White Robed Chief Chapter 535

Chapter 535 Petrify

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Ning Boyuan shouted furiously, “You’re courting death!”

His plump body dashed towards Zhou Lingfeng like an arrow leaving its bow.

A ghost of a smile was seen on Zhou Lingfeng’s ferocious face, he dodged him again with his body like a ghost, he instantly appeared before Ning Zhongyuan and slammed him with his palm.

Ning Zhongyuan scoffed angrily and responded to his attack with his palm.

Ning Boyuan pushed his palm out too, the two of them attacked him at once, front and back.

Zhong Lingfeng did not inch away or dodged from their palm energies at all, with a “bam”, as he took in the hit from his palm, he managed to hit Ning Zhongyuan.

“Wah!” Ning Zhongyuan vomited blood and fell onto the ground softly.

Initially, he already could not withstand his extreme-just and extreme-Yang palm energy. So when he was hit by him again, a bizarre, bursting palm energy suddenly broke out, causing his inner energy to turn into a mess instantly, such that his whole body became weak and powerless.

Ning Boyuan cried out, “Second brother!”

Ning Zhongyuan waved his hand and said, “Eldest brother, I’ll have to bid my farewells today!”

He turned his head to look at Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen who had fallen too, then he laughed out loud, “I’ll have company on my road to the underworld, it won’t be lonely!”

Ning Boyuan shrieked, “Stop talking nonsense, quickly leave!”

“I can’t leave!” Ning Zhongyuan shook his head and spat out a shot of blood, then he said helplessly, “What trick is the Centurion playing.”

“Could it be that he’s plotting against the Temple of Tempest, but we ran too fast in the end?” Dong Qifei said softly, “An accident happened with his plan?”

“Haha…” Ning Zhongyuan laughed out loud.

Chu Li shook his head from afar and thought to himself that they could really imagine things.

Zhou Lingfeng looked at them faintly and paced towards Ning Boyuan.

Ning Boyuan gritted his teeth and said outrageously, “You with the surname Zhou, even if you killed us you won’t be able to escape, the Centurion will take revenge for us!”

Zhou Lingfeng said faintly, “Dying is not so terrifying, you’ll know when you experience it.”

“Go to hell!” Ning Boyuan roared angrily, his body became slim all of a sudden, his features became clear and he appeared to be handsome instantly, as if he transformed into another person.

“Eldest brother—!” Ning Zhongyuan sighed.

As soon as he used that trick, it would mean that he would have to die after killing Zhou Lingfeng. It was the Lighting Lamp Skill, whereby essence of blood was used as the oil, so once the oil is all burnt up, he would be of no use.

It seemed like he had no choice but to use that trick, when the two of them used it, they would be able to kill Zhou Lingfeng by uniting.

It would actually be a great thing to drag that fellow together on their way to death, who had both hands fully stained with blood.

As he thought about that, his body suddenly became thinner, he became a good-looking youth, almost exactly the same as Ning Boyuan.

He suddenly “soared” up and moved like lightning, together with Ning Boyuan, the two of them attacked Zhou Lingfeng from two opposite directions.

While Zhou Lingfeng had ghostly movements, the body techniques of the two brother were unusually quick as well. Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen were dazzled, they could only see three shadows flying around in an erratic and unpredictable movement.

Zhou Lingfeng’s body technique was similar to theirs, however when faced with their palm energies, Zhou Lingfeng was not bothered at all, his bizarre palm energy made them suffer immensely instead.

Chu Li appeared behind Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen abruptly and slapped on their backs separately, then he channeled rich inner energy into them, which stabilized their injuries.

“Centurion!” They were jubilant.

Chu Li nodded, “The both of you recover well, you don’t have to worry about anything else!”

“Yes.” The two of them quickly nodded.

Chu Li appeared behind Zhou Lingfeng and slammed his palm at him, then he said with a hoarse voice, “The two of you retreat and remove your secret skills!”

“It’s too late!” Ning Zhongyuan smiled bitterly and said, “We’re going to face a certain death, let us settle him first!”

“He’s invincible!” Chu Li scoffed and said, “Don’t exchange your lives for this!”

He took a hit from Zhou Lingfeng’s palm and noticed that Zhou Lingfeng had become much more powerful than before.

Right after he said that, he kicked Zhou Lingfeng away and pushed Ning Zhongyuan and Ning Boyuan separately to send them away.

The two of them only felt an unusual strength drilling into their bodies, their essence of blood that was burning felt like it was suddenly splashed by a bucket of cold water as it suddenly quenched. Their essence of blood no longer burned anymore, a feeling of weakness filled their bodies, such that they became powerless and fell on their bums.

