White Robed Chief Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Berserk

"Pom!" The thin youth thumped heavily on the ground. He spurted out another mouth of blood.

He painstakingly tried to sit up, and looked at Zhuo Feiyang with utter disbelief.

The Yi Public House had always prohibited personal duels. The lighter punishment being rank demotion, while a heavier penalty would be banishment from the house. It was puzzling that Zhuo Feiyang would take a move, especially under the scrutiny of a big crowd. Was he not afraid of the consequences?

Zhuo Feiyang sneered, "Just a piece of trash, and you dared to say such words. Do you think you're Chu Li?"

The crowd was fuming.

Martial art was number one. Those who practiced martial arts were often hot-blooded, and took win or loss very seriously. Every one of them strived to be the best of the best, and that attitude was carved in their blood, it would never change.

People had always been jealous of Zhuo Feiyang, and thought that he did not deserve the title of youth champion. Now that they have personally witnessed him losing to Chu Li, not once but twice, the feeling of envy and respect they had towards him vanished. They now looked down on him, especially after what he had just done. He had taken it way too far, by hitting someone in front of so many people. The crowd could no longer take it.

"This is absolutely insane!"

"He really thinks that he's the greatest of all time huh!"

"I thought he was good, but instead he's worthless!"

"Even after losing, he dared to bully people, sigh..., shame!"

"Youth champion so what? Can't even endure a single strike from Chu Li, how embarrassing!"

"Darn it, and he dared to hit people!"

A young man with a strong build emerged from the crowd. He pointed at Zhuo Feiyang and yelled out loud, "Zhuo Feiyang, what do you want?!"

"Blab la bla, a group of worthless fellows. I will do whatever I want to do!"Zhuo Feiyang glanced at the crowd, his blood red eyes looked like he wanted to slaughter them, his sharp looks piercing them like a sword.

They might be intimidated a little, but they disliked the way he threatened them, and they felt very angry instead.

"Zhuo, you simply attacked people, and we can't stand it anymore. I'm intrigued to experience what it is that you're really capable of!" The muscular guy scoffed.

Zhuo Feiyang sneered, "You're just a nobody, are you worthy to fight against me?"

"Who do you think you are, youth champion eh? What a joke!" The muscular guy said mockingly, then smirked, "All your so-called achievements were nothing but a hoax! You being talented? What utter gibberish!"

"Great!" Zhuo Feiyang exhaled sharply, throwing out a fist.

"Pom!" The muscular guy did not have time to react. He was already punched off ground.

While in the air, he puffed out a streak of blood, and then he landed with a thump. Thereafter, he looked to be as stationary as a rock. It looked like he had passed out.

Zhuo Feiyang lowered his fist slowly. He swept another glance at the crowd, "Who else is discontented with me?"

The crowd became more enraged.

"Me!" A short, chubby youth stood out from the crowd, and calmly said, "Zhuo Feiyang, it looks like you're not that useless afterall. Take this!"

He threw a punch at him, his whole body shifting towards the momentum, it was swift like a meteor. The skill move that he had cultivated was the powerful Asteroid Punch.

Zhuo Feiyang smirked, and took a step forward. He threw a punch.

"Ah!" there was a cry of pain as the short youth covered his fist and backed off, his face pale. Shortly after, giant drops of perspiration formed on his forehead.

"Incompetent trash!" Zhuo Feiyang looked at him in pride, then ignored his ordeal. He looked towards the crowd once again, "Who else?"

The short youth released his hand from the injured fist. The people around him looked at it, and cold chills travelled down their spines.

His wounded hand was broken from the wrist out, and the whitish colour of bones protruded out from it. He practiced the Asteroid Punch, so supposedly his fist should be rock hard. It was surprising that this tragedy had befallen on him. They know now, how powerful Zhuo Feiyang's punch could be.

Most of the crowd were stunned, and they creased their eyebrows nervously. Zhuo Feiyang was not weak at all!

Zhuo Feiyang glanced across the crowd, and laughed arrogantly, "Just a group of nobodies. Why, you thought that my abilities were fake? And you people were stronger than me? Fools!...Come on then, whoever is still unsatisfied, just step out!"

"I will challenge your sword skills!" A tall, skinny young man slowly walked out of the crowd, his face solemn.

