White Robed Chief Chapter 549

Chapter 549 Suspicion

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“I heard about this Cloud Slashing Swordsman. Rumor has it that he’s undefeated,” Chu Li muttered quietly. “Although he did enter seclusion very quickly, his swordsmanship was indeed unparalleled.”

“After the Cloud Slashing Swordsman made his debut, he picked on numerous swordsmen and masters all over the land and stepped on their reputations to raise his. He offended too many people.” Lu Yurong shook her head. “That was why no one knew where he went into seclusion.

The Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual was also destroyed along with him.”

“It appeared again?” Chu Li said with a frown. “Did someone obtain it?”

“Yes.” Lu Yurong nodded. “Someone had obtained the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual.”

“That can’t be?” Chu Li smiled. “Who would let others know that they have it?”

“Sometimes it’s a matter of fate. Just because you don’t want someone to find out about it, doesn’t mean that they won’t.” Lu Yurong shook her head. “As for exactly who had obtained it, nobody knows the answer to that yet.”

“It’s only a rumor,” Chu Li muttered.

“Yes.” Lu Yurong nodded. “It’s just a rumor. If there was any concrete proof, the whole world would have erupted into chaos already. The Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual is an alluring temptation to everyone in this world. Think about it: how amazing would it to be able to become a Grandmaster in just a few years without the need to have a Surpassing State? Who would be able to resist?”

Chu Li stood up and clasped his hands behind his back.

Lu Yurong said, “Are you interested now?”

Chu Li laughed and looked at her. “You want to obtain it too?”

Lu Yurong smiled. “Who doesn’t? Why don’t we work together for this?”

“Work together…” said Chu Li. “The both of us will read the secret manual once we obtain it?”

“Yes.” Lu Yurong nodded.

Chu Li snorted, “Would you really be that generous?”

He knew that Lu Yurong had always wanted to surpass him. The Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual was an opportunity for her to do so. If they had really obtained it, even if they were unable to cultivate the martial arts in the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual, they could still use it as a reference. The manual could very likely help them improve themselves by a lot.

“I’m thinking whether there’s anything odd about the rumor.” Chu Li paced with his hands behind his back. The moonlight was shining gently upon the land like water, and the surroundings were cold and quiet.

Lu Yurong pursed her lips to suppress a smile. “At least you haven’t become muddle-headed.”

“You find it strange as well?” said Chu Li.

Lu Yurong said, “I don’t know if it’s a trap, but I feel that once this secret manual is out there, everyone on earth would be knowing about it. It’ll be a good opportunity for us to use anyone who’ll be trying to obtain it!”

“Great minds think alike.” A smile formed on Chu Li’s lips.

Lu Yurong scoffed, “You’re now a secret guardian of the imperial house and a centurion. You’re riding on a wave of success!”

She was very satisfied with Chu Li’s response. It proved that he was worthy enough to be her opponent.

If it were anyone else, they would be dying to seize it once they have heard about The Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual. As many liked to say that profits would cripple a man’s intelligence. They would be falling to the lowest depth of human behavior and would dare to obtain the manual through the most heinous methods once the desire had gained precedence in their minds. What they have seen in the world determined their experiences and knowledge. If their state of mind was inadequate and their worldview narrow, then their knowledge would be limited.

Chu Li managed to break free immediately and was not tempted by the secret manual. He would instead consider all the details of the matter and could tell if there was anything out of the ordinary. He was indeed wiser than others. It was no wonder that he was always one step ahead of her. She had to dwell on the matter for an entire night before she thought about that.

Chu Li chuckled. “You had helped me in acquiring my position as a centurion too.”

Lu Yurong rolled her eyes at him and scoffed, “Investigate this matter properly. However, we have made a deal. If the secret manual really turns up, we must seize it and read it together.”

“No problem. I promise you.” Chu Li said with a smile. “Your information network is better than mine. You don’t need me to investigate anything!”

Lu Yurong said, “I have received the news by a stroke of luck. You secret guardians at the imperial house are still far superior to us when it comes to information gathering. You’re not allowed to hog it!”

“I’ll inform you if there’s any news. We’ll work together,” said Chu Li. “I still find the whole thing a bit odd. Is it possible that someone is manipulating us?”

