White Robed Chief Chapter 558

Chapter 558 Divulge Information

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Chu Li lightly sipped his tea as he sat under a tree in Mei Er Courtyard.

In the light brisk winds, the shouts, and cries from the distant martial arts field sounded incessant. Dong Qifei shouted now and again.

Yang Zongwen held a pile of dossiers and stood before him to report.

Although rumors were flying and almost all martial artists in the Li Dynasty knew that the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual was in Tai Hua Valley’s possession, no factions acted.

They were all waiting for others to take the initiative to raid Tai Hua Valley, and then snatch it away themselves.

The root was that Tai Hua Valley is within the borders of the Yi Public House.

At that point, the Yi Public House’s momentum was frightening. They were united by marriage to both the Huay Public House and the Imperial Residence of King An and can be considered a colossal giant. Any faction who tried to cause trouble inside the borders of the Yi Public House would surely meet an ugly end.

These martial artists, although impulsive, were not stupid. Seeing such a situation, misfortune would befall the one who acted first, hence why they held themselves back and retracted their necks.

Afterward, there were people spreading the news that the Yi Public House obtained the secret manual. Some said that Tong Ling Faction obtained the secret manual, and some said other sects obtained the secret manual. All kinds of news flew about, and everyone hesitated. What if Tai Hua Valley was framed and really did not have the secret manual?

If that was the case, then the Yi Public House would definitely not let off those who acted.

Thinking about this, individuals grew even more reluctant to act against Tai Hua Valley.

There was also another crucial point; no one knew the exact location of Tai Hua Valley.

Not a single person knew where such a large martial arts faction was. It was as if Tai Hua Valley did not even exist in this world. There were absolutely no traces of it, even if others wanted to kill them, they would not be able to even find the door.

“Whoever said that martial art masters are fools, are the true fools.” Yang Zongwen put down the dossier and smiled towards Chu Li. “All of them are cunning.”

“When the brain is corrupted by greed, the smartest person would become a mad fool,” Chu Li said lightly. “Can you find out who spread this news?”

“It is difficult.” Yang Zongwen smiled bitterly. “It is too easy to spread a rumor.”

Chu Li said, “These crowds really won’t let us have a break, how is Tong Ling Faction doing?”

“There is a congregation already gathered in Heavenly Star Town near Tong Ling Faction.” Yang Zongwen said. “They look like they are about to act. Tong Ling Faction is not like Tai Hua Valley, and the Ji Public House does not have a strong power of obstruction as the Yi Public House.”

Chu Li nodded his head in satisfaction.

Yang Zongwen said, “Centurion, I feel like this storm will pass soon.”

Chu Li raised his eyebrows.

“Yang Zongwen shook his head. “Until now, not a single person has actually seen the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual. They had only heard of it, but it is still unseen. The people are not stupid, they will not be fooled for long. After a few days, if there is still no word of the secret manual appearing, I’m afraid they will just disperse.”

“I’m afraid it will not be that simple,” Chu Li said.

Yang Zongwen said, “From the current point of view, the amount of people pursuing the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual is decreasing. Furthermore, rumors are flying everywhere, and many things are being said. They are confused, so that vigor of theirs would also start running out.”

“I expect that there are people who are very disappointed,” Chu Li said lightly.

Yang Zongwen lightly nodded his head.

Dong Qifei approached with large strides and closed fist saluted. “Centurion, Centurion Liu wishes to meet you.”

Chu Li looked at him. “Hm?”

Dong Qifei said, “Earlier, a Secret Guardian from Ju Wu Courtyard sent a message saying that Centurion Liu wishes to see you.”

Chu Li hummed. “Hm, I’ll take a look.”

Yang Zongwen hurriedly said, “Why is Centurion Liu all of a sudden…?”

The Centurion’s relationship with other Centurions was very cold. They practically never dealt with each other. If there was a need, it would always be him, Dong Qifei and the Ning Brothers who ran their errands. The Centurion himself never acted personally.

Chu Li said, “I’ll know once I go see.”

“Centurion Liu is a strong-willed person. His manner is overbearing, but he is refined in his own rough way,” Yang Zongwen swiftly said.

Chu Li nodded his head and walked away.

Yang Zongwen followed him out worriedly. “His methods are unscrupulous, and he is not afraid of offending people. Centurion, you must be cautious.”