They were not brave enough to discredit Zhuo Feiyang's martial arts abilities, but what he had done were too much to bear, it was unacceptable! Hiding and acknowledging his greatness would not be an act of cowardice. They had to step out and attempt to battle him whatsoever. Even if they had lost, the efforts were still worthwhile.

"Come on!" Zhuo Feiyang unsheathed his sword, and smiled coldly, "If I don't kick all of your asses today, I'm not Zhuo Feiyang!"

This statement further infuriated the crowd. They discussed it among themselves and you could hear curses or swears coming out from them. The training ground was in a buzz.

Zhuo Feiyang drew out his sword and scoffed, "I'll let you strike me three times before I start attacking you!"

The tall, skinny youth drew out his sword as well, and swiped towards him three times, each hit speedy. Zhuo Feiyang only needed to slightly sway his body to the side and dodged his strikes effortlessly. He looked very casual, as if it was nothing at all.

"That's three!" Zhuo Feiyang exhaled sharply, and threw out a fist.

"Ding..." The long sword was casted out to the sky, and landed behind the crowd.

Zhuo Feiyang withdrew his fist, and sneered, "Another trash!...Are there any more? Is there really no one who could let me advance to my second move?"

The crowd became silent.

Those that had challenged him earlier were among the best fighters. They were all tempted to obtain the crown of the youth champion title, and thought that they were qualified to.

The rest of them knew that their skills were not as good. If they had stepped out to challenge Zhuo Feiyang, it was merely an act of seeking their own end.

Zhuo Feiyang glanced across them, and saw that nobody dared to step forth. He then announced, "A group of trash!"

He turned around and left the place. Bai Zhijie gave the rest of the crowd a mean stare, then hurriedly caught up to his Master.

He followed behind Zhuo Feiyang, and groaned. In a low tone, he exclaimed, "Master, this time we're doomed!"

"You send me home, and then go and see Elder Ding!" Zhuo Feiyang scoffed.

"Yes." Bai Zhijie nodded.

The reason Zhuo Feiyang could enter the Yi Public House was all thanks to Elder Ding's recommendation. He was one of the elders of the Hall of Martial Arts. Back then he owed a favour to House Zhuo, hence he helped to get Zhuo Feiyang into the Public House. Now that Zhuo Feiyang had stirred up some problems, he had no choice but to utilise his connections.

Attacking people under the witness of a big crowd, that was a huge violation of the laws of the Public House. He could be stripped of his inner strength and banished elsewhere.

Zhuo Feiyang boarded the boat, and suddenly his face looked as pale as chalk. He sat down in a feebly manner. Bai Zhijie wasn't surprised by that, as he had prior experience. He knew that it was the aftermath of the Blazing Sunder skill move. After two days he would fully recover.

Chu Li returned to the East Garden. Throughout the journey, Lee Yue could not stop grinning, he could barely close his lips.

Once they were back at the East Garden, they entered the small house. Lee Yue started laughing loudly, "That was satisfying! Very satisfying!"

Chu Li smiled as he sat beside the stone table, "What satisfying?"

"I think this time Zhuo Feiyang would be so frustrated that he would never challenge you ever again!" Lee Yue grinned and continued, "Three hundred taels! He should be bankrupt by now, eh?"

Chu Li shook his head, "House Zhuo has an enormous reserve in terms of finances, I doubt that would even hurt them."

"That rich?"

"If not, how could Zhuo Feiyang be so talented? It's because he consumed all types of medicine since young." Chu Li sighed and said, "But I missed the chance to slap him in the face just now, what a waste!"

He had thought of that, but he did not do it in the end.

If he had done so, it would be over the top. It would not be worth it. There was not even the need to do so, since this time he had already completely embarrassed his opponent. In fact, he had almost shattered his confidence entirely.

"Sigh...." Lee Yue shook his head, "He was really unfortunate to encounter you, you're his nemesis!"

Chu Li smiled, "I'm no nemesis, there are many who are stronger than me."

"Youth champion, this title is now entitled to you!" Lee Yue was all smiles and said, "Brother, now we should be worrying about the numerous challenges you'll face in the future."

Chu Li said, "That's great! Same old rule, a hundred taels!"