“Even if it’s obviously a trap, there’ll still be countless people who’ll willingly step onto it,” said Lu Yurong. “Your style of proceeding about matters is similar.”

Chu Li always carried out matters overtly. Even if others knew about his schemes, they could only force themselves to carry on because they had no other choice.

Chu Li smiled and shook his head.

If it were him, he really could make a farce like this.

Was it a farce fabricated by someone, or did the secret manual really existed?

Lu Yurong said, “I heard King An has a son?”

Chu Li smiled. “King Jing knows about that too?”

“Who would’ve thought that His Highness King An would have such luck?” Lu Yurong frowned. “He’s a disciple of the Titanium Temple as well! Fortune is showering him from the heavens!”

Chu Li said, “He’s cultivating in the Titanium Temple. He’ll have to leave the temple one day.”

Lu Yurong appraised him. “Aren’t you worried?”

“Worried about what?” Chu Li asked.

Lu Yurong said, “You’re currently putting a lot of effort in suppressing King An, but once King An’s son comes back with the might of a disciple of the Titanium Temple, you won’t be able to suppress him anymore!”

Chu Li nodded his head and smiled.

Lu Yurong frowned as she looked at him. He did not look worried at all. She found it odd.

“What does King Jing think?” Chu Li said. “Is he feeling uneasy?”

“Let’s not mention that he’s a disciple of the Titanium Temple. What has King Jing have to fear even if he managed to cultivate divine power and the Ten Lifetimes of Dharma?” scoffed Lu Yurong.

Chu Li smiled. “You don’t mean what you just said!”

Lu Yurong scoffed, “This little monk’s temperament is not bad, right?”

She had guessed that this little monk should be not bad from Chu Li’s calm manner, or else he definitely would not react as he did.

“King Jing is thinking too much,” Chu Li said, grinning. “It won’t be too late to talk about this after King An recovers his Martial Art.”

Lu Yurong said, “If King An becomes the Emperor, you won’t live to see another day!”

Chu Li said, “That’s true.”

“Then are you not worried at all?” Lu Yurong said, her eyebrows knotted.

Chu Li shook his head and smiled. “Isn’t it too early to be talking about this now?”

“What are you hiding from me?” scoffed Lu Yurong.

Chu Li was definitely a person who thought way ahead of things. If he was this unconcerned about the matter, it was obvious that he knew something she did not. He was certain that King An would not be the Emperor.

“It’s getting dark. I won’t see you off then.” Chu Li fist saluted.

Lu Yurong rolled her eyes at him and went away with her white clothes fluttering.

Chu Li glanced at the Protectors around hin and shook his head. Although Lu Yurong’s Light-body Technique was exquisite, their senses were also too shoddy.


Chu Li called for Qin Jin immediately when he arrived at the Secret Guardians Hall’s Mei Er Courtyard.

Qin Jin and the others were cultivating in the martial arts field. The vigor of their cultivation was stronger than the youngsters. However, Ma Kun was nowhere to be found. It was obvious that he was hiding in his house to recuperate.

“Elder Qin, have you heard about the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual?” asked Chu Li.

Qin Jin entered Chu Li’s house and wiped off the sweat on his forehead. He heard Chu Li’s question just as he was about to sit down and was startled. “The Cloud Slashing Swordsman. He was known as the best swordsman under the heavens. Does the centurion also know about the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual?”

Chu Li said, “I have heard the news that the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual had appeared again in the martial arts world.”

“It appeared again…” Qin Jin sighed. “Looks like another top-notch master will be appearing soon.”

“Does the secret store of the imperial house have this secret manual?” asked Chu Li.

Qin Jin shook his head. “The imperial house didn’t obtain it. The four major sects are searching for it across the land as well.”

“I suspect someone is playing a trick on us.” Chu Li furrowed his eyebrows.

Qin Jin said, “If it really is the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual, I’m afraid no one wouldn’t want to take it. Even the commanders want to get their hands on it too”

Chu Li raised his eyebrows.

Qin Jin said, “Rumor has it that the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual has recorded a profound mystery regarding the Heaven God’s Boundary.”

Chu Li fell deep into his own thoughts. The Heaven God’s Boundary!