White Robed Chief Chapter 570

Chapter 570 Power

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When they saw that a carriage had stopped before them, Qin Jin and the other men tensed up. Two of them stepped forward to block in front of Chu Li, whereas the other two turned to guard behind them. They were prepared to defend if anyone attempted to attack.

“Yu…” A shout was heard. The wheeler cracked the whip and slowly steered the carriage away.

The four men were relieved; apparently, it was not an attack.

Chu Li stare at the carriage and said faintly, “Be careful, someone is still hiding underneath.”

“Why isn’t he coming out?” Qin Jin and the others looked over curiously as the carriage slowly traveled further away.

Chu Li smiled.

The four men were dubious. They followed Chu Li and continued moving forward without letting their guard down.

Their pace was steady but sure. Chu Li strolled leisurely while he admired the surrounding atmosphere of the Fairy’s Capital. The bustle and liveliness of the place were different from any other city. One would never get tired of experiencing it.

After they walked for quite a distance, they saw the carriage again.

The carriage was halted in the middle of the roadside. The wheelman had gone to purchase some items from a shop nearby. The horse was snorting impatiently as it trenched with its fore hoof from time to time.

Chu Li turned and smiled at the four mean. “This is the real trick. Pay close attention.”

Qin Jin asked bitterly, “Centurion, is there really a master?”

Chu Li looked like he was watching a show. He was extremely calm and relaxed as if there was not the slightest fear of being assassinated.

“It’s a powerful figure. All of you…pick your spirits up,” Chu Li said.

“Alright.” Qin Jin and the other men nodded slowly.

They walked beside the carriage, but there was no movement.

Qin Jin and the other men were already tensed. As they passed by the carriage, there were still no sudden movements. Even after the carriage was behind twenty feet from them, they were still very anxious as there was no ambush.

Through the Omniscient Mirror, Chu Li had a clear picture. There was an elder dressed in grey clothing underneath the carriage.

The elder in grey clothing had a body technique which was as quick as lightning. The intruder suddenly flew out from underneath the carriage. He instantly passed by Zheng Dongdxia and Ou Yanghua who were protecting Chu Li and appeared right before him.

‘Bam!’ Chu Li turned and struck out his pam to counter the attack from the elder in grey clothing.

Zheng Dongxia and Ou Yanghua scoffed angrily. They pounced towards the elder without hesitation.

Chu Li’s palm energy was bizarre. As it entered his body, it was being engulfed and strengthened continuously. The inner energy of the elder in grey clothing was channeled slower than his. He could only face Zheng Dongxia and Ou Yanghua, whereby he pushed away both of their swords separately.

Qin Jin quickly asked, “Centurion, are you alright?”

Chu Li laughed. “Be careful, he’s not the only one.”

Qin Jin and Feng Jing turned to look around them.

Three elders in grey clothing flew out from the rooftop. They dashed down towards Chu Li like three golden eagles.

Qin Jin and Feng Jing jeered and took out their long swords out from their scabbards. They met head-on with those three men.

Two of the elders in grey clothing charged towards Qin Jin and Feng Jin to hold them down. The remaining elder attacked Chu Li.

Chu Li inspected the three men and did not recognize any of them at all.

“Little Chu, hand over the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual, or else we’ll keep coming at you!” said the elder with a defined chin. His voice sounded like a great bell; as he said that, he slammed his palm down and his palm energy gathered together.

Chu Li faced the attack. ‘Bam’, a muffled sound was heard. None of them were backing away.

‘Bam, bam, bam…’ The two of them countered each other’s attacks continuously with their palms. They were suddenly glued together from both their inner energies.

Qin Jin and his other three men were a little anxious.

‘The Centurion is an exceedingly wise man. Why would he do something so foolish like that and compare his inner energy with that old man?’ they thought. It was exactly what the old men were hoping for. They usually relied on their long cultivation periods and profound cultivation level which would be able to repress the Centurion’s ingenuity.

‘Regardless of how strong the Centurion was, he had a shorter cultivation period. His cultivation would be slightly inferior which would not put him in a good situation when compared to his inner energy.’

Chu Li forced a smile at the elder in front of him.

The elder in grey clothing had a ghastly look. He stared at Chu Li with great intensity.

After a brief moment, vapor evaporated from the head of the elder in grey. He was already drenched in sweat.

Chu Li, on the other hand, looked as calm as usual. He seemed so relaxed as if he was not comparing his inner energy.

Competing inner energy was much more dangerous than exchanging techniques. In a fight at close quarters, being suppressed by the opponent would give no time to avoid an attack or escape. It defined the opponent’s life or death.

