White Robed Chief Chapter 571

Chapter 571 Support

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Sure enough, their journey soon ended in a calm and peaceful manner. They all arrived at the Secret Guardians Hall safely.

Once they entered the Secret Guardians Hall, they were watched with curious eyes. The Secret Guardians that guarded the entrance looked at him. Chu Li felt helpless, as he smiled and nodded to greet each of them.

He knew what everyone was thinking: they were all curious if he had actually obtained the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual.

As Protectors, they were very well-informed. They knew that Chu Li had not gone out for a while now.

However, they also believed the saying that no wind could come out from an empty cave without a good explanation. If not for the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual, how could Chu Li achieve the Grandmaster’s Boundary within two years who was a man who had never practiced the martial art in the beginning?

Since the High Duke’s Public House had no Surpassing State, he had no chance for comprehension. They wondered how Chu Li could become a Grandmaster. There must have been a lucky encounter, which was the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual!

Chu Li felt helpless against their thoughts. He wondered, ‘Should I explain that I have no secret manual?’ They would be in further disbelief.

When he arrived at the Mei Er Courtyard, Dong Qifei and the others were practicing outside.

Chu Li waved his hand and signaled Qin Jin to be at ease. He then went into the house instead.

Just as he entered the house, Chu Li heard footsteps from the outside. Yang Zongwen’s voice boomed, “Commander!”

Chu Li raised his brows.

Fu Mengshan waved his hand at Yang Zongwen and entered the main hall.

Chu Li stood up and did a fist salute.

Fu Mengshan laughed and said, “Young Chu, am I interrupting you?”

“Commander, there must be a reason why you’re here. What’s the matter?” asked Chu Li as he smiled.

The two of them made themselves comfortable and a maid served them tea.

Fu Mengshan sighed and said, “Recently, there has been a big rumor going around. People are saying that you have obtained the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual, what’s going on?”

Chu Li scoffed. “This is quite a funny story, but it was caused by an event of jealousy! … The Young Lord of the Crouching Bull Mountain has a crush on Mei Aoshuang from the Tai Hua Valley. He knows that I’m connected to Mei Aoshuang, so he hates me and spread the news that I have the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual.”

“The Young Lord of the Crouching Bull Mountain? That fellow is quite terrible.” Fu Mengshan laughed in shock.

Chu Li shook his head and said with a sigh, “As it was the birth of the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual, he took the opportunity of the occasion to cause a ruckus. He was indisputable, accurate and relentless. He also made up the news that Mai Aoshuang from the Tai Hua Valley had obtained the secret manual. Fortunately, nobody knows about the Tai Hua Valley’s location, or else, his word could very well destroy the Tai Hua Valley.”

“That fellow is a talent.” Fu Mengshan smiled.

Chu Li shook his head and sneered.

Fu Mengshan continued, “However, the Crouching Bull Mountain is not any ordinary faction. You’ll have to be cautious.”

Chu Li nodded. “Crouching Bull Mountain…”

“I know that Zhuge Feng has an extremely profound cultivation level. Back then, I once fought against him and suffered some losses.” Fu Mengshan sighed.

Chu Li asked, “How strong exactly is the Crouching Bull Mountain?”

“Hmm…, the martial arts in the Crouching Bull Mountain is exceedingly great. The Surpassing State of the Crouching Bull Mountain is quite mysterious as well because nobody knows where it is. Their masters are hidden inside the Surpassing State, so nobody knows how many masters they actually have. I suspect that they have more than ten.” Fu Mengshan frowned when he had finished.

“Can they surpass the Four Major Sects?” questioned Chu Li with a smile.

“How is that possible?! The strength of the Four Major Sects is beyond imaginable. The true powerful masters are not even revealed as they’re pursuing the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary. Those who came out to cause troubles were just the youths. Once they grow older and settle down their minds, only then they’ll concentrate on cultivation.” Fu Mengshan laughed out loud.

“Then the Secret Guardians Hall lacks in strength,” stated Chu Li as he chuckled.

Fu Menghsan said, “There’s no choice. The Grandmaster Boundary is too hard to achieve. Furthermore, martial arts is not the Secret Guardians Hall’ forte. We specialize in exchange of information, and we rely on the High Officials from the Imperial House should there be any actions taken.”

Chu Li asked, “There aren’t many High Officials in the Imperial House too, yes?”

