White Robed Chief Chapter 542

Chapter 542 Cold Shoulder

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Everyone was instantly drawn to her.

Dressed in pale pink, Yu Qing’s long lean figure was slender, and her facial features were soft. Her clear skin glowed lightly under the light. She was indeed a rare beauty.

Han Fed smiled. “Brother Chu, are you satisfied?”

Chu Li smiled and nodded. “Thank you, brother Han. Please come over and sit, miss Yu Qing.”

“Thank you, Head Chief Chu,” Yu Qing replied. She curtseyed and approached them. She sat beside him.

The smell of her perfume tickled Chu Li’s nostrils. The entire hall’s atmosphere became enchanting.

Yu Qing picked up the pot and poured a glass of alcohol for Chu Li. Then, she handed it over to him with both arms.

Chu Li smiled as he received it before downing it in one go. He expressed his thanks and then turned to Fa Yuan. “Is there any connection between the Holy Church of Light and the Li Dynasty?”

Fa Yuan nodded. “A very deep relation. The royal offspring of the Li Dynasty would enter the Holy Church of Light for cultivation.”

Chu Li raised his brows slightly, he was not aware of this.

Fa Yuan let out a sigh. “A genius is born of the Li Dynasty. This generation’s Princess Ming Yue is the saint of the Holy Church of Light.”

“Saint?” frowned Chu Li.

Fa Yuan continued, “She is of the highest order. Princess Ming Yue is currently a disciple of the Bishop. If nothing goes wrong, Princess Ming Yue will become the next Bishop.”

“She sounds fierce. Could it be that this incident was instigated by the hands of Princess Ming Yue?” Chu Li remarked.

“This Princess Ming Yue is gloriously radiating, surpassing all other young royalties of the Li Dynasty, both male and female. Not only is her martial arts tip top, but she also has the brains to go with it; She is much like Almsgiver Lu from the Ren Public House. It is unfortunate for our great Ji Dynasty that the Li Dynasty has such a person.” sighed Fa Yuan.

“Much like miss Lu… Looks like we might run into a bit of an issue here.” Chu Li smiled bitterly.

“My martial arts can’t beat her. You have to be careful, Almsgiver Chu,” added Fa Yuan.

Chu Li slowly nodded. “The Holy Church of Light is becoming more and more savage, does the Tempest Temple have anything against them?”

Fa Yuan shook his head.

Chu Li added, “They’re creating a ruckus and none our four major sects is not sending anyone over?”

Fa Yuan sighed. “The Holy Church of Light is influential, sending someone over isn’t going to do anything.”

“Are we going to sit and watch them grow big and then finish us off? I’ve seen this sort of tactic before, but it’s normally only done by lunatics who are unafraid of death.” Chu Li frowned.

Fa Yuan remained silent. He did not want to reply.

Chu Li, seeing him this way, knew that the Tempest Temple was having a hard time dealing with the Holy Church of Light. They themselves had their own issues to deal with.

“Come, come, come, let’s eat. You guys are really thinking too much. Surely someone is presiding over this matter – the one that makes decisions for the Tempest Temple isn’t Great Master Fa Yuan. Brother Chu, you should just focus on taking care of the High Duke’s Public Houses and the Imperial Residence. Why waste your brain cells on the Holy Church of Light!” smiled Han Fei.

He raised his silver glass and gestured at them to drink and eat.

Chu Li grinned bitterly. “Brother Han, you should also keep an eye on the Holy Church of Light; be careful not to let them infiltrate.”

“I think not. My place is beyond the reach of the Government, who would bother?” chuckled Han Fei.

“The Li River is the heart of transportation. Once the fight breaks out, it will be one of the main ways to transport food and cargo. If it is somehow blocked or taken control of, the entire area will suffer. You should return and investigate this.” Chu Li shook his head.

Han Fei suddenly became serious. “Is it really that critical?”

“I’m not exaggerating even one bit.”

“I have investigated it once before. I will return and investigate it again thoroughly!” Han Fei slowly nodded.

The trio was conversing while drinking alcohol and feasting. Bi Lan took a few bites and played a few songs.

