White Robed Chief Chapter 565

Chapter 565 Death News

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He Erwa sat in the cabin and closed his eyes. Everything within a 5-mile radius was clear in his mind.

He made a bed out of sticks and sat on it.

He Erwa was actually Chu Li in disguise.

Since Zhuge Tian wanted to eliminate him, Chu Li decided to take matters into his own hands. He needed to act before Zhuge Tian could.

If he tried to kill Zhuge Tian out in the open, he would be lured out of his position. Zhuge Feng was a highly trained martial artist, thus Chu Li had no idea how strong he was. He needed to see his opponent personally in order to find out.

Chu Li was also curious about the true power of a first-ranked sect like the Crouching Bull Mountain.

Chu Li disguised himself as He Erwa to enter the mountain while hiding his true ability. Even someone as powerful as the High Duke Lu would never realize the trick he had played even if it was right under their nose.

He told himself that the best way to kill Zhuge Tian was to remain hidden in order for no one to suspect his whereabouts. He did not want anyone from the mountain to come seeking him for revenge.

Even if that plan flopped, Chu Li could try out the forbidden skills from the Tempest Temple or Amethyst Mountain. This would transfer the suspicion to Zhuge Tian and Qiao San. The sect would then not have the guts to investigate further.

As his Heavenly Demonic Power had grown to the next level, Chu Li had learned the ability to change his appearance. He was eager to try his new ability and now he had gotten his chance.

Chu Li took a deep breath and shook his head.

When he got closer to Zhuge Tian, he realized he had done the right thing to stay cautious.

Zhuge Tian was really hiding his true power. His training was so much stronger than Chu Li, and even with his Heavenly Demonic Power, he might not be able to defeat Zhuge Tian!

His long, skinny, and scrawny body was the best disguise for his immense strength and power!

Chu Li’s plan to eliminate him during the dead of night might not be successful. In the worst case scenario, he might actually be the one dying during the attempted assassination!

The whole mountain only held six masters. Although it was not a large number, those masters were highly trained and expertly skilled in their field.

Chu Li might have been able to handle two or three of them at once, but he had no chance if he came up single-handedly against all six of them.

At the peak of the mountain was a cave. Residing there was a purple-robed elder who cultivated in isolation. His aura was intimidating, and his power was similar to High Duke Lu. The elder had twice the power of Zhuge Tian and Chu Li had no chance against him.

Chu Li opened his eyes and started to think.

The Surpassing state was not here. It must have been somewhere else.

Third evening. Qian San rushed to the house.

“Young Elder, I bring grave news! I heard that the Tai Hua Valley has been invaded. The Valley Leader Mei has died defending it!” Qiao San walked towards Zhuge Tian who was sitting on the rocking chair.

Zhuge Tian stood up immediately. “En–?”

Qiao San continued, “I have just received the news. The Tai Hua Valley was discovered by others. It was not in the vicinity of the Yi Public-House but in the Ren Public House. Valley Leader Mei and her disciples in the Tai Hua Valley are all dead!”

“How is this possible?! She is a Grandmaster!” Zhuge Tian was shocked.

If Grandmasters activated their secret technique, their power would increase tremendously. No one could have stopped them from escaping if they wanted to unless another few Grandmasters had also activated their own secret techniques.

Qiao San shook his head. “That I don’t know.”

“Who killed her?” Zhuge Tian’s face was pale.

Qiao San sighed. “I heard it was done by the daughter of the Ren Public House.”

“Lu Yurong! I was planning to meet her. If I can’t get Mei Aoshuang, she will be her replacement. I can’t believe now that she…” Zhuge Tian laughed coldly.

He shook his head again.

Qiao San added, “Unbelievable. Valley Leader Mei was in the prime of her youth, but now she is dead…”

He cautiously looked at Zhuge Tian.

The Young Lord had a change of heart. Initially, he wanted her dead, but now he was planning to give her a second chance to order to ask her directly about her relation with Chu Li. If there was not anything between them, maybe they could be together.

Valley Leader Mei had actually written a letter and sent one of her talented students here. This meant that she still had kept Zhuge Tian in her thoughts. Through He Erwa, they could have maintained their interactions for as long as both sides were willingly committed. She might have become his wife.

