White Robed Chief Chapter 538

Chapter 538 Impetuous

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“I appreciate your concern, Senior Ma!” Chu Li’s voice suddenly rang out.

He was carrying Zhou Lingfeng over his shoulders as he appeared in the main hall.

Fu Mengshan smiled. “Young Chu, you’re finally back!”

Chu Li dumped Zhou Lingfeng on the ground, then did a closed-fist salute. “Greetings, Commander, the murderer is right here!”

Fu Mengshan moved towards Chu Li and looked at Zhou Lingfeng who was still and motionless on the ground. “Is he the one who practices the Asura Power Technique?”

Chu Li nodded.

Fu Mengshan sighed. “This is a huge problem!”

Chu Li was silent for a while before asking, “The Emperor can probably kill him, right?”

“The Emperor could technically do it. Unfortunately, the Emperor won’t do such a thing.” Fu Mengshan shook his head.

“Why not?” Chu Li asked.

Fu Mengshan looked around him and waved his hand dismissively towards everyone else. “Alright, you can move along with your own business.”

Ning Boyuan and the three others did a fist salute towards both Fu Mengshan and Chu Li before taking their leave.

Ma Kun stood still and did not budge.

Fu Mengshan frowned and looked at him. “Elder Ma, why aren’t you leaving?”

“Commander, I’d like to hear about this too,” Ma Kun replied.

Fu Mengshan was obviously annoyed and snapped at him, “This has nothing to do with you, why do you have to hear about it!?”

“How is it unrelated to me? Two of my followers were killed by this man!” Ma Kun quickly retorted.

“That is not the issue here! Based on your capabilities, could you have captured this man?” Fu Mengshan said impatiently.

“If Chu Li can, why can’t I!” Ma Kun scoffed.

Chu Li added, “Senior Ma, there’s a saying that goes ‘an unable general only leads soldiers to their death’; you should be aware of that, Senior Ma!”

Ma Kun’s face was flushed red with rage as he furiously yelled, “What did you say!”

Chu Li glanced at Zhou Lingfeng who was on the ground, then he sighed. “You really are unworthy of you post as the Centurion. Based on your abilities, you would probably be too incompetent to even be my follower!”

“You, with the surname Chu, are impudent!” Ma Kun yelled again.

A sneer could be seen from the edge of Chu Li’s lips. “When I asked the Ning brothers to go look for clues, I sent Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen to follow behind them in case of any mishaps – what did you do? You only sent some Innate Masters there; do you think that the Secret Guardians Hall is invincible?”

“You…” Ma Kun widened his eyes and he trembled whilst biting his tongue.

Chu Li scoffed and continued on, “Your arrogance and contempt is the very reason that your men lost their lives. A Centurion like you is really a scourge to the Secret Guardians Hall. How many more lives are you going to destroy with your incompetence!”

“You’re full of nonsense!” Ma Kun shouted.

Chu Li did a fist salute to Fu Mengshan and said in a hoarse voice, “Commander, logically, I have no right to say this, but when I look at the reason why those two poor men lost their lives, I find it impossible to hold my tongue. An idiotic fool like Ma Kun really does not deserve to be the Centurion, regardless of what outstanding services he has done for you, he can’t be the Centurion!”

“You with the surname Chu, I have been serving conscientiously and earnestly for many years, how dare a young a foolish man like you act so presumptuously. How dare you! Commander, I’d like to duel him!” Ma Kun yelled out loud.

Fu Mengshan waved his hand and said, “What are you talking about, it’s just a squabble!”

Ma Kun said, “Commander, don’t defend him, I must teach him a lesson today one way or another, I must let him know where his abilities stand!”

Chu Li said faintly, “I know where my abilities stand, I’m only afraid that you’re not aware of your own limitations, Senior Ma! … Are you saying that those two coworkers were sacrificed for naught? All of that happened because of your neglect and carelessness, I’m afraid this is not the first time you have made such a mistake, am I right?”

“Nonsense, I’d like to duel you!” Ma Kun took a step forward and shouted. Both his eyes were bloodshot, his veins were popping out through his skin, he was almost at the point where he was spitting foam.

Fu Mengshan waved his hand again. “Young Chu, despite your amazing powers, it’s not up to you whether Ma Kun is fit to be the Centurion or not!”

“Understood, sir. I was indignant and went overboard, I hope that you’ll forgive me, Commander, … but I can’t hold it in anymore, Ma Kun is really unworthy to be the Centurion, he’ll only cause the death of more men!” Chu Li did a fist salute and bowed.

