White Robed Chief Chapter 55

Chapter 55: The Battle

In a low voice, the shorter elder spoke, "Begin!"

The two elders came by to watch the battle for two reasons. First, to ensure fairness. Secondly, to prevent any fatal injuries. It would not be bad if one only suffered minor injuries, but there could not be any deaths on the scene, and no disabilities. All the reason why battles like these require sharp eyesight and sublime skills in martial arts.

At vital moments, they would interfere to save whoever in danger, and stop the battle.

Chu Li slowly unsheathed his sword, "Zhuo Feiyang, you're the youth champion, I'm indeed honored to witness your abilities!"

Zhuo Feiyang looked at him mockingly, and replied casually, "Chu Li, you are nothing but a coward. Finally, you're willing to come out of that turtle shell of yours and face me in battle!"

Chu Li laughed and said, "I am merely helping you to preserve some glory, but you couldn't stop calling me out, as if you look forward to being beaten by me. What a fool, you're just seeking your own end!"

He shook his head as he finished speaking.

Zhuo Feiyang sneered at him, "Preserve my glory? Jokes on you!"

"Show me something with that sword of yours then, we'll see how capable you are!" Chu Li waved his long sword gently in the air, a chilling aura emitting from the weapon.

"Take this!" Zhuo Feiyang could not take him anymore, he thrusted his sword towards his opponent, his movement as swift as lightning. The sword tip reached Chu Li's chest within a second, and he was ready to destroy his opponent once and for all, gaining himself a great fame in front of the big crowd.

The crowd watched in awe. But deep down, many envied his "youth champion" title. They harbored a secret wish to rid him of the fame.

Chu Li moved his body aside to doge the sword, at the same time throwing a strike back with his own.

The spiritual energy and chi all around the place had already seeped into his body. It felt like pouring river waters, and with the aid of the Infinite Sea of Azure move, their force felt like they had spun around the Earth for three whole days. In a split second, the energy surge formed a triple-layered wave, flowing tremendously within his veins, ready to blast at any moment.

"Ding..." The two swords met with each other. Zhuo Feiyang's sword was casted out of his grip, and Chu Li soon found his sword directly touching the skin of his opponent's throat.

"Halt!" As the sound broke, both elders rushed into the battle simultaneously. One held Zhuo Feiyang back, the other reaching towards Chu Li's sword.

Chu Li thrusted his sword, piercing it at the shorter elder's palm.

The elder's facial expressions changed, immediately retracting his hand. In a deep voice, he shouted, "Stop!"

Chu Li stopped his sword, and said apologizingly, "Elder Zhu, apologies!"

The shorter elder's face looked as cold as ice, as he scoffed, "What a sharp sword movement, it's the Hunting Shadow skill move?"

"Sharp eyes, Elder Zhu!" Chu Li held his fists together in respect.

"Please be cautious when using it!" the short elder stared at him, "The Hunting Shadow skill move is easy to unleash but difficult to retract. It's a good thing Elder Ho and I did not let our guard down, or else you would have been in deep trouble!"

Chu Li had no choice but to accept the scolding. He threw a glance at Zhuo Feiyang.

Zhuo Feiyang's face looked pale, his eyes staring at Chu Li with fiery wrath.

He did not expect Chu Li's sword movements to be so quick and unpredictable. He did not even have an opportunity to unleash his Killer Mace technique. This Chu Li, is too sly! Too cunning!

The taller elder patted on Zhuo Feiyang's shoulder, and laughed, "Little Zhuo, it was not embarrassing at all that you've lost to the hunting Shadow skill move. This skill move can't be mastered by any normal people. Just go back and improve your skills!"

"Elder Ho, I feel that I can still resume the battle." Zhuo Feiyang forced a smile.

The tall elder glanced at the short elder, then at Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled and said, "Listen to what the elders decide!"

The short elder spoke, "The winner is clearly decided!"

"Elder Zhu..." Zhuo Feiyang could not hold back his nervousness.

The tall elder patted on his shoulder again, and gently smiled, "Don't be nervous, I know you're not content with losing, right?"

"...yes." Zhuo Feiyang nodded.

The tall elder laughed, "Actually, losing this battle is alright. This will be a lesson for you, one that will save your life in the future. You were too impatient and used your full force, it was very reckless, hence your eventual defeat. This is just a battle, and if the both of us weren't here, you would have already died!"