“Most of the High Officials of the Imperial House are not in the house. They’re hidden among sects, Royal Courts, and only the Emperor knows about their location. They’ll only make a move during crucial events. They are all old fellows, each of them exceptionally powerful,” Fu Menshan continued.

Chu Li grinned.

Previously, he had killed a High Official from the Imperial House and did not think that they were that powerful.

When Fu Mengshan saw Chu Li’s expression, he knew that he was not bothered at all. He then said, “The High Official from the Imperial House that your High Duke’s Public House killed was considered to be one of the weakest, don’t think that the rest are like him.”

Chu Li nodded in a serious manner.

“I’m getting ready to announce to the others. Whoever dares to steal the secret manual from you will be the enemy of the Secret Guardians Hall!” Fu Mengshan said.

Chu Li was stunned.

Fu Mengshan added, “You’re the Centurion of the Secret Guardians Hall, how can you let them do as they wish!”

“The Secret Guardians Hall won’t be able to stop the greed of the people. If they really don’t give two cents about it, is the Secret Guardians Hall really going to make a move?” Chu Li said.

“For sure! Whoever dares to make a move, the Secret Guardians Hall will bring that person down!” Fu Mengshan replied.

Chu Li smiled bitterly. “What if the Secret Guardians Hall can’t fight them?”

“Even if we can’t, there are still High Officials from the Imperial House! Don’t worry, we won’t allow anyone from the Secret Guardians Hall to be oppressed!” Fu Mengshan said.

Chu Li looked at him and sighed.

Fu Mengshan said with a smile, “Young Chu, don’t worry. We can get past this!”

“Thank you, Commander.” Chu Li did a fist salute.

No matter what, Chu Li was grateful for any support that he received at that moment.

“You really didn’t get the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual?” asked Fu Mengshan with a smile.

Chu Li replied with a chuckle, “I really wish that I have gotten it!”

Fu Mengshan said, “By the looks of it, the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual is just another act!”

“The Ji Public House did it right?” Chu Li asked.

Fu Mengshan nodded slowly.

He had seen a lot of cases like this and always doubted it. The Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual was lost since a long time ago, or else it would have appeared much earlier. They would not have waited until this day!

It was evening, with the sun setting on the horizon.

As Chu Li returned to the Imperial Residence of King An, he had a relatively easy journey. The Grandmasters who were eyeing on him left at once and the place had regained its peace once again.

He felt strange. Was the Secret Guardians Hall such a deterrent?

Qin Jin smiled and said, “Seems like everyone has heard the news!”

Feng Jing added, “If they took the secret manual, the Secret Guardians Hall will hunt them down to all corners of the earth. It might even harm their descendants too, as they all know the urgency of this … indeed, the Centurion is so prestigious for the Secret Guardians Hall to actually do something like that!”

Chu Li smiled.

When Chu Li returned to his own courtyard in the Imperial Residence of King An, Leng QIng and Leng Qiu were still practicing. They were drenched in sweat from the exercise.

After he had greeted them, Chu Li entered the house and teleported at once. He reappeared at the Crouching Bull Mountain.

Qiao San became completely quiet and sat on the ground with his legs crossed. He did not move an inch, as if he had passed out. It seemed that he had activated a consumption reduction skill that looked like the Feign Death Skill when compared, thus he could prolong his time to wait for the Young Lord’s savior.

Chu Li shook his head and could not help but laugh. Qiao San was rather confident in Zhuge Tian.

When he appeared before Zhuge Tian, Zhuge Tian was slowly practicing a set of fist techniques. He was calm and at ease, as he flew around like a moving cloud overflowing with water.

Chu Li appeared ten meters away from him and asked calmly, “How does it feel like to not eat and drink for a day?”

Zhuge Tian looked at him leisurely. “What do you want?”

“You obtained the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual, didn’t you? Or else, you wouldn’t have such powerful martial arts,” Chu Li said.

Zhuge Tian scoffed. “If you didn’t obtain the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual, how can you have such martial art skills?” I practice the martial arts of the Crouching Bull Mountain.”

Chu Li said, “The martial arts of the Crouching Bull Mountain is not that strong.”

“I happen to have a talent that is compatible with the martial arts of the Crouching Bull Mountain. I advise that you kill me earlier while you can. Once the Crouching Bull Mountain realizes that something is not right, they’ll come looking for me,” Zhuge Tian continued.

“I should settle you.” Chu Li nodded slowly.

“Come! But based on your abilities, you’re not a match for me.” Zhuge Tian smiled.

“That’s not necessary.” Chu Li put his palm out.