Chu Li laughed. “I do not know how to get to Ju Qu Courtyard, lead me there.”

“Alright,” Yang Zongwen said.

Dong Qifei groaned loudly and followed behind, pursing his lips. That old Yang was always so cautious. There was no need to say so much, who now was not afraid of the Centurion!

The three of them arrived at a large courtyard, it was smaller than Mei Er Courtyard by a third.

They knocked on the gate, entered and saw that the courtyard was bustling with activity. Sixty or so people were currently practicing, their cries and shouts sounding incessant. It was completely different from the emptiness of Mei Er Courtyard.

There were only ten or so individuals in Mei Er Courtyard’s huge courtyard. It accentuated the emptiness of the place, there were not enough people.

A Protector was stationed at the gate. Seeing Yang Zongwen and Dong Qifei, he smiled and led them to the living room.

Chu Li entered the living room, and Yang Zongwen and Dong Qifei remained outside.

Liu Chuan stood up and walked towards him. He laughed merrily and closed fist saluted. “Brother Chu, come, come, please come in!”

Chu Li closed fist saluted and smiled. “Brother Liu, thank you for the hospitality.”

“I am just eager that Brother Chu could come.” Liu Chuan gestured for Chu Li to sit down.

There were only two people in the main hall.

A maid swiftly served them tea.

They each raised a teacup and took a light sip.

Liu Chuan put down the teacup and cleared his throat. “Brother Chu, I called you here today to discuss a few matters.”

Chu Li smiled. “Please speak, Brother Liu.”

Liu Chuan said, “As Secret Guardians, we all have our own informants.”

“Yes.” Chu Li smiled. “Those who do not have informants are blind. We cannot rely solely on the House.”

“Indeed.” Liu Chuan smiled. “Zhuge Feng from the Crouching Bull Mountain is my informant, you can say that we are childhood friends.”

Chu Li laughed in surprise. “Amazing, Brother Liu, Crouching Bull Mountain is a first-rate sect. To have the Hill Master as your informant, it is no wonder that Brother Liu rose so quickly to the top.”

“Hehe, I am no match for you, Brother Chu.” Liu Chuan waved his hand and laughed.

Chu Li shook his head. “I met mine through coincidence, my foundation is not firm.”

“If it were anywhere else, for Brother Chu to obtain such a high position at such a young age, the foundation would indeed not be firm.” Liu Chuan laughed. “However, we at the Secret Guardians Hall is different. We have to rely on our true abilities, there is no such thing as an easy way out. Although you are still young, your abilities are profound and unlike any ordinary person. Your position as Centurion is well deserved.”

His words were not mere flattery.

What did the Secret Guardians Hall rely on to contribute meritorious services? The first was information, the second was ability. Information was first place, if one had more information than the others, and had one more pair of eyes, then that was an advantage over others.

Chu Li’s ability need not be mentioned, they were far superior to ordinary people. It was the fact that he had so many informants that were terrifying.

With the Ren Public House was his informant, the rest of the Secret Guardians were unable to compete with him. In addition, he had informants in the Imperial Residence as well. For the Commander to promote him to Centurion so quickly was by no means an impulsive move.

“Brother Liu exaggerates.” Chu Li smiled

“There is something that has gotten me into quite the dilemma, I cannot make a choice. On one hand is a long friendship, on the other is a colleague from the same House. I do not want to lose my own informant, but at the same time I do not wish to see my colleague suffer losses, sigh.” Liu Chuan sighed and said while shaking his head.

Chu Li said seriously, “Brother Liu, do you have something to teach me? Do not worry, Brother Liu, I am not the kind of person who would simply wipe my mouth and leave after obtaining a bargain. I will definitely repay you in the future!”

Liu Chuan shook his head and smiled bitterly. “I really cannot say much.”

Chu Li frowned. “I have no connections with Crouching Bull Mountain, why does Crouching Bull Mountain wish to harm me?”

Liu Chuan said, “It is said that a beautiful face will always bring disaster along with it, the old sayings are not wrong. Crouching Bull Mountain’s Zhuge Feng is in isolated cultivation, and his son Zhuge Tian is in charge now. This Zhuge Tian fell in love with Mei Aoshuang from Tai Hua Valley.”

Chu Li eyes suddenly flashed, and he showed a smile.

Liu Chuan was awestruck in his heart; his cultivation level was no match for Chu Li!”