"But..." Zhuo Feiyang was still unsatisfied, discontented. The Blazing Sunder technique that he had so meticulously cultivated was not even used yet. It could have multiplied his powers!

Chu Li coughed lightly, and smiled, "What about this. If you want a rematch, then consider it a second challenge. Put on another two hundred thousand taels, and I will gladly accept it!"

"Two hundred thousand taels? Why don't you go rob a bank instead?!" Zhuo Feiyang shouted, his face filled with hatred.

Chu Li watched as he raged, but did not change his expression, he continued to smile, "Then let's make it fair, I don't want to take your money for nothing. If I lose, I will give you ten thousand, you lose, the twenty thousand will all be mine, that fair?"

"Fair your head!" Zhuo Feiyang yelled again.

Chu Li waved his hand, "Then that's that. We have no choice but to end today's battle."

"You...you...shameless!" Zhuo Feiyang cursed.

Chu Li let out a sigh, shaking his head.

Zhuo Feiyang was extremely selfish, he thought he was the centre of the universe. He did not care about what others feel at all. Even with such a big crowd he would still lose his cool.

Chu Li sheathed his sword, and gave a fist salute, "Many thanks, Elder Zhu, and Elder Ho!"

The two shook their heads in reply. The tall elder glanced at Zhuo Feiyang sympathetically, then handed the bank notes to Chu Li, "Little Chu, what a great fortune!"

Chu Li smiled, "All thanks to you, my elders!"

"You cheeky fellow!" The tall elder laughed and shook his head.

The elder felt sorry for Zhuo Feiyang, compared to the mature thinking of Chu Li, Zhuo Feiyang was nothing but childish. He took things for granted, and looked down on everyone else. If he had won, it would not be nothing for him, since he had always been the stronger one in matches. But too bad he lost this time, and it had undoubtedly scarred his self-esteem. He had lost in martial arts, and in honour too.

Chu Li kept the bank notes safely, gave a final fist salute, and left.

"Hold on!" Zhuo Feiyang shouted.

"Chu Li turned around and looked at him, "A defeat is a defeat, don't be so foul, go back and train harder!"

"I will challenge you again!" Zhuo Feiyang yelled aloud, "Bai Zhijie, go and take the bank notes!"

"...yes, Master!" Bai Zhijie replied from afar, and scurried off.

Zhuo Feiyang stared at Chu Li, and said coldly, "It's a deal then, my two hundred taels, and your one hundred taels!"

Chu Li smiled, "I am not like you, everything that I say, I always make sure that I honour the promise. Don't you worry!"

He twisted around and gave another fist salute, "Elder Zhu, Elder Ho, sorry to trouble you two again. Here is my one hundred taels!"

The tall elder took the bank notes from him, and grinned, "Little Chu, they weren't even warmed by your hands yet!"

"No rush at all, things that are mine will eventually come back to me." Chu Li smiled.

Elder Zhu stared coldly at the two, not speaking a word.

Bai Zhijie's pace was lightning fast, he was already back by the time Chu Li finished talking.

Zhuo Feiyang handed the bank notes over to the tall elder. He carefully counted them, and shook them in the air, "Qin Ho Bank's notes, two hundred thousand taels, it's all set, you guys may begin now!"

Once he finished speaking, he returned beside Elder Zhu, awaiting the commencement of the second battle.

Zhuo Feiyang gripped the handle of this sword, coldly staring at Chu Li, the blood rushing to his face, creeping under his eyes, spreading up to his forehead. The entirety of his handsome face looked to be blushed red, just like when someone was drunk.

Chu Li smiled as he saw that.

Blazing Sunder technique, that move was not deadly at all. He had seen the move before in the Hall of Martial Arts, but had given up after trying it. The move only encompassed three hits, it was inferior to the Blade of Eternity.

The Blade of Eternity focused all inner energy onto a single strike. Although it burdens the body more, it's powers were far deadlier.

The spiritual energy and chi from the surroundings once again swirled around him and starting seeping into his body. First, they were circulated with the Infinite Sea of Azure move. After doubling the force by two-folds, it was circulated again by the Blade of Eternity move. All that energy overlapped and complemented each other, the resulting effect was so strong that it were beyond one's imagination.

Elder Ho and Elder Zhu looked at each other for a while. They had seen through that Zhuo Feiyang was preparing to unleash the Blazing Sunder move. They then turned their eyes to Chu Li, and noticed that his facial expressions were unchanged. Chu Li stood there quietly, as if he was not even building up his inner strength. He was truly unpredictable.

