White Robed Chief Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Cultivation

It was dawn. The sun was shining brightly, and the air was fresh but humid.

In a small Public House on the Island of Jade, Chu Li was sitting in a small kiosk, with his eyebrows creased. He did not move a single bit, and Xue Linge was standing beside him, watching him helplessly.

The spiritual energy from the Glory's Will Tree was circulating swiftly inside him. It followed the Minute Pulse Cleansing technique's route, and was strengthening his body's veins. The spiritual energy from the tree felt invigorating and pure, it increased the effects of the Minute Pulse Cleansing technique, his veins becoming stronger.

But he did not feel delighted at all.

Hundreds of thoughts swam through his mind, and then quickly dissipated. He was wondering why that the Sentient Menace move had halted in its steps and stopped improving.

After a good ten days of training with the baton, it had begun to feel ineffective. He had switched to a copper baton, and it did not work as well. Then he changed to the usage of knives, but it was fruitless. Lastly, he used a sword, but it was futile too.

With tall those hits from various weapons, it did not hurt his body even the slightest bit. Meanwhile, his clothes were scratched and tattered.

But he knew, that his current level of mastery of the Sentient Menace skill move would not stop the attacks of a top notch martial arts master, especially those from the Temple of Tempest.

After Zhuo Feiyang had left, he did not slow down his efforts by a single bit. On the contrary, he had become more hardworking, and it was due to the threats from the Temple of Tempest and the Hu Ren Public House. Those two threats were like two swords dangling above his head.

The Glory's Will Tree's spiritual energy had a beneficial effect on the spirit herbs in the lawn. The Grass of Raven was growing exceptionally fast, and it could be reaped after a week's time. He remained hopeful that the effects from the herbal medications would help.

"Sigh..." He shook his head and sighed. The Sentient Menace move was indeed very arduous to cultivate. Up until now, it was as if he had reached the neck of the bottle. Could it be that the maximum it could do was blocking mere normal blades and swords?

He was so eager to cultivate the Sentient Menace move, mainly because he wanted to rid himself of his weakness. Once he unleashed his Blade of Eternity, he could only have a short time of recovery.

This period of recovery was short but vital. If he was facing a top-notch master or surrounded by a mob of attackers, he could be exposed to danger. If he has the Sentient Menace move, he would have nothing to worry about.

Xue Linge could not resist and spoke, "Master, do you want to head to the Hall of Martial Arts and have a look?"

"Hall of Martial Arts?" Chu Li raised his head and saw her pretty face.

Xue Linge said, "Inside the Hall of Martial Arts, there are a lot of ancient scrolls. I think there might be some with solutions to the cultivation method."

Chu Li disagreed and shook his head, "There were very few who cultivated the Sentient Menace move."

"What if there is." Xue Linge said.

Chu Li hummed for a second, and said, "Right, what you said makes sense too. We shall go there and have a look!"

"Let me accompany you, Master!" Xue Linge hurriedly added, "With my rank, I could enter the Hall of Martial Arts too!"

"No need to." Chu Li waved at her.

Xue Linge bit gently on her red lip, and said in a low voice, "Master, I'm also want to go and have a look inside."

Chu Li looked at her, head full of questions as to why, and said, "It would be fine if you went there on your own another day."

"It's too troublesome for me to go alone. Many would catcall me, it's very annoying!" Xue Linge scoffed, "They won't budge no matter what looks I showed them. Each one of them were shameless!"

Chu Li watched her, and a smile etched out on his face.

She was always so ice-cold. Her expressions were always frosty, with a tiny hint of arrogance within. No matter how she tried to change her facial expressions, it would not be too much of a change. Those who dared to catcall her were very daring, since they could bear her arrogant looks.

"Master, don't tell me you're afraid to be seen by sister Zhao Ying?" Xue Linge said suddenly, smiling, and looked at him curiously.

Chu Li scoffed, "Scared of what? Both of us are innocent!"

"Just afraid that sister Zhao doesn't think so." Xue Linge smiled more widely.

She had always bore that ice-cold expression. For her to smile like that, it was as if it was warm enough to melt snow, and her face looked dazzling.

Chu Li said, "Alright then, then I shall bring you there!"

"Thank you, Master!" Xue Linge quickly answered.

Xue Linge steered the boat, and away they went from the Island of Jade. Soon they arrived at the Hall of Martial Arts.

The two were bathed in warm sunlight as they ascended to the bank, and then entered the training ground.

The buzzing training ground suddenly fell silent. People stopped and parted a way for the visitor. Chu Li appeared puzzled, but his facial expressions were unchanged. His pace did not slow down, and he slowly moved forward.

Xue Linge followed tightly beside him, her steps hastening.

"Brother Chu!" Someone gave him a fist salute, and grinned.

