a long sigh and sat on a huge rock, his chubby body had taken up the space of half of the rock, he then yelled out, “I’m so exhausted!”

“Second Brother Ning, we can’t take a break.” Dong Qifei stopped to hurry him, “The people from the Temple of Tempest are catching up, we’re no match against them!”

“Hmph, that might not be the case!” Song Zhongyuan scoffed and said, “They’re not invincible after all, if the four of us join forces, we won’t have to be afraid of them!”

“If we really can fight against them, the Centurion wouldn’t have said those words!” Yang Zongwen said.

The four of them stopped beside the forest.

There was a huge rock that looked like a bed, it had been grinded to be very shiny, it was clear that many people sat on that spot before.

Dong Qifei dumped Zhou Lingfei on the patch of grass beside and did not bother about him since it was just a corpse, it would be fine as long as he did not ruin it.

“In my opinion, we just chop his head off and bring that back, it’ll save our troubles, why do we have to bring the whole body back?” Dong Qifei said.

Yang Zongwen said, “If we can do that, the Centurion would have told us to.”

“That’s true.” Dong Qifei continued, “The Centurion is such a smart man.”

“You’ve spent a long time with the Centurion, you understand him quite well, don’t you?” Ning Zhongyuan smiled and said while he wiped the sweat away from his forehead, his chest had already been completely drenched in sweat.

Dong Qifei straightened his back, “That’s not necessarily the case!”

Ning Zhongyuan smiled and said, “If the Temple of Tempest really manages to block us and we lose this man, the Centurion won’t actually blame us, will he?”

“Oh that’s quite unlikely.” Dong Qifei said, “The Centurion is rather broad-minded.”

“Haha…” Ning Zhongyuan and Ning Boyuan laughed together.

They could not tell how broad-minded Chu Li actually was.

Dong Qifei laughed and said, “Don’t look at Ma Kun though, he went too far. Based on the Centurion’s temperament, if he wasn’t from the House of Secret Guardians, he would’ve beaten him up from the start, he’s only holding it in, how could he just let him go if he had the chance.”

“Yes, indeed, Ma Kun went overboard, anyone would’ve been mad.” Yang Zongwen nodded.

Ning Boyuan suddenly frowned and looked at Zhou Lingfeng who was on the ground.

The three others looked at him curiously.

“What’s wrong, big brother?” Ning Zhongyuan asked.

Ning Boyuan shook his head, “Maybe I had a blurred vision.”

Ning Zhongyuan sighed, “You must be tired!”

“Alright, we should get going.” Yang Zongwen said, “If the Temple of Tempest really manages to chase up to us, although the Centurion wouldn’t blame us for losing that man, it wasn’t easy for the Centurion to get him. If the Temple of Tempest gets their hands on him instead, he would nurse a grievance!”

“Let us rest for a while more.” Ning Zhongyuan waved his hand and said, “A little while more won’t make a difference.”

He was really so exhausted that he nearly collapsed.

Yang Zongwen looked at him helplessly.

“Eh, something’s wrong!” Ning Boyuan yelled abruptly, he pointed at Zhou Lingfeng who was on the ground, “It looks like he’s still alive!”

“It can’t be?” The other three men were shocked.

“The Centurion killed him himself!” Dong Qifei laughed and said, “How could he not be dead!”

“Look!” Ning Boyuan pointed at Zhou Lingfeng’s finger, “He really isn’t dead!”

Zhong Lingfeng’s fingers were slightly shaking.

“Could it be a sudden movement of a corpse?” The other three were panic-stricken.

“We’ll just have to kill him one more time!” Dong Qifei said out loud and boosted his courage, “I’ll do it!”

At once, he slammed his palm towards him.

“Bam!” He flew away straightaway.

With a “hu” sound, Zhou Lingfeng sat up straight, right after that he leapt with both legs and stood up, then looked at the other three of them with eyes light lightning.

His thin face looked grim and horrifying, which stunned the three men.

Zhou Lingfeng’s eyes flashed, and glanced at the three of them, then he pounced towards them.

“Oh no, be careful!” Ning Boyuan called out.

As he said that, he pushed his palm out, a palm energy gushed out from him.

Ning Zhongyuan’s mind connected with his, so he pushed his palm out too.

Both of their palm energies combined together and surged out like a raging flood.

Zhong Lingfeng took a step and left the range of their palm energies, then he took another step and appeared before Dong Qifei, whereby his slender right palm had already hit his vest.

“Puff!” Dong Qifei flew up facing the sky, he spit out a long shot of blood in the air.

“Elder Dong!” Yang Zongwen shrieked.

Zhou Lingfeng’s eyes were like lightning, and his body was like a ghost, he instantly appeared before Yang Zongwen and pressed him down with his palm.

“Bam!” Ning Boyuan’s chubby palm managed to block him, the collision of their palms let out a muffled sound.

Ning Boyuan staggered backwards for two steps and almost fell on his bum.

His chubby faced immediately flushed red, an inner energy of extreme-just and extreme-Yang gushed through the center of his palm and it felt like it was going to light him up. His entire body was scorching hot, he felt that each breath that he exhaled were flames.

Zhou Lingfeng hit with his left palm again.

“Bam!” Ning Zhongyuan’s chubby hand blocked in front of Ning Boyuan’s chest and let out a muffled sound.

Ning Zhongyuan tottered backwards for two steps and his face turned red.

Zhong Lingfeng smiled faintly then attacked with his right palm again.

Ning Boyuan could not be bothered about the suffering that he was going through, he placed his chubby hand in front of his younger brother’s chest again.

“Bam”, Ning Boyuan lurched back two steps, he felt that his chest was bothered and he could taste blood in his mouth. (This man became stronger than before, two hits from his palm is already making me vomit blood!) Thought Ning Boyuan.

“Leave quickly!” Ning Boyuan yelled out, “Take the both of them and leave immediately!”

Right after he said that, he pounced towards Zhou Lingfeng.

However, Zhou Lingfeng shriveled and dodged his palm energy, he moved behind Yang Zongwen and slammed his back with his palm.

With a “puff” sound, Yang Zongwen spit out a shot of blood, he then flew away and landed on Dong Qifei.