White Robed Chief Chapter 541

Chapter 541 Yu Qing

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Fa Yuan fell deep into thought.

Chu Li said, “If you are not willing to exchange then so be it. I will just toss Zhou Lingfeng to the Li Dynasty; I believe the Holy Church of Light can take him and fix him up… Before he’s captured, he can still kill a bunch of Li Dynasty elites. He’ll be made of full use.”

Fa Yuan shook his head and sighed. “Sinful!”

“What’s sinful is your Tempest Temple! If your Tempest Temple really did seal the Asura Power Technique then it would not have caused all this trouble. Look at how many innocent people he has killed. Constables, Imperial Inspectors. We are not even pursuing this issue further because we know there will be no way you could compensate us!” Chu Li scoffed.

Chu Li waved his arm. “Don’t tell me he’s not a disciple of your Tempest Temple. It doesn’t matter to me whether he is or not. It is a form of martial arts that was leaked from your Tempest Temple. You must bear the weight of the killings that’s been done.”

Fa Yuan shook his head and sighed. “If that’s the case, then every single master that has ever created a branch of martial arts are deep in debt.”

Chu Li continued, “That’s not the same. Anyhow, are you going to do the exchange or?”

“… We will,” Fa Yuan answered.

He was afraid that Chu Li would do as he said.

Zhou Lingfeng who cultivated the Body of Asura was the source of all their problems. If he were to continue on and gain strength, then the Tempest Temple would definitely bear the brunt of everyone’s rage. They could not just ignore it. Moreover, his father was a disciple of the Tempest Temple.

Chu Li slapped the table and revealed a smile. “Straightforward enough!”

Fa Yuan sighed.

The odds were in Chu Li’s favor and Zhou Lingfeng was in his hands, the Tempest Temple was forced to accept his conditions.

Chu Li asked, “How many Imperial House Secret Guardians do you have?”

“Hmm… I will not beat around the bush, we will offer two Secret Guardians for the exchange.” Fa Yuan thought for a while before replying.

The silver glass in Chu Li’s hand suddenly stopped swirling. He frowned quietly. “Two? Forget it, it would be better if I toss Zhou Lingfeng to the Li Dynasty.”

“Two for one is already quite a deal,” replied Fa Yuan.

Chu Li was not pleased. “Two for one? You’re really testing me here. If you take ten Imperial House Secret Guardians and get them to fight with Zhou Lingfeng, would they even come close to beating him?… Not even ten, maybe twenty, could they beat him?”

Fa Yuan shook his head. “No.”

“Then it’s a joke for your Tempest Temple to exchange two for one! I will not make things difficult, return ten of the Secret Guardians, the rest you can keep. Honestly speaking, one Zhou Lingfeng is not worth a measly ten Secret Guardians!… Especially to the Tempest Temple. Ten men in exchange for one Zhou Lingfeng sounds very reasonable!” snorted Chu Li.

“Ten… We don’t even have that many!” Fa Yuan sneered.

Chu Li raised his brows. “Don’t tell me you’ve killed them?”

Fa Yuan shook his head. “There’s one who passed away.”

Chu Li’s face immediately turned dark.

The sound of the Guzheng entered a deep note and the air around them turned cold.

The maid gulped quietly as she felt the air become heavy with tension; even Han Fei could feel the rage emanating from Chu Li.

Fa Yuan pressed his palms together. “It is not the doing of our temple. This person’s life has come to an end, he died of natural causes.”

“Come to an end? How old was he?” Chu Li coldly blurted.

“A hundred and forty-two years old. Our temple had also chanted to save his soul from hell. We treat everyone with the same respect.” Fa Yuan shook his head and sighed.

Chu Li scoffed. “Not killed by your people?”

Fa Yuan dully responded, “Our temple need not kill anyone for this.”

Chu Li shook his head. “But the fact is he died in your hands! Then I want nine Guardians released – along with a bottle of twenty Adversity Surpassing Pills.”

“Almsgiver Chu is demanding an exorbitant price. Impossible,” Fa Yuan replied.

Chu Li responded, “So Zhou Lingfeng is not worth that? If he’s not worth the price, then fine. You will still keep taking care of the Secret Guardians and nothing will happen to them. We are in no rush. They are really not of much use.”

