White Robed Chief Chapter 545

Chapter 545 Awkward

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“If that’s the case, then fine. How about one more bottle?” Chu Li raised his voice.

Fa Yuan handed over another white jade bottle.

He spoke slowly, “Almsgiver Chu should know of the miracles of the Adversity Surpassing Pill, not only can it reincarnate the dead, it can be used to avoid being consumed by cultivation. It is also highly beneficial to advancing in martial arts.”

Chu Li’s brows raised and he took the white jade bottle. “Alright, thanks for that.”

Ma Kun and the rest were slowly nearing the city gates. There were not many people around and at this very moment, four young men were just walking out.

These four young men were light on their feet and had piercing eyes. A single look and one could tell that these people practiced martial arts.

Ma Kun felt something was amiss. He had, after all, been an Imperial House Secret Guardian all these years. He was experienced and had a sharp instinct for danger.

His face suddenly changed as he turned and yelled, “Be careful!”

He leaped from the horse and landed in front of Qin Jin, blocking a bright projectile in the process.

“Bang!” His fist hit the object, knocking it out mid-air. Upon closer inspection, Ma Kun saw that it was a flying dagger.

“Damn!” Ma Kun immediately fired off another punch to block another flying dagger.

The four young men immediately started throwing flying daggers at the nine men.

Ma Kun was able to block two of the flying daggers but was powerless about the remaining seven.

These men were already without their martial arts. Seeing the flying daggers shooting over, they could do nothing but watch with their eyes wide open in horror as the daggers closed in.

“Ah——!” Ma Kun roared. He did not bother with the flying daggers and charged towards the four young men.

“Ding ding ding din…” With a string of clashes, seven icy lights suddenly appeared, colliding with the flying daggers. Chu Li appeared before them and waved his arm. “Let it go, no need to go after them!”

“Centurion!” Ma Kun was drenched in a cold sweat. He stopped in his tracks.

Chu Li took one look at the four young men that had run into the forest and disappeared. He shook his head.

Ma Kun immediately walked forward, and closed fist saluted.

Chu Li waved his hand and ignored him. He turned to the nine men and closed fist saluted. “Senior Qin, sorry to startle you. Let’s head back to the House with haste.”

Ma Kun gnashed his teeth together. He had not expected this to happen!

Ma Kun would have given everything to go after the four assassins to interrogate them but knew that he should not linger on the matter further. Getting into the city was their priority.

He did not expect these nine men to have lost their martial arts and required protection, or else he would have brought more people over.

Chu Li got everyone to enter the city quickly before returning to the Secret Guardians Hall.

At the Secret Guardians Hall, Fu Mengshan and Xu Huande were personally standing outside the House, watching Chu Li and the rest as they drew near.

Fu Mengshan and Xu Huande carried a heavy look on their faces and closed fist saluted every single member of the group of nine. Then, they invited them into the House.

Qin Jin and the other three were older than Fu Mengshan by over twenty years. When Fu Mengshan entered the House, Qin Jin and the others were already senior Secret Guardians.

Once the nine has been sorted and allowed to rest, Chu Li was called by Fu Mengshan into the hall.

“Sigh… who would have thought that they would end up looking so old.” Fu Mengshan shook his head and sighed.

Xu Huande added, “It can’t be helped. Their martial arts has been dispelled, they aged quickly.”

“Old Xu, what’s your say on their arrangement? Having them returned is a good thing but with their martial arts dispelled, they can’t do much…” Fu Mengshan frowned.

He shook his head. What to do with these nine was quite a predicament.

“Leave it to me, Commander. Our Mei Er Courtyard is short of hands. They are senior Secret Guardians and are very much experienced, they could guide Dong Qifei and the rest,” said Chu Li.

“Leave everything to you? Young Chu, you should know that it’s not clear whether or not they will betray us.” Fu Mengshan smiled.

Chu Li assured him. “They’re alright.”

Fu Mengshan looked towards Xu Huande. “Well, handing them over to Young Chu may be for the best. Since he is willing to vouch for their loyalty, we can offer him more support. It’s such a shame that their martial arts has been dispelled of.”

