White Robed Chief Chapter 572

Chapter 572 Exterminate

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“Bam!” Their palms collided with one another.

Chu Li smiled. Zhuge Tian was appalled, his eyes widened in disbelief.

Each of them immediately took a step back.

Zhuge Tian stared at his opponent in disbelief. “You… You…”

Chu Li continued to smile. “So, you noticed that I restrained your heart technique of the Crouching Bull Mountain, huh?”

“What martial arts do you practice?” Zhuge Tian asked in a hoarse voice. He sounded both wary and frightened.

“The Infinite Azure Sea – how is its power?” Chu Li replied.

“Impossible!” Zhuge Tian scoffed.

His Cloud Slashing Power was able to engulf other’s inner energies for his own usage. When they had run into each other in the past, although Zhuge Tian did not accomplish anything, his body was uninjured, he had merely decided to let Chu Li get away. However, this time, Chu Li’s inner energy was drilling into Zhuge Tian’s body and engulfing his inner energy; it was almost identical to his own Cloud Slashing Power!

“Your heart technique is nothing, after all, I purposely practiced this set of martial arts so that I can restrain you. It’s working as expected!” Chu Li laughed coldly.

At this point, a thought popped into Zhuge Tian’s mind, but he immediately dismissed it.

Impossible, it was absolutely impossible. There was only one Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual in the world, and only he knew where he hid the secret manual. Nobody else in the world knew about it. He had even made the cellar all by himself.

It was out of the question that Chu Li had obtained the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual, it was most likely a similar heart technique.

‘But is there really such a heart technique so similar to the Cloud Slashing Power?’ Zhuge Tian thought inwardly.

Zhuge Tian was getting frustrated thinking about the matter, his good-looking face had a ghastly look to it as he continued to watch his adversary.

“Zhuge Tian, you look like a child without a mother,” Chu Li taunted.

“Asshole! You’re digging your own grave!” Zhuge Tian was instantly enraged, he gave Chu Li a death stare.

Chu Li shook his head. “Sigh… poor child, you lost your mother at a young age, and your father doesn’t care about you, making you lonely. Because of this, you became more and more twisted, eventually ending up the way you are now.”

Zhuge Tian grit his teeth and glared at Chu Li furiously, then he drew his sword out slowly. “Since you’re so keen to die, I’ll help fulfill your wishes!”

Chu Li sneered. “If you kill me, who will take you out of the formation? You will eventually die of thirst and hunger!”

“Hmph, the others will come and look for me!” Zhuge Tian scoffed.

Chu Li laughed. “What a joke, you’re a dispensable person in the Crouching Bull Mountain. Who cares about you, you are a Young Lord without respect!”

“Nonsense! I will — kill them all!” Zhuge Tian said coldly.

Chu Li shook his head. “Would your father approve of that – won’t he slap you to death?”

“You with the surname Chu, do you really think so highly of yourself that you assume that I won’t be able to break through the formation? Do you really think that the formation is invincible?” Zhuge Tian sneered.

Chu Li said, “The formation is not invincible, it might not be able to trap an Enlightened Master. However, for a Grandmaster, it will be sufficient. Zhuge Tian, forget about breaking through, you should just be conscientious and surrender. If I’m satisfied, I might just let you go.”

“What a joke!” Zhuge Tian roared madly.

Deep down, Zhuge Tian was actually elated – it seemed like Chu Li had no plans to kill him. On the other hand, it actually seemed that Chu Li was willing to let him go.

Chu Li continued, “If you don’t surrender, I’ll have to kill you then. This is to avoid you plotting against me again, of course!”

“Haha… Haha! Haha…” Zhuge Tian suddenly looked up and laughed out loud.

Chu Li looked at him calmly, he had already seen all the images in his head.

His mother had died from dystocia, yet his father, Zhuge Feng who was a Grandmaster, failed to save her life. Thus, his father hated him with all his heart and had refused to see him since young. If it was not for his wet nurse who had raised him since he was young, Zhuge Tian would probably already have died from hunger.

It just so happened that his wet nurse had a blood feud towards Zhuge Feng as well, so she took the opportunity to assassinate Zhuge Feng when he was drunk.

Nevertheless, Zhuge Feng was a Grandmaster, so he was still alert, regardless of how drunk he was. Naturally, he attacked the wet nurse and beat her to death. When this happened, Zhuge Tian was only ten years old, so he became a child without a guardian, and has been roaming around the Crouching Bull Mountain ever since.

