White Robed Chief Chapter 557

Chapter 557 Devising A Plan

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Liu Chuan glared at him and waved his hand. “Don’t look at me like that, I do not have dinner for you!”

“Master Liu, we actually do not plan on doing anything to Tai Hua Valley. We only want to meet each other more often, so Mei Aoshuang will be able to know how heroic and valiant the Young Lord is and can admire him.” Qiao San squeezed his flattering smile.

“Zhuge Tian does have an attractive face,” Liu Chuan rubbed his jaw and said lightly, “even with that face, does he lack women?”

“What’s important is that the Young Lord has high standards,” Qiao San sighed and said helplessly. “How could a bunch of ordinary women be able to attract the Young Lord?”

“Hmph, his standards are quite high,” Liu Chuan said, “rumor has it that Mei Aoshuang is an exquisite beauty.”

“Yes, yes.” Qiao San hurriedly nodded his head. “The Young Lord fell in love with her at first sight, but this Valley Leader Mei is too cold and arrogant, and refused him from thousands of miles away, so we could only use this method to try and get closer.”

“Your methods are certainly strange,” Liu Chuan replied. “Won’t you become enemies like this?”

“The Young Lord said, he would be happy as long as she remembers him.” Qiao San laughed. “The hate will give birth to love, the Young Lord is only afraid that she would not even think about him, and eventually forget him.”

“I’m not so free as to help you woo women,” Liu Chuan said and waved his hand, “but you must understand that you are playing with fire. Tai Hua Valley is not to be trifled with, for love to be mistaken as hatred, what a joke! This is not child’s play. Once undying hatred is born, it can never be unearthed!”

He stood up and left immediately after speaking.

“Sigh.” Qiao San stomped his feet and breathed a sigh when he saw that things were not going well. “Master Liu, it looks like I have to reveal the truth now.”

Liu Chuan sat down. “You should have told the truth from the start.”

Qiao San said, “The Young Lord wants to rescue the damsel when she is in distress.”

Liu Chuan gave him a sideways glare. “Are you telling the truth this time?”

“It is the absolute truth!” Qiao San said with a bitter face. “The Young Lord had forbidden me to reveal this to others. If news of this were to be leaked, then the Young Lord would be finished. It is a critical event in his life!”

Liu Chuan said, “Zhuge Tian is not an idiot, why is he doing such foolish things?”

Qiao San blinked and looked at him in confusion.

“Playing the knight in shining armor will win over the heart of the beauty? How naive!” Liu Chuan scoffed.

Qiao San said, “Don’t women all like heroic and valiant men? Even though Valley Leader Mei is a Valley Leader, she is still a woman.”

“Forget it, forget it. Regardless, I will not get involved in this wretched mess!” Liu Chuan impatiently waved his hand. “Hurry up and leave. Tell him to behave himself and if he provokes trouble, I will not help him wipe his butt!”

Qiao San refused to give up and showed yet another flattering smile. “Master Liu, you are good friends with the Master. Now that the Master is in isolated cultivation, the Young Lord has to rely on you for a major turning point of his life, you cannot just ignore him!”

“Major turning point of his life, I’ll laugh myself to death!” Liu Chuan said unpleasantly, “I’ll tell you, there is a very high possibility that this Mei Aoshuang has affiliations with Centurion Chu. Your Young Lord wants to snatch away Centurion Chu’s woman. Tell me, am I able to help you?”

“It can’t be!” Qiao San exclaimed, “Valley Leader Mei’s standards are sky high, how could she be interested in a man so easily? Even if it is the Young Lord, he has to painstakingly woo her before he can succeed.”

“I have already said what needs to be said, if you do not listen, then suit yourself,” Liu Chuan said. “Do not come to me when something happens, I will not risk falling out with my colleagues because of something like this. I shan’t see you out!”

“Master Liu,” Qiao San hurriedly said, “we still do not know where Tai Hua Valley is.”

“I don’t know!” Liu Chuan scoffed unpleasantly and turned away to leave.

Faced with such a scoundrel, if he cannot chase him out, he will just leave himself.

He left the main hall and turned towards the backyard.

If it was any other situation, he would not care much about these kinds of matters and would open one eye and close the other. He was not his father, it was Zhuge Feng’s concern if his son was not disciplined well. There was no need for him to interfere.

