White Robed Chief Chapter 559

Chapter 559 Rumor

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Chu Li laughed, and closed fist saluted. “Many thanks, Brother Liu. I will definitely repay you for today’s words!”

Liu Chuan waved his hand. “We are colleagues, no matter how messy the Secret Guardians Hall becomes, it has to do with us. We walk a different path from the people of the martial arts world, and we will never be able to truly become friends with them. It’s just like cat and mouse.”

Chu Li smiled and nodded his head.

Liu Chuan was unbelievable. Friendship was nothing to him and was only interested in the benefits.

He would not be able to open his heart or befriend this person, but he could cooperate and use him for mutual benefits.

Liu Chuan said, “If I did not have this friendship with Zhuge Feng, I would not have said this to Brother Chu either. Just go and knock some sense into that little runt!”

“Looks like he is also an amazing person,” Chu Li said.

Liu Chuan nodded in agreement. “He is already a Grandmaster despite being so young, his talent is of the highest degree.”

“Grandmaster,” Chu Li nodded and said, “he doesn’t know the location of Tai Hua Valley?”

“Of course, how could I tell him.” Liu Chuan scoffed. “I know that the Chong Ming Road is your territory.”

“Thank you, Brother Liu.” Chu Li grinned.

Liu Chuan waved his hand and laughed. “There’s no need to thank me, I actually do not know where Tai Hua Valley is! Haha! I’m afraid the only people who know where that place is are the disciples of Tai Hua Valley, but they do not show themselves at all.”

Chu Li laughed and shook his head. “I do not know either.”

Liu Chuan said, “Anyways, you must be careful of this Zhuge Tian. Youngsters these days are not to be underestimated.”

Chu Li smirked while nodding.

Liu Chuan grinned and said, “I heard Elder Ma got beaten to the ground by you.”

“I’ve caused Brother Liu to laugh at me.” Chu Li shook his head.

Liu Chuan said, “Elder Ma has a rotten mouth, he offended nearly everyone in the Secret Guardians Hall. Everyone is happy that you beat him.”

Chu Li shook his head and sighed. “The hatred in his heart is still present, and he knows that I cannot do anything against him, so he acted recklessly without caring for others. I could only make this unwise decision, who knows if he would remember this lesson in the future.”

“Elder Ma, that person…” Liu Chuan shook his head and sighed. “He shows no understanding of the times and he is stubborn and pigheaded. You must be cautious. After all, he was once a Centurion, he must still have some loyal and devoted subordinates under his wing.”

Chu Li smiled, and closed fist saluted. “Thank you, Brother Liu, I shall take my leave!”

“I shan’t see you off.” Liu Chuan stood up and closed fist saluted.


He exited Ju Wu Courtyard while deep in thought.

At that moment, Ning Zhongyuan’s rotund body hurried over, and he said slowly, “Centurion, there’s trouble.”

Chu Li raised his head to look at him.

Ning Boyuan looked in both directions. There was no one in the surroundings, but he still lowered his voice. “A rumor suddenly appeared in Fairy’s Capital, saying that you obtained the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual.”

“The Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual?” Chu Li started to laugh. “I obtained it?”

“Yes.” Ning Zhongyuan nodded his head intensely. “This is not good, Centurion!”

Chu Li asked, “Where did this ridiculous rumor come from?”

He was sure that Lu Yurong would not hurt him and make up this rumor.

However, only Lu Yurong knew of that news, so it was very hard not to suspect her. Could it be that a separate party inadvertently found out the information from her?

She was extremely smart and would not commit such a mistake.

Ning Zhongyuan said, “Centurion, we know that it is just a rumor. You remain in the Secret Guardians Hall all day, but other people do not know that. Furthermore, the rumors are very detailed and vivid, they said the reason why you managed to shoot up to Grandmaster’s Boundary in just two years is because you obtained the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual!”

“That makes sense!” Chu Li laughed.

Putting it that way, it really did have a seamless feeling.

Ning Zhongyuan said, “Centurion, even we are only half suspicious about this, much less others!”

“Then what do the others think? Do they want to snatch away my secret manual?” Chu Li said unpleasantly.