Unfortunately, that was not her fate. She had died before she could even meet the Young Lord. Sigh…

However, it still remains the fact that she died because of the rumors the Young Lord had conceived. The possibility that the Young Lord felt angry and would channel his anger towards him was something Qiao San was concerned about.

Zhuge Tian sighed and started walking. He paced around in a circle within the courtyard. His expression has gotten serious.

“Young Lord, no one can revive someone from the dead. Since she is gone now, there is no use to reside in those thoughts,” Qiao San said softly.

Zhuge Tian yelled, “Shut up!”

Qiao San immediately stopped and bowed to him.

Zhuge Tian stared at him with anger. He then cried out, “Are you happy now?”

Qiao San shook his head in reply.

Zhuge Tian let out a cold laugh that sent shivers down Qiao San’s spine. He then bellowed, “Don’t hide it from me. I always know. You must be delighted now that I feel like this… that I did this to myself. I came up with this idea, and now I caused her death in the process, right? RIGHT?!”

Zhuge Tian stepped closer and closer towards Qiao San with every word he spoke.

Qiao San was stunned and just kept shaking his head in response.

In the end, the distance between them was so close that Qiao San could feel his breath on his face. Zhuge Tian stared closely at him like he was trying to read his mind.

Qiao San held his breath and tried his best to not show any emotion. The only thing he could do to avoid being punished later on!

Zhuge Tian took a deep breath and took two steps back. He looked at him and said, “Do you think I am a joke?”

“Young Lord, no such thing! We were already planning to kill her. So now that she is dead, the Young Lord can forget about her and find another girl peacefully. I heard that the Princess of Ren Public House is highly intelligent. She will be a really good match for you!” Qiao San tried to explain himself.

“Lu Yurong… Yes, I have heard that she is very beautiful. Such a waste that the prettiest lady in the Ji Dynasty is married to King An. I shouldn’t have hesitated at that time, and snatched her away when I had the chance!” Zhuge Tian smirked.

“Yes, the prettiest girl in the whole Ji dynasty. It would have been so good if we can kidnap her back here. Only the best girl in the Ji Dynasty can be your life partner!” Qiao San grinned.

“Ugh, I shouldn’t have hesitated! But Lu Yurong is pretty enough for my standards. She is not much worse than the prettiest girl in the Ji Dynasty, so having her is enough for me,” Zhuge Tian remarked in anger. He returned to his rocking chair and looked at the sky.

“Seems like it, she is most likely in the Fairy’s Capital now. Do you wish to go and take a look?” Qiao San nodded.

“It’s ok, now is not a good time. Let us wait until Chu Li is almost at his limit, then we shall go and end him. That way is more interesting than proceeding now!” Zhuge Tian shook his head.

“Yes, ending him with our own hands will be the best way to take our revenge,” Qiao San replied.

Qiao San carefully looked at him. “By the way, the corpse of Valley Leader Mei is in the Mercy Temple…”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “Does the Young Lord want to give her a final visit?”

“Sigh… It will be good to have a look too.”

Qiao San started praising him, “Young Lord, you are so truthful to everyone.”

Zhuge Tian turned and stared at him.

Qiao San stopped talking.

“Let’s go, we have to be back by dawn!” exclaimed Zhuge Tian as he looked out at the setting sun.

Qiao San replied, “Yes, Young Lord.”

The two of them flew out from the courtyard towards the base of the mountain. Through the trees, they looked like two red clouds sinking to the bottom.

As they approached the base of the mountain, there was a scream from a distance. It was then followed by the sound of swords clashing between each other.

The two men were shocked by the commotion.

Qiao San turned to look at Zhuge Tian.

Zhuge Tian raised his eyebrows and said, “Hurry, let us go and take a look!”

Qiao San asked, “Why are people fighting at the base of our mountain?!”

They followed the sound of the fight and saw a person lying on the ground. The person was not moving and they could not identify his face.

Qiao San said, “Young Lord, let me go and investigate!”

Zhuge Tian was not too concerned about it. “We are not someplace foreign. This is our mountain, why should we be so cautious?!”

He walked towards the man as he finished his speech.

The two reached the tree and suddenly the man disappeared.