White Robed Chief Chapter 580

Chapter 580 Pleasant Surprise

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Chu Li put his sword back into its scabbard and fist saluted. “Elders, sorry to offend you!”

“Hehe…” Murong Chun finally found his voice again. He shook his head and sighed. “The young lord truly is a rare genius at martial arts. I dare say he is even outdoing the hill master. Congratulations!”

Chu Li had defeated all the elders in one breath, and this had made Murong Chun not feel so awkward about his loss. All of them were defeated, so it was not to say that his Martial Art was weak, but rather that Chu Li’s was too powerful.

This made him heave a sigh of relief.

Chu Li said calmly, “You flatter me.”

“None of that!” Murong Chun immediately replied. “It looks like the title of number one martial arts master in this sect belongs to the young lord.”

Chu Li said, “There’s still a huge gap between my Martial Art and my father’s, though.”

“The hill master’s Martial Art is definitely the strongest, but when we’re the ones doing the ranking, he’s always at the bottom of the list,” Murong Chun smiled. “The hill master has finally found someone to inherit his position. He must be very happy about it.”

Chu Li said, “He’s busy with isolated cultivation and doesn’t care about this. If there’s nothing more, let’s be on our own way.”

“Young lord,” Murong Chun interrupted. “When you find yourself with nothing to do in the future, do come to the main hall for a hearing. Crouching Bull Mountain will be yours sooner or later!”

Chu Li shook his head. “I have no interest in such matters. I only want to cultivate my Martial Art. Take care of the sect however you see fit. You’re doing very well as long as you don’t overstep your boundaries or have any intentions to overthrow my father.”

( B oxnovel.c om )    “Young lord, this joke isn’t funny!” Murong Chun exclaimed.

Chu Li said with a hint of a smile on his lips. “Take it as a joke. I would rather not have the peace in the sect disturbed! I don’t want us to kill one another!”

“Yes, yes. Please don’t worry, young lord,” said Murong Chun.

Chu Li returned his sword to its scabbard. “Forgive me for not escorting you out.”

Everyone gave him a fist salute and walked out of the courtyard one after another.

Two youngsters were crouching in front of the courtyard trying to get a glimpse of what was going on inside. They had seen the fights that had occurred in the courtyard. The two youngsters were Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi.

They ran away quickly the moment they saw Murong Chun and the others exiting the courtyard.

The two of them stepped on the bluestone path. The shrubs on both sides of the path were blooming with flowers, but the youths had no time to admire them. Their expressions were that of frozen in shock.

What they had seen earlier had surpassed their wildest imagination. They walked on in a daze, not knowing where they should be going.

“Brother Zhou, Brother Chu!” A sweet, lovely voice interrupted their thoughts.

They suddenly realized that they had entered a forest, and there was an empty martial arts field within it. A beautiful woman was cultivating on the field.

She was dressed in a pale pink activewear, and her body was slender and exquisite. Her curves were alluring.

“Junior Xia!” The two young men each gave a fist salute.

“What has happened that made you guys look so scared?” Xia Wei smiled as she wiped her forehead. “Do tell me.”

“No… Nothing much.” The two of them shook their heads.

Xia Wei said, “I heard that Brother Murong’s Martial Art was crippled?”

“Yes.” The duo nodded.

They were actually cursing her in their minds. ‘It all happened because of you!’

If it was not for her instigation, Murong would not have attempted to kill Zhuge Tian and, as a result, provoke the man to dispel him of his Martial Art right away while the two of them were fine at the end of it all.

If they had any doubts about Chu Li in the beginning, their impression towards him had changed dramatically after witnessing Chu Li’s Martial Art. They thought that his Martial Art was unendingly profound. To add to that, Murong Liang himself had admitted so.

“Tsk tsk, such a shame!” Xia Wei smiled. “He has to begin his cultivation all over again. I wonder when he’ll catch up to us!”

“Murong’s aptitude is great. He’ll be able to recover very soon. I’m guessing that it’ll take him less than two years to catch up to us!” Zhou Hange exclaimed.

