White Robed Chief Chapter 543

Chapter 543 Suppress

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Ma Kun coldly smirked.

Although he was not the Centurion anymore, he was still Second in Command. He was still their boss and yet, they dared play him for a fool. Surely, they were doing so to lick the Centurion’s bottom.

They underestimated him. Just because he could compete over Chu Li did not mean that he could not with the four of them!

Ma Kun seethed silently as walked over to them in large strides.

Ning Boyuan saw him and closed fist saluted him with a smile. “Second in Command Ma!”

The remaining three lifted their heads and saw him. They too closed fist saluted.

Ma Kun coldly scoffed. “Where were you this early afternoon?”

“Early afternoon? In the courtyard.” the four exchanged glances in confusion.

“In the courtyard? The door to the courtyard is locked. Which courtyard were you guys at? Are you implying that I’m blind?” Ma Kun said coldly.

Ning Boyuan quickly replied, “Second in Command Ma, I think you went to the original courtyard? Were you not aware that we changed location?”

Ma Kun’s fury immediately disappeared as he frowned. “Changed location? To where?”

“Mei Er Courtyard. The Commander was very generous, he offered to let us use the Mei Er Courtyard,” Ning Boyuan replied slowly.

Ma Kun snorted. “Why wasn’t I informed?”

Ning Boyuan was stunned for a moment then proceeded to smile. “Well… we didn’t actually run into Second in Command Ma ourselves.”

Ma Kun was outraged but he could not mention that he had been waiting outside the courtyard all this while – that would be too embarrassing. He coldly blurted out, “Is the Centurion back yet?”

“Oh, the Centurion has business to attend to this noon. He won’t be coming over. He may come over in the afternoon though,” answered Dong Qifei.

“What business?” Ma Kun coldly asked.

The four shook their heads.

Ma Kun sneered. “Don’t tell me he’s slacking off?”

The four wittily shut their traps.

Chu Li’s voice was heard coming from behind him, “Second in Command Ma, complaining about me again?”

Ma Kun’s face changed and he turned his head to look at Chu Li.

‘Chu Li was standing behind him with his hands behind his back, yet the men in front of him did nothing to give him away. They must have intentionally done so. How treacherous!’

Chu Li calmly looked at him. “Why didn’t you come over earlier during noon? Is it because you’re not happy with me that you don’t want to be Second in Command?”

Ma Kun glared at him coldly.

Chu Li nodded. “Everyone has their own path. I will not force you. My little group is not suitable for an elite such as yourself. Do as you please.”

After he said this, Chu Li sat down next to Ning Boyuan and the rest, ignoring Ma Kun.

Ma Kun stood there, his face shades of green and white. His rage was boiling over. His fist trembled slightly as a strong impulse to go out of control and knock out Chu Li washed over him.

However, after thinking about the consequences, he clenched his fist tightly and bit his lip. Ma Kun took a few deep breaths and suppressed his rage. After a few moments, his face returned to its usual color.

Ning Boyuan and the rest sat there nervously due to the tension in the air.

The Centurion and Second in Command were at each other’s throat. They, as soldiers, were stuck in the crossfire. The Centurion was not to be messed with, but neither was Ma Kun. He had extensive connections which would make taking care of them an easy task.

Chu Li sized up Ma Kun up with interest. Seeing him suppressing his rage with all his might was interesting.

After Ma Kun took a deep breath, he closed fist saluted and expressionlessly told Chu Li, “Centurion, I have some matters to attend to, I’ll excuse myself.”

He took large strides and left the meal station.

Ning Boyuan and the rest breathed a sigh of relief, their bodies loosened up.

Chu Li burst out into laughter. “Are you really that scared of him?”

“Centurion, he is not to be underestimated. You better be careful not to be on the receiving end of his anger,” Dong Qifei lowered his voice and said quietly.

Chu Li smiled. “Yes, I understand.”


After lunch, Ma Kun arrived at the Mei Er Courtyard and saw Chu Li having tea beneath a plum tree in the courtyard. Dong Qifei was standing beside him serving him the tea and eagerly waiting on him.

