White Robed Chief Chapter 556

Chapter 556

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Qiao San’s Light-body Technique was extraordinary.

He left Crouching Bull Mountain like a gust of wind, galloping all the way, and reached Fairy’s Capital around evening. He went straight towards a residence.

This looked like the residence of a medium-sized family, and it looked no different from its surroundings. They did not want for food, but they were also not wealthy.

However, after stepping in, it was like entering another dimension.

There were small bridges and running water, a small path opened up on an enchanting view, and fake mountains formed rocky stratifications. The entire residence was an extremely exquisite garden, elegant and quiet, and marvelously designed. It caused Qiao San to feel reluctant to enter, being fearful of destroying the peace and tranquility of the courtyard.

He was led to the living room by a white-haired elder.

After entering the living room, a tall and burly middle-aged man was sipping on a teacup. His gaze when looking at him was indifferent but scrutinizing as if he wanted to see through him.

“Qiao San greets Master Liu,” Qiao San closed fist saluted and said respectfully.

Liu Chuan put down the teacup and said lightly, “Qiao San, how long has it been since we last met?”

“Yes, Master Liu, it has been three years.” Qiao San saluted and said politely.

“What’s wrong?” asked Liu Chuan. “Were you sent to be a local officer by your Master?”

Qiao San shook his head and smiled. “Master Liu, I am currently attending upon the Young Lord.”

“Oh, that’s a promotion,” Liu Chuan said while grinning, “I’ll have to congratulate you.”

“It cannot be compared to your promotion, Master Liu.” Qiao San laughed. “Master Liu was promoted to Centurion, a truly joyous matter. Master and the Young Lord were very happy, they even got themselves drunk.”

Liu Chuan smiled gleefully and asked, “How has Brother Zhuge been lately, did he marry another little lady?”

“No, no.” Qiao San shook his head. “Master recently became enlightened while practicing and is now in isolated cultivation. Currently, the Young Lord manages matters.”

“Oh, that Zhuge Tian.” Liu Chuan breathed out a sigh. “That little boy sure grew up! What is your purpose in coming here today?”

Qiao San secretly rejoiced in his heart, he was able to find out about the situation in Crouching Bull Mountain after just a few sentences and might be testing if he was telling the truth or not. These people of the Secret Guardians Hall were not easy to deceive, they were all wise and amazing.

“Master Liu, I wish to ask about the state of affairs of Tai Hua Valley.”

“Tai Hua Valley?” Liu Chuan furrowed his brows. “What Tai Hua Valley?”

“The one with all girls as disciples,” Qiao San swiftly said.

“Oh.” Liu Chuan shook his head. “It’s a second-rate sect, right?”

“Yes, indeed.” Qiao San nodded and smiled. “Master Liu has a good memory, it is indeed a second-rate sect.”

“Where is it?” Liu Chuan asked.

“It seems to be at Chong Ming Road, but as of now no one knows where exactly Tai Hua Valley is, so it might not be where it’s said to be.” Qiao San smiled.

Liu Chuan frowned. “Chong Ming Road, that path in the Yi Public House?”

“Yes.” Qiao San hastily nodded his head.

Liu Chuan remained silent, seemingly in thought.

He did not know what he meant by that and did not dare to distract, so he just carefully watched Liu Chuan.

After a while, Liu Chuan straightened himself up, and asked seriously, “Qiao San, tell me the truth, why are you asking about Tai Hua Valley?”

“I shall not hide anything from Master Liu. The Young Lord is connected to the Valley Leader of Tai Hua Valley. He wishes to find them to meet with Mei Aoshuang.” Qiao San chuckled.

“Zhuge Tian is interested in somebody?” scoffed Liu Chuan.

“Master Liu is wise.” Qiao San smiled.

Liu Chuan frowned.

He looked at Liu Chuan in astonishment.

It was only Tai Hua Valley, a second-rate sect. Even if Mei Aoshuang was a Grandmaster as well as an exquisite beauty, they should not even be in the eyes of a Centurion of the Secret Guardians Hall, right? Why was Liu Chuan’s reaction so strange?

After a while, Qiao San lightly called out, “Master Liu?”

He saw Liu Chuan stare into space. If he did not try calling him awake, he might have remained spaced out for the rest of the night.

“Hm.” Liu Chuan glanced at him. “You go back and tell Zhuge Tian to retract those flowery feelings of his, do not provoke Tai Hua Valley.”

He became even more confused and said, “Master Liu, please advise me!”