"Ah------!" Lee Yue stared at him with wide eyes.

Chu Li laughed, "If there's no one hundred taels, I won't accept."

"This is..." Lee Yue shook his head, "Not appropriate, not appropriate. What if they label you as money-eyed? We are Scribes, and would need to go on missions. Who would then want to acquire your services?"

Chu Li smiled, "My time is precious, if you don't have ten thousand taels, don't disturb me."

This is an act of exposing one's weakness. It forced those who are against him to find a way to challenge him.

If he was working under somebody else, he would have to preserve his good name. But Siao Qi is different, she looks directly at one's heart. Chu Li's Omniscient Mirror could avoid her investigations, and garner enough of her trust. Hence, his good name did not matter as much.

A little taint to his name like this, was just a normal thing that humans do.

Men always needed an excuse to look down on other people, and consulate themselves. Chu Li is merely giving the others an opportunity to be looked down upon. People would then start saying, that he was very skilful in martial arts, but he was greedy. It would be his disgrace.

Lee Yue sighed, "Brother, this is not a small matter. You must consider it properly!"

Chu Li smiled, "There won't be another challenge in the distant future. I shall return to the Island of Jade."

"Alright, go ahead then. Let your pretty assistant help you relax a little!" Lee Yue grinned, his face cunning.

Chu Li gave him a stare, then got onto his boat and set sail to the Island of Jade.

Inside the small Public House, Xue Linge Xue was dressed in a pristine white. She looked graceful and at ease, her pretty face looked stunning under the gentle sunlight.

She was slowly cultivating the Eight Forms of Crescent Cryptic. When she saw that Chu Li had returned, she stopped and served him a pot of White Jade Tea, "Master, have you won?"

"Yes", Chu Li replied sluggishly.

He sat under a small kiosk and absorbed the spiritual energy of the Glory's Will Tree. He was using the Recuperation Technique, and soon all the minor inner injuries were healed. His body was restored to full strength.

Xue Linge's bright eyes glanced at his face, she watched him intently.

Chu Li looked at her, but she still looked at him directly in the eye, "Lord Zhuo Feiyang had lost?"

"That is for sure." Chu Li smiled, "I've already won, how could he win too?"

Xue Linge said, "Isn't he the Youth Champion?"

"He is indeed strong." Chu Li nodded.

If he did not possess the Scripture of Life and Death, he would not have dared to cultivate the Infinite Sea of Azure move and the Blade of Eternity move. Without those, he would not be Zhuo Feiyang's match. The Blazing Sunder move was extremely powerful, and very hard to master. Zhuo Feiyang could master it in such a short period of time, just proves that his talents were a level above others.

"So, Master, now you're the new junior champion?" Xue Linge's eyes brightened up.

Chu Li's smile disappeared from his face, "What junior champion? Nonsense. That's enough, let's continue practicing martial arts!"

He pointed at the steel baton right outside the kiosk.

Xue Linge nodded helplessly.

Chu Li stepped out of the kiosk, and started cultivating the 72 styles of the Sentient Menace move. Xue Linge hit the baton strongly on him, "Pom!" He was as a still as a rock, his stance not affected at all. Xue Linge followed up with another hit.

"Pom pom pom pom..." hit after hit, Xue Linge counted her breaths, it was 5 breaths between each subsequent hit.

The door of the small Public House opened, and Su Ru Shu walked into the area. She was dressed in chestnut yellow, and she smiled, "You were very still!"

Chu Li stopped cultivating, and accompanied her to the small kiosk, they then sat down together. Xue Linge served them tea and stood outside.

Su Ru was looked beautiful, she smiled vaguely, "You've gained yourself fame again!"

Chu Li smiled, "Chief, so you've heard of the challenge?"

"Did you know that after you had left, Zhuo Feiyang went berserk?" Su Ru smiled and said.

Chu Li was stunned.

Su Ru sighed, and shook her head, "This is difficult! This fella was too immature!"

Chu Li asked, "What exactly had happened?"

Su Ru told him the full story. Upon hearing it, Chu Li creased his brows, "Would he really be banished? That would be a waste!"

Zhuo Feiyang may be his arch-rival, and would seek to kill him if he had the chance. But all in all, he was still a talented person, and an asset that is valuable to the Yi Public House.