White Robed Chief Chapter 573

Chapter 573 Defeated Again

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Chu Li looked at the corpse on the ground. He shook his head and sighed.

In the end, he had taken Zhuge Tian out instantly. Chu Li had not tortured him to seek revenge for all the women who had died for nothing. He could not repay this evil man’s karma.

At the end of the day, Chu Li was very afraid of Zhuge Tian and was unwilling to prolong the fight.

Chu Li first destroyed his opponent’s will to fight, then weakened his spirit, all in preparation for the final fatal hit, ensuring Zhuge Tian had no chance to use his trump card.

Zhuge Tian had a profound cultivation level and was in many ways superior to him. If he had activated his secret skill, Chu Li might not have actually been able to win. Because of this, it was best to settle him quickly, in case he ran into an unexpected obstacle.

Looking at Zhuge Tian’s corpse on the floor, Chu Li breathed out a sigh of relief.

After so many schemes, he had finally managed to kill that unfortunate fellow.

Unfortunate fellows like Zhuge Tian were usually tough to kill; they always had exceptional luck and could always turn inauspicious events in their favor, so much so that they were usually able to escape from death.

Chu Li dug a hole and buried Zhuge Tian. He took two bottles of drugs from Zhuge Tian’s body before covering the grave.

One was a healing spirit medicine, whereas the other one was a tiger-wolf medicine with stimulating effects.

Zhuge Tian had planned to swallow both medicines so that his power would be doubled. He was aware that the end result would cause his meridians to snap after a few minutes and that he would be killed. Nonetheless, he still intended to kill Chu Li before he perished, so that they would die together – Zhuge Tian was truly a ruthless man.

Fortunately, Chu Li had managed to kill him before he could take the medicine; if Zhuge Tian had taken the medicine, there was a possibility that he could have escaped since Chu Li’s formation might no longer have been able to trap him. If Zhuge Tian had indeed managed to escape from the trap, then who knows when the next opportunity to face him would arise.

After retrieving the two bottles of medicine, Chu Li vanished into thin air before reappearing at the Imperial Residence of King An.

Dusk was arriving, the lanterns around the residence were just being lit.

Chu Li left his own room and walked to the courtyard.

“Head Chief, we’re done with training,” Leng Qiu said as she looked at him.

When Chu Li saw her confused face, he smiled and asked, “Lady Qiu, is there something wrong?”

“Nothing. I just feel that you look a little intimidating right now.” Leng Qiu shook her head quickly.

Chu Li laughed. “Why is that?”

“I don’t know.” Leng Qiu shook her head in confusion. She did not understand why, but she just felt that Chu Li was extremely dangerous at that moment and that she wanted to stay as far away from him as possible.

Leng Qing suddenly joined in the conversation, “A murderous look, am I right?”

Chu Li smiled and nodded. “Yes, it’s probably the murderous look.”

Since Chu Li had just killed Zhuge Tian, although he had tried his best to restrain it, he still carried a faint killing intent.

The two ladies had been cultivating for a long time. Although they only practiced one skill, their minds had become much purer, and their senses were much sharper, so they were able to detect the unusual.

“Head Chief, Crown Prince Leng Tao is outside and is asking to see you,” Chief Zhu’s voice suddenly called from outside, interrupting their conversation.

“Leng Tao?” Chu Li was shocked, he looked at Leng Qiu.

Leng Qiu pursed her red lips and scoffed. “Why is he here?!”

“Let’s go take a look. We can’t just shut him out anyway. Chief Zhu, invite the two of them into the living room for some tea,” Chu Li said.

“Alright,” Chief Zhu responded and left.

“How dare Leng Tao show up! Isn’t he scared that I’ll beat him up again?” Leng Qiu bit her lip as she muttered quietly.

“It must be quite a serious matter,” Chu Li said with a smile.

“Let’s go and see!” On the other hand, Leng Qing was quite excited to meet their guest; she always felt the most exalted with Leng Tao.

When the three of them arrived in the living room, they saw Leng Tao and Chen Kong sipping tea inside.

Leng Tao was seated comfortably on an armchair, he raised his pinky whenever he drank his tea.

Chu Li performed a fist salute. “Crown Prince Tao, Elder Chen, rare visitors indeed!”

Chen Kong returned the gestured and smiled, he did not say a word.

Leng Tao had a serious look on his face when he spoke, “Chu Li, we’re here to discuss some important matters.”

“Leng Tao, how dare you still come here? Haven’t you had enough beatings?” Leng Qiu puffed out her chest and scoffed.

“Leng Qiu, I’m here about something serious today, cut it out!” Leng Tao quickly snapped back.

Leng Qiu twitched her lips. “And what might that be – quickly spit out, or else I’ll beat you up again!”

“Leng Qiu, don’t assume that I’m afraid of you!” Leng Tao could not hold it in any longer.

