White Robed Chief Chapter 576

Chapter 576 Entanglement

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Murong Liang’s face turned pale with rage as he glared at Chu Li’s back, not uttering a word.

The big, ugly-faced young man lowered his voice and said, “Murong, is this person’s Martial Art really this impressive?”

“Could it be that you weren’t careful?” the other ordinary-looking young man questioned.

Murong Liang glared at them. “Don’t you think that I wanted to teach him a lesson?”

He had the mind to finish him off with just one simple punch so that he could teach Zhuge Tian a lesson and humiliate him.

It would be quite beneficial to have defeated the young lord and have him under your control. He had been waiting for such an opportunity for a long time, and he had found it finally. This was a chance that could not be missed. He had to grab it with both hands.

It did not even matter if Murong Liang were to use all his strength and kill Zhuge Tian. The hill master was practicing isolated cultivation. He could just simply escape. This would also assist his father by eliminating an obstacle.

He imagined that the news of him defeating the young lord would spread throughout Crouching Bull Mountain. When that happens, everyone would know that this man could not become the next hill master and that he was useless. He was no match to himself.

However, his wonderful dream about it all had burst like a bubble. He would never have thought that a great surge of power would overwhelm him completely when their palms met. It was like a kid going against an adult.

“Who would have thought?” the two shook their heads together.

“Murong, if you were to go against him again, could you beat him?” Zhou Hange, the simple young man, asked.

“Yes, yes. Fight him one more time,” Chu Dazhi, the ugly young man, said.

Murong Liang gave them a stern glare without saying a word.

The duo were his childhood friends. They could tell from his expression that he was not confident enough to fight him again.

“Just do it one more time,” Chu Dazhi exclaimed. “I don’t believe that he’s that good!”

In their minds, Zhuge Tian was a coward with no backbone. He did not have an ounce of manliness in him at all. They had always looked down on him. They did not think he could possess such a high level of Martial Art.

Murong Liang snorted, “If you guys want to fight him then go ahead!”

“How about the three of us go against him together?” Zhou Hange suggested. His tone of voice was in stark contrast to his honest look. He lowered his voice and said, “We could wait till the day is dark and ambush him. We’ll teach him a good lesson!”

“Great idea!” Chu Dazhi clapped his hands.

This sudden movement of clapping his hand doubled the pain he felt on his hands since they were already pierced with thorns before.

Murong Liang was silent.

The two took one look at him and knew that he liked the plan. He was only pretending to be elegant and thoughtful. They chuckled and thought that it was all very exciting. They imgained pinning Zhuge Tian to the ground and beat him until his face was so bloated and bruised that he could not go out during daylight.

A charming young lady walked by right then. She was dressed in a pale pink robe and had large bright eyes. She had delicate features, and her beauty was astonishing.

“Hey, what are you three lying over there for?” she asked curiously.

The trio instantly became red with embarrassment. They fumbled over their words and failed to say anything.

Murong Liang said, “Junior Sister Xia, we were just looking for something.”

“You flattened a bed of flowers just to look for something? How cruel!” The charming lady waved her hand hurriedly. “Get out of there!”

“Junior Sister Xia, are you done with your cultivation?” Murong Liang jumped out of the bushes. If he was not pierced with so many thorns, he would have looked stunning. It was a shame that his butt and back were pierced with thorns. He looked ridiculous.

Xia Wei pursed her lips to suppress a smile. “Look at how disheveled you are. Did someone throw you in there?”

“How could we get beaten by anyone?” The trio immediately shook their heads.

Xia Wei said, “I saw it all. It was Zhuge Tian who threw you guys in.”

The trio turned red once again and cursed inwardly, ‘You already knew the truth, yet you still decided to stare at us with your big innocent eyes and ask about what had happened as if you didn’t already know. Who knew that it’s going to be a trap? This woman is so cruel!’

They gave Murong Liang a sympathetic look.

Murong Liang’s expression did not change. “It was my mistake. I didn’t think he was so calculative, and his attack caught us by surprise.”