When he turned twelve, Zhuge Tian discovered a cave while he was playing around. He entered it out of curiosity, only to discover a skeleton and a secret manual, which ended up being the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual.

From then onwards, Zhuge Tian put in a lot of effort and practiced hard, even going so far as to secretly leave the mountain to gain experience from martial art masters, eventually acquiring his current abilities.

Zhuge Tian was always waiting for his father, Zhuge Feng to stop cultivating, as he was waiting for the opportunity to beat Zhuge Feng in front of all the disciples of the Crouching Bull Mountain. He wanted to become the true hill master and wanted Zhuge Feng to abdicate.

Zhuge Tian wanted to let him know that, even without a father like him, he would be able to live well. Additionally, he wanted to cut off all ties of this father-son relationship.

His crooked childhood led him to have twisted feelings towards women, such that he longed for, yet hated beautiful women. Zhuge Tian felt that the only way to make them commit to loving him was by making them completely conscientious, and by making them surrender to him. His twisted mindset was that they would only truly belong to him forever if he killed them.

In his mind, Chu Li saw the faces of more than ten young women, who were all abused to death by the monster before him.

Chu Li was furious. He wanted to torture the man before him so that he could have a taste of the agony that the young women had gone through.

A killing intent was rising inside of him, but Chu Li kept his calm and faintly asked, “What other treasures did you hide?”

“Hmph, you can’t even imagine how many treasures I have hidden. Chu Li, if you’re sensible, we can become friends. Since Mei Aoshuang is dead anyway, there’s nothing stopping us!” Zhuge Tian pointed his long sword at him, then sneered.

Chu Li shook his head. “Who told you that Mei Aoshuang was dead?”

“She didn’t die?!” Zhuge Tian frowned.

Chu Li nodded. “I sent people to spread fake news; you spread fake news too, so why can’t I?”

“Haha, very well, very well! It’s good that she’s alive then!” Zhuge Tian laughed out loud.

Once he heard that Mei Aoshuang was dead, Zhuge Tian realized that he actually hated to part with her the most. Her beauty was unique – it would be such a pity if she died.

“Is there anything that you wish to do? Who’s your enemy?” Chu Li asked faintly.

“What are you up to?” Zhuge Tian frowned, he sensed that Chu Li was acting weird.

Chu Li continued, “Who are your friends? Who is your enemy?”

“It’s none of your concern, Chu Li, are you letting me go or not?” Zhuge Tian snapped coldly.

“Is Qiao San really loyal towards you? Or is he just being half-hearted?” Chu Li said faintly.

“Of course, Qiao San is loyal!” Zhuge Tian scoffed.

Chu Li shook his head. “He’s very loyal towards you, but it seems like you have no attachment to him at all, why?”

“Hmph, he’s just a dog that Zhuge Feng sent to me! He’s just here to watch after me!” Zhuge Tian sneered and said.

Chu Li could not help but laugh. “Perhaps you wronged him? After all, he didn’t report any of those heinous deeds of yours to Zhuge Feng, did he?”

“That’s only because he’s in isolated cultivation! Once he leaves his isolated cultivation, he’ll naturally report back to him!” Zhuge Tian scoffed.

The Heavenly Demonice Orb fell to Chu Li’s heart, allowing limitless energy to instantly gush out as his five senses organs were lifted. Chu Li felt like heaven and earth was under his control and that he could control life and death; an unruly feeling was growing in his heart as he felt a heroic spirit reaching the clouds.

Chu Li turned the Omniscient Mirror around and drove out these unusual thoughts. When he regained his composure, he sighed. “Spare the rod and spoil the child, Zhuge Feng was derelict in his duties indeed, such that he raised an evil child like you. Let me have a taste of your sword technique!”

“Watch me!” Zhuge Tian snarled angrily, the tip of his sword instantly reaching Chu Li’s throat.

“Ding…” The tip of his sword was parried away. At the exact same time, the Modesty Sword pierced Zhuge Tian’s throat.

“Ugh…” Zhuge Tian opened his eyes in disbelief. He stared dead into the eyes of his killer as his life flashed before him.

“Tss, Tss, Tss!” Chu Li stabbed him multiple times, such that Zhuge Tian’s chest, the center of his brows, and his dan tian were all torn open. Then Chu Li slashed his long sword, causing his opponent’s head to disconnect from its body.