“You’re dancing with the devil!” Ma Kun could not hold it in any longer, he punched outwards at Chu Li.

The two of them were not very far apart, and his body technique was extremely fast.

With a loud “Bam”, Chu Li was struck in the shoulder. He did not dodge Ma Kun at all.

“Halt!” Fu Mengshan frowned.

Ma Kun had already gone mad from all the fury, he could not hear what anyone else had to say. He launched another fist towards Chu Li’s head, thinking that the best way to vent his hatred would be by smashing his head into pieces.

Chu Li scoffed softly and pushed his palm out gently. “Senior Ma, you should calm down!”

“Bam!” While Chu Li’s palm looked gentle and slow, it was, in truth, actually exceptionally fast. Ma Kun could not avoid it at all and took a solid hit.

“Thud!” Like an arrow from a bow, Ma Kun flew away before crashing into a pillar in the main hall. The entire main hall shuddered from the heaviness of the impact.

Ma Kun slid straight down to the ground. He sat there for a while in a daze before suddenly vomiting blood.

Chu Li did a fist salute to Fu Mengshan and said, “Commander, I’m truly sorry that I did not hold back. I’m willing to bear the punishment for my actions!”

Although Ma Kun was the one who attacked first, Chu Li was at fault too, so it would be best for him to admit his mistake.

Fu Mengshan stared at the two of them with a ghastly look on his face.

Ma Kun wiped the blood away from his lips and stared at Chu Li ruthlessly. “You with the surname Chu, we’re irreconcilable!”

Chu Li stared back at him faintly. “Senior Ma, you’re acting inappropriately!”

“Inappropriate my ass, I’m going to slaughter you! You with the surname Chu, wait and see, if you somehow survive the next month, then, I’ll change my surname from Ma to yours!” Ma Kun snarled ferociously.

Chu Li smirked at him. “Oh, but I hope I don’t have a son like you.”

“You’re courting death!” Ma Kun immediately hopped up from the ground and dashed towards Chu Li.

Chu Li took a step back and swiftly dodged to the right as Ma Kun’s fist was about to hit him, which instinctively caused Ma Kun to rejoice too soon.

Chu Li immediately did a fist salute towards Fu Mengshan. “I think it’s best to let Senior Ma calm down for the time being. I was merely judging the case as it stands, I didn’t think that Senior Ma would get so agitated that he would lose his self-control.”

“You little scoundrel!” Ma Kun yelled as he tried to launch another fist.

At this time, Ning Boyuan and the others had not yet left the main hall, they were only on their way out. When they heard their conversation, they unconsciously slowed down. By the time they arrived at the entrance of the main hall, the two seniors were already fighting.

They were completely stunned as they watched on; they did not imagine the situation to be so heated.

They thought that the Centurion was only mocking and ridiculing Ma Kun for a bit to vent his anger, they did not think that the Centurion would go so far as to cause Ma Kun to attack him out of agitation. What he did was against the rules, he would have to pay a heavy price for it!

Once again, Chu Li avoided Ma Kun’s fist just as it was nearing him.

“Stop at once!” Fu Mengshan roared, his voice like a powerful thunder.

Ma Kun’s movements instantly slowed down. His face changed, and he immediately calmed down.

All the hairs on his body stood up at once and a chill ran down his spine, Ma Kun quickly backed away and bowed with a fist salute. “Commander, I lost my self-control!”

When Ma Kun was enraged, all his hatred and killing intent was screaming to be discharged, which made him go mad. As he finally thought about it, Ma Kun immediately realized that he had fallen into an evil trap – a trap that was all calculated by that man with the surname Chu!

Fu Mengshan stared at him coldly with a poker face.

When Ma Kun saw Fu Mengshan’s expression, he knew that things were bad, so before he could be reprimanded, he hurriedly said, “Commander, please forgive me for my lack of manners! … It’s all because of this man with the surname Chu who baited me into getting this furious, which was why things turned out to be like that. Normally, I wouldn’t have made a move no matter what, I’m sure you understand, Commander!”

Fu Mengshan looked at him coldly without saying a word.

Ma Kun quickly added on, “I shouldn’t have attacked him, but look, Commander, I was injured by him too. He has been scheming for a long time, or else, why would he hit me so ruthlessly!”

Fu Mengshan sneered and still did not say anything.

Ma Kun was starting to get desperate. “Commander, I’ve been serving in the Secret Guardians Hall conscientiously for many years, I have nothing but undying loyalty to you, Commander!”