Xia Wei said, “You guys are weak then. He can catch up to you guys in two years? How unaspiring! You should make him unable to catch up with you guys! Are you really going to be his sidekicks forever? We’ve got two good-for-nothing men here!”

Zhou Hange said, “Junior Xia, it doesn’t matter how powerful we are. We’ll never be able to be as strong as the young lord.”

“How impressive is his Martial Art?” Xia Wei said nonchalantly, “He should be quite powerful to able to dispel Brother Murong’s Martial Art.”

They did not feel like continuing the conversation the moment Murong Liang was brought up.

Xia Wei noticed the change in their expressions and thought there was something going on there. She gave them a sweet smile and said, “Come on and share it with me. Just how good is he?”

Zhou Hange exhaled heavily and said, “Would Junior Sister Xia believe me if I were to say that he could defeat Elder Murong, Elder Xia and the rest?”

Xia Wei pursed her lips and chortled, “What wild imagination you guys have!”

“We’re not being whimsical or anything!” Chu Dazhi scoffed, “It’s the real deal!”

“Nonsense.” Xia Wei shook her head. “You’re saying that he could defeat my father?”

Chu Dazhi snorted, “Elder Xia had actually succumbed to the whims of his sword.”

( B oxnovel.c om )    “Apart from my father, who else was defeated?” Xia Wei said, smiling all the while. She did not believe a word they were saying.

“All six elders! Not one of them was left out!” Zhou Hange shook his head and sighed. “His swordsmanship was too fast. I couldn’t even see anything for certain. One by one, they lost to him. It was as though it was all a dream.”

“You’re not kidding?” Xia Wei frowned.

Zhou Hange said, “Junior Sister Xia, you think we dare to joke about such a thing?”

“That’s true.” Xia Wei asked, “Is his swordsmanship really that good?”

“It’s too fast!” Chu Dazhi said in dismay, “If you don’t believe me, then you can ask Elder Xia yourself!”

“How does he cultivate his Martial Art?” Xia Wei chuckled dryly. “He has only been at it for a few years, but he’s already better than my father and the rest?”

“Undeniably!” the two replied with a solemn voice.

“Let me go and find out.” Xia Wei turned and walked away.

Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi followed her as they arrived outside Chu Li’s courtyard.

Qiao San was talking to Chu Li.

Qiao San had been in a trance for some time. He had not returned to his senses even after Murong Chun had left for a while.

He could not believe what he had seen earlier. It was as surreal as a dream.

Chu Li sat there in a trance as well.

He had expected his spirit to be vigorous and that when he was using the Cloud Slashing Sword Technique, its impact would be far stronger than Zhuge Tian’s. However, he did not expect his power would be so much more stronger than he had expected. The Cloud Slashing Sword Technique was four times more powerful than any of Zhuge Tian’s technique when he had coupled it with the Heavenly Demonic Power.

His cultivation level was supposed to be inferior to Murong Chun and the rest. He had surpassed them merely by his swordsmanship.

Once he had returned to his senses, he glared at Qiao San. “Come on already, look at you!”

“Young lord, this can’t be real, right?”

“Well, it wasn’t a dream!” Chu Li replied with displeasure. “Can’t you say anything useful?”

Qiao San cried out in dismay once again, “This can’t be real!”

Chu Li said, “Stop your crazy nonsense. Someone’s outside!”

Qiao San’s smile dropped as he pulled open the door. There were three men standing outside.

“Is the young lord around?” Zhou Hange peered inside to see Chu Li standing in the courtyard holding his sword.

Qiao San smiled. “The young lord is currently practicing his swordsmanship. Now is not a good time.”

“Zhuge Tian! Zhuge Tian!” Xia Wei suddenly raised her voice and called out.

Chu Li couldn’t help but call out, “Let them in.”

Qiao San shook his head. “You guys… Come in!”

The three men followed him into the courtyard and arrived before Chu Li.

Chu Li asked, “You wish to learn about my swordsmanship, right?”

“Yes,” answered Zhou Hange.

Chu Li nodded. “No problem, come. You can all try at the same time!”

Xia Wei made a noise of disbelief, but the two men did not say anything. They nodded slowly. “Sounds good. Let’s all attack him at the same time!