“Old Qin and the rest were Grandmasters before?” asked Chu Li.

Fu Mengshan answered, “Old Qin, old Feng, old Zheng, and old Ouyang were Grandmasters. The rest were lacking a bit. In any case, I don’t dare send any more Grandmasters over there!”

Chu Li slowly nodded.

“It doesn’t matter if they were Grandmasters. You wish to recover their martial arts? Even with the Life Returning Pills from the Tempest Temple, it’s useless, their meridians have already withered. The Life Returning Pills can no longer recover their martial arts,” responded Xu Huande.

Chu Li replied, “I will think of a way but let’s put it forward for the time being – if their martial arts were to really be recovered, they will still belong to our Mei Er Courtyard. The House cannot order them around!”

“Hehe, so you do have a way, huh? Alright then, if they really can recover their martial arts, then they’re yours. We will not interfere.” Fu Mengshan was curious.

Although it was hard to accept emotionally, the truth was the truth. They have labored hard and achieved a lot, but without martial arts, they were a burden.

Being able to recover even some of their martial arts would be a good thing no matter how you looked at it. The House would not interfere in this. Besides, Chu Li’s men would technically still fight for the Secret Guardians Hall. There was no need to fight with him on this issue.

“Thank you, Commander!” Chu Li smiled.

Xu Huande’s face darkened as he scoffed. “I heard that you met with assassins on your way back? Could it be trouble stirred by the Tempest Temple?”

Chu Li shook his head. “It’s probably someone else trying to provoke a fight between us and the Tempest Temple.”

“Who would do such a thing though?” Xu Huande frowned.

Chu Li said, “It’s not worth it to chase after them. We and the Tempest Temple have countless enemies.”

“That’s right, but having a trade with the Tempest Temple is really a first,” said Fu Mengshan.

In truth, this matter should be investigated as only a few people on their side were aware of the deal. However, Chu Li had decided not to pursue it further, he wanted to focus on other things.

Chu Li raised his brows. “No one will say that I engaged the Tempest Temple in secret, right?”

“We have allowed this matter. Take care of the nine. Sigh… they have been through a lot for the Secret Guardians Hall, they must be treated properly.” Fu Mengshan waved his arm.

Chu Li nodded.


The setting sun bathed the courtyard in a warm red.

The courtyard where Chu Li and the rest were settled now was way better than the small courtyard from earlier. It was vast enough to be a training ground and could fit up to a hundred men.

This was the Plum Blossom Courtyard number two, they called it Mei Er Courtyard.

Ma Kun brought the nine to the Mei Er Courtyard.

Dong Qifei and the other three walked out of the house to greet them. Both the Ning brothers were particularly excited to see one of them.

Ma Kun grinned. “Now all the Ning brothers are finally gathered together!”

Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen strode towards a slightly plump young man amongst the nine and revealed a wide smile.

The slightly plump young man stepped forward. “Big Brother, Second Brother!”

He was a little short and far slimmer than the two of them. He was more handsome than the other two as well. However, standing together, one could tell that they were siblings.

Ma Kun chuckled. “This is great news, Senior Qin. From today onwards, we are all people of Mei Er Courtyard.”

“Where’s Centurion Chu?” Qin Jin had an aura of sternness. Even without martial arts, Ma Kun felt that this man outranked him.

Ma Kun immediately smiled. “He’s speaking with the Commander. The Commander expects a lot from Centurion Chu; he thinks quite highly of him.”

“We are old and useless and can be said to be on free meals. The Centurion is good to us.” Qin Jin shook his head.

The remaining eight’s faces became dull. They were aware of their fate.

Ma Kun laughed. “Please do not worry, Senior Qin. The Centurion told the Commander that he will be assisting everyone in recovering their martial arts.”

Dong Qifei glared at Ma Kun while Yang Zongwen helplessly shook his head.

This Ma Kun was truly despicable, he created trouble after trouble for the Centurion.

They had lost their martial arts so long ago, how could it be recovered? It must surely have been bittersweet for Qin Jin and the others to hear this news. Likewise, if the treatment was unsuccessful, then they would surely blame the Centurion.

This Ma Kun was truly, truly despicable!