White Robed Chief Chapter 563

Chapter 563 Sending Letter

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As dawn arrived, Zhuge Tian walked out from his house and stretched out his arms. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. As he basked in the sunlight, he commented, “Such nice weather!”

Qiao San waved his hands and ordered two servants to remove the dead female body out from the room. He smiled and said, “Young Lord, the news about Chu Li having the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual has spread throughout the entire Fairy’s Capital. I received news last night that there were around ten Grandmasters who intruded the An Imperial Residence.”

Zhuge Tian nodded without paying much attention. He then calmly said, “I’ve barely moved a finger for this problem. No matter, he will have more to handle in the future. We shall then see if he can survive that or not!”

Qiao San nodded in agreement. “My Young Lord, you are much more clever than other people. I really admire you!”

Zhuge Tian stared at him with a raised eyebrow.

Qiao San immediately stopped his praise as he knew his words had failed to please him.

Zhuge Tian then sat on his rocking chair and rocked it softly with his weight. He said softly, “Then?”

“What then?” Qiao San was confused.

Zhuge Tian looked up at the blue sky filled with clouds as he enjoyed the weather. “Ten Grandmasters entered the An Imperial Residence, and then that’s it?”

Qiao San hesitated for a moment, and replied helplessly, “They are all dead.”

“What–?” Zhuge Tian turned and looked at him in surprise.

Qiao San quickly continued, “They were all killed by Chu Li!”

“Oh? Looks like he really does have some skills.” Zhuge Tian laughed.

“Yes, his martial arts is extremely skillful, I never thought he had such ability!” Qiao San shook his head and sighed.

Zhuge Tian chuckled and said, “So what if he is highly skilled! He can kill ten of them, but can he deal with twenty? Those that went first are weaklings. Real Grandmasters will not act that quickly.”

“Yes, yes, the Young Lord is really wise,” Qiao San said.

Zhuge Tian asked, “Are you scared?”

Qiao San smiled reluctantly. “Yes, I am a coward. I never guessed that Chu Li was so strong. If he finds out we were the one who spread those rumors, will he come after us?”

“So what? Can he deal with us, the Crouching Bull Mountain?! … Besides, how can he find out it was us? Such cowardness!” Zhuge Tian replied with disdain.

Qiao San smiled awkwardly. “Yes, he will never find out!”

Zhuge Tian sighed. “Relax alright. He has enough to deal with right now and won’t even have the time to think about other things!”

“But his actions might have just sent a message to the rest. The others will not have the guts to act recklessly,” Qiao San replied.

“Chu Li will dig himself into an even worse situation if he continues to do so! The strength he demonstrated only proves that the Slashing Cloud Treasure Manual is a strong manual. It will only increase the hype, thus, who can hold themselves back against such desire? Imprudent!” Zhuge Tian laughed.

“The Young Lord is so clever!” Qiao San praised him again.

A female servant walked towards them slowly. “Young Lord, Chief Qiao, there is a person with a letter at the base of the mountain.”

“Who is the receiver?” Qiao San looked at her seriously.

The servant replied, “It is for you, Young Lord, but he says he needs to pass it to you face to face.”

“Who is the deliverer?” Qiao San was suspicious as he looked at Zhuge Tian.

Zhuge Tian chuckled. “Only I can receive this? Interesting!”

Zhuge Tian had only left the mountain twice and met Mei Aoshuang. He had never talked to anyone else other than her. At most he only had a slight conversation with the rest to know what was happening in the world, but never deeper than that.

Zhuge Tian was even more curious about the letter that was being delivered to him.

The servant added, “That guy insisted on passing the letter directly to you, Young Lord. He says you will understand once you read the letter.”

“Interesting. Qiao San you can go and take a look,” Zhuge Tian ordered.

“Yes,” Qiao San replied.

Qiao San did not use the shortcut. Instead, he went down the mountain through the forest. The trees were so tall that they blocked the sunlight. He looked tiny as he traveled past those trees.

As he arrived at the base of the mountain, Qiao San saw a skinny, normal-looking boy standing there. He held his waist while he scanned around.

He was holding onto a grey horse. His hair and horse were covered with dust. The boy looked spiritless as if he was fed up with the world at such a young age.

Qiao San raised his eyebrows and landed in front of the teenager.

The skinny boy was shocked by him and immediately gave him a fist salute.

Qiao San asked, “Who are you?”

“I am He Erwa. I came with an order from a fairy to deliver a letter to mister Zhuge. I need to pass the letter directly to him,” the boy replied.

“A fairy? How did she look like?” Qiao San was confused.

He Erwa answered, “She looked like she came out from a beautiful drawing. No one dares to look at her for more than a moment. I only looked at her once and the fairy mentioned that mister Zhuge will know who she is once he read the letter. Her surname is Mei. Fairy Mei.”

“Mei? Where is the letter?” Qiao San was surprised and extended his hand.

He Erwa held it to his chest and shook his head. “I need to pass to mister Zhuge myself!”

“You ridiculous boy, the Young Lord is not someone you can meet just because you want to!” Qiao San snarled.

“I don’t care. I promised the fairy to pass this letter directly to mister Zhuge! I will not surrender the letter until I meet him!” He Erwa cried out.

“You know I can kill you right!” Qiao San lifted his palm.

He Erwa yelled, “You can try and kill me, but I will never pass you the letter!”

“Hah, so stubborn! Fine then, I will let you live because of Fairy Mei. Let’s go then!” Qiao San smiled.

He knew that He Erwa did not possess any martial skills. He grabbed his collar and flew up towards a tree branch.

He Erwa was so scared he closed his eyes immediately.

Qiao San released some inner energy to test He Erwa. He discovered that He Erwa did not have any inner energy, but his meridians were wide and strong. He was naturally talented in the martial arts!

Qiao San was surprised and took a quick look at him. He was shocked that someone as skinny as him could hold such potential. If he was trained properly he could become a master!

He starting thinking and suddenly decided to kill him.

This guy needed to die. If this young man became strong, how is he supposed to stay alive?

If he was allowed to train in the mountain, he would become a Grandmaster soon enough. He would then have to bow to another person. People such as He Erwa had to die; the less there were, the more freedom he would gain!

Just as Qiao San made up his mind to kill him, his face became friendly. He then made a smile and asked, “Where did you meet Fairy Mei?”

He Erwa tried his best to open his eyes. His hair was being blown all over the place by the wind. He then yelled, “I met her in the Metal Bull Ridge!”

“Was she alone?”

“She was with two other fairies.”

“What else did she say?”

“She only asked me to pass this letter to mister Zhuge and stay at the mountain.”

“Hehe… You can never stay on the mountain. How about I give you one hundred dollars as a reward?” Qiao San was more determined to kill him now.

“One hundred dollars?” He Erwa looked at him.

Qiao San nodded with a smile. “Are you satisfied?”

“Do you really mean it?” He Erwa asked.

Qiao San replied, “I will never lie to you. I will give it to you now, but you cannot mention to mister Zhuge about staying in the mountain later.”

He took out some cash from his sleeve and passed it to him.

He Erwa held it tightly as he was afraid that the wind might blow the cash away.

He stared at that cash and nodded. “Is this really for me?”

“Yes, it is yours now!” Qiao San said with a smile.