White Robed Chief Chapter 555

Chapter 555 Crouching Bull

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Chu Li laughed and waved his hand.

Xiao Tieying asked, “Chu Li, you are a man of many ideas, what do you think?”

Chu Li said, “They can talk, but we can too. Let the spies from the High Duke’s Public House spread the news that the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual is not in Tai Hua Valley but at Tong Ling Faction.”

“Tong Ling Faction.” Xiao Tieying snickered while considering it. “That’s a sect in the borders of the Ji Public House right?”

Chu Li smiled and nodded. “They are a second-rate sect and have been flourishing recently, but they have also been causing a lot of trouble. I expect the Ji Public House will only look on with folded arms and allow them to be exterminated.”

“This is a good idea. Even if people do not believe it, they will still be suspicious of whether the Tai Hua Valley really has the secret manual.” Xiao Tieying smiled. “However, there is still something unpleasant lingering. I’m afraid that others will not be able to investigate who spread that news and end up harming Tai Hua Valley!”

Chu Li said, “They must be the enemies of Tai Hua Valley.”

“We need to find him,” scoffed Xiao Tieying, “Tai Hua Valley has no disputes with the world, but they are still coveted by others. This completely unreasonable!”

Chu Li said, “Our High Duke’s Public House has enemies across the land. Which faction would not have enemies? Tai Hua Valley may not have any disputes, but it is comprised of beautiful ladies, it will definitely cause others to drool over them.”

“Sigh.” Xiao Tieying shook his head. “Humans!”

Chu Li said, “People would want to monopolize beautiful women when they see them, there are tons of these kinds of people. They can never be completely eradicated.”

“People of this type deserve a lesson,” scoffed Xiao Tieying.

Chu Li shook his head. “That is the nature of men. The High Duke’s Public House should not get involved with this matter, it would be better to observe impartially lest we become the scapegoat. Don’t make it as if it was caused by the High Duke’s Public House when it was actually the Ji Public House.”

“What an unscrupulous method!” Xiao Tieying pursed his lips in disdain.

Chu Li laughed. “I’m only afraid that it is not in the means of the Public House.”

He shook his head and spoke. Some worries were not appropriate to tell the Eldest Master as it would cause him to feel agitated.

Xiao Tieying suddenly startled and hurriedly said, “Could it be the Emperor?”

“Who knows?” Chu Li sighed.

He was still worried about the methods of the Li Dynasty.

Though he had direct access to the highest authority, he was unable to get to the bottom of this because his ability was inadequate, even after making it this far. In the face of human nature’s greed, his own powers were insignificant.

Xiao Tieying’s expression darkened.


Crouching Bull Mountain was located in a deep mountain and governed by the Ji Public House.

It was surrounded by gloomy ancient trees which towered above and blocked the sun.

There was a palace halfway up the mountain with glazed roof tiles that sparkled under the sunlight. This was the Crouching Bull Mountain, a first-rate martial arts sect.

At this point, the cries and whines of a girl suddenly stopped in a courtyard behind the mountain.

A handsome and charming young man slowly walked out of the house while dressing and stood in the center of the courtyard.

An elderly man with white hair on his temples who stood under the stairs bowed his body slightly and waved his hand.

Two maids timidly entered the house and very quickly brought the corpse of a young lady out. Her body was still soft and was still retained some warmth.

A sheet was used by the two maids to wrap the corpse. While descending down the stairs, a corner of the sheet suddenly dropped, exposing the girl’s face which was streaked with blood. It was impossible to discern how she initially looked like.

The old man glanced at the two maids.

They trembled in fright, held their breaths and hurriedly covered the sheet again with shaky hands and hastily left the courtyard.

The young man had a relaxed and refreshed appearance. He stretched his back lazily towards the rising sun, his slender figure brimming with the beauty of power.

He looked towards the sun and sighed. “Today is another beautiful day!”

His voice was warm and magnetic.

“Young Lord,” the old man bowed and said in a gentle voice, “the news has been spread, now to just wait and see if there is an uproar in Tai Hua Valley.”