“Almsgiver Chu need not kid around with me, These Imperial House Secret Guardians are all elites and outstanding, if not, they wouldn’t be coming to our temple,” Fa Yuan said peacefully.

“If they were that good, then they wouldn’t have gotten caught.”

“If it weren’t for the tight security of our temple, they would have it their way.”

“Then ten Adversity Surpassing Pills, or you can take a walk. Fa Yuan, don’t make me say it again,” Chu Li replied solemnly.

Chu Li’s eyes were gleaming as he stared at Fa Yuan.

Fa Yuan looked back at him calmly.

The two’s gazes clashed, and the air was filled the smell of ozone. Neither of them was willing to look away.

Han Fei listened intently to the Guzheng and stared at the Tempest Temple’s youngest, and yet, most outstanding disciple bargaining as though it was an ordinary marketplace with Head Chief Chu, who was renowned around the Fairy’s Capital. He found the whole thing very amusing.

After a brief moment, Fa Yuan pressed his palms together. “Okay, we’ll play by your rules.”

Chu Li did not look too happy and scoffed. “You’re lucky it wasn’t twenty Adversity Surpassing Pills!”

Deep down, Chu Li was overjoyed. The Adversity Surpassing Pills were good items, sharing a similar effect with the Spirit Blessing Pill. These were incomparable spirit medicines that could bring the dying back to life.

Fa Yuan added, “These Adversity Surpassing Pills are mine to give. Our Temple is only offering the nine Imperial House Secret Guardians.”

Chu Li shook his head. “It’s your Tempest Temple that’s stingy!… We’ll do the exchange at the East Gate of the Fairy’s Capital tomorrow.”

Fa Yuan nodded.

The sound of the Guzheng abruptly cut off and Han Fei smiled. “Come, come, the both of you should quench your thirst, haha!”

“Sorry that you had to witness that.” Fa Yuan pressed his palms together.

Han Fei waved his arm. “It was interesting.”

Bi Lan gracefully got up and walked over to sit opposite Han Fei with elegance and allure.

Han Fei grinned. “Come, let’s drink! Great Master Fa Yuan does not abstain from alcohol, right?”

“Yes, I don’t mind.” Fa Yuan raised a silver glass.

Han Fei turned his head and chuckled. “I guess I won’t be able to help Great Master Fa Yuan find a girl now. Brother Chu, for you, I found one.”

Chu Li burst into laughter.

Han Fei called out, “Bi Lan, have miss Yu Qing over.”

“Sure.” Bi Lan pursed her lips into a smile.

She nodded at a maid.

The docile maid quietly went out.

Chu Li did not reject his gesture. Coming to this Verdant Cloud Brothel, it would be rather awkward to be by himself. Moreover, Han Fei had Bi Lan accompanying him. If he were to insist on not having a girl, Chu Li would not be giving face to Han Fei.

Chu Li looked at Fa Yuan. “Fa Yuan, The Holy Church of Light has attracted the attention of the Secret Guardians Hall by killing a Minister Counselor and obtaining the second half of the Great Light Scripture. Does the Tempest Temple know about this?”

Fa Yuan’s sharp brow arched slightly as he looked towards him.

Chu Li sighed. “It seems as though the Tempest Temple is not aware.”

Fa Yuan shook his head. “The second half of the Great Light Scripture…”

His calm face grew solemn.

Fa Yuan, as the most outstanding individual amongst the younger generation, knew more about the secret news of the martial arts world than most regular people. He was well aware of the Great Light Scripture.

Chu Li added, “They are already so powerful with the first half of it, but, with the second half… I wonder what the outcome will be. It’s best if the Tempest Temple tightens up their security.”

“Thank you, Almsgiver Chu.” Fa Yuan pressed his palms together and bowed slightly.

This was fairly important information for the Tempest Temple.

Fa Yuan enjoyed having dealings with Chu Li due to the fact that he would always gain something as a result of their meeting. He would never leave empty-handed.

“Young lady, miss Yu Qing is here,” announced the maid.

Bi Lan gracefully got up and strode to the door. She personally welcomed in the beauty waiting outside.