White Robed Chief Chapter 567

Chapter 567 Engulf

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“Great! Your fine reputation really precedes you. I’ve been waiting to meet you face to face but I didn’t think that you would find me first. If you really wish to court death, then I shall grant you your wish today,” exclaimed Zhuge Tian as he gazed at Chu Li with a mild expression.

Chu Li could not help but laugh. He then said, “What high sounding sentiments. If the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual is so wondrous, wouldn’t you have become an Enlightened Master?”

“Enlightened Master? Ha-ha, what about the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary?!” Zhuge Tian chuckled.

Right after he said that Zhuge Tian held his palm out.

Chu Li could see that the palm energy was gathered three inches in front of him. It was formed instantly, whereby it shot towards him immediately after. With a bizarre nature, it was as if it broke through the constraints of space. The attack was inescapable.

Chu Li did not budge to avoid it. He wanted to get a sense of the power of his palm.

“Bam!” A muffled sound was heard. Gold-purple sparks flashed on Chu Li’s body surface from the impact. His torso felt like it had taken a hit from a hammer, which made him slide ten meters back.

“Nice palm energy!” Chu Li commented.

The Heavenly Demonic Orb had immediately absorbed the palm energy.

The palm energy from his enemy was exceptionally pure. It contained an overwhelming power that could absorb inner energy from wherever it passed by, which was rather similar to the Heavenly Demonic Orb.

Nonetheless, the Heavenly Demonic Orb was more powerful as it could engulf the bizarre palm energy in the blink of an eye.

Chu Li secretly sighed to himself in relief. If not for the Heavenly Demonic Orb, it would be a hassle for him if he encountered palm energy as such. No matter how profound his inner energy was, he would not be able to withstand the immense energy when accumulated such as that. The palm energy would only become stronger and stronger and he would not be able to withstand it in the end.

“Again! You really have some skill. I guess your reputation is not just made up after all,” yelled Zhuge Tian. When he saw that Chu Li had only moved a step back and was unscathed by the whole ordeal, he smiled faintly.

Chu Li frowned and glared at him.

Zhuge Tian pushed his palm out lightly. Palm energy suddenly gathered in front of Chu Li’s chest once again. He was ready to strike once more.

This time, Chu Li dodged sideways. With his quick reflexes, he managed to make a narrow escape.

“Eh, what great body technique!” said Zhuge Tian with a chuckle. He then attacked Chu Li again using both his hands and proceeded to thrust at him with his bare palms.

Chu Li moved a step sideways and avoided the palm energy. Suddenly, the two palm energies hurled back towards Chu Li like a targeted missile.

Chu Li’s inner energy burbled within him as he shifted sideways once more. The palm energies got closer again as he avoided the attack again.

The palm energies were almost like a living entity as they followed Chu Li like prey. They closed off the distance between them at great speed. It was as if they defied the laws of space and time. The energy emitted was similar to Chu Li’s body technique; it was difficult to eliminate the attack by physical means unless the individual uses the God’s Limbs.

However, Chu Li did not wish to use the God’s Limbs just yet. He was storing it for a fatal blow.

‘Bam!’ Another palm energy collided. Chu Li was attacked from his front and back and could not avoid the force. For a fleeting moment, a purplish golden glow was seen as it spurred into his body. He took a solid hit from his palm whereby extremely pure palm energy was absorbed into his body once again.

The Heavenly Demonic Orb was armed at all times. The stronger energy did hesitate to engulf Chu Li’s newly found inner energy.

“You practice the Sentient Menace?” questioned Zhuge Tian with a frown. He then remarked, “You look like you do!”

Chu Li asked, “What’s your palm energy?”

“The Crouching Bull Palm, what about it?” Zhuge Tian replied faintly.

Chu Li scoffed and said, “That is one hell of a Crouching Bull Palm. That is some good martial arts!”

Nonetheless, in Zhuge Tian’s mind, he knew that it was actually a Cloud Slashing Palm.

It was a study in the martial arts that specially restrained Grandmasters during combat. The attack would suddenly appear right before the selected enemy and gave no chance for the victim to escape; regardless of how alert that person was.

If the palm energy was intense enough, the user could directly blast his opponent with one hit. However, in the scenario that the palm energy was not as strong as its opponent, it would catch its opponent off guard and successfully perform a surprise attack. This would cause its opponent to be injured in battle and the user to win even when they were at a disadvantage.

“To be able to stand still after taking in two hits from the Crouching Bull Palm…You should be practicing the Sentient Menace. What’s your relationship with the Tempest Temple?” questioned Zhuge Tian.

“I have no comments on that. How did you get the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual?” Chu Li shook his head and continued.

“I didn’t get the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual. Don’t fabricate a lie against me!” Zhuge Tian sneered.

He was being cautious with his words as someone might be watching him. If the news got out that he was the culprit, Zhuge Tian would have tough days ahead of him.