From afar, Chu Li saw that their secret skills were operating, he knew the way the crack the skill, so he stopped them at once.

Both Chu Li and Zhou Lingfeng had unusually fast body techniques, “bam” sounds were heard without an end, as they transformed into two fleeting shadows.

“Amitabha…” With a chanting sound of the name of Buddha, four men of Fa Yuan dressed in grey cowls fluttered towards them and appeared before them in the blink of an eye.

Four monks stood at four corners and greeted with their palms placed together.

Fa Yuan said, “Almsgiver Chu, let us do it!”

Chu Li said, “As expected, this fellow is invincible, I’ve already killed him once.”

“Sigh…” Fa Yuan sighed and said, “He happens to be at an opportunity to break through, killing him will be fulfilling his wishes instead, …Almsgiver Siao, this man can be trapped, but it’ll be inadvisable to kill him!”

“Can he be trapped to death?” While Chu Li faced Zhou Lingfeng’s palms with his palms continuously and bam sounds never stopped, he spoke to Fa Yuan leisurely.

Fa Yuan sighed and said, “If he doesn’t absorb evil tendencies, his cultivation level won’t elevate, and his body will languish with each passing day. He will then naturally die, whereby he won’t be able to live again.”

Chu Li frowned and said, “What happens if he commits suicide.”

“A suicide will mean that he’ll die forever.” Fa Yuan placed his palms together and said, “Once Asura commits suicide, Asura’s heart decomposed, he eradicated from the world forever, and was never reincarnated.”

Chu Li’s mind was as quick as lightning, he smiled and said, “This is rather interesting, one cannot die being towards death, and has to die being towards life, in order to be resurrected?”

“That’s right.” Fa Yuan said slowly, “So it’s impossible for one to kill themselves to elevate one’s cultivation level.”

“The laws of the world is really abstruse.” Chu Li sighed, “It was hard for Asura too.”

Fa Yuan said, “Almsgiver Zhou has already broke through, he has become more terrifying, it’ll be better to leave it for our temple to contain him.”

“I’ll just trap him.” Chu Li said faintly.

“It’ll take up a lot of effort, why bother yourself with this, Almsgiver Chu.” Fa Yuan sighed and said, “If that’s the case, I’ll have to displease you then.”

Chu Li scoffed and said, “Fa Yuan, let us compete and see who has the smarter means!”

“Amitabha…” Fa Yuan placed his palms together and recited the chant of Buddha’s name.

Before he even finished reciting the chant, Chu Li suddenly teleported and appeared behind him.

Fa Yuan hurriedly pointed behind him with his finger.

However, Chu Li had already dashed ten over meters away.

Fa Yuan pointed at Zhou Lingfeng with his other finger, Zhou Lingfeng did not dodge his finger force at all, he dashed out directly as he wanted to chase after Chu Li.

“Puff!” A very soft sound that was almost unnoticeable was heard from Zhou Lingfeng’s body.

Zhou Lingfeng stopped in disbelief, he stared at Fa Yuan.

Fa Yuan pointed at him again.

He had already predicted Zhou Lingfeng’s reaction from the start, the Petrifying Finger was enough to contain Zhou Lingfeng.

“Puff!” Another finger force shot out.

Zhong Lingfeng’s body shivered, his body was confined again just when he wanted to move.

“You…” Zhou Lingfeng widened his eyes.

Fa Yuan pointed at him again.

Chu Li suddenly appeared behind Zhou Lingfeng, he carried him and teleported away as he avoided Fa Yuan’s finger force. He then escaped from the encirclement of the four men and flew away with him, in a blink of an eye, he vanished from everyone’s sight.

“Amitabha…” Fa Yuan took a deep breath and slowly chanted the name of Buddha.

The faces of Ning Boyuan and the rest showed a drastic change, their ears were numbed from the sound, as the chant of Buddha’s name was deposited with an enormous power.

After the chant of Buddha’s name was called out, Fa Yuan regained his composure, then he turned to look at the four of them.

Ning Boyuan said, “Great Master, you’re not thinking of capturing us in exchange for the Centurion, are you?”

Fa Yuan shook his head and said, “I won’t do such a thing, almsgivers, your injuries are quite severe, it’ll be better for you to be wary, I’ll bid my farewell!”

“Have a safe journey, Great Master.” The four of them were relieved.

They were really actually worried that Fa Yuan would detain them in exchange for Zhou Lingfeng.