White Robed Chief Chapter 575

Chapter 575 Predicament

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Qiao San stared at Zhuge Tian in amazement.

Zhuge Tian glared at him out of the corner of his eye. “What? You don’t agree with me?”

“Young lord, you have finally come through!” Qiao San said with excitement. “How I have longed for this day!”

Zhuge Tian responded plainly, “No need for the rush. We’ll take things slow. What’s mine will be mine!”

“Yes, yes!” Qiao San nodded enthusiastically, beaming from ear to ear. “Young lord is the lord of Crouching Bull Mountain and would be its future owner. How could you possibly be dispirited and let others boss you around?”

“Who’s the current head of the faction?” Zhuge Tian asked. “Murong Chun?”

Qiao San heaved a sigh. A helpless expression graced his face. “It’s elder Murong.”

“That wolffish intent!” Zhuge Tian chuckled dryly. “He just can’t wait for my father to cultivate in isolation or get completely consumed by cultivation…”

Qiao San looked to his left and right before lowering his voice, “Young Lord, it’s best not to speak like this. If Elder Murong were to hear of this, he’ll seek revenge.”

“What could he possibly do to me!” Zhuge Tian said coldly.

Qiao San added helplessly, “Elder Murong may already know about us, it’s best to keep away from him.”

Zhuge Tian narrowed his eyes and asked suspiciously, “He knows?”

“Young Lord, think about it. He has eyes and ears all around the faction. How can he not know?” Qiao San said in a hushed tone. “We can’t lie to him!”

Zhuge Tian gave a wry smile. “Humph, Murong Chun!”

Now, he was angry. In order to gain power, Murong Chun had watched on as Zhuge Tian murdered innocent women. How detestable! He was just as liable and should be killed!

This whole time, Chu Li had disguised himself as Zhuge Tian in order to get information.

His earlier questions were all to prepare for this day. Reaching level five of the Heavenly Demonic Power had enabled him to transform into an entirely different person. The looks, the gestures, the tone, and voice. There was not a difference between Chu Li’s Zhuge Tian and the real Zhuge Tian.

He had coupled the Heavenly Demonic Power with the Omniscient Mirror. The result was flawless.

Chu Li’s desire to kill was sparked having such a weapon with him. He had the Heavenly DEmonic Power and the Omniscient Mirror. An idea sprang into his mind.

Crouching Bull Mountain was a first-class sect in the martial arts world with a two thousand years old history. If he could somehow become the leader of the Crouching Bull Mountain…

Qiao San said, “Elder Murong’s tactics are vicious. It’s best for you to be careful. Don’t show your talent. Concealing your strength is never the way to protect yourself in the long run. Elder Murong will have his way again sooner or later. It’ll be too late to fight for yourself then!”

Chu Li nodded slowly.

Qiao San continued, “The hill master’s time in isolated cultivation is getting longer. Originally, I thought that once the hill master was out, Elder Murong would no longer be a threat, but the hill master still hasn’t come out yet. If this continues, Elder Murong may begin to have ill intentions.”

Chu Li smiled and asked, “Don’t tell me he wishes to seize the position for himself?”

“It’s a possibility,” Qiao San said. “If the hill master was to be consumed by cultivation, then who would support you?”

Chu Li furrowed his eyebrows. “He has dirt on me. If he were to reveal the information he had on me, then I would lose most of my support.”

Qiao San let out a sigh and stared at him, feeling helpless.

He knew that the young lord was aggrieved and oppressed and often vented his frustrations on women. His words of advice did nothing on him. The good news was that these women were often from peasant families. Their deaths were not of political significance, but it gave important leverage to Elder Murong.

Chu Li said, “So looks like I’ll have to continue playing dead.”

“Don’t get beat up. We can’t do anything openly, but we can do something .” Qiao San immediately responded.

“Uh huh,” Chu Li nodded. “We can’t just sit by and wait to die.”

Qiao San continued, “The majority of the sect are loyal to the hill master. Elder Murong can’t just take over.”

“Any major news in the sect lately?” Chu Li asked lightly.

“In the sect…” Qiao San thought for a while before shaking his head. “Nothing major. All’s calm. Everyone’s busy with their cultivation.”