“You have the guts to act innocent, yet have no courage to bear the consequences. You may possess powerful martial arts, but in your hands, it is worth nothing. I guess you can only waste your life away deep in the mountains and forests. You have no bravery to venture out into the world.” Chu Li sighed.

“Haha… Your measly attempt to prod me is useless. Regardless, I won’t be able to just obtain the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual right out of thin air. Contrariwise, how did you get it?” Zhuge Tian broke into a laugh.

Chu Li was secretly cursing him for his slyness. He shook his head and replied, “If that is the case, let me have a taste of your traditional study.”

He dashed towards Zhuge Tian like a phantom. Chu Li instantly arrived right before him and attacked with his Shura Palm.

Zhuge Tian twitched his mouth in disdain. He had bared witness to Chu Li’s cultivation level, which was far weaker than his own. Since it should not be a concern for him, he took the hit anyhow.

Cold inner energy entered his body, and a searing heat immediately followed soon after.

Zhuge Tian scoffed softly but was not bothered by the impact at all. His inner energy flowed through his veins and engulfed the palm energy in an instant. The foreign energy was soon transformed into his own inner energy.

That was the greatest trait of the Cloud Slashing Power. One’s inner energy had the ability to engulf all energy entering the user’s body as it was a starving entity. Not only was it harmless to the host, but it could also even strengthen one’s physique instead.

While Zhuge Tian was fighting with an opponent, he seized the moment opportunity to absorb the opponent’s inner energy to strengthen himself. Hence, no matter how strong his opponent was, as long as he held on throughout the battle, the tables would turn. The strong would become weak, while the weak would become strong. He could conquer any strength even in his weakness.

As for those weaker than himself, the opponents became weaker whereas Zhuge Tian would become stronger. This allowed him to take those opponents down easily.

Each time he fought, he transformed his opponent’s inner energy into his own. This enabled him to transform himself into a dominant foe while his opponents gradually became weak. Even if he tried, Zhuge Tian could not lose.

After his fights, the remaining inner energies that were not entirely consumed would be recycled within him through his circulatory cycle. Completely turning them into his own, which would increase his cultivation level by one level.

By doing that, training was extremely easy for him. There was no need for him to go through bitter months and years for training at all. He only needed to fight for a couple of rounds to become a top-notch master!

Chu Li frowned. He could see the situation inside his body.

He had always thought that the Heavenly Demonic Power was already quite rampant, but he did not think that the Cloud Slashing Power was even more daunting. One could directly engulf to strengthen oneself and transform inner energy as their own. It was much more imperious than the Heavenly Demonic Power.

The Heavenly Demonic Orb was strengthened through absorption, but it would not directly transform the inner energy that could be used directly. The Cloud Slashing Technique on the other hand efficiently turns it directly into usable energy.

Chu Li thought that the Heavenly Demonic Energy was more stable, yet the Cloud Slashing Power was more domineering. Its powers grew more rampant in his foe.

Chu Li suddenly activated the Infinite Azure Sea and overlaid it one by one. He then swung his hand to draw an attack.

‘Tss!’ a cold light pierced through the light of dusk. Chu Li instantly appeared right before Zhuge Tian.

Zhuge Tian turned sideways and dodged the attempted attack.

Chu Li scowled. Zhuge Tian had remarkable speed which made his flying blades useless against him. As expected, he was a troublesome fellow. He must now activate his Heavenly Demonic Power.

“Take this!” Zhuge Tian leaped in front Chu Li in a single step. He drew out his long sword from its scabbard. As Zhuge Tian swung his arms for an attack, the sword turned into a stream of light.

An alarm instantly sounded within Chu Li’s heart. It reminded him to dodge the sword.

‘Ding…’ A sharp of metal was heard as Chu Li’s Modesty’s sword collided with Zhuge Tian’s.

‘Tss!’ the tip of Zhuge Tian’s sword appeared before Chu Li’s throat.

Chu Li did his best to avoid the sword.

The attack from the sword was instantaneous. An average person would not have been able to see it coming. However, Chu Li was only able to dodge it as he relied on the Omniscient Mirror.

‘Tss! Tss! Tss!’ Whistling sounds filled the air. It sounded like the sword had sliced through his clothes, yet it was only cutting through the air.

The tip of the sword was always close in piercing Chu Li’s throat. No matter how many times Chu Li used his step technique to avoid it, it followed him like a shadow. It was terrifying for him.

The Seven Forms of Godly Sword was exquisite when performed and gave rampant powers to the user. When compared to the odd quick sword technique, it seemed rather foolish. For every attack, the sword gave the illusion of breaking through the restraints of space. This left Chu Li with no time to dodge it at all.

He relied on the Omniscient Mirror and his body technique to stay afloat in the battle. However, if this battle were to go on, Chu Li would sooner or later get injured.