White Robed Chief Chapter 560

Chapter 560 Massacre

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As the lamp lit up the area, the lights gave the illusion of daytime in the Tianshu Courtyard.

Chu Li sat beside a stone table with dishes on top. As he held his chopsticks, his movements were slow and relaxed. He ate his dinner absent-mindedly.

Xiao Shi wore a light yellow robe and sat across from him. Her complexion was as radiant as white jade. She looked at him while she held her bowl. “What is the matter now?”

Chu Li laid down his chopsticks and raised his white jade cup. He took a light sip and replied, “There is trouble again.”

“What trouble? Tell me,” Xiao Shi put down her bowl and spoke softly.

Xiao Shi never really took matters of life and death seriously. She never really cared about trouble in general.

Chu Li explained the situation.

Xiao Shi questioned, “If that is the case, do they intend to come here and snatch the secret manual?”

Chu Li nodded his head. “Of course they would try to snatch it. I would do the same if I were them.”

“Then, what is there to say? Just fight them. If anyone comes, then kill them. See who would still dare to come to snatch it!” said Xiao Shi as she let out a dignified scoff.

“I am worried that they might use other tricks. To deal with you.” Chu Li frowned.

“Then bring it on, we’ll see how capable they are… They will definitely not kill me. If I die, you will not hand over the secret manual either. They have to leave time for you to rescue me,” Xiao Shi responded indifferently.

Chu Li laughed.

Xiao Shi asked, “Is it really impossible to go to the Spirit Cranes Peak?”

“It is unsafe.” Chu Li shook his head.

He was uncertain whether other Spirit Beasts would sense Xiao Shi’s aura if she stayed for too long. The capabilities of a Spirit Beast must not be underestimated as many are beyond the imagination of what a human can comprehend.

If the Spirit Crane had any natural enemies, staying in the Spirit Cranes Peak would be akin to courting death. For humans, a battle against a Spirit Beast would be equivalent to a mere peasant facing an assault from a Grandmaster. Disaster would be imminent.

Xiao Qi would have no problems, as she would retreat when faced with an unfavorable situation. Xiao Shi had no knowledge of the martial arts so she would only end up facing her own demise.

As the two of them were conversing, a deep-voiced shout came from the outside.

“Assassins!” Zhu Tianhua’s thunderous voice was heard. His tall and burly physique jumped out of the courtyard and faced against ten black-clothed men.

Liu Xing and the others dashed towards the Tianshu Courtyard to protect Xiao Shi.

Chu Li called out deeply, “Just focus on dealing with these assassins, I am here!”

“Understood, Head Chief!” Liu Xing and the others replied with an assured tone.

Chu Li’s voice resonated all over the Imperial Residence of King An. It rang out clearly as everyone in the Imperial Residence heard the message, “Zheng Lide, defend the Royal Highness! All residents stay in your houses and refrain from exiting. The remaining Grandmaster Protectors are to eliminate all assassins, spare no one!”

“Yes!” cried out his comrades. Their voices were heard from all directions.

Chu Li turned his head towards Xiao Shi and Yang Xu. He then said, “I will escort you first.”

“Let’s go to Qing Yun Town. I shall rest there tonight,” said Xiao Shi.

Chu Li nodded.

As he held on to the Second Lady’s waist, he teleported from the Tianshu Courtyard. They both arrived shortly in a small courtyard in Qing Yun Town. Chu Li looked around and eventually relaxed.

Almost nobody knew of their arrival at Qing Yun Town before. Their identities were never revealed. Any disturbances were non-existent as long as Yang Baoshu did not cause a ruckus.

Yang Baoshu was running to and fro in the courtyard at that very moment from his furious mother. The lady chased after him while holding a broom with her face red from anger.

Chu Lu shook his head while he smiled. He returned to Imperial Residence of King An after bearing spectacle of the mayhem.

‘Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam…’ Palm energies intersected with the sounds of collision between Fist Techniques rang out into the night.

There were six Grandmasters against ten Grandmasters in the Imperial Residence of King An. The odds were against their favor.

Chu Li laughed coldly to himself.

Ten Grandmasters could not be simply retrieved even if it was in the Fairy’s Capital. It was close to the number of Protectors the Royal Highness had.

Those people wanted to eliminate him in one fight!

As the Heavenly Demonic Orb fell into his heart, endless power surged through his body.

Chu Li flashed and appeared behind the man. The man had black overalls and wore a mask to hide his identity. Chu Li made a move and let out a punch. His Shura Palm was silent and swift like an evil force.

‘Bam!’ The black-cloaked man felt the warning punch. He attempted to dodge it but he was ultimately powerless. The palm energy had already been placed firmly to his back. He was launched several meters away and fell into a courtyard. Later on, the man showed no signs of movement.