Xia Wei chuckled. “What thick skin you have. You really stood no chance, yet you claimed they had a surprise attack on you. Don’t act as if you didn’t plan to do one yourselves! Even then, you couldn’t beat him!”

She was more or less familiar with Murong Liang’s behavior. He seemed upright and honorable, but he actually habored plenty of ill intentions. He definitely was going for an ambush to humiliate Zhuge Tian. He did not think that Zhuge Tian would also be planning to do the same thing and had Martial Art that was much more powerful than his.

“Junior Sister Xia, whose team are you on?” Murong Liang said sternly, “Just look at how eccentric he is. There’s not even an ounce of masculinity in him. He really is an embarrassment to all of us men!”

“It’snot his fault that he looked like that,” Xia Wei pointed out.

“It’s not about the way he looks, but rather how he carries himself,” scoffed Murong Liang. “Look at how uncivilized he is. How can he be a hill master? It would be an embarrassment to the people of Crouching Bull Mountain!”

“You’re judged on whether you have the capabilities to be a hill master, not on the way you look,” Xia Wei said with a smile.

“Miss Xia, why are you defending him? Are you into him?” Chu Dazhi asked.

“Yes, I’m into him.” Xia Wei beamed cheekily. “He has great Martial Art and is very handsome too! What a lovable person he is!”

“You—” Murong Liang’s face instantly darkened.

Xia Wei smiled. “Murong, you’re no match for him. Just go!”

Right after that, she waved them goodbye and walked off into the distance. Her alluring figure swayed seductively with each step.

Murong Liang’s gloomy face stared dumbly at her retreating figure.

“Murong, Junior Sister Xia is doing this on purpose to anger you,” Zhou Hange said. “She must be displeased that you lost to Zhuge Tian.”

“Humph!” Murong Liang gritted his teeth. “I must teach him a lesson!”

“Yes, teach him a lesson!” shouted Chu Dazhi.


The first lamp was lit in the hazy night.

A sharp scream was heard outside.

Chu Li was in his courtyard cultivating the Cloud Slashing Sword Technique. This technique was extremely fast and required the heart technique to circulate as fast, or else the process of switching between moves would be slowed. He had mastered this process bit by bit.

He heard the scream and saw three figures crouching behind a tree with the Omniscient Mirror. They were looking his way suspiciously.

Chu Li shook his head. These youngsters were still young and had not yet experienced living outside the mountain. Living in the mountain had made them a little bit naive. Although they were naive, they were still vicious. Thier viciousness was inherent.

Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi wanted to teach him a lesson, but Murong Liang wanted to kill him. His desire to kill was overpowering. He had been searching for a chance to do so. Now that he had it, he would not go easy on him.

Chu Li picked up the sword as he pulled open the door. Then, heexamined his surroundings and pretended to be curious.

“Wu…” Another odd sound was was heard.

Chu Li pretended not to know what it was and walked towards the forest. Murong Liang had already moved a large rock and scrambled up a tree.

“Hoo!” A large rock fell from the sky.

Chu Li made a noise of disbelief and pulled out his long sword.

The large rock, which was about the height of a person, froze in the air all out a sudden as it was plummeting down. Then, it was flung away.

“Bang!” The rock collided heavily with a thick pine tree and startled the two men hiding behind it.

After Murong Liang threw the rock down, he glided down from the treetops and was ready to launch his next attack.

Whilst he was midair, he saw Chu Li knock away the large rock with one swing of his sword. Moreover, he did not seem to be the least bit panicked as he thought he would be.

Murong Liang was startled. He himself did not have the capability to deflect such a large rock with one swing of a sword. The amount of energy required was simply too much!

“Move!” He yelled out in a low voice as he glided over Chu Li’s head.

Chu Li aimed and threw out his long sword. The tip of the sword hovered just before Murong Liang’s throat.

If Murong Liang were to continue on his trajectory, he would be pierced by the sword.