The good-looking young man, Young Lord, said lazily, “Very good!”

The old man bowed and said nothing more.

In the parterre, the handsome young man bent his body forward and picked up a flower that had recently bloomed. He closed his eyes and lightly sniffed, an expression of intoxication had appeared on his face. “Mei Aoshuang should have received the news as well, right?”

“They are not deaf, they should know.” the old man smiled.

While appraising the fresh flowers, the dashing young man widened his eyes and chuckled. “I wonder if she will enjoy this big present of mine.”

“I expect she will not like it.” the old man smirked.

The charming young man laughed out loud. “She cannot choose to dislike it!”

“Yes, it is Young Lord’s will, even if she dislikes it, she has no choice but to like it.” the old man bowed and smiled.

The handsome young man reached out and lightly picked the fresh flower, bringing it to his nose for him to sniff. “This time we’ll be able to defeat her right?”

“This scheme of Young Lord’s is wonderful. With the help of those ludicrous people, it will be easy to destroy Tai Hua Valley according to the expectations of the God of Stratagems!” the old man exclaimed.

“Ha ha.” the stunning young man chuckled twice and waved his hand. “Qiao San, your ability to flatter has not improved at all!”

Qiao San, the old man, chuckled. “Forgive me, Young Lord. My mouth is too clumsy, I say whatever comes to my mind. I do not know how to speak to make it sound better.”

The handsome young man tittered. “I like the vigor of that clumsy mouth of yours!”

He lightly grasped the fresh flower in his palm, and slowly clenched his fist. When he slowly opened his slender fingers, the petals were bunched together, and the flower juice stained his hand.

Seeing the broken petals in his hand he loosened his grip and smiled.

Qiao San smiled and held out a handkerchief. “Young Lord, when do we act?”

“No hurry.” the handsome young man wiped his hands and tossed the handkerchief back to him, “I reckon those imbeciles will not be able to find the territory of Tai Hua Valley.”

“Yes.” Qiao San accepted the handkerchief and kept it in his sleeve. “Tai Hua Valley is too secretive, I’m afraid it cannot be found.”

“That’s why we need to help them at once and find out the location of Tai Hua Valley!” Young Lord picked yet another fresh flower and sniffed it while closing his eyes, showing an intoxicated expression.

“Young Lord, it’s not that easy,” Qiao San said helplessly, “I’ve sent someone to search, but no one could find it.”

“If your idiotic method worked, Tai Hua Valley would have been exposed ages ago!” the stunning young man scoffed with his intoxicated expression and closed eyes. “Your method is too direct, why not take a few turns.”

“Please instruct me, Young Lord,” Qiao San hurriedly said.

The attractive young man opened his eyes and looked in satisfaction towards the fresh flower. He reached out to pluck it and brought it to his nose to sniff. “Start thinking of ideas from another place.”

Qiao San showed an awkward expression and looked at him eagerly.

The handsome young man lightly glanced at him.

“Please instruct me more, Young Lord.”

“Which place is the most well-informed about our Li Dynasty?”

“The High Duke’s Public House?”

“The High Duke’s Public House is not the most well-informed”

Qiao San furrowed his brows in intense thought. His eyes suddenly brightened, and he said hurriedly, “Could it be the Imperial Court?”

“The Secret Guardians Hall,” Young Lord said lightly.

Qiao San slapped his own thigh harshly. “That’s right!”

The handsome young man placed the fresh flower on his palm and slowly closed his fist, clenching. He watched the flower juice drip down from his palm and smiled. “I recall that Father has a good friend in the Secret Guardians Hall? Plus, that person is a Centurion?”

Qiao San hurriedly nodded his head. “Yes, Hill Master does have a good friend.”

“Meet him under Father’s name and ask about the location of Tai Hua Valley.” Young Lord loosened his grip, the petals that were bunched together fell to the ground one after another.

“Yes!” Qiao San nodded forcefully, and hurriedly held out the handkerchief again.

The attractive young man wiped his hand and tossed the handkerchief back to him. “Give me news within two days!”

“Yes!” Qiao San hurriedly answered.