However, this time it was different. It involved Chu Li.

Liu Chuan would not have these many doubts if Chu Li was an ordinary Centurion. After all, behind Zhuge Tian was the Crouching Bull Mountain, a first-class sect, their might was not weak. However, behind Chu Li was the High Duke’s Public House and the Crouching Bull Mountain was no match for them.

He would rather throw aside the Crouching Bull Mountain than offend Chu Li. This was the most fundamental way to avoid trouble and seek fortune. Since he became a Centurion, he understood the situation clearly.


The sunset dyed the courtyard red on the evening of the second day and the fresh flowers looked as if they were covered in a layer of rouge. They were absolutely gorgeous.

Zhuge Tian narrowed his eyes and reclined on a rocking chair. The setting sun shined on his face, making him look even more handsome. His voice was warm and magnetic. “Did Liu Chuan really say that?”

“Yes.” Qiao San sighed with a bitter face. “Young Lord, this old man is useless, I was unable to find out the location of Tai Hua Valley!”

“Looks like I have a love rival!” Zhuge Tian chuckled lightly and looked towards the sunset. The corners of his mouth slowly lowered, his smile becoming sarcastic and disdainful, and his voice was ice cold. “Trying to fight me over a woman, I’ll send him to his death!”

Qiao San replied, “Young Lord, Chu Li has a great reputation and is a legendary figure. He is a Chief of the Yi Public House, the Head Chief of the Imperial Residence of King An, and now he is even a Centurion of the Secret Guardians Hall. His might is not insignificant at all!”

“That’s great.” Zhuge Tian rocked lightly, leisurely and carefree. “A love rival like this would only be all the more interesting to kill. It will bring me endless fun; my days will no longer be boring!”

Qiao San hesitated. “I think Master Liu is very afraid of Chu Li.”

“Hmph, he has been an official for too long; he has lost his nerve.” Zhuge Tian said unpleasantly. “No matter how strong his martial arts is, if his brain is useless, then he is destined to die!”

Qiao San smiled. “Chu Li is strong, but compared to the Young Lord, he is still way off!”

Zhuge Tian lightly glanced at him.

Qiao San laughed awkwardly. “Young Lord, I am saying my true thoughts.”

“I do not doubt your sincerity.” Zhuge Tian shook his head. “You are just too sincere, I cannot help but feel invigorated from hearing it!”

“Yes, yes.” Qiao San laughed. “How should we handle Chu Li? Should we inform Hill Master?”

Zhuge Tian’s sharp eyebrows furrowed lightly.

Qiao San jumped in fright and smiled. “I’m afraid Hill Master would not want to provoke Chu Li since Chu Li’s reputation is immense.”

“The older a man gets, the weaker his nerves,” Zhuge Tian shook his head and said disdainfully, “my Father is like that, you are that too, your guts are smaller than a mouse!”

“Yes, yes, my guts are indeed very small,” Qiao San said swiftly, “once Hill Master exits isolated cultivation, the Young Lord will not be able to act so freely anymore. That’s why it would be better to act as soon as possible. By the time Hill Master leaves isolated cultivation, we would have already killed Chu Li!”

“Hm, that makes sense.” Zhuge Tian glanced at him. “You are actually smart for once.”

“The Young Lord is exaggerating!” Qiao San smiled widely. “However, what about Valley Leader Mei?”

“Since she has already become contaminated by another man, she is no longer pure and clean, she can only die!” Zhuge Tian sighed. “She could have become a Lady, it is such a shame!”

“Yes, yes, she was not meant to be!” Qiao San shook his head.

The rocking chair swayed lightly, Zhuge Tian looked towards the setting sun and said slowly, “Tell people to spread the news. Say that Chu Li has obtained the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual and that it was Tai Hua Valley who gave it to him!”

“Brilliant! Truly brilliant!” Qiao San said and enthusiastically gave a thumbs up. “This time, no matter how amazing his martial arts is, he would not be able to fend off the pursuit of everyone else!”

“When he is at the end of his rope, I will go and claim his life.” Zhuge Tian lightly said. “I’ll make Mei Aoshuang and him into a pair of mandarin ducks sharing the same fate. Hehe, I’m such a benevolent person!”