Chu Li smiled back and returned the fist salute.

"Brother Chu!"

"Sun Junior Chu!"

Suddenly everyone followed suit and gave him a fist salute. Chu Li did not lower his fists and continued giving everyone the salute, his face in all smiles. He greeted each of them one by one. Senior Meng, senior Ho, senior Fang, he called out every single one of their names precisely.

The training ground was buzzing with people. But Chu Li did not slow down his footsteps, and finally emerged at the other end of the path the people had parted for him. He entered the lounge of the Hall of Martial Arts. His badge was checked, and he went up to the second floor.

Han Ling's eyes were bright, as if they were gleaming with light. He stood upright arrogantly, puffing his chest, feeling very righteous while at duty.

Chu Li sighed to himself. This world was like that, martial art was number one. Everyone worshipped those who are strong in the martial arts world. And that is why most people worked and cultivated very seriously, giving up everything else in life, focusing solely on martial arts.

Once they were on the second floor, Chu Li took out a book and handed it to Xue Linge. It was a cultivation handbook for the Crescent Cryptic move.

Xue Linge received the book to take a look at it, and she was instantly hooked.

He waved goodbye towards Xue Linge, and exited the Hall of Martial Arts. Xue Linge replied him half-heartedly, as she was completely engrossed in the contents of the book.

He rowed the boat to the Tower of Wisdom. Compared to the Hall of Martial Arts, the Tower of Wisdom stored books which are more sophisticated. It not only contained books with combat techniques of Martial Arts, but also ancient secrets and rumours in the martial arts world as well.

He decided to look through everything in the Tower of Wisdom, and planned to come here whenever he had free time.

He picked out a book and read it for while. Suddenly, there was a spark in his eyes.

That book wrote about a historical mystery. It recorded that once, there was a kind of magic called Aurora Morph. It was a secret technique used by shapeshifting creatures. After a while, the technique was improvised by a cultivator, and humans could start using its magic, especially females.

Once the technique was mastered, the user would looked like he or she had been reborn, and could overwrite a new cycle of life. The user's old skin would be morphed, and transformed to that of an infant's skin. His or her facial features and general appearance would be changed as well.

He looked up from the book and went into a deep thought. This secret technique was quite interesting.

Especially for the girls from the Raging Tiger ravine. They generally have a negative perspective about themselves, thinking that they had plunged deep into disgrace, and that their virtues had been tainted. Which was why the girls were very embarrassed and self-restraint when they first met him, not willing to look him in the eye.

He seldom returned to the property he purchased, namely Leisure Cloud Pub, was because he did not want the girls to feel awkward. When the girls saw him, they would automatically be reminded of their status, and would not have the confidence to talk to him.

Chu Li was able to change their lives for the better and their fates, but he could not change what they think about themselves.

If they cultivate the Aurora Morph technique, they could live their lives as a brand new person, and they would have a fresh start in life. That should be enough for them to stop looking down on themselves, and cure them of their sufferings. And they finally lift their heads and face people confidently.

The Aurora Morph technique was seldom cultivated by people. Two reasons, one, the cultivation process was excruciatingly painful, which felt like burning in hell, hence almost everyone who attempted it gave up halfway. Secondly, the cultivation process required bathing in extremely valuable herbs. and most importantly of all, the technique's only use was allowing transformation of one's appearance, and morphing of their outer skin. The only benefit was making the cultivator look better. It was like the foundation heart technique, which did not give any powers of destruction.

Chu Li groaned, and searched in his mind palace, but he did not find any cognitive information about the Aurora Morph technique. He concluded that the Hall of Martial Arts might not have books with information about it, but he did not know if there were any in the Tower of Wisdom. As he thought of that, he increased his speed of reading, and sought to find any relevant information.

By the then it was dusk, it dawned on him that, he had left Xue Linge all alone in the Hall of Martial Arts!

Thus he rushed to the Hall of Martial Arts, but Xue Linge was not there anymore. So he went back to the Island of Jade, and found her practicing the Eight Forms of Crescent Cryptic.

When she saw him entering, Xue Linge did not mutter a single word, and did not turn to look at him. Her red lips were tightly shut, and her face as calm as jade.

Chu Li laughed, and then went inside the kiosk to sit down.

Xue Linge continued her practice, and did not serve him a pot of hot tea like she always used to.

Chu Li casually asked, "Did you get anything useful?"

"No!" Xue Linge straightened her face and scornfully replied.

"Then did anyone try to hit on you?"

"No!" Xue Linge scoffed, turning towards his direction and gave him a stare.

The Hall of Martial Arts was indeed very quiet earlier that day. It was not like any other day, there were no annoying faggots around to disturb her, and all who were present were modest people.