Chu Li extended his index finger with his other hand and pointed at another man dressed in black.

‘Pfft!’ the energy from his finger emitted a soft buzz. Immediately, the other masked man collapsed due to the force of the Petrifying Finger.

Chu Li instantly emerged behind him and pushed him with his Shura Palm.

‘Bam!’ The masked man was launched away from the force.

Spiritual force rushed in from all directions. The Duality Scripture circulated rapidly, thus, quickly replenishing Chu Li’s inner energy.

The finger technique from Chu Li’s left hand sprung towards another enemy.

It was a skinny man with a mask. Behind the black cloth was a lean face. He was around his fifties.

When Chu Li pointed the Petrifying Finger at him, the lean masked man felt the odd energy and evaded the attack by stepping to the side. However, another finger force that was silent came slowly with the night wind. The attack was undetected by the masked man.

His senses had the premonition of the incoming attack but the force from the finger had already reached him. The Spear Finger Strike struck him before he could avoid the attack.

The force from the finger seemed to be harnessed from light breezes around them. It entered his body, but it did not seem to have any expulsion.

The man’s heart meridian suddenly contracted as if a knife had suddenly plunged itself inside of his chest.

He struggled and tried his best to withstand the cut. His inner energy protected his heart meridian as a desperate attempt to prevent it from being severed.

‘Bam!’ A dull pain spread across his back. Suddenly, an influx of ice cold aura engulfed him.

His inner energy was completely defenseless against the icy cold aura; it was on the edge of devouring him. The bout of inner energy suddenly twisted turning from ice cold into scorching hot energy. His entire body felt like it had been cast into an inferno.

His vision darkened gradually, and he never woke up again.

As Chu Li flung his left hand, a cold light was shot towards another masked man who was five steps away.

The masked man swung his hand up to parry the blade flung by Chu Li.

‘Ching!’ The blade pierced through his palm without any hindrance.

The traveling blade continued to pierce through his palm and penetrated his right abdomen. The clothes of the back of the man soon were soon drenched with his own blood.

Chi Li shot out another blade at him.

The masked man tried to move but was unable to do so. The strength of his body seemed to leak out from his injury through his right chest. Fatigue soon caught on to him and he turned sluggish. With a clouded mind, the masked man could only watch as another flying blade pierced his heart.

He could not withstand any longer and fell feebly to the ground.

Chu Li’s actions were rapid. Within a few moments, he had already defeated three masked men.

Zhu Tianhua and the others regained their composure as they seem to have the upper hand with six people blocking against seven people.

With Chu Li’s limitless power, the might of his flying blades increased by multiple folds.

Even without the superimposition of the Infinite Azure Sea, the power was astonishing by itself. Even under close quarters, it was almost impossible to evade. Only if one gained top-notch Light-body Technique would they be able to have a chance of escaping.

Chu Li let out a wicked laugh, and once again appeared behind another masked man.

The masked man retaliated. He stuck out his palm as he turned around to face Chu Li.

He was prepared to defend himself against Chu Li’s trick.

Chu Li thrust out his palm.

‘Bam!’ with a muffled sound, Chu Li stood firmly on the rooftop. Meanwhile, the masked man took three steps back and crushed several grey tiles along the way.

Chu Li threw out a silver light with his left hand.

“Hah!” cried the man. A glint of reflected light shone from the masked man’s waist as he unveiled his sword to block the attack from his front.

‘Ching…’ The thrown dagger struck his sword.

The longsword collided with the masked man’s chest. He staggered as his inner force was stagnated.

Another cold glint shot out and pierced through his heart which caused an arch of blood to spray out into the open night air.

“Retreat!” a man cried. The remaining six masked men were now in an unfavorable situation. If this were to go on, no one would survive!

Chu Li cackled. “Block all of them! Don’t let anyone escape!”

“Yes!” Zhu Tianhua and the others had regained their spirit. They would rather cause defeat on both parties than let them escape.

Chu Li spiraled around them like a phantom.

Spear Finger Strikes were shot out repeatedly, while the Petrifying Finger was also shot out simultaneously.

The Spear Finger Strikes were silent, whereas the Petrifying Fingers were formless and traceless. The masked men could only rely on their Grandmaster level senses to evade them.

These two martial art skills were specially created by the Tempest Temple to restrain Grandmasters. The masked men had never seen this technique before, thus they did not know how to dodge them.

Shortly after, two of them were struck by the Petrifying Finger while another two were struck by the Spear Finger Strike.

Chu Li threw out his blades and struck all four of them simultaneously.

Zhu Tianhua and the others trembled as they witnessed the scene. They knew that Chu Li’s martial arts were overwhelming, but they had never expected it to be this powerful. He had killed all of those Grandmasters as if he were slaughtering chickens.