White Robed Chief Chapter 578

Chapter 578 Escaping Reality

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Murong Liang said through clenched teeth, “I can’t believe he’s so calculative!”

Murong Chun merely stared at him.

Murong Liang said, “I think he acted impulsively!”

Murong Chun smiled and nodded. “Mm, you may be right. Perhaps he really did it in the heat of the moment, and everything wasn’t as we initially thought. You can stop your wild thoughts and focus on your recovery now by cultivating from the beginning.”

Murong Liang seethed, “Father, I’m not satisfied with this. I want to dispel his Martial Art too!”

“Mm, that’s not a problem.” Murong Chun nodded. “Dispelling his Martial Art is not a problem as long as you can manage it.”

“But…” Murong Liang furrowed his eyebrows.

Murong Chun said, “I won’t aid you in this. If you want to dispel his Martial Art, then you best work hard on your cultivation. Make sure your Martial Art is cultivated well. You can do anything you like to him then!”

“Yes!” Murong Liang nodded helplessly. He knew that there was no point in talking about the topic anymore.

He glanced at Murong Chun and said with discontent, “Father, are you really not going to defend my honor?”

Murong Chun patted his shoulder and replied warmly, “I’ll protect you, but you’ll have to avenge your enemies yourself. You’re a man now and can’t depend on me for everything. It’s time for you to start carving your own legacy.”

“Yes,” Murong Liang said slowly

Murong Chun waved his hand and two maids came in. They helped Murong Liang into the house.

Murong Chun paced around the courtyard with his hands behind his back. The moonlight shone upon his face like water.


Qiao San widened his eyes as he gazed at Chu Li anxiously.

Chu Li sat on a rocking chair in the middle of the courtyard, nodding the chair idly. The lamp in the courtyard was as bright as day.

Qiao San’s concern was etched clearly in his expression. He asked hurriedly, “Young lord, you’re too hasty!”

“Mm?” Chu Li peered at him lazily.

Qiao San’s face turned pale as he realized his mistake. He smiled apologetically. “It’s a slip of the tongue. Please forgive me, my young lord!”

Chu Li made a noise of disbelief.

Qiao San said, “Young lord, that’s the son of Elder Murong you offended. You crippling his Martial Art is akin to a tight slap to Elder Murong’s face. How will he ever let this go?”

“He can’t let this go?” Chu Li smirked. “So what if he can’t?”

“Elder Murong will surely do something about it,” Qiao San said.

Chu Li said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if he does so? If I defeat Murong Chun, I don’t need to worry about anything else!”

“But… But…” Qiao San gaped at Chu Li. He was utterly speechless.

The young lord’s Martial Art was formidable, but compared to Elder Murong’s Martial Art, his was still lacking. Elder Murong was a natural genius and had cultivated for a long time. The young lord had only cultivated for five to six years which was ten times lesser than Elder Murong!

Chu Li said calmly, “Enough. I can’t be bothered to listen to your nonsense. Scram!”

“Young lord, what should we do if Elder Murong were to come here to seek revenge?” Qiao San said, sighing.

“Don’t make me say it a second time.” Chu Li pointed at the door with his finger. “Scram!”

“Young lord…”

“If you don’t leave right now, then I’ll be forced the raise my hand!” Chu Li threatened.

“Yes.” Qiao San sighed and shook his head as he left the courtyard.

Chu Li saw him standing by the door shaking his head endlessly. Chu Li shook his head to himself as well.

Qiao San was very loyal. It was a shame that he was a cold-blooded man that had pledged his devotion to Zhuge Tian. How peculiar this man was!


The next morning, Chu Li returned from Tianshu Courtyard and appeared in the courtyard at Crouching Bull Mountain.

It was peaceful at the Fairy’s Capital. No one came to him looking for trouble ever since the episode at the Secret Guardians Hall.

The Secret Guardians Hall was terrifying with all its all-seeing informers. If anyone were to obtain the secret manual, the Secret Guardians Hall would surely hear of it. If it was leaked, then their men would definitely turn the world upside down to find it. They would kill him and steal the secret manual.