When the other three elders in grey clothing saw that something was not right with their partner, they thought that it was unimaginably queer. They did not give a second thought at all and left their own opponents to charge towards Chu Li. They were hoping to distract him to avail their partner of an attack.

The first elder in grey clothing was a plump and gentle looking man. His martial arts was the strongest, as even Zheng Dongdxia and Ou Yanghua together could not take him down.

Qin Jin and the rest gave their utmost effort to block them off so that they would not interrupt Chu Li in his fight.

Chu Li’s inner energy was growing stronger at incredible speeds, such that the elder in grey looked pale and distressed. When he did his best to activate his inner energy, it was being engulfed in an instant. Chu Li’s inner energy became stronger in the blink of an eye, while his energy was gradually weakened.

When one achieved the Grandmaster’s Boundary, his or her inner energy would become infinite. No matter how endless it was, it still, however, could not be replenished fast enough against an engulfing snowball effect such as this.

Chu Li transported all the inner energy back to his body swiftly and channeled another stream of inner energy back.

‘Bam!’ The elder was blown away from the force.

Puff!’ Chu Li shot out an arrow of blood whilst he was in the air. The elder landed on the ground heavily and struggled to sit back up.

“Leave!” yelled Chu Li. When the remaining three elders saw that matters were not in their favor, they dashed towards their comrade to retrieve him. In the wink of an eye, they disappeared from the sight of Chu Li and his men.

“Centurion?” they quickly asked. Qin Jin and the others could not be bothered about to chase after them.

Chu Li was satisfied; the inner energy that he engulfed immediately made a few circulatory cycles inside his body. It was being channeled at an incredible speed as it was engulfed by the Heavenly Demonic Orb in one shot. As expected, the Cloud Slashing Power and the Heavenly Demonic Power were a great match.

“Are you alright?” Qin Jin quickly asked.

Chu Li shook his head and said with a smile, “It’ll be good to have more of masters like that.”

Qin Jin and the other men shook their heads with a bitter smile.

“Let’s leave, there should be more of them coming,” Chu Li said.

After they had traveled a short distance, Chu Li passed by a Family Chui Restaurant.

Six Grandmasters charged towards them from the restaurant, whereas four went against Qin Jin and the rest. The other two enemies attacked Chu Li as they were all elders with profound cultivation levels.

Chu Li sighed to himself in secret. Indeed, the allure of claiming the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual was strong. These old men had probably just arrived at the Fairy’s Capital.

Instantaneously, ten Grandmastersappeared before them. It really felt like there were as many Grandmasters as the stray dogs in the capital. If they were based outside of the Fairy’s Capital, any of those Grandmasters could inspire fear.

Qing Jin and the rest felt helpless as their opponents were too difficult to deal with. They could not lend a hand to Chu Li as they were strong in will but weak in power. They could only watch as he fought against two enemies. Soon after, Chu Li fought each one with each of his palms.

The three of them competed for their inner energies again.

It was just what the two elders wanted. One of the Grandmasters was enough to take on Chu Li. Furthermore, there were two of them to fight. As Chu Li compared inner energies with the two of them, they felt suddenly sick of living. Suicidal thoughts started to invade their mind.

After some time, they felt that something was not right. They wanted to break away from Chu Li’s palm but it was like they were being held by ropes. They could not get rid of his grip no matter what.

The more they warded off the bizarre palm energy with their inner energy, the quicker their inner energies were being engulfed. On the other hand, their opponent’s inner energy was growing so quickly and Chu Li had already surpassed their own inner energy in the blink of an eye.

In just a few short breaths, steam started to exude from their heads. They looked very pale.

Chu Li was in high spirits instead. He forced a grin to his enemies.

After he had engulfed half of their inner energies, Chu Li collected them swiftly and channeled it back to them. The new intruding energy caused them to be blown away by the force. In midair, the enemies vomited blood from the violent energy that coursed through their meridians.

“Leave—!” yelled Chu Li. After they landed, they cried out with rage.

The remaining four elders grabbed them and left the scene.

Chu Li laughed out loud. The newfound inner energy that he just engulfed was circulating quickly inside his body. It was being purified continuously, which was then completely engulfed by the Heavenly Demonic Orb at last.

“Centurion…?” Qin Jin and the other men looked at him in utter shock.

Chu Li’s moves were too abnormal. Even after he had competed for his inner energy with the two men, he could still win over them. How much has his cultivation level exceeded?

Chu Li smiled and said, “This time it should be peaceful and quiet. Let us go!”

“Yes.” Qin Jin and the three men were in awe and veneration.