White Robed Chief Chapter 564

Chapter 564 Stay

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He Erwa held on to the money tightly as he was afraid that it would be blown away by the wind. His face was filled with joy.

Qiao San shook his head secretly. Such a waste. It was such a pity for someone to live in such disgrace. He decided to help him end his life once he had sent him back down!

He Erwa held on tightly to the money on his chest and said, “But Fairy Mei said that she will come and see how I am in the mountain when she comes to visit me. Can I still see her then?”

Qiao San was shocked by his words and asked, “Fairy Mei said this?”

He Erwa laughed. “Fairy Mei said that I was really talented and is suitable to train martial arts. I will definitely become strong once I have trained. She said that the Crouching Bull Mountain is a highly rated sect. If I stay I will become a master!”

Qiao San got serious and looked at him. “Wow, you are so cunning!”

He Erwa looked at him in confusion and blinked.

Qiao San shook his head. He felt that this boy was more towards naïve instead of having a cunning character.

He was too lazy to ask for the money back as that measly amount was not something that he cared about.

To him, that hundred dollar was almost the equivalent to a ten. The Young Lord’s money was his money as well. The Young Lord never asked how much money was left or where did the money go.

The two of them flew to the mountain and entered Zhuge Tian’s house.

Zhuge Tian sat on his rocking chair and looked at the sky.

“Young Lord, this is the deliverer. Valley Leader Mei really knows who to choose for the task.” Qiao San put Erwa down and smiled.

“Oh–? Come in quickly.” Zhuge Tian smiled and waved at him.

He Erwa walked to him in amusement and asked, “Are you mister Zhuge?”

“I am, give me the letter.” Zhuge Tian looked at him.

“Alright.” He Erwa took out the letter from his shirt and passed it to him.

Qiao San was not too happy. He was worried if He Erwa’s chest was too dirty for his Young Lord’s taste. Luckily the Young Lord was not too concern about hygiene.

Zhuge Tian opened the letter and read it. He laughed softly and shook his head.

“Young Lord, is this really from Valley Leader Mei?”

“I don’t know. I never saw her writing, but this seems to be written by a girl,” Zhuge Tian said.

Qiao San was confused. “What does she want? Is she asking to meet you, Young Lord?”

Zhuge Tian asked, “Do you think she will want to meet me with her pride?”

“True, then what is the letter for?” Qiao San continued to prod him.

Zhuge Tian pointed at He Erwa and said, “It’s about him. She says that this boy here is a talented boy and she sent him to us.”

“Valley Leader Mei is really kind, Young Lord, this boy really does have the talent to become great.” Qiao San nodded.

“So I will just accept anyone that is talented? Not everyone can become our disciple randomly!” Zhuge Tian laughed.

“That is right, but now that Valley Leader Mei has written a letter if we say no, it will be hard to explain this to her. Besides, we are supposed to give her some leeway, aren’t we?” Qiao San replied.

“Previously yes we would need to, but now… She is no longer the woman I want, so it is natural for me to reject her request. Kill this boy,” Zhuge Tian said.

Qiao San was so happy when he heard that. “Kill him?”

“Yes.” Zhuge Tian nodded.

Qiao San smiled and said, “Young Lord, I think that is not such a virtuous thing to do right?”

Zhuge Tian stared at him and said, “You can’t wait to kill him, yet you act like you don’t wish to. Do you know how happy you look right now?”

Qiao San chuckled. “I can never hide anything from you, Young Lord!”

“Kill him, do it now in front of me!” Zhuge Tian ordered.

“Yes. Boy, you are so unlucky. You met someone at the wrong time. If she didn’t ask you to come, you would never have been in our possession!” Qiao San agreed in an instant and looked at He Erwa.

He Erwa replied in confusion, “Fairy Mei said she is coming soon.”

“She is coming?” Zhuge Tian raised his eyebrows.

He Erwa immediately added, “Yes. She said she will come and visit me to check that if I am alright staying here. If I don’t feel comfortable, she will bring me away.”

“Err…” Zhuge Tian started thinking.

Qiao San grew impatient and said, “Young Lord, let us kill him first before everything else!”

As he finished his sentence, he raised his palm and tried to hit He Erwa’s head.

“Hold it,” Zhuge Tian called out lazily.

Qiao San’s palm was barely two inches away from He Erwa before he stopped. He Erwa was so shocked he stopped moving. His face was pale.

Zhuge Tian laughed softly and shook his head. “Look how scared you have made him!”

Qiao San asked, “Young Lord, are we really letting him stay?”

“Well, if Valley Leader Mei said she wants to come, we will wait until she comes.” Zhuge Tian snarled.

Qiao San asked, “What if the valley leader is lying to him?”

“She doesn’t need to lie to a boy, let him stay in the cabin in the woods then. It will be fine to add one more person to our house. But don’t let him walk around, I don’t want the others to know he is here.” Zhuge Tian waved his hand lazily.

“Yes, the Young Lord is so kind!” Qiao San gave him a fist salute, but he was disappointed.

He loved to kill these talented youngsters. He enjoyed it as he had just killed a strong master. These talented youngsters would soon one day become strong masters if no misfortune were to befall them. Therefore in Qiao San eyes, there was no difference.

Zhuge Tian added, “Treat him nicely and don’t give him any trouble. I want to ask Mei Aoshuang directly. I want to know her relationship between Chu Li, and give her a chance to explain herself!”

“Yes,” Qiao San replied.

He waved his hand. “Come. Follow me!”

He Erwa gave Zhuge Tian a fist salute and gave him a big smile. He immediately followed Qiao San.

Qiao San brought him to a woodshed. “You will be staying here. Don’t walk out of this house. I will bring you your meals and don’t answer to anyone who knocks on the door. If someone enters, just hide!”

“Yes, sir. When will my training start?” He Erwa nodded.

“After Fairy Mei’s visit,” Qiao San replied.

“Ok.” He Erwa looked disappointed.

Qiao San continued, “Not everyone can learn the martial arts. Don’t rush, you will get the chance very soon.”

Qiao San gave him a scary grin as he spoke.

He Erwa smiled back at him and said, “Thank you, senior.”

“Hehe… Remember. Don’t leave this house. Don’t blame me if you get killed because you didn’t listen to me!” Qiao San shook his head.

“Yes.” He Erwa nodded again.

Qiao San stared at him before he left.

Zhuge Tian saw that he had returned and asked, “So?”

“He is a naïve boy, are you really going to let him stay?” Qiao San replied.

“It will be fine for a couple of days. If Mai Aoshuang really has some relationship with Chu Li, then we can just kill all of them! But if they are not, then we will keep him as promised.” Zhuge Tian sneered.

“Yes, I could never have guessed that Mei Aoshuang would come here personally. Interesting!” Qiao San chuckled.

“This is fate… Am I going to kill the girl I really love…” Zhuge Tian looked at the sky and sighed.

Qiao San remained silent.

Zhuge Tian paused for a moment and said, “If this was to happen, we wouldn’t need to spread those rumors. She might be killed because of the rumors!”

Qiao San nodded. “How about we start another rumor and say that someone else has the manual?”

“No need to. We can do it once or twice but not more than that. If others figure it out, we will be in trouble. Let everything happen naturally, and we shall see where fate brings her to.”

“Yes, sir.”