Miss Yu Qing sat quietly beside Chu Li without saying much. When Chu Li’s glass was empty, she would calmly pour more wine without so much as a peep from her.

Chu Li, Han Fei, and Fa Yuan spoke about interesting news in the world of martial arts.

Fa Yuan was articulate. He would usually think twice before speaking as though his reaction was slow.

However, when talking about the allusions of the world of martial arts, he would speak with the utmost fluidity.

Fa Yuan came from an illustrious family, higher than that of Chu Li and Han Fei. He knew of many secret pieces of news that they could never access. Both of them listened with enthusiasm and intent, disregarding the beauties sitting beside them.

Chu Li smiled and nodded at miss Yu Qing, but they did not converse.

Bi Lan who sat next to Han Fei was cautiously observing them.

She realized that Chu Li did not take a liking to Yu Qing. She sighed internally. Sister Yu Qing admired this Head Chief Chu very much. Today she had specially requested to accompany him. Who would have thought that Head Chief Chu would not be interested in her at all?

Sister Yu Qing was so beautiful, pure and gentle. She was the most popular girl in the Verdant Cloud Brothel, and yet, Head Chief Chu was not interested. Head Chief Chu must have had different taste from regular people.

Chu Li and Han Fei drank until they were tipsy. Fa Yuan also felt carefree. Once the night was late, Fa Yuan got up to excuse himself.

Chu Li did not say a word to miss Yu Qing, almost to the point that one would be forgiven for thinking he was giving her the cold shoulder.

Fa Yuan left before miss Yu Qing too made up something to excuse herself. As she was about to leave, her clear eyes looked at Chu Li with a hint of bitterness.

Chu Li smiled in response, unmoved by it.

Once they had left, only Chu Li, Han Fei and Bi Lan remained. The atmosphere was pleasant and cozy.

Han Fei smiled and asked, “Is Brother Chu not satisfied with Miss Yu Qing?”

Chu Li shook his head. “She is a beautiful young lady.”

“Then why the cold shoulder? Does Brother Chu have such obscure taste?” Han Fei prodded him.

Chu Li laughed heartily before dodging the question. “Alright, let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk about you.”

Chu Li took out a thin paper from his sleeve and flicked it towards him. The paper glided towards Han Fei before falling on his lap. “This is what you want.”

“What?” Han Fei grabbed it.

He lowered his head for a look before instantly chuckling. “Yes, you’ve finally gotten it!”

Chu Li smiled. “Yes, my thick skin has finally gotten it!”

“I will thank you later. Take a look, darling. You are a free woman from now on!” Han Fei beamed with joy as he handed the paper over to Bi Lan.

Bi Lan looked at the paper and tightly pursed her lips. Tears streamed down her face.

“Alright now, Brother Chu is here.” Han Fei patted her shoulder.

Chu Li grinned. “Don’t worry, I will not bother you two now, bye now.”

Chu Li got up and closed fist saluted. Then, he left.


It was morning when Ma Kim arrived at the courtyard of Chu Li’s team. However, he soon found that it was locked. There was nobody home.

He cursed internally and waited by the entrance.

Ma Kun had predicted that he would have to bear with Chu Li’s deliberate schemes against him. He could only grit his teeth through it for now. Once he performed enough meritorious services and was promoted to the rank of Centurion, then, he would then get him back.

Ma Kun waited for a long time, yet no one turned up. From morning to afternoon, the sun hung high in the sky, but not a soul was in sight.

He laughed bitterly inside. It was only the first day, but he was already getting treated like dirt. Surely, he would not keep up the act. Ma Kun was curious what karma this person with the surname Chu would end up with.

It was afternoon by the time Ma Kun realized that he would not wait for them any longer. He decided to have a meal before returning to continue his wait.

As he thought of this, he turned and started walking to the meal station of the Residence.

Just as he was entering the vast meal station, he immediately saw the Ning brothers, Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen. They were sitting at a table, chatting away.

Ma Kun’s face immediately darkened. They had already arrived, but the entrance to the courtyard remained locked. Were they intentionally trying to waste his time?