White Robed Chief Chapter 561

Chapter 561 Heat Flow

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The two other black masked men ran and escaped in separate directions.

Their Light-body Technique was great, thus they escaped rather quickly. By the time

Chu Li had killed four of their comrades, they had already escaped far away into the night.

Chu Li’s face was calm as he disappeared. His turbulent lust to kill had died down.

He suddenly reappeared behind one of the masked men with his left hand’s Petrifying

Finger, and his right hand’s Spear Finger Strike. Both of these two finger forces were silent and the warning intuitions from the Grandmasters would only be produced when the finger forces were extremely close to them.

The masked man quickly retreated a meter away from Chu Li. His Light-body Technique was very powerful while his body movement technique was swift as he managed to dodge the two fingers continuously.

A layer of cold sweat instantly formed on his back. ‘That was too close!’

Just as when he felt lucky, a cold light emerged before his eyes. He was unable to avoid it.

He had witnessed his comrades’ fate against the flying blade before, thus he knew that he could use neither his palm energy nor fist techniques to block it. The only method to counter this would be to dodge it.

Helplessly, he desperately retreated once more. The masked man managed to somehow avoid his heart hurt from getting struck. Instead, his left shoulder ended up getting pierced through.

His stability faltered.

Strange internal energy from the flying blade had instantaneously entered his body. His internal energy had stagnated to an uncontrollable level. This caused his stability to stop momentarily.

He desperately channeled his energy to heal the wound. When he had almost recovered from the injury, he stopped again. It was as if his heartbeat had stopped.

This was the power of the Petrifying Finger.

The cold glint of metal flashed before his eyes. A flying blade pierced his heart without any deterrent.

The timing of the blade was incredibly accurate. He froze only for a moment, but he was about to recover from the energy of the Petrifying Finger to dodge the flying blade.

However, it was close. The slight delay was enough to make the difference between life and death.

He fell to the ground and glared at Chu Li.

Chu Li flashed and disappeared from his spot.

The other masked man’s body movement technique was abnormally fast. While Chu Li dealt with the first masked man, he ran five miles and escaped from the observational range of the Omniscient Mirror.

Chu Li flashed and appeared at the last area where he had escaped from the Omniscient Mirror. The masked man once again fell into the observational range of the Omniscient Mirror.

Chu Li flashed again and reappeared behind him.

“You with the surname Chu! Do others a favor and stop burning your bridges in case we meet again in the future!” remarked the man. The masked man then stopped and simply stood on a roof. He then stared at Chu Li with a cold glare.

He knew that his body-movement technique was not quick enough to enable him to escape. Instead of being chased to his death, it would be better if he fought to his death; perhaps then he might have a chance to live.

Chu Li calmly observed him and then shouted, “Take out your weapon, lest you die unjustly!”

“Hmph, how arrogant!” said the masked man as he laughed bitterly.

The night wind swayed their garments wildly. Like a kite with a string, it whipped back violently.

The masked man’s eyes were rapidly filled with his inner bloodlust. His ferocity was like a beast. It was as if he was about to tear Chu Li apart and consume him. He growled deeply, “Die-!”

Followed by the low growl, he dashed with a black streak and shot towards Chu Li.

Chu Li watched him desperately burning his own essence of blood to become a fearsome foe. The masked man had morphed himself into a living violent attack. Chu Li shook his head and instantly disappeared before his eyes.

“Bam!” the masked man was unable to retract his palm energy. His power rushed out and created a huge hole in the rooftop where Chu Li once stood. The rubble started to collapse. Suddenly, a scream from under the house was heard.

Chu Li reappeared behind the masked man.

The dark glint of a blade flashed past his waist and swiftly swept around the masked man.

His foe looked down at his own chest with disbelief.

The tip of the Modesty Sword emerged out of his chest. The sword had pierced him from his back to the front.

A strange aura from the sword paralyzed him as if he was frozen in water. He was completely immobilized. He turned around with difficulty and stammered, “You… you…”

Chu Li frowned at him.

He suddenly noticed a weak heat flow leaking out from the sword.

This heat flow vanished shortly; as if it was never there in the first place. However, he could not ignore the satisfaction welling up in his body. He felt like a dehydrated man drinking a large gulp of pristine water when faced with the brink of death.

As Chu Li pulled out the sword and stepped back, the masked man took one step forward and collapsed onto the rooftop. His corpse rolled along the tiles of the house and finally plummeted to the ground with a loud ‘bam’. The noise was particularly loud in the cold night.

The owner of the house did not move a single muscle as he was afraid to come out.