"Take this!" Zhuo Feiyang burst out, the loud noise leaving the crowd's ears buzzing.

His sword sparked a flash, but it went out immediately after. The tip of the sword looked like it overcame the principles of physical space, as it appeared right in front of Chu Li's chest in less than a split second.

"Ding..." The two swords collided. Zhuo Feiyang's sword was once again deflected out of his own hands, and it landed quite a distance away into the audience.

Chu Li's sword followed the momentum, piercing towards Zhuo Feiyang's shoulders.

"Halt!" two sharp exhales of breath accompanied, and the two elders reacted simultaneously. One pulled Zhuo Feiyang away while the other blocked the strike of the long sword.

"Ding..." A clear sound rang out. Chu Li's sword vibrated, but it did change its direction.

But it was blocked by Elder Zhu, hence the force of the sword was slowed down, which allowed Zhuo Feiyang some leeway to dodge it.

Chu Li withdrew his sword, and gave a fist salute, "Thank you, Elder Zhu."

"You did not aim for the kill this time." Elder Zhu nodded his head, "You had mercy on him, good!"

His palm was numbed, and the force of the strike spread to half his body. Elder Zhu thought to himself, "This Chu Li really had an immense inner strength, and he hid his abilities well!"

Zhuo Feiyang's face was blushed red, he gave Chu Li a dead stare.

Chu Li smiled back at him, "Do you want another challenge?"

"Chu Li..." Zhuo Feiyang gritted on his teeth hard, he felt like tearing Chu Li's guts out.

Chu Li shook his head, and said to the tall elder, "Is it over?"

"Of course!" Elder Ho laughed and nodded, "You've won again, Little Chu, impressive!"

Chu Li laughed and shook his head, "I was just lucky. Zhuo Feiyang was too hot-headed; hence he was vulnerable to my attacks."

"Ha ha..." Elder Ho laughed. He thought that what Chu Li said was inappropriate. Zhuo Feiyang had used the Blazing Sunder move, and his powers were greatly increased, hence he should be harder to defeat.

He handed over the bank notes to Chu Li, and quickly walked towards Zhuo Feiyang and said, "Zhuo, don't be disappointed. A win or a loss doesn't matter that much. Just work harder, and earn back those taels next time!"

Zhuo Feiyang ignored what the elder had said, and kept staring at Chu Li.

Chu Li kept the bank notes, and gave a fist salute, "My two elders, I shall be on my way now!"

"Yes, go ahead." Elder Ho waved at him. Elder Zhu nodded as well.

Chu Li turned around and walked towards the crowd. He gave them fist salutes, then took big, haste steps and departed the training ground. He hopped onto his small boat and soon, he vanished from sight.

The crowd did not dissipate, but instead gathered around and began their heated discussions.

Elder Zhu and Elder Ho on the other hand had left the place silently.

"Aaaahhhh..." Zhuo Feiyang gave out a loud yell towards the sky.

"Look who's talking now, youth champion, ha!" A thin youth started mocking him.

"Shhh-------" The people around him were quick to stop him.

That was merely an act of aggravation, and it was foolish.

"Shh what shh? I didn't say anything wrong, you guys admired him too much!"

"Brother Guo, stop talking, stop talking!" beside him was a chubby boy, and he nervously waved at him.

The thin youth smirked, "What's wrong if I want to say more!"

"What did you just say?" Zhuo Feiyang appeared in front of him, staring at him with his blood red eyes, "What did you just say!"

The thin youth felt intimidated, and backed off. He noticed that everyone had turned their attention towards him, and he felt his face boiling. He stepped in front and calmly replied, "What's the matter? I just said that you're a hoax, and don't deserve the title of youth champion!"

"Do you want to try?" Zhuo Feiyang smirked.

The thin youth gritted hard on his teeth, and said, "Come on then!"

"Brother Guo!" The chubby boy hurriedly pulled him away.

The thin youth shrugged off the pull, then looked Zhuo Feiyang in the eye and sneered, "No use intimidating someone like me, if you're so great, why don't you do this in front of Chu Li!"

Chu Li, these two words were the last straw. Zhuo Feiyang was so infuriated that he was going into a state of frenzy.

He gritted on his teeth, and lashed out a palm.

"Pom!" The thin youth was thrown into the sky, and with it a jet of blood trailed.