Seeing Ma Kun arrive, Chu Li calmly looked at him.

Ma Kun took a deep breath and approached him. He closed fist saluted. “Centurion.”

Chu Li revealed a smile and placed his cup back on the stone table. “It seems that Second in Command Ma is actually quite wise.”

“Yes,” Ma Kun answered with a deep voice.

Chu Li nodded. “Honestly speaking, our personal issues should be set aside. It was just a small squabble, nothing to it.”

“Centurion is so big-hearted, I am thankful beyond words!” Ma Kun responded.

Ma Kun did not actually believe what he was saying. He said these things and played along just so that he could watch Chu Li closely to observe him.

Chu Li replied, “Great, then we will make concerted efforts to take care of future matters.”

“Yes.” Ma Kun closed fist saluted.

Chu Li added, “Second in Command Ma, please follow me somewhere in the afternoon.”

“Where?” Ma Kun could not help but ask.

Chu Li replied, “This Zhou Lingfeng is to be exchanged with the Tempest Temple for some of our people, We’ll head to the East Gate. You’re a Grandmaster, follow me to check it out and make sure nothing goes wrong.”

“Yes.” Ma Kun bowed slightly.

Chu Li raised his voice, “Yang Zongwen, please assist Second in Command Ma in arranging this.”

“Yes,” Yang Zongwen said as he came out from the house.

Ma Kun followed Yang Zongwen to a room in the east. He quietly sat in front of a working desk. He was alone in the house, it was quiet except for the sound of a few flies buzzing around.

Ma Kun suppressed his anger and anxiety as he walked over to pick up some files from the table. It was all news about Zhou Lingfeng. He shook his head as he went through list after list of all the atrocities that this murderer had committed.

He was too careless this time. If he knew Zhou Lingfeng was this powerful, Ma Kun would never have sent the young men over. They had been sacrificed for nothing.

Thinking about this, Ma Kun was hit with a wave of guilt.

This matter had become a sore point, but Chu Li kept bringing it up relentlessly. It was rubbing salt into his wounds. How cruel!

“Second in Command Ma, let’s go,” Chu Li called from outside.

Ma Kun kept his cool and once again suppressed his anger before walking out of the house.

The Ning brothers, Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen were in the courtyard, looking at Chu Li with eyes glowing with anticipation.

Chu Li grinned. “Don’t even think about it, I’ll be going over with Second in Command Ma.”

Dong Qifei exclaimed, “Centurion, even though we’re not of much help but we can help wave the flag and shout – it’s a good way to drum up the atmosphere.”

“The more we do the more it seems that we have something to hide. Two is enough you guys.” smiled Chu Li.

He waved his hand and denied their request. Ma Kun also came close and closed fist saluted.

Chu Li pointed at Zhou Lingfeng who was on the ground. “Pick him up. We’ll head off now.”

“Yes.” Ma Kun nodded.

He cursed internally. This sort of matter should be done by Dong Qifei and the rest. To think that he as the Second in Command had to handle the job of an underling. What a bully.

Ma Kun did as he was told, however, and soon the two of them left the House of Secret Guardian on horseback.

Ma Kun strapped Zhou Lingfeng in front of him. Holding onto him to make sure he would not fall off left him incredibly undignified.

Zhou Lingfeng was still in an unconscious state; although he looked dead, he still had an aura about him which sent shivers up Ma Kun’s spine.

“Centurion, there really isn’t a need for the exchange,” Ma Kun commented as he rode on the horse.

Chu Li answered, “Those who can be saved will be saved. We have to let everyone know that the Secret Guardians Hall does not leave anyone behind!”

“To them, it’s better that they do not return,” Ma Kun dully remarked.

Chu Li’s raised his brows.

Ma Kun continued, “Their lives in the Tempest Temple must be peaceful. Once they return, everyone will welcome them, but will inwardly also raise their guard. Nobody will know if they are still trustworthy or not. As such, nobody will dare use them.”