Chu Li looked down at the corpse of the masked man to confirm his death.

The Heavenly Demonic Orb once again solidified above Chu Li’s heart and emitted an incredible blue aura that was accompanied by flashes of electricity.

Chu Li frowned as he stood on the rooftop.

The moonlight as clear as water, a gust of wind blew, and his white robe fluttered.

He sensed an abnormality.

Usually, when Chu Li activated the Heavenly Demonic Power, he would grow extremely hungry. His appetite would turn insatiable as if he could eat ten cows.

Accompanying his hunger would be a faint weakness. His body would be strong externally but dehydrated on the inside. Everything within him would disparate and only an empty vessel would be left. He could fall over at any time.

However, as for now, there was an absence of the usual hunger and weakness. That faint heat flow that Chu Li had detected previously had replenished the Heavenly Demonic Power energy he had depleted.

Regarding the nature of the Heavenly Demonic Power, Chu Li was always uncertain in the structure of the fifth layer as it was not that much different when compared with the fourth layer. It was only when he had noticed the progression in his techniques that Chu Li was able to identify it. They were swifter and more prominent during execution. He was able to imitate skills with a more vivid understanding and execute techniques flawlessly. Needless to say, there was not much difference as even the name was somewhat the same.

Chu Li thought that this was the change from the fifth layer, but now it seemed that the proof of the fifth layer was this heat flow.

He had killed people using his finger force, palm energy and flying blades countless times, while his Swordsmanship being used the least. The Grandmasters were considered dangerous because as one got too close, they might activate their secret skill that is fatal for both opponents. It was similar to the secret skill of the Holy Church of Light. Therefore, it was best to keep a distance from them.

It seemed that Chu Li should try slaying people with his swordsmanship to find if there was any magical effect.

‘That heat flow earlier…what exactly was it?’, thought Chu Li to himself.

The first four layers of the Heavenly Demonic Power consumed the user’s inner energy when activated. However, when starting from the fifth layer onwards, it devoured this kind of exquisite power as well?

With his newfound curiosity and uncertainty for the future, Chu Li returned to the Imperial Residence of King An.

“Head Chief…” welcomed Liu Xing and the others. They closed fist saluted and sighed in relief.

They had little faith that Chu Li could kill ten Grandmasters in one go.

There were only so many remaining Grandmasters in the world now. To eliminate ten of them in one fight was a terrifying and astonishing feat. From now onwards, no one would dare infiltrate the Imperial Residence of King An!

Zhu Tianhua’s tall and burly physique set him apart in the crowd. He was paler than usual and held his chest with a sick expression.

Chu Li said, “Zhu Tianhua, quickly take your Spirit Medicine. Stop trying to act tough!”

Zhu Tianhua was known to be a fearsome opponent and a brave man. He was not afraid of death and had single-handedly withstood the attack of three Grandmasters. However, he had ended up suffering heavy injuries from the fight.

Zhu Tianhua forced a laugh. “Head Chief, my body is tough. Sometimes I’m surprised at how resilient it is! I will be fine after one night.”

Chu Li nodded his head and glanced at everyone. “There might still be trouble during the night time. All of you will split into two groups. Do not work on your own!”

“Understood!” replied everyone.

Chu Li then waved his hand and continued, “Go. After tonight, each person will have a Spirit Blessing Pill!”

“Thank you very much, Head Chief!” everyone responded ecstatically. All of them were overjoyed.

One Spirit Blessing Pill was equivalent to the value of one life. In the eyes of a Grandmaster, it was extremely precious. The reward from the Head Chief was too generous!

Quietly, Chu Li then returned to his own courtyard.

Who exactly was plotting against him this time, was it Lu Yurong?

Chu Li felt highly suspicious. Killing two birds with one stone was very much the nature of Lu Yurong. Moreover, the method was well planned and had a ruthless edge to it. However, Chu Li did not believe it. A strange intuition nagged him that it was not Lu Yurong. In that case, who else was there?

It would be to his advantage if merely killing ten Grandmasters was enough to deter covetous eyes. Let them understand that the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual was not something that could be easily snatched!

Chu Li was deep in thought when suddenly something startled him. He raised his head to find Lu Yurong descending down from over the wall. Her clothes were white like snow.

Chu Li said coldly, “You have some nerve to show up here!”

Lu Yurong was startled and rolled her eyes at him. “What do you mean?”

“This was all caused by you! Are you satisfied now?” Chu Li smiled coldly.

Lu Yurong said unpleasantly, “You think that this is my fault?!”

“It has to be you, besides, no one else would do something like this!” nodded Chu Li.