Liu Chuan breathed a sigh and shook his head. “This Tai Hua Valley has connections with Centurion Chu.”

“Centurion Chu?” exclaimed Qiao San, “A Centurion from the Secret Guardians Hall?”

“Yes, he is a new Centurion.” Liu Chuan waved his hand. “Anyway, if Zhuge Tian does not want misfortune to befall him, then do not provoke Tai Hua Valley! Recently, there has been news saying that the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual landed in the hands of Tai Hua Valley, is that the work of Zhuge Tian?”

“That’s…” Qiao San hesitated, unsure if he should admit it or not.

Liu Chuan scoffed, “If Zhuge Tian is tactful, then obediently stay put, do not act recklessly!”

Qiao San showed a sycophantic smile. “Master Liu, is this new Centurion that amazing to cause you to be so afraid?”

“Hmph!” Liu Chuan glared at him. “What, are you trying to incite, Qiao San?”

Qiao San hurriedly waved his hand. “No, no, this little one would never dare!”

Liu Chuan scoffed, “I am not afraid of him, I just have doubts since he is a colleague of mine. If my reputation gets destroyed because of you guys, then it will not be worth it. We will be bound to see much of each other, it would be incredibly embarrassing!”

“Yes, yes.” Qiao San hurriedly nodded his head.

Liu Chuan said, “If there are any factions who move against you, will I just cross my hands and watch idly by?”

“Of course you won’t, Master Liu!” Qiao San said.

He understood quite well the friendship between Liu Chuan and Hill Master. He knew that Hill Master counted as an informant to Liu Chuan, and he obtained information from Liu Chuan too.

The two helped each other, and while there might be slight camaraderie involved, it was very much still a friendship of interests.

Liu Chuan said, “This new Centurion is young and full of vigor, but he conceals his shortcomings even more. If Zhuge Tian really raises his hand towards Tai Hua Valley, he will definitely eliminate Crouching Bull Mountain, you just wait and see!”

“Heh heh, but we have you, Master Liu!” Qiao San snickered.

Liu Chuan lightly said, “Qiao San, you are a smart person. Even if I help you out, there is a limit to what I can do. Since we are both Secret Guardians from the Secret Guardians Hall, we cannot kill each other, and we have to follow the rules. You took the initiative to provoke them, so even if I try to protect you, I will not be able to protect you completely. When it is time to push out a scapegoat, who would be the most suitable person to become the scapegoat?”

“Heh heh.” Qiao San’s complexion changed slightly.

Liu Chuan scoffed, “I think you are the most suitable!”

Qiao San promptly said, “Master Liu sure knows how to joke!”

“If you do not stop, then it will not be a joke.” Master Liu glanced at him unsympathetically. “Your Master is in isolated cultivation. If my words do not work and that little runt Zhuge Tian acts recklessly, then I will not help you. I will let Centurion Chu do as he pleases with you!”

“Is that Centurion Chu really that strong?” Qiao San asked.

Liu Chuan said, “You should have heard of his name before. Chu Li, he was a Chief of the Yi Public House.”

“Chu Li…” Qiao San pondered and slapped his thigh, “It’s him!”

Liu Chuan smiled though it did not look like one. “Now you know how strong that person is?”

Qiao San laughed. “He is indeed an amazing person, and not inferior to the Young Lord!”

Liu Chuan laughed and Qiao San laughed along with him. Then, Liu Chuan could not help but burst into laughter yet again after he looked at him.

Qiao San looked at him somewhat awkwardly.

Liu Chuan smiled. “You dare to say that he is not inferior to Zhuge Tian? Haha!”

Qiao San said, “The Young Lord is talented beyond measure, a normal person could never compare. This Chu Li might be worth comparing, albeit reluctantly.”

Liu Chuan sighed helplessly. “In your eyes, is your Young Lord really that strong?”

“Naturally!” Qiao San’s expression was without uncertainty. “How many people can become a Grandmaster at Young Lord’s age?”

“Oh, that is true.” Liu Chuan lightly nodded. “Zhuge Tian’s natural endowments are indeed marvelous. Alright, I’m not going to waste my breath on you. In any case, do not provoke Tai Hua Valley. It is not early anymore, hurry and go back now.”

“Then the location of Tai Hua Valley?”

“I cannot be bothered with your trivial matters.” Liu Chuan waved his hand in annoyance.

Qiao San scolded him in his heart, but showed a helpless expression on his face, looking at him pitifully.