Ning Zhongyuan said, “Centurion, you should not underestimate their desire towards the secret manual. It lets them become a Grandmaster in such a short amount of time, who would not be envious? That’s why Centurion should bring some Protectors along with you, Elder Qin and the others have decided to escort you back to the Imperial Residence.”

“Hm, very well.” Chu Li hesitated for a moment but nodded his head.

To be able to become a Grandmaster in just two years, that was indeed a great temptation. Especially if others find out he possessed the secret manual, and know that they would be able to achieve the same after obtaining it, who would not feel interested?

Even the four major sects would feel interested, right?

It was not easy to cultivate the martial arts of the four major sects to the level of Grandmaster. Even a prodigy such as Fa Yuan would most likely need to cultivate for a few years before being able to succeed. If he obtained the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual, he would be able to become a Grandmaster in just two years. How would the Grandmasters of the sect not proliferate and become outstanding compared with their peers?

Ning Zhongyuan lowered his voice. “Centurion, did you really obtain the secret manual?”

Chu Li said unpleasantly, “I really obtained the secret manual but gave it to the High Duke’s Public House long ago, what would I keep it for?”

“Hehe, that’s true.” Ning Zhongyuan nodded his head.

Yang Zongwen said, “Centurion, this is troublesome. The people might really think that you offered it to the High Duke’s Public House!”

Chu Li frowned deeply, he also was aware of the trouble.

If it really was offered to the High Duke’s Public House, then the High Duke’s Public House would produce a large number of Grandmasters rapidly. Considering when he became a Grandmaster, two years have not passed yet. Since that was the case, the High Duke’s Public House had no way of proving that the secret manual was not in their hands.

Now both the High Duke’s Public House and he were in a bind, it seemed to be Lu Yurong’s methods.

“Everyone must be driven insane by their desire for the secret manual,” Ning Zhongyuan said.

Chu Li said, “Do you wish to obtain the secret manual?”

“You really have it?”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t think so?”

Chu Li glared at him.

Ning Zhongyuan was convinced that he had the secret manual, otherwise, there was no way that he could cultivate that quickly.

Chu Li asked, “Are you not curious at all if the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual is really that marvelous? Can it really allow someone to become a Grandmaster in just two years?”

“Everyone already believes in that anyway,” said Ning Zhongyuan.

Yang Zongwen sighed and asked, “Could it be Second-in-command Ma?”

Chu Li said, “We’ll talk about this another time. Whoever did this will expose themselves sooner or later. Help me investigate news about Crouching Bull Mountain.”

“Yes.” Yang Zongwen nodded.

In the evening, Qin Jin and three other Grandmasters accompanied Chu Li when he returned.

Along the way, Chu Li noticed several Grandmasters appearing in the surroundings, watching him from the shadows, ready to make trouble and eyeing him like a tiger would eye its prey.

Chu Li frowned, it seemed like news traveled quickly, and everyone seemed to have believed the news. They all harbored malicious intentions and wished to snatch the secret manual. If it were not for Qin Jin and the other three, they would have already rushed forward and attempt to snatch it. The temptation of the secret manual was too strong.

They would snatch the secret manual not for themselves, but for their sects.

Especially the martial arts masters from the second-rate sects.

These second-rate sects were unable to produce Grandmasters on their own, so they had to invite Grandmasters from outside by using various connections to draw them over to their side. If they had the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual, they would be able to become Grandmasters even without needing the Surpassing State!

The second-rate sects would become first-rate sects in the blink of an eye and would suddenly rise up instantaneously!

Chu Li slyly shook his head; these people had actually gone mad. They never stopped to consider that even if they obtained the secret manual, they might not be able to protect it. The extermination of their sect would draw close!

Even if they concealed their faces, would not there be a possibility of people chasing them after they managed to snatch it?

“Centurion, we shall stay here for the night,” Qin Jin said in front of the front gate of the Imperial Residence of King An.

Chu Li smiled. “There are the Imperial Residence Protectors here, they are enough. You all should go back and rest.”

“Then we shall return here early tomorrow.”


Qin Jin and the other three closed fist saluted and left the Imperial Residence of King An. A few dozen Grandmasters stared after them as they left, and then turned towards Chu Li.