“Do you want to fight?” Leng Qiu’s eyes were shining.

Leng Tao snarled. “Let us fight then!”

“Ahem!” Chen Kong coughed gently, shocking them both back to their senses.

Leng Tao instantly became clear-headed, he sneered. “Forget it, a great man like me won’t stoop down to your level of pettiness. I won’t lower my standards down to yours, we shall not fight today!”

“Wow, you’re having mercy on me. Alright then, don’t have mercy on me, stoop down to my level. Please! I’m aching to beat you up today such that you’ll have to pick up your teeth from the floor!” Leng Qiu felt that Leng Tao’s words sounded sarcastic, so she continued to taunt him.

“How arrogant!” Leng Tao yelled.

Leng Tao had always bullied Leng Qiu since they were both children, which had a psychological effect on him and made him feel superior to her. This was the reason as to why he still looked down on her. Even though he had lost to her once, Leng Tao still despised Leng Qiu and was not afraid of her. He still felt the need to bully her, which was why he could not stand that she was being so unruly.

Chu Li smiled at the squabble. “How about you two battle for a single round then? Crown Prince Tao, if you beat Lady Qiu, then you can continue speaking, but if you lose, then you don’t have to speak any more!”

Leng Tao frowned and hesitated.

Leng Qiu sneered. “What’s the matter, you know that you can’t beat me, right?”

“Nonsense! I was just careless the last time, this time I’ll definitely beat you up so bad that you’ll have to beg me for mercy!” Leng Tao scoffed in disdain.

“Hmph, let us see who will be begging who for mercy!” Leng Qiu pursed her red lips tightly.

“Come, come, you can fight over here. There is more than enough space here!” Chu Li said as he gestured to the middle of the room.

“Alright!” Leng Qiu took two steps forward and stood at the center of the carpet in the living room. She drew her long sword out and pointed it at Leng Tao. “Come!”

Leng Tao did not look at Chen Kong’s face as he stood up and appeared before her. Then, he took out his long sword out and stared at his opponent. “Young Sister Qiu, you better be wary, swords have no eyes on them. Don’t blame me if I cut your face and destroy your appearance!”

“If you dare to!” Leng Qiu snapped back at him.

Leng Tao chuckled. “I don’t dare to, but the same cannot be said for my sword. Watch me!”

He stabbed outward, “Tss”, a soft whistling sound was heard as the blade sliced through the air rapidly; Leng Tao was certainly quick with the sword.

“Tss!” Another soft whistling sound was heard, Leng Qiu had begun an attack of her own.

Her sword appeared to be even faster – it came out later than Leng Tao’s, but it arrived first and was already in front of Leng Tao’s throat.

Leng Tao was shocked, he had not expected Leng Qiu’s sword technique to have become so much faster than before.

All along, Leng Tao had kept his own counsel. In the past, he thought that he could easily lull Leng Qiu into a false sense of security in order to defeat her again so that her confidence would be completely destroyed when he won. However, Leng Tao did not think that he would actually be defeated by her instead.

When Leng Tao returned the last time they fought, he felt that he had suffered an unjustly lost, so he constantly looked to find an opportunity to regain his pride.

This was a rare opportunity for him, and he was well-prepared to take it, so Leng Qiu should not have had a high chance of winning. However, Leng Tao did not think that she would actually have improved so greatly and now be this fast.

With no choice, Leng Tao took a step back to dodge.

“Tss!””Tss!””Tss!” Leng Qiu stabbed outwards three consecutive times.

Leng Tao mimicked her movements and took three further steps back; he could not even block Leng Qiu’s with his sword, as each attack was more quick and accurate than the last. She was stabbing at his throat constantly and he might have been wounded if he was even a little careless.

“Bam!” Leng Tao suddenly bumped into the armchair, causing him to stop abruptly.

He immediately felt the cold sensation of steel on the skin of his throat, causing him to freeze. A second later, the tip of the sword was suddenly retracted.

Leng Qiu curled her red lips into a smile and glanced at Chu Li who had stopped her. Then, she stared at Leng Tao triumphantly. “You lost, you piece of trash!”

Right after she said this, Leng Qiu turned her hips and left quickly.

Leng Qing followed behind her and left the living room too.

Chu Li smiled as he watched them leave. Then, he looked at Leng Tao and Chen Kong. “Crown Prince Tao, since that’s the case, please forgive me for not seeing you off.”

“You…” Leng Tao stared at him in dissatisfaction.

Chu Li smirked. “Crown Prince Tao, you agreed that you shall not say a word if you lost. Could it be that you want to break your promise, Crown Prince Tao?”

“Hmph, did I say that? I’ll come back tomorrow!” Leng Tao snarled as he tried to catch his breath.

Chu Li shook his head. “I won’t be at the residence tomorrow.”

“…Hmph.” Leng Tao turned around and left.