Under such conditions, everyone had begun to hesitate and calculate if it was worth the risk.

He had practiced the Cloud Slashing Sword Technique for a while in the courtyard. His progress had improved by a lot.

The key to the Cloud Slashing Sword Technique was not in the sword itself, but rather the circulation of the heart technique. His swordsmanship would be fast as long as the heart technique could keep up. The faster the heart technique, the faster his swordsmanship.

His spirit was growing strong and the speed of his heart technique far exceeded Zhuge Tian’s. The Cloud Slashing Sword Technique was much more formidable when he was the one wielding it.

Qiao San was already standing outside the door, putting his ears close to the wall to listen to the activities in the courtyard. He remained motionless after hearing the sound of a sword being wielded.

Chu Li was too lazy to bother about him and continued to practice his swordsmanship.

An hour later, Qiao San knocked on the door. “Young lord! Young lord!”

Chu Li answered, “Come in!”

Qiao San pushed open the door and entered. His expression had the tiniest bit of change. “Young lord, things are not looking good. Elder Murong is coming!”

“Let him come.” Chu Li was still wielding his sword, but he was slowing it down as he spoke.

Qiao San paced nervously. “What if he’s here to pick a fight…”

Chu Li could not be bothered to answer him.

They heard the sound of footsteps resounding from outside the door. It was accompanied by someone chuckling. “Young Lord, sorry to bother you!”

Chu Li did not put a stop to his practice. He spared the six men entering the premise a glance.

The leader of the group, Murong Chun, had an angular face. He was as skinny as a stick but his eyes were shining brightly. Even so, he did not give people the impression that he was weak. It was almost as if his skinny body had harbored quite a lot of powerful and boundless energy. His person gave people a sense of danger.

Behind him were four elders and one middle-aged man. All of them were Grandmasters. The top masters of Crouching Bull Mountain were all gathered here.

Murong Chun did not take Chu Li’s indifference to heart. He gave a fist salute and said, “Young lord, I’m here to ask for your forgiveness!”

Chu Li said lightly, “And what might Elder Murong’s be apologizing for?”

“It’s the father’s fault for not teaching his son the right thing to do. My son had offended you yesterday. I hope the young lord doesn’t take offense.” Murong Chun fist saluted and smiled. “This son of mine did not respect the hierarchy and was rightfully dispelled of his Martial Art. It was what he deserved!”

Chu Li’s long sword was still slashing about as he responded, “Does Elder Murong really think so?”

“Of course!” Murong Chun smiled. “The hill master is cultivating in isolation, and the young lord is alone. I wouldn’t have the face to see the hill master if anything were to happen to you. My young son not only doesn’t share the same sentiments as I do, he even picked a fight with the young lord. He really is a bastard!”

Chu Li put his sword away and sized him up. He said nonchalantly, “Pick a fight? Does Elder Murong think he just happened to want to pick a fight with me?”

“Could I be wrong?” Murong Chun respectfully asked. “Could there be an ulterior motive behind his actions? Please do enlighten me.”

“I dare not enlighten you.” Chu Li flashed him a smile. “Elder Murong is a powerful and influential man. I dare not speak freely!”

“How can the young lord say such a thing?” Murong Chun said seriously. “I am but loyal to the hill master. I dare not disrespect the young lord. No matter how influential I may be, you have to know that I did it all for the sect! I don’t care how many people I’d have to offend!

He peered at Qiao San as he spoke, “The young lord shouldn’t listen to the words of the vile!”

Chu Li said, “You want to kill Qiao San?”

Murong Chun chuckled. “The young lord is an adult now and have to stop being lazy. I can’t always be the one taking care of the sect’s affairs for you. My words will eventually lose their weight. The young lord should prepare to wear the hill master’s shoes and begin handling the sect’s affairs from now on. You’ll need capable and efficient men by your side… Qiao San has served the young lord for many years. Although he has done nothing worth mentioning, his hard work is commendable. It’s time for him to rest and enjoy time with his family!”

Qiao San’s expression changed dramatically. His life was now in danger!