Chu Li was deep in thought. “The son of Murong Chun… How’s Murong Liang?”

He saw through Qiao San’s heart by using the Omniscient Mirror and found out everything he needed to know about Murong Liang.

Qiao San commented, “Murong Liang is after Elder Xia’s daughter, Miss Xia Wei. It’s such a shame!”

Chu Li frowned. “Xia Wei?”

“Elder Xia’s daughter is such a beauty.” Qiao San looked at him cautiously.

Chu Li saw the scene playing in his head and said, “She’s beautiful, alright! But she’s unsuitable for me. Don’t get worked up!”

“Yes.” Qiao San nodded helplessly.

“Let’s leave it at that for now! We’ll think about it again when the time comes!” Chu Li waved his hand dismissively. “Find me a courtyard first. I don’t want to stay here.”

“Yes,” Qiao San replied hastily. “There’s plenty of courtyards on the mountain. We can stay in any one of them at the moment. I’ll find someone to build a courtyard for you. It shouldn’t take more than a few days!”

“Right.” Chu Li nodded.

The duo left the courtyard and went from the back of the mountain to the side of the mountain that was facing the sun. They headed towards a land filled with plenty of empty courtyards. He could stay there for a few days.

As they walked on the pathway scattered with blue pebbles, they saw flowering shrubs on both sides of the path. It was bountiful in variety and each of them was freshly blossomed, contending with each other in a charming competition of vibrancy and scent. It was as though the duo was walking through an ocean of flowers.

“Oh, isn’t this the young lord?” Three youngsters were walking towards them. Each of them had on green clothes. They looked extremely charming and spirited, a vast contrast to Zhuge Tian’s graceful and lithe beauty. They were manly, and their voices were especially loud.

One of the youngsters was charming and handsome. He wore a scornful expression as he casted a sidelong glance at Chu Li. “How did the young lord have the time to visit here?”

“Get lost, Murong Liang,” Chu Li ordered calmly as he continued forward.

This gave Qiao San a scare. He watched anxiously as Chu Li went near them.

“What a commanding tone the young lord has here!” Murong Liang laughed out loud. “We just met, and you’re already telling me to get lost and make way for you?”

“It’s good that you understand the distinction between classes,” Chu Li said plainly.

Murong Liang shook his head. “It’s no problem for me to make way for you, but only if you can get me to move aside first.”

He stood right in the middle of the Blue Stone Path and scoffed, “I heard that you’ve been working hard on your cultivation and have cultivated some amazing martial arts. I would like to learn a thing or two from you!”

“You’re not a worthy opponent,” Chu Li said .

He swept his gaze across the two youngsters behind Murong Liang. One of them had a round and huge head. One might say that he was not pleasing to the eye while the other had an average face. He looked honest. The two of them were very ordinary looking, but they exuded a great sense of youthful spirits.

Murong Liang said with a smile, “How presumptuous. The greatness of one’s martial arts is determined through fights and not through the words coming from your mouth. Young lord, care to show us your Martial Art?”

Chu Li closed in on him and suddenly pressed his palm down.

“Bang!” Murong Liang smiled as he whipped out his palm and pressed it against Chu Li’s.

“Bang!” Murong Liang was flung backward and collided with his two companions. The three men fell into the shrubs, flattening out a huge part of it.

Chu Li glanced at the trio with disdain. He shook his head. “You still had the guts to prance around when your Martial Art is as weak as it is. How shallow!”

After that, he carried on with his hands behind his back and paid no attention to the trio any longer.

The trio were bleeding all over the place after being pierced by the thorns in the shrubs. They glared at Chu Li viciously.

Qiao San took a worried glance at the three before following his master’s footsteps. He lowered his voice and said, “Young lord, they’ll seek revenge on you.”

Chu Li smirked. “Let them come. I’ll let them understand what exactly does it mean to be powerful.”

“Wouldn’t this expose your Martial Art?” Qiao San asked.

Chu Li replied, “It should be exposed!”

“Yes.” Qiao San nodded slowly. He thought what Chu Li said make sense. Thye would need imperious Martial Art if they wanted to